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She dashes into seas unknown,
On frozen or on burping zone,
Where each known star below the wave
Descending, seems to find a grave;
And constellations new arise,
To gem the arch of stranger skies;
As if the seaman's


Another earth- another heaven!
By changeless winds his canvass swell’d,

As if from home for ever driven;
Or past the babitable world,
To darkness, death, and ruin burld.
But, see! what means that spectre hulk,
Gliding on in giant bulk;
Not a sail is fluttering there,
Wooing the propelling air;
But against her onward course
Rage the winds with baffled force,
While despite she speeds her way
Through th' opposing waves that play:
Nor courts the breeze, nor asks the surge
Her spell-assisted prow to urge;
But clouds of smoke around her rise,
Spreading blackness o'er the skies;
And strokes like distant thunder sound,
Rumbling o'er the vast profound!
Has she some demon in her breast,
Who speeds her o'er the watery crest,

And spurns the elemental strife;
And laughs to scorn the waves and wiod,
And bids her leave the lessening shores behind,

As if she were some giant form of life?
Science !-this triumph too is thine ; thy hand

Conducts the vessel to the wish'd-for strand;
And Steam impels her on the destin'd track,
Thro' adverse winds and waves that else would beat her back.


Science in her excursive, boundless range,

Traces the forms of all created things;
Their essence, and their properties;

and brings Before our vision the incessant change,

That all endures below:
From Nature's operations lifts the veil;

And dares with vent'rous hand to show,
How all united to one epd prevail;

In order beautiful,—though seeming wild ;
Where, if the smallest part were lopp'd away,

The whole would be convuls'd, and wreck'd, aud pild
In ruins blackening on the eye of day.

She, by the test of deep experiment,
Proves every substance to its element,

In all earth, air, or ocean yield,
Finds an unfailing, ample field ;
Now speeding over either pole,
She tells why changing seasons roll -
Now shews how Flora paints the flower,
That decorates the summer bower ;
Or points our search within to find
Theme for deep thought in every mind;
Or by the couch where fever raves,
Stills the wild pulse, and sooths, and saves ;
Or safely walks on ocean's bed,
With worlds of waters o'er her head;
And, analyzing all the boundless stores
Of metals, minerals, earths, and ores,
Brings from each, and all she tries,

Some wondrous truth to view :
See! in her fire the very diamond dies,

Loses its light, and turns to ashy hue!
All that compose the earth we tread,

The air that plays around the head,
Submitted to her search, new light and knowledge shed,


Best, earthly friend of man!

Since first thy reign began,
How has he shaken off his mortal sleep-
That torpor of the soul, in which his powers

Lay buried and unknown,
Like tracks of earth unblest by sun or showers-

The spirits frigid zone.
But, taught by thee, how boundless and how deep

The intellectual stores, that Heaven
To gild his path of life has given;
He springs aloft, and spurns the bounds of earth-
Becomes a being of superior birth;
And, by thy wing upheld, surveys
Th'amazing scene, where space displays

The power of an Almighty Hand :
And, taught by thee to wonder and admire,

Amidst the beautiful, the grand,
Catches a spark of that etherial fire,

That makes his bosom glow, his soul expand!

And while he feasts his ravish'd eye

On miracles of earth and sky,
With holier fervour bends before the throne

Of Him, who by a word alone,
Bade all these wonders be, and claims them for his own.


Where Science lights upon the earth,
The sterile scenes of waste and dearth

No longer look a grave:
She makes the forest disappear,
And ripening in the rolling year,

The yellow harvests wave :
Bids new-created rivers run
Along the lands where stream was none,

To fertilize the plain :
And cities rise, and myriads tread,
Where all was barren, lone, and dread,

Aud earth seem'd made in vain;
As if a new creation there
Had sprung, where darkness and despair

Once held their awful reign.
How various are the means by which her power

Makes man more truly blest!
Her mighty arm relieves bis toiling hour,

And guards his nightly rest.
She wings his vacant hours with joy,
That else would linger, tire, and cloy;
And seems to shine another sun,
When that above his course has run,
She feeds the poet's rapturous flame,
And leads him to a nobler aim;
She gives new thoughts to cheer the soul,
Displays to hope a brighter goal;
The rugged path of fortune smooths ;
With harmony his spirit sooths,
When music lulls each stormy feeling,
A seraph to his bosom stealing,

To bid his sorrows cease,

And passion sink to peaceChanging his pain to bliss, a heaven on earth revealing.

Where'er she walks, bright Truth appears ;

And Error flies from sight;
And drops the veil, that she had spread,

To keep man's vision dark and dead,
And shake his soul with fears :

Froin Truth's undying torch of light
She shrinks, like shadows of the night;
Like some dread spectre that appals,
When midnight's fearful shadow falls,
But melts before the morning beam,
The phantom of a coward dream.
Truth onward leads the march of mind,
Through its unbounded course,

Expands its powers, improves its force,
To aim new flights, and greater glories find.-
Ere Science came, the path of truth to clear,

She lay conceal'd from mortal eye;
Nor shope to chase ope doubt, one fear

But mau seem'd doom'd to live-to die,
Unblest-unguided, and untaught;
Philosophy itself was fraught
With wild and visionary sehemes,
Built upon air, like maniac's dreams,
And soon, like them, to vanish into nought.

As the sun rends the veil of night,

By Science freed, truth sprang to light, To call mau's spirit forth, and point her proper flight.

Upon Chaldea's plains of old,

By patriarchal shepherds trod,
Science alighted to unfold
The wonders of Creation's God.

There, amidst the starry sky,
She track'd the orbs that glow'd on high;
Sought each planet's course and place,
Amidst illimitable space :
In cloudless nights they glittered there,
Dazzling in the midnight air.
But now the telescope has shown
Wonders then unseen, unknown,
Wonders that the soul inspire,
And fill her with celestial fire!
The distant planets swell to sight,
Worlds that roll above the night;
Their very moons in splendour shine,

Circling round their ruling star;
Ranged in harmony divine,

As they wheel their course afar.
Earth amidst them speeds her way,
Glowing in the solar ray:

Ev'n the sun itself but seems,
For men, a larger-brighter home;

Lit with his own unborrow'd beams;
Where night may never come;

Nor winter crystallize the streams :

View'd by the glass, the moon unveils
Her rugged scenes of hills and dales :
And, who can doubt,- where mountains rise,
And vallies yawn beneath the skies-
Where night and day alternate reign-
O'er darkening sea, and shining plain,-
That such an orb was meant to bear,

The tread of living beings there?
The comet tracks its intersecting path,
Doom'd for some globe, perchance, a bolt of wrath,
Where meeting at some future tiine a world,
Both from the shock may reel, in fragments hurl'd.

But nobler yet, and greater far,

Remote, yet circling round the sun,
Flies swift as light each planetary star,

Its long enduring year to run.
But, far beyond where Sol e'er sends

His genial influence through the sky,
The starry galaxy extends,
Displaying to the astonished eye
Innumerable suns that shine;
Whose circling planets, at some distant day,

Reveald by Science to our sight,
May shine in regular and bright array;
Brought by the magic tube, through the long realms of night.

Oh! wond'rous scene of matchless power!
Where countless worlds and systems roll;

Which, at the evening's thoughtful hour,
In silent adoration melts the soul,
Or fires it with a spark from realms above,
Where reigns the God of power, and never-dying love.


These, Science! are thy glorious works, and more,

And mightier yet, thy spirit shall reveal ; A brighter light on earth thou yet shalt pour,

Still higher raptures teach mankind to feel. His towering spirit, prouder yet shall rise,

Through tracks of knowledge now unsought, unknown;
Until witb daring wing she sweep the skies,
And, freed from earthly bonds, there plants her throne.

Ob, may’st thou spread thy reign on earth,
Till every pation know thy worth;
Call the wild savage from his den,
Competing with the brightest men :
Shed greater blessings still around,
Till woe, or darkness, scarce are found;
From pole to pole reveal thy rays,
Till the whole earth reflect thy blaze-

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