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SEC. 903. In awarding fellowships under the provisions of this title, the Administrator 1 shall endeavor to provide equitable distribution of such fellowships throughout the Nation, except that the Administrator shall give special attention to institutions of higher education, libraries, archives, or other research centers which have a demonstrated capacity to offer courses of study or research in the field of energy resources and conservation and conversion and related disciplines. In carrying out his responsibilities under this section, the Administrator shall take into consideration the projected need for highly trained engineers and scientists in the field of energy sources. (30 U.S.C. 1323)


SEC. 904. (a) Each person awarded a fellowship under this title shall receive a stipend of not more than $10,000 for each academic year of study. An additional amount of $500 for each such calendar year of study shall be paid to such person on account of each of his dependents.

(b) In addition to the amount paid to such person pursuant to subsection (a) there shall be paid to the institution of higher education at which each such person is pursuing his course of study, 100 per centum of the amount paid to such person less the amount paid on account of such person's dependents, to such person less any amount charged such person for tuition. (30 U.S.C. 1324)


SEC. 905. No fellowship shall be awarded under this title for study at a school or department of divinity. For the purpose of this section, the term "school or department of divinity” means an institution or department or branch of an institution, whose program is specifically for the education of students to prepare them to become ministers of religion or to enter upon some other religious vocation or to prepare them to teach theological subjects. (30 U.S.C. 1325)

FELLOWSHIP CONDITIONS SEC. 906. (a) A person awarded a fellowship under the provisions of this title shall continue to receive the payments provided in section 904(a) only during such periods as the Administrator 1 finds that he is maintaining satisfactory proficiency in, and devoting essentially full time to, study or research in the field in which such fellowship was awarded, in an institution of higher education, and is not engaging in gainful employment other than part-time employment in teaching, research, or similar activities, approved by the Administrator.

See footnote 1 on page 248.

(b) The Administrator shall require reports containing such information in such forms an to be filed at such times as he determines necessary from each person awarded a fellowship under the provisions of this title. Such reports shall be accompanied by a certificate from an appropriate Official at the institution of higher education, library, archive, or other research center approved by the Administrator, stating that such person is making satisfactory progress in, and is devoting essentially full time to the research for which the fellowship was awarded. (30 U.S.C. 1326)


SEC. 907. There are authorized to be appropriated $11,000,000 for the fiscal year ending September 30, 1979, and for each of the five succeeding fiscal years. For payments for the initial awarding of

lowships awarded under this title, there are authorized to be appropriated for the fiscal year ending September 30, 1979, and for each of the five succeeding fiscal years, such sums as may be necessary in order that fellowships already awarded might be completed. (30 U.S.C. 1327)



SEC. 908. (a) The Administrator 1 is authorized to conduct and promote the coordination and acceleration of, research, studies, surveys, experiments, demonstration projects, and training relating to

(1) the development and application of coal mining technologies which provide alternatives to surface disturbance and which maximize the recovery of available coal resources, including the improvement of present underground mining methods, methods for the return of underground mining wastes to the mine void, methods for the underground mining of thick coal seams and very deep seams; and

(2) safety and health in the application of such technologies, methods, and means. (b) In conducting the activities authorized by this section, the Administrator may enter into contracts with and make grants to qualified institutions, agencies, organizations, and persons.

(c) There are authorized to be appropriated to the Administrator, to carry out the purposes of this section, $35,000,000 for each fiscal year beginning with the fiscal year 1979, and for each year thereafter for the next four years.

(d) At least sixty days before any funds are obligated for any research studies, surveys, experiments or demonstration projects to be conducted or financed under this Act in any fiscal year, the Administrator in consultation with the heads of other Federal agencies having the authority to conduct or finance such projects, shall

1 Sections 301(a), 703, and 707 of Public Law 95-91 terminated the Energy Research and Development Administration and transferred its functions and the functions of its Administrator (with certain exceptions) to the Secretary of Energy. Subsequently, Public Law 97-257, 96 Stat. 841, transferred to, and vested in, the Secretary of the Interior all functions vested in the Secretary of Energy under this section.

determine and publish such determinations in the Federal Register that such projects are not being conducted or financed by any other Federal agency. On December 31 of each calendar year, the Secretary shall report to the Congress on the research studies, surveys, experiments or demonstration projects, conducted or financed under this Act, including, but not limited to, a statement of the nature and purpose of each project, the Federal cost thereof, the identity and affiliation of the persons engaged in such projects, the expected completion date of the projects and the relationship of the projects to other such projects of a similar nature.

(e) Subject to the patent provisions of section 306(d) of this Act, all information and data resulting from any research studies, surveys, experiments, or demonstration projects conducted or financed under this Act shall be promptly made available to the public. (30 U.S.C. 1328)


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