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Occapation of Stratton's Island. John Stratton. Capt. Thomas Cammock. His
Settlement. Henry Jocelyn. Richard Foxwell. Cammock's Character. Other
Settlers. Ambrose Boaden. Settlement on Blue Point. Foxwell. Henry
Watts. George Dearing. Nicholas Edgecomb. His family. William Smyth.
Hilkiah Bailey. Edward Shaw. Settlement at Dunstan. Andrew and Arthur
Alger. Indian Deed of Dunstan. Alger family. General Character of first
settlers. Growth of the Black Point Settlement.

Henry Jocelyn. Epitome of Early Province History. Jocelyn's Settlement at

Piscataqua. Chief Agent for Mason and Gorges. Removal to Black Point.
Marriage. Appointed Counsellor of New Somersetshire. Early Legislation on
Temperance. Jocelyn a Counsellor of Maine. John Wilkinson, first Town
Officer. Jocelyn, Deputy Governor of the Province. Cleeves' Political Intrig
Rigby's Government. Jocelyn a Judge of Lygonia. Court at Black Point
Massachusetts' Claim to Maine. Submission of Kittery, &c. Jocelyn's non-
submission and Arrest. Signs of Submission. Scarborough and Falmouth sub-
mit. Jocelyn and Watts, Commissioners. Jocelyn chosen Magistrate.

First Court under Massachusetts. Jocelyn and Watts, Commissioners. Court at

Scarborough. Jocelyn Deputy to General Court. Associate and Commissioner.
Town Officers, 1660. Spirit of Disaffection. Jocelyn's refusal of the Associates'
Oath. His and Shapleigh's protest. The Town refuses Massachusetts Authority.
Submits. Jocelyn &c., presented for renouncing Massachusetts Authority.
Gorges' Agent. The King's Commissioners. Their first Court. Moore. Batten.
Winnock. Massachusetts orders resumption of jurisdiction. Appearance of
Commissioners at York. Military Escort. Conference with Jocelyn. Account
of the Usurpation. Discontent. Jordan. The King interposes. Province ro-
stored. Sold to Massachusetts. Character of Jocelyn.

Black Point. Settlers. Abraham Jocelyn. John Libby. Christopher Collins.
Moses Collins and Sarah Mills, quakers, punished. James Robinson tried for
suspected murder. Collins' Estate. Joseph Phippen. Jonas Bailey. Michael
Maddiver. John Tenny. Andrew Brown. Samuel and Elias Oakman. Chris-
topher l'age of Stratton's Island. Giles Roberts. Richard Moore. Godfrey and
William Shelden. Nathan Bedford. His Ordinary. Scottow suspected of his
murder. Robinson. John and William Burrage. Dunstan Planters. John
Palmer. John Ashton. Oakman. Blue Point Settlers. Others at Black Point.
Character of the Settlers. Position of the Town.

John Jocelyn at Black Point. His “Voyages." Notices of Cammock. First Ad-

venture at Black Point. Cammock's House. Hurricane. Horned Snakes. The
Sea Serpent and the Mermaid. John Hickford's Sow. Return to England. Sec-
ond Visit. Arrival. Good Cheer. Wild Game. Fish. Shower of Ants. A
fanciful Story. Descriptions of Natives. Tradition of the Flood. Character of
People of Maine. Return to England.

The Saco Indians. Squando and Assacumbuit. Indians in Scarborough. Their
Remains. Indian Name of the Town. Wickwarrawaske, Sagamore of Scarbo.
rongh. Uphannum. Indian Goodwill. King Phillip. Squando becomes hostile.
Robert Nichols and wife killed. Death of the Algers. The Alger Family. Par-
ley with Squando and Dunstan. The Garrison on the Neck. Attack by Mugg.
Parley with Jocelyn. Surrender. Names of Inhabitants in and about the Gar-
rison. Re-occupation. Mugg's Treaty. Lieutenant Tippen at Black Point.
Black Point Garrison beseiged by Mugg. His Death. Capt. Benjamin Sweit.
Fight at Black Point. Defeat and Death. Peace.

Joshua Scottow. His Literary Labors. Purchases Land in Scarborough. Re-

ceives the Cammock Patent. Visits Scarborough with "the Boston Soldiers."
His Journal 1675-76. Letters to Gendall, Wincoll, and Shelden. Accused of
mismanagement. Tried and acquitted. Feeling of the townsmen aguinst him.
Their Petition to the Court. Scottow's subsequent conduct. Account of his
Settlement at Black Point.

Town Affairs. Roads and Ferries. Change of Government. President Danforth.

Deed of the Town. The “ Town Men.” Proprietors of Scarborough. List of
Estates 1691. Education. Scottow's Proposal for a Fortification. Proceedings
thereon. Approach of War. Condition of the Town. Garrisons. Liquor traf-
fic with the Indians. Commencement of Second Indian War. Death of Gendall.

Account of his life. Death of Andrew Alger, Jr. Maj. Church at Falmouth. At
Scarborough. Takes Scottow with him to Boston. Council of War at Black
Point. Destruction of Falmouth. Retreat of our townsmen. Charles Frost's
Letter. Peace.


Second Settlement. First Settlers. War of 1703. Purpooduck devastated

Spurwink. Saco. Black Point attacked. Capt. John Larrabee's brave defence.
Charles Pine. William Newbury. Wild Game. The Ferry Ordinary. Hunting
Dogs. Anecdote. Cattle. Anecdotes of Pine and Hunniwell. Clam-bait.-
Death of “the nineteen." Sports with the Indians. Anecdote of James Libby.
Expedition under Col. Thomas Westbrook. Black Point attacked. Death of
Serjeant Chubb. Thomas and Anthony Larrabee. Death of Mrs. Dearing. The
Indians and French influence. Samuel Mauhan Sen. & Jr. Wahooha. Their
Anticipations. Norridgewock Expedition. Benjamin Larrabee's Adventure.
Death of Ralle. Peace.


Ecclesiastical Affairs. Jenner's Letter. Lechford's acccount of Maine. The Rev.

John Thorpe. Proceeding against Quakers. The Rev. Benjamin Blackman.
The Rev. George Burroughs. The first Church. Its site. Controversy. Its
Reference. Decision. Continual Opposition. Settled by the Court. The Rev.
Hugh Campbell. The Rev. Hugh Henry. The Rev. Wm. Tompson. Organiza-
tion of Black Point Church. House built. Division into Parishes. The Rev.
George Whitefield. Death of Mr. Tompson. His funeral. The Rev. Mr. Hill.
Ward. The Rev. Thomas Pierce. Change to Presbyterianism. Death of Mr.
Pierce. Return to Congregationalism. The Rev. Thomas Lancaster. The Rer.
Thomas Jameson. Death of Father Lancaster. Dismissal of Mr. Jameson. The
Rev. Daniel Sewall. The Rev. Albert W. Fisk. The Rev. William Tobey. The
Rev. James Brown Thornton. Church built at Oak Hill. The Dunstan Parish.
The Rev. Richard Elvins. Mr. King's Lines on “Parson Elvins' Old Mare.” Jo.
seph Willard. The Rev. Benjamin Chadwick. The Rev. Natban Tilton. The
Rev. Moses Sawyer. The Methodist Society. The Rev. Asa Heath. Methodist
Church at Dunstan. Jacob Cochran.


Organization of Town Government 1720. Proprietors. Highways. Mills. Schools.

School Masters and Lumber. Dunstan and Black Point. Destructive Fire.
Effects of Peace. Declaration of War. Appearance of the Indians. Death of
Nathaniel Dresser. Charles Frost's Letter. Capture of Louisburg. Richard
King and Gov. Shirley. Scarborough Soldiers. Commissary Prout. Garri
sons. Description of Vaughan's. Anecdote of Mrs. Plaisted. Peace Declared.
War of 1754. Cession of Canada. Rejoiciugs. Distribution of the French


Prosperity. Statistics 1761. Settlement of Machias by Scarboroug Men. Names

&c. Murder of Mrs. Dearing. Death of the Murderer. Account of the “King
Riot.” Mr. King's Verses on it. Letter from one of the Rioters.

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