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Historical Register

An Impartial RELATION

of all TRANSACTIONS, Foreign
and Domestick.



Chronological Diary

The remarkable OCCURRENCES,

viz. Births, Marriages, Deaths, Removals,
Promotions, &c. that happen'd in this
Year: Together with the Characters and
Parentage of Persons deceased, of eini-
nent Rank.


For the Year 1730.

Printed and sold by R. NUTT in the Old Baily,

near Ludgate, where compleat Sets and single Parts may be
had, at is. cach Register. Sold also by E. Nuit at the
Royal Exchange, R. Gosling in Fleet-Areet, D. Browne with-
out Temple-Bar, C. King in Weftminfier-Hall, and ac the 80x
Fire Office behind the Royal Exchange.

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N. B. This Title is design'd for such Persons as think fit to bind the last Four Registers in one Vo• lume : And for the same Reason is added a Table of the Principal Mata ters contain'd in them.

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PEN the last Quarterly Register we gave an Ac

count of the Proceedings and Adjournment I

of the General Court of New-England ; and were, for Want of Room, oblig'd to break

off before we intended ; but we will novo present our Readers, according to our Promise then, with what is fince come to our Hand, relating to there Affairs.


N EW-E NG LAND. Proceedings of the Qeneral Court of New-England; contia

nued from Page 309 of the last Register. N the 20th of August, 1729, his Excellency Wil.

liam Burnet; Efq; met the Great and General Court at Salem, and in the Afternoon made a Speech to them, and on the 23d was pleased to adjourn the said Court to the 27th of that Month, then to meet at Cambridge. The Taid Speech is as follows: The SPEECH of his Excellency William Burnet, Els

Captain-General and Governor in Chief in and over his Majefty's Provinces of the Massachusets-Bay in NewEngland, &c. to the Great and General Court of Allembly of the said Province, met at Salem, on Wednesday, August 209 1729.

Gentlemen of the Council, and House of Representatives, :I

Have deferr'd to speak to you hitherto, on purpose

that you might remain free and disengaged from any Share in the Disputes I have had with the late House of Representatives, 'till I had obtain'd the Judge


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