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ARTICLE 1. Those members of the Society, who shall reside in the State of Maine, shall be denominated Resident Members : all others Corresponding Jlembers. Resident Members alone shall be required to contribute to the funds of the Society.

Art. 2. Each resident member shall pay Ten Dollars at the time of his admission, and One Dollar annually, to create a fund for the benefit of the institution."

Art. 3. If any resident member shall neglect to pay his admission money for one year after being apprised of his election, the said election shall be considered void. And if any member shall neglect to pay his annual assessment for the space of two years after it becomes due, the Treasnrer shall notify him of his neglect; and unless payment shall then be made, he shall no longer be considered a member of the Society. Each member at his election shall be furnished with a copy of the By-Laws and Regulations of the Society.

Art. 4. All elections of Officers and Members shall be made by ballot. No member shall nominate more than one candidate at the same meeting; and all nominations shall be made at a meeting previous to that at which the ballot is to be taken.—Provided nevertheless, that, at any annual meeting, at which not less than nine members are present, it shall be lawful to proceed forthwith to ballot for and elect any person member, who shall have been nominated at the same meeting, two thirds of the members present concurring in the vote to proceed to such election.

ART. 5. It shall be the duty of the President, and in his absence, of the Recording or Corresponding Secretary, to call occasional meetings of the Society, on the application in writing of the Standing Committee, or any five members.

At the annual meeting, Sept. 1, 1852, the collection of the annual assessment of one dollar was suspended, until further order.

Art. 6. There shall be chosen at the annual meeting a President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, a Treasurer, a Librarian, a Cabinet Keeper, a Standing Committee of five, and, whenever it shall be thought proper, a Publishing Committee.

Art. 7. For the election of members, as well as for making alterations in, or additions to the By-Laws and Regulations of the Society, it shall be necessary that nine members be present, and that two-thirds vote in the affir. mative, but for the transaction of other business five members shall constitute à quorum.

Art. 8. The time and place of every meeting shall be published in at least two of the newspapers of the State.


ART. 1. The Standing Committee shall regulate all the common expenses of the Society, and make the necessary purchases of such small articles as may be wanted, and shall have power to draw on the Treasurer to defray the expense.

Art. 2. They shall assist the Librarian and Cabinet-keeper, when it shall be necessary, in arranging and preserving the books, manuscripts &c., belonging to the Society.

Art. 3. They shall frequently inspect the Records, and inquire whether all the orders of the Society are carried into effect with promptitude and fidelity.

Art. 4. It shall be a part of their duty to inquire for, and take judicious measures, within the means of the Society, -o procure books, manuscripts and articles of curiosity for the benefit of the Institution.

ART. 5. They shall prepare such business, as may deserve the attention of the Society.


ART. 1. At every annual meeting of the Society, a catalogue of the books, pamphlets, manuscripts, and maps shall be laid before the Society by the Librarian, and a catalogue of the curiosities by the Cabinet-keeper.

Art. 2. Once every year the Standing Committee shall report to the So. ciety respecting the state of the Library and Museum.

Art. 3. No book shall be taken from the Library but with the knowledge of the Librarian, who shall make a record of the game. A member shall not have more than three books at a time without permission from the Society. No member shall retain a book more than eight weeks, without leave of the Standing Committee; nor without the same leave, be permitted, after having it for this period, to return and receive it again, till after an interval of three months.

Art. 4. The Publishing Committee may make use of the Library without restriction.

Art. 5. Newspapers and maps may be taken from the Library only by the Publishing Committee,

Art. 6. Fines for not returning books according to the third article, shall be ten cents per week for every book less than an octavo; twenty cents for an octavo; thirty cents for a quarto; and forty cents for a folio.

Art. 7. All persons who take books from the Library shall be answerable for any injury to the same, which shall be estimated by the Standing Com. mittee.

Art. 8. The privilege of using the Library shall be denied to those who are indebted to the Society for fines or assessments, and which are of longer standing than one month, provided they have received due notice of them from the Librarian or Standing Committee.

ART. 9. All pamphlets shall be bound, and such a catalogue be kept by the Librarian, as will render it easy for any member to find any pamphlet or manuscript in the Library he may wish to see.

Art. 10. Every present shall be duly acknowledged by the Standing Committee, and a particular account of it given at the next meeting after it shall have been received.

Art. 11. A printed ticket shall be pasted on the inside of the cover of each volume, signifying that it is the property of the Society, also the name of the donor, if it is a present.


Each resident member shall take and pay for the publications of the Society at their cost.


The President shall preside at all meetings of the Society, shall call special meetings of the Society, when the same may be necessary, and shall ex officio be one of the Standing Committee.


The Recording Secretary shall ex officio be one of the Standing Committee. He shall fairly record, in a book kept for that purpose, all the votes of the Society. And he shall notify all meetings of the Society agreeably to the By. Laws.

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