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• [shewing Mr. Baxter to them] And I hope also in a little • Time, to appoint a Schoolmaster among you to teach your * Children, and that I hope and expect that they Treat this Pro

testant Missionary with all affection and respect, not only for “the sake of the King's Government, but of his own Character, · He being a minister of Jesus Christ our only Lord and Sav. iour, who will Judge them and us at the last Day.

Tell them. “That the English Settlements that have lately “ been made in these Eastern Parts, have been promoted partly on their accounts, and that they will find the benefit of them in having Trade brought so near them, besides the advantage of the Neighbourhood and Conversation of the English, to “whom I have given strict Orders, that they be very just and • kind to the Indians, upon all accounts, and therefore if at any • time, they meet with any Oppression, Fraud, or unfair Deal‘ing, from the English in any of their affairs ; let them make

their Complaint to any of my Officers here, and then I shall soon hear of it, and take speedy and effectual care to do them

right. Or if upon any great occasion, they chuse to send any • of their Body to me directly they shall be very welcome. I shall always be ready to protect and assist them, For I would

have them look upon the English Government in New-En'gland as their great and safe Shelter.

Tell them, “That if they have any thing fit, or reasonable to ask of me, at this time, they shall be very welcome to lay it before me, and I shall give it all due consideration, and that I • expect an Answer from them to what I have said.

Tell them, Interpreter, “That in Token of my great sincerity and affection to them, and as an earnest of my future Justice and Kindness to them, I here give my Hand to their • Sachems, and Chief Captains.

Then his Excellency taking an English, and an Indian Bible in his Hand, bid the Interpreters tell them that he gave them

those Bibles, and left them with Mr. Baxter their Minister, for their Instruction, whenever they desire to be Taught. The Minister will reside bere, or hereabouts, and so will the Schoolmaster to Instruct their Children, when they have a mind to send them

Then his Excellency Drank King GEORGE'S Health to the chief Sagamore Moxus, which he, and all the rest Pledged.

Wiwurna stood up, and said he was appointed to speak in the Name of the rest.

Governour, Go on.

Wiwurna, We are very glad of this Opportunity, to see your Excellency, when the Sun shines so bright upon us; and Hope the Angels in Heaven rejoyce with us ; We have been in Expectation of this favour ever since we received your Excellency's Letter in the Winter.

We are not now prepared to answer what you Excelleney has said to us ; But shall wait on your Excellency again to Morrow.

Governour, It is well : At what time?
Wiwurna, We desire his Excellency to Appoint the time.

Gov. Let them come about Nine a Clock, when they will see the Flag set up. I will give them an Ox for Dinner, and let them send some to Kill, and Dress it.

Wi. We are very thankful to your Excellency, for some of us have had little to eat for these two Days. Then the Indians took leave and withdrew.

Aug. 10ih. 1717. The Eight Sachems, and chief Captains that Attended Yesterday appeared again with some other Principal Indians accompanying them.

Wi. It is a great favour of GOD we have this Opportunity to wait on your Excellency, and we have our Answers ready.

Gov. Let them Speak.

Wi. We have done with the Treaty at Piscataqua ; and now proceed to a new one.

Gov. They Ratify, and Confirm former Treaties.
Wi. Yes, We do.

His Excellency Ordered the Principal Articles of their Submission at Piscataqua, to be Read and Interpreted to them : And then Ask'd them, Whether they did remember & acknowledge them?

And the Indians Anwered, they did.

"Vi. We have considered what his Excellency said Yesterday, and the first thing was for Love and Unity; and we admire it exceedingly. And believe it pleases GOD. And hope your Excellency will endeavour it shall be so.

Gov. I assure them of it, If they carry themselves suitably, with Duty and Allegiance to KING GEORGE.

Wi. We hope all hard thoughts will now be laid aside, between the English and Us, and that the Amity will be hearty.

Gov. Very well.

Wi. We are well pleas’d that his Excellency is Commander of New-England ; and that altho' He is lately Arriv'd from England, He is Acquainted with the Affairs of New-England, and hope all things will be well.

Gov. Tell them if they behave themselves well, I shall use them kindly.

Wi. We have had the same Discourse from other Governours, as from your Excellency: and we have said the same, to them ; Other Governours have said to us that we are under no other Government but our own.

Gov. How is that?

Wi. We Pray leave to Speak out. Your Excellency was pleased to say that we must be Obedient to KING GEORGE, which we shall if we like the Offers made us.

Gov. They must be Obedient to KING GEORGE, and all just Offers and Usage shall be given them.

Wi. We will be very Obedient to the KING, if we are not Volested in the Improvement of our Lands.

Gov. They shall not be Interrupted in the Improvement of their Lands; and the English must not be Molested by them in theirs.

Wi. We are pleased with the liberty your Excellency gives us, of making Mention of any wrong we have suffered.

Gov. They must Desist from any Pretensions to Lands which the English own.

Wi. We Pray leave to go on in order with our Answer.
Gov. Let them go on.

Ii. If any wrong happens to us we will not avenge our selves, but apply to your Excellency for Redress. If any Foreign Indians come upon us, We shall Acquaint your Excellency, but hope by our Young Men to defend our selves.

Gov. If they want help our Young Men shall Assist them also.

Wi. If any Quarrel happens & blood should be shed, We will not avenge our selves, but apply to your Excellency. We Return Thanks to your Excellency for your favour in offering us Succours, & if there should be any Disturbance we shall not Complain without real proof, nor for any frivolous matter.

Wi. This Place was formerly Settled and is now Settling at our request: And we now return Thanks that the English are come to Settle here, and will Imbrace them in our Bosoms that come to Settle on our Lands.

Gov. They must not call it their Land, for the English have bought it of them and their Ancestors.

Wi. We Pray leave to proceed in our Answer, and to talk that matter afterward. We Desire there may be no further Settlements made. We shan't be able to hold them all in our Bosoms, and to take care to Shelter them, if it be like to be bad Weather, and Mischief be Threatned.

As to the Ministers Instructing us :
AH People have a love for their Ministers, and it would be

strange if we should not love them, that come from GOD. And as to the Bibles your Excellency mentioned, We desire to be Excused on that Point. GOD has given us Teaching already, and if we should go from that, we should displease GOD. We are not capable to make any Judgment about Religion.

Your Excellency was not sensible how sick we were Yesterday to see the Man of War ashoar, We were so faint we could not Speak out with strength, and we are now very glad the Ship is well.

We are very glad to wait on your Excellency, and to tell you, That we sent our Young Men early this Morning, to see if the Ship was well, and were very glad to hear she was.

Gov. Tell them, I accept their respects for His Majesty's Ship, and if the Ship can help them at any time, It shall be ready to do it.

IV. We shall be very glad when we have concluded, that your Excellency may have good Winds, and Weather, and get safe down this River, and home.

Gov. Tell them they must be sensible and satisfied that the English own this Land, and have Deeds that shew, and set forth their Purchase from their Ancestors. And we will not be molested in our Improvement of them, And they shall not be molested in the improvement of the Lands that belong to them.

Tell them also, That Complaints are made to me that some of them have violently taken things from some of the English, as the Meat out of their Pots, and other things which is contrary to the Law of GOD and Man, and that they had forbid the English Planting on their own Lands, and that the Night before last they had killed some of the Young Cattel belonging to the English, (which indeed they had first informed of, and desired forgiveness) all which is contrary to their Articles.

IVi. We desire time to consult.
Gov. They may have it, but tell them I expect to see them

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