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or person has, or expects to have, any committee, is certainly strong cuouieli, personal or special interests in the legis- and is certainly a good deal too strong to lation of the Commonwealth.

suit my views. If the amendments are The CHAIRMAX. Does the gentleman voted down, when the proper time comes from Allegheny (Mr. Ewing) desire the I will move to strikeout all after the word floor?

"thereby.” Mr. EWxG, Mr. Chairman: I offered The question being taken, the amendmy amendment and closed my remarks. ment to the amendment was not agreed

The CHAIRMAN. The Chair was under to. the iinpression that the gentleman from Mr. EWING, Mr. Chairman : I wish to Allegheny (Mr. Ewing) gave way for a make an explanation in regard to this motion that the committee rise. That matter. Judge Black is unavoidably ah. would entitle him to the floor this morn- sent. I had supposed, yesterday, near ing if he desired it.

the close of the session, that he would Mr. Ewing. That is true, sir; but I probalyly be here this morning. Judge believe I have nothing further to say at Black expects to be heard on this question, this time.

and no doubt the Convention desires to Mr. W'RIOIT. Mr. Chairman: I desire hear him. I suppose the amendment I to offer an amendment to the amendment have offered cin be introduce l upon the of the gentleman from Illegheny (Mr. second reading of the report. If I am Ewing.)

right, and I think it will save time, I will On looking at the amendment we dis- withdraw the amendment I have offered. cover that the penalties there provided The CHAIRMAN. The gentleman has for extend to persons after their election the right to withdraw the amendment, and during their term of office. The and can introduce it upon the second amendment I have to offer extends a little reading of the report. further than that, and goes back to the Mr. EWING. Mr. Chairman : In considtime when a man becomes a candidate for eration of Judge Black's absence at this the office. He may, before he is elected, time, I will withdraw the amendment. enter into any contract or corrupt bargain The ('HAIRMAN. The gentleman has a either with persons or corporations; then right to withdraw the amendment. It has he takes his seat in the Legislature, and not been amended. he cannot be reached by the penalties pro- Mr. EWING. I withdraw the amend. vided in this amendment. Besides, sir, ment for the present. the amendment, as I take it, is defective Mr. CORBETT. Was the amendment in another respect. The person who com- not rejected by a vote, and so announced ? units bribery within the Commonwealth, The CHAIRMAX. The amendment has as a matter of course, may be reached not yet been voted upon. through the criminal courts, and be in- Mr. CORBETT. Mr. Chairman: I move dicted and convicted of bribery; but it is to amend tho section, by inserting after very easy for a party who contemplates the word “ testimonial," the word “eman attempt of this kind to slip over to ployment," and strike out all after the Trenton or Camden, or to leave the capital word “ thereby." all go down in the direction of Baltimore. Mr. LILLY. Mr. Chairman: I think Ile cu there make his corrupt arrange the amendment which has been offered ments, and there is no power of indieting by the gentleman from Clarion (Mr. Corhim in this Commonwealth for the of- bett) is very good as far as it goes. I f.

think the amendment makes the section I have prepared an amendment to the very much better than it is, but I think it amendment, to strike out all the words up should go further and strike out the whole to the word “solicit," in the third line, section. I think it would be a great deal an linsert : " Any person intending to lie- better. I think that these strictures have come il member of the Legislature, or hav- gono entirely too far in our endeavor to in become a member thereof, shall be provide for honest legislation, and it apSUV, of bribery, and punishel as pris pears to me to be a very bad policy to go vided by law, who shall, either within on any further with this sort of thing. this Commonwealth or elsewhere, by him. There is not a man in this Convention, self or by any other person for him," &c. and hardly a man of average intelligence

Vír. CORBETT. Mr. Chairman: I hope in the State of Pennsylvania, if this section ti.committee will yote down this amend. is adopted, could go into the Legislature, ment. This section, as reported by the in either branch, and sit there continu

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ousis and do their duty conscientiously. discussion here, placing a burthen upon The section says that he shall have no per- the people of this Commonwealth too insonal interest in legislation. We expect tolerabe to bear. to have general laws passed hereafter, and Now all that is desirable to be attained every man in the Commonwealth is inter- is, that no improper influences shall be ested in every bill that shall be passed in brought to bear directly upon the memthe Legislature. I think it is highly im- bers of the Legislature. When you proproper to tie up a man in this manner. I hibit that, you prohibit all that you can think, therefore, the whole section ought properly attempt to do. Legislators are to be voted down. I will, however, vote not judges. It is a total misapprehension for the amendment of the gentleman from of their functions to regard them in that Clarion, (Mr. Corbett,) as it takes away light. They are there to propose, and part of the section, and then I will vote to discuss, and to act as persons who are furtake away the remainder of it.

thering the interests of those who sent Mr. D. Y, WUTE. Mr. Chairman: I. them there, in all respects to act fairly and hope this amendment will not be passed. honestly, but still to advocate very often One of the chief ways corruption in the partial views. Yet by this section, and Legislature arises is from a person acting other sections, they are treated precisely as an attorney for a railroad corporation as if they were called upon to hold evenly that desires legislation to be passed in its the scales of justice between parties litiinterests. If any persons or corporations gant. I trust this amendment will be desire to secure legislation at Harrisburg, adopted as it is proposed. and to bribe some members of the Legisla- Mr. Ellis. Mr. Chairman: I offer the ture, they at once employ an agent under following amendment: “No person shall the guise of an attorney who, by means of be eligible to a seat in either House of the his influence and inoney, procures the ne- Legislature who owns, or expects to own, cessary legislation. I think it is the most any property, real, personal or mixed.” important section we have had before us The CHAIRMAX. The Chair will hold to prevent corruption in the Legislature, that the amendment is not germain to and I hope it will be adopted.

the question, and it will therefore not be Mr. BIDDLE. Mr. Chairman: I trust considered. sincerely this amendment will pass. What Mr. John R. READ. Mr. Chairman :I is the meaning of the language at the end trust that the latter part of this section of the section as it stands now, “any spe- will not be defeated by the members of cial or personal interest in the legislation this committee without fully understand. of the Commonwealth ?” Has not every ing what the Comınittee on Legislation corporation, has not every person who intended when they reported it. I do not has interests, likely to be affected by leg- agree with my colleague from Philadelislation, an interest in the legislation that phia, (Mr. Biddle,) that it is unwise to is proposed and is under consideration ? make such a provision in the Constitution It is tantamount to saying, as it now stands, of the State. The object of it, as I underthat every member of the Legislature stand it, is simply to prevent legislators who is elected by his constituents to fur- from having a private or personal interther any particular line of policy, no mat- est in the matters upon which they are ter how fair that policy may be, no matter required to legislate, other than as citizens how just to the Commonwealth at large, of this Commonwealth, and I believe that he shall be practically debarred from rep- if we provide that they shall not be speresenting such constituents. It is impos- cially retained as agent or attorney be. sible to find any human being in the Com- fore they enter the halls of legislation, monwealth wbo possseses the ordinary in- and that they shall cease such employlets of intelligence who would not be ment from that time, if they have been within the purview of this section. I employed or retained, much evil will really think I am not going too far when be hereafter prevented. Why, we all I say it is impossible to find such a hu- know that it is one of the most approved man being, and we ought to beware ways of bribing a member of the Legislidwhether in our hasty zeal to correct that ture, to retain him as counsel for a ; arevil, about which so much has been said ticular interest upon which he is asked to during the last two or three months, we legislate. It is one that seems least redo not make it impossible to constitute a pulsive to them. They think that there Legislature at all. We are, by the pres- is no wrong in acting as the counsel for ent section, and by some others under parties as their lawyer, when they are

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of abuse, I take pleasure in making this made to the committee. An abstract of
statement to the Convention. It is pro- the account is herewith submitted, marked
per also to state in regard to the Reporter “A.”
that, perhaps, the delay was not his fault, Also, the account of William W. Hard-
inasmuch as a number of the members ing for 241 reams of paper, amounting to
retained the copy to correct and revise $1,807 50, furnished to the printer under
their speeches.

his contract; and the account of Val. The question being upon the resolution, Hummel, amounting to $16 25 for brooms it was agreed to.

and other articles furnished for the use of COUNTIES, TOWNSHIPS AND BOROUGHS:

the Convention at Harrisburg, which is Mr. LAWRENCE, from the Committee on certified by the Chief Clerk. Counties, Townships and Boroughs, pre- of the Convention, and should, therefore,

These accounts are for proper expenses sented the following report, which was read:

be paid. The following resolution is acSECTION 1. The Legislature shall have cordingly reported : power to erect new counties. No new

Resolved, That the accounts of William county shall have an area of less than W. Harding and Val. Hummel, menthree hundred square miles, nor a popu

tioned in the foregoing report of the Comlation of less than eighteen thousand, and mitteo on Accounts, are hereby approved; no county shall be reduced to a less area

and that a warrant be drawn in favor of than four hundred square miles. No new

William W. Harding for the amount of county shall be erected until the same

his account, and that the Chief Clerk pay shall be approved by three-fifths of the the acoount of Val. Hummel. votes cast by the electors embraced within

[A.] each of the sections of the counties taken Abstract of expenditures mode by D. L. to form the new county.

Imbrie, Chief Clerk, up to the 21st day of SECTION 2. That section of a new county

February, 1873. taken from another county shall pay its To John Patterson, watchman, for equitable proportion of the existing in

services from January 8 until debtedness of the county from which it is

February 21, both days inclu

sive....... taken; and if in the formation of a new

$157 50 county any township be divided, the in- To Joseph Ebersole, janitor, for debtedness of such shall be equitably ap

services from November 12, 1572, portioned upon the respective divisions

until February 21, both days in-
clusive .....

141 00 thereof.

SECTION 3. The Legislature shall, by To James Craig, janitor, for sergeneral laws, prescribe the powers of bor

vices from 7th January until oughs and townships, and confer upon the

February 21, both days inclu

sive....... courts the authority to erect boroughs and

117 00 townships, to change their boundaries, To C. C. Mullen, janitor, ten days

30 00 and divide boroughs into wards.

at Harrisburg The PRESIDENT. This article has now

To John Switzer, fireman, for serbeen read the first time. It will be laid

vices from 12th November, 1872, on the table and printed.

until February 21, 1873, both
days inclusive

164 50

To James Chambers, assistant fireMr. Hay, from the Committee on Ao man, for services from 7th Janucounts and Expenditures, presented the ary until February 21, both days following report, which was read:

inclusive ......

117 00 The Committee on Accounts and Ex- To D. Skerrett, page, for services penditures of the Convention respectfully from January 7 to February 21, reports:

both days inclusive.......

58 50 That it has examined the account of the To T. M'Gilloway, page, for serChief Clerk for expenditures made by vices from January 7 to Februhim, under the authority of the Conven- ary 21, both days inclusive........ 58 50 tion, up to the 21st day of February last, TO Percy Meyers, page, for sershowing the payment of the sum of $1,- vices from January 7 to Febru911 00, and a balance in his hands on that ary 21, both days inclusive........ 58 50 date of $89 00.

To J. B. Allen, page, for services And that the same is correct, according from January 7 to February 21, to the vouchers exhibited and statements both days inclusive.......

58 50

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