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The lift
Ellward Buck, Ergo

Reo? ít.23,1870.

• The Map facing the Title page of this Volume is taken from one of North America, engraved by LUCINI, an Italian artist, originally on four sheets, threo of which belong to the Warden Collection of the State Library.

It will be perceived from its Title that it is a Map of New Belgium (now New York,) and part of New England, the former of which Provinces was claimed at the time, to extend from Cape Cod to the Capes of Delaware. The absence of any date renders it difficult, however, to ascertain precisely the year it was engraved and this point can be determined only by other evidence.

Boston, which was settled in 1630, is found laid down, but there is no mention of Marylind, the Province of Virginia forming the southern Boundary of New Belgium.

As Maryland was first granted in 1632, it is evident the date of this Map must be some year between that and the settlement of Boston. Most probably, it was engraved in 1631.

In point of time, it may be considered the third oldest Map of the Province cxtant, having, as far as yet known, been preceded by only two Dutch Maps, one of 1616 and one 1618, transcripts of which are in the office of the Secretary of State, and of one of which this Italian Map is evidently an improved copy.

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