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ty's Province aforesaid, having had the several Articles of the foregoing Treaty distinctly Read f. Interpreted to us, by a Sworn Interpreter, at this time, Do Approve of, Recognize, Ratify f• Confirm all, and every the said Articles, (excepting only the Fourth f. Fifth Articles, which relate to the Restraint, and Limitation of Trade f• Commerce which is now otherwise managed.)

And whereas some rash f. inconsiderate Persons amongst us, have molested some of our good fellow Subjects the English in the Possession of their Lands, and otherwise ill- Treated them, We do Disapprove of Condemn the same, and freely Consent that our English Friends shall Possess, Enjoy & Improve all the Lands which they have formerly Possessed, and all which thcy have obtained a Right f. Title unto : Hoping it will prove of mutual do reciprocal Benefit of Advantage to them to us, that they Cohabit with us.

In Testimony, and Perpetual Memory whereof We have hereunto set our Hands f. Seals, in behalf of our Selves, f. of the several Tribes of the Indians, that have delegated us to appear for, and Represent them the Day & Year aforementioned.

This Affair being finish’d, several Sachems Desired as it suited them, that Supplies might be sent to Winter Harbour, Casco, Macquoit, Rowsick, Small Point, and a Sloop with Supplies to Penobscot; which his Excellency told them he would gratify them in As also that People should not hunt the Fowl which floats.

Mug. Complain'd he had left Fifteen Shillings, with Capt. Lane, and that he would not restore it to him.

And they Desired that Capt. Lane might be directed to use them better, or some other Person sent in his room.

Surumbamet Complained that Mr. Nowel had imployed him to procure for him an English Young Woman, a Captive, prom.

ising him l. 20 if he succeeded, and l. 10 if he attempted, and did not succeed, and that he had Endeavoured it without success, and said Nowel refuses to comply with his bargain.

To all which his Excellency Replied that he would take care that Right should be done them.

Then all the Sachems & Chief Men came with great respect & offered his Excellency their hands; one of them declaring that they Desired the Peace might continue as long as the Sun & Moon should endure.

And his Excellency ordered them a Present of some Provisions & Ammunition, which they accepted very thankfully, and Pray'd that their Young Men might be allowed to come over, and give his Excellency a Dance, which his Excellency allowed of.

BOSTON; Printed by B. Green, Printer to his Excellency

the GOVERNOUR & COUNCIL: And sold by Benj. Eliot, at his Shop below the Town-house. 1717.

NO. 2.







FALMOUTH, IN CASCO-Bay, July 16, 1726. His Honour WILLIAM DUMMER Esq; Lieut. Governour and Commander in Chief, in and over His Majesty's Province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England, with a Quorum of His Majesty's Council of said Province, Arrived here this Day, A Number of the Gentlemen of the House of Representatives, and others, attending the Lieut. Governour, to receive the Ratification of the late Treaty of Peace from the Eastern Indians.

On the 21st Currant, His Honour received a Letter from Wenemouett, Sagamore, Dated at St. George's, July 19th, 1726, in the words following, Viz. GREAT GOVERNOUR, .. This Day we saw Your Express sent to Capt. Gyles, wherein you say you expect to meet us at Casco-Bay, but we insist on meeting at Pemaquid, by reason that Casco is so far, and it's now a very busy time with us, and we pray you would Condescend to us in meeting us there, and we will without fail meet you there ; by reason you insist on our now meeting, we can't have only our own Tribe, but we rather Choose to have those of Canada &c. with us, through whose means we have been hindered meeting you 'till this time, We desire your Answer with all Dispatch, and are now waiting here for the same : And least the Vessel thro' Contrary Winds should be detained, we have sent a Canoo with two Men, who will bring us your Answer with all speed: We Salute You Great Governour, and are your Friends, &c.


[blocks in formation]

Mark. Which being Communicated to His Majesty's Council, they were of Advice, that the following Letter should be wrote in Answer thereto, viz.

FALMOUTHI, July 21st, 1726, at Five a Clock Afternoon. Wenemouett, Chief Sachem,

This Day at Three a Clock Afternoon, we received such a Letter from you by the Schooner, in Answer to Ours, as we could not have expected, because contrary to your Engagements in your Treaty; You say you expect us at Pemaquid, under pretence of it's being a busy time, and the Difficulty of coming hither, you ought to have order'd your Business to Comport with your Engagements : We have been waiting here some days in Expectation of meeting you, to Ratify and Confirm the Peace according to the Articles Stipulated and Agreed on at Boston last Winter. Capt. Sander's who carries this Letter will tarry Three Days, and on his return you may if you please (by God's Permission) have safe Conduct & Passage bither with him, with as many as can be Accommodated on


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