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towne being the nerest to the Enemy and the farthest from any help or Relief, we cannot but apprehend oureselves to be in Great dainger and espesialy at this season of the yeare, our occasions Calling us genireley from hom to get our hay and Corne Secured, oure Inhabitants doth theirfore Pray that your Excellency woulde assist us with sum men twentie or thirtie or so many as your Excellency in Wisdom may think fit; my humble Request to youre Excellency when at Saco was that you woulde Please to Grant me the Liberty of a Garrison where I nowe Live which then your Excellency did not resolve. I still Pray for the same with submission, and desire youre Ex. cellencyes Resolution in that mater, to which I shall Reddily Submit with onely Informing youre Excellency that if I must remove into the middle of the town I must Leave that Little Estate I have to maintaine my family with and Carey a Large family wheire I have but little to maintaine them withall, Pray. ing your Excellencyes Pardon for these rude lines, I remaine ever to be your Excellencyes most humble servant at al Comands.

JOHN WHEELWRIGUT." « To His Excellency Joseph Dudley, Esqr. Captain General and Governour in Chief in and over the Province of the Masethusets Bay in New England : &c.".

No. 2.

6 Casco Bay MONDAY Maye the 10: 1703. Sr. this morning at 4 Clock I came to Saille being Dissatified in my Dreme Last Night & Turned up the bay with in 2 Milles of Copones Island the wind at ESE Very Strong Gale & Much

Raine & this wind I have had 3 Days to Geather with Raine & foage Soe I could not Pessead Estward. Sr. att 7 Clock in after Noone Came a board of me from Majr. March one Newman Master of a Sloop that was taken this morning at Copones Island a bout 9 clock in morning by 2 Indians connews being 3 french men & 3 Indians—Newman & his men being a Shore att Woork they shott one of his men Ded, this they Carred awaye they Plundered the Sloope of all Provisions & Clogs & bid the Said Newman Goe Downn to Casco fort with his Sloope which he Did. 2 hours After Came a Nother Sloope by the Said Island, Whear the french & Indians ware but they said Nothing to Them but came Down to Casco fort.

Sr. I have had servall Indians on board of Mee Sence I have benn hear & I have showed Them the Prisners & the Goods they Took from the french & Indians Estward & all the hole intenc of my Voyage & they one & all ware Very well Statfied (satisfied] the Govft. should Take Soe much care of Them.

Sr. at 9 Clock Night I came to Saille & want Dounn to fort & went a Shore to Majr. March 11 Clock at night to Agree about Same Matter to fich the Ded man ofe at 2 Clock at mor[n]ing I came ofe being a Violent storm at ESE & much Raine.

11 Instance 4 Clock this morning I took Newman Sloop & one Shallope & Major March & Our 35 men on board of them & Soe Came to Saille and Turnned up Bay for Copones Island the small vissells for Showell watter & the Galley to Gard them.

Sr. hear is one Indian a Shore which we are Sending to the Sagmores to Signefie what has happned & to Give us a metteinge forthwith. Pleass yr. Excellency.

My sentiment of this Acction is that these 3 franch men & 3 Indians Came a Perposs from the Estward to Ballance what Capt: Chadwall had Committed in those Parts which the Majr : & I shall no in a Small Time : & I shall imbrass the first Winde & Watter to Saile Estward & I shall Give yr Excell: acct: of all my Prossedengs by all opp’ts Soe I most affectionately Kiss yr. Excellency hand and Rest;

Yr. Verey humbl and Ready Servitor [to Gov. Dudley.]




Sr. the 11 Maye at 2 clock After Noone we Gott ofe the Dedman from Cosines Island & No Sine of aney franch or Indians about the Bay at 7 Clock After Noone Came Down to forte & the next mo[rn]ing we bueared the man at Our heep of of Stones.

Sr. Sence I Rett [wrote ?] to yr Excellency I have had Sume Discours with Newman Mr. of the Sloop Taken & one of the franchmen Took him by the hand & said what Shear brouther Captain I am a Captain as well as you: & by the Discription Newman Gives me of him Chadwell Sayes that itt is the Captain of the Barke they Burnt at Passamaquaddy & Sume of his men.

Sr. Chadwell farder says that when he Tock the Barke the Captain & five franch men & 2 Indains Gott a Shore in to the woods, Which I believe to bee Same men that took Newman.

Sr. the 15 Instance at 4 clock After Noone came in to this Port a Marblehead Shallop this mo[mn ?]ing from Saccadhaook baveing Layiue Wind bound their 14 Days & that he had not sen aney franch or Indians all the Time they ware their : Nor heard of aney but that all the Inhabtunces their ware Very weil haveing a Shallape their a fishing & Every Day up Ken. neback River a Gunning but See no body.

Sr. Pray Pardon me I am of the mind Since the Govt. of Port Royale have been at soe Great Charge in Getting in all the Indians from Shanctio, Menness & Cape Salles & all the Placess Agesant [adjacent ?] & in C[1?]oathing of them In Expection of the English Attacking Port Royall, but now finding by the English Prisoners that their is no such Attempt to be made (illegible] of the mind that in Mounth of June hee will send sume of those Indians this sid the baye to Due us Sume Mischiefe : but they cann not come in to yr Excellency. Govferment with Outt the Knowlage of Estrenn Indians.

Sr. Magrs. March & I shall Give the Estrean Indians Such a Charge in Givenn Due Information to yo'r Excellency of aney Strang Indians or franch that shall come in to yr Excellency Goyfmt. or Ells they all bee come Gilty.

the weather have Been soe bad that wee have had no Indians Down as yett but expect them in 3 Days Time : they are Very busey in Planting. Sr. No More but Come faire weather I shall bee Sailling. Yor. Excellency faithfull Servitter,

CYPRIAN SOUTHACK. Casco Bay, Monday Maye the 17 : 1703 from on board the Maj'tys ship Proviance Galley att 6 Clock This Morning.”

“ For his Excellency Joseph Dudley

Captain General & Governr. in
Chief of Her Maj'tys Proviance

Massachusetts Bay &c.,
For her Majty's Especial Servess

He, Newman or Norton.

Just now a fair Wind & am Salling

Sr. Yors

C. S.

No. 4. Pro: New Hampshire: In New Engl'd.

[Seal] Whereas this day we have Rec'd information that Cases fort is besett Black point taken Severall Families Destroyed Att Winter harbor & Wells and alsoe a Sloope taken at Kennibunck by the Frentch & Indian Enemies.

By the Honourable William Partridge Esq: Lieutenant Governour & Commander in Chiefe in & Over Sd Province,

To Thomas Packer Greeting: Pursuant unto the Power and Authority Granted Unto me by the Gratious Majesty Queen Anne" &c. &c. “I Doe by these presents constitute and appoint you the Sd Thomas Packer to be Captaine of forty Vol. lunteers (Souldrs) which shall be put on board the Sloope called the four frends Daniel Wear Master, you being carefull and Deligent” &c. &c. “ and you are forth with to goe on board sd. Sloope with your Volenteers and to make the best of your way to Casco Bay and Use your Endeavour to speak with Capt. March and know how it is with him, alsoe to call at black point and know how it is that Garrison, as likewise at Winter harbor & Wells Relieveing all our frends that are in Distress according as you may be able, and If you meet with any frentch Vessell or frentch men take them prisoners or kill or destroy them Either by Sea or Land and if any Indians opose you take them alsoe prisoners or kill or Destroy them Either by Sea or Land as you shall see Occasion : Given under my hand” &c. “ at Portsmouth the 12th August” &c. 1703. By the Lt. Govr. Com’and

WILLIAM PARTRIDGE. CHA: STORY, Sec.” Gov. Partridge sent a copy of the above to Gov. Dudley with this note “What Errors your Excellency sees in the comission or the management of affaires may be advised off or over looked for what ever I doe is (illegible] zeal.” William Partridge.

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