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purchase of land on the Susquehannah, Plan of La Presentation, 430; of Oswe.
by, 413, et seq.

I go, 449, 482, 487.
Picquet, Abbe, proceeds from Quebec | Poor, provision, for the maintenance

to establish a mission among the Iro- of the, 92, 187.
quois, 423; selects a site at the mouth Population of the province of N York,
of the Oswegatchie river, 424; pro- in 1678, 91, in 1637, 149, statistics of,
poses a mode to render the upper part from 1617 to 1771, 689 et seq.
of the St. Lawrence navigable, 4:25; Powder, price of, in 1696, 328.
expense incurred for improvements Prerogative court, in 1693, officers and
by, 426, 432; biographical sketch of functions of the, 318.
the, 428; leads an expedition against Presbyterians, 92, 186.
Sarat iga, 4.8; burns fort Euward, Presentation la, the Abbé Picquet es-
429, builds a fort, &c., at Uswegatchie, tablishes the mission of, on the Oswe-
431; establishes a form of government galchie river, 424, 431; distance of,
among the Indians, 433; visits the bay from Montreal, Kingston and Oswe.
of Quinté, Toronto, 434; measures the go, 425; post of, fortified, 426, 431;
height of the Falls of Niagara, 435; attacked and burnt, ib.; latitude and
explores the Genesee river, 436; des longitude of, 430; advantages of a post
cribes fort Oswego, 437; distinguishes at, 431; number of Indians at, 432;
himself in the war of 1755, 438 and the Bishop of Quebec visits, 433;
439; withdraws from Canada and re-l names of maps in which mention is
turns to France, 439; his death, ib.; made of, 440.
plants a Cross at Oswego, on the Pretty, Mr., Sheriff of Albany, 179.
reduction of that place by the French, Printer, allowance, in 1693, to the pub-

lic, 311.

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Quakers, 92, 186.

population of, in 1698, 689; in 1703,
Quarter Sessions in 1693, powers of the, 691; in 1723, 693; in 1731, '37, 694; in

1746, '49, 695; in 1756, 696; in 1771,
Queens County, names of the sheriff, 697.

clerk and justices of, in 1693, 316; Quitrents, mode adopted by Gov. Don.
strength of the militia of, 318; names gan to collect, 163; amount of, in
of the militia officers of, in 1700, 3:9; 1767, 705; how expended, ib.

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Raffeix, Rev. Father, accompanies the Richelieu, fort, by whom built, 59;

French expedition against the Mo- river, 61; why so called, 63.
hawks, 65, 71.

Richmond county, names of the officers
Ragueneau, Father Paul, describes the of, in 1693, 316; strength of the mi.

expulsion of the French from Unon litia of, 319; militia officers of, in
daga, 49.

1700, 361; population of, in 1693, 689;
Ranslaer's Colonie, Albany declared to in 1703 and 1712, 691; in 1723, 693;
be within, 179.

in 1731, 37, 694; in 1746, 49, 695; in
Relation of the Governor of Canada's 1756, 696; in 1771, 697.

march into the territories of the Duke Ridings, number of, in 1678, 90.
of York, 71.

Rigolle, situation of la, 330.
Revenue officers in 1686, 165; papers Religions, variety of, in New York, in

relating to the provincial, 699, et 1678, 91; in 1687, 186.

Rome, early for sai, 510.
Rhode Island, annexation of, to New Rum considered by Christians better for
York recommended, 150.

| Indians than Brandy, 227.

Saguinam, location of the country | lusion to his having built a fort abore
called, 213.

the Falls of Niagara, 243; his fort
Salle, M. de la, sent back to France by burnt by the Senecas, 244.

M. de la Barre, 99; the Cayugas and Salt Petre, none found in the Province
Senecas demand that he withdraw of New York, 90.
from the Mlinois country, 104; Louis Salt Springs, papers relating to the
XIV. directs that he be left in pos- ! discovery of the, 31; encampment of
session of Fort Frontenac, 107; dis. 1 M. le Frontenac's army at the, 331.
covery of a Great River by, 158; al- / Santen, Lucas, collec.or of cus oms at

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N. York, 165; charges against, 167; Ships, number of, trading to the Pro-
suspended from office and imprisoned, vince in 1678, 91; in 1686, 160.
170; Gov. Dongan's character of, 171; Slaves, in 1678, prices of, 91; number
a defaulter, 172; sent back to Eng- of, imported into New York, from
land, 183.

| 1701 to 17:26, 707.
Saratoga, some of the Five Nations es- Snow shoes, the French march from the

tablished at, 156; settlement at de- St. Lawrence to the Mohawk on, 65,
stroyed, 429.

Schenectady, M. de Courcelles arrives Southampton, names of the officers of

with his army at, 72; accounts of the militia of, in 1700, 358; of the inha-
burning of, 297, et seq.; description bitants of, in 1698, 665.
of, in 1756, 529.

Southold, names of the militia officers
Schuyler, Peter, 253; Abram, 443. of, in 1700, 358; of the inhabitants
Scious, French canoes plundered on of, 669.

their way to trade with the, 114. Stanwix, fort, boundary between the
Seabrook, Sir E. Andros resisted by Whites and Indians agreed on at, 587.
the garrison of, 187.

St. Francis' Lake, 62.
Seigniories, French, on Lake Cham- St. Lawrence river, 61; difficulties of

plain, instructions to the government the navigation of the, 62; Abbé Pic-
of New-York not to make any grants quet proposes to improve the rapids
within the, 537, 549, 553; order of the of the 425 ; Gov. Tryon claims for
king in council relative to the, 550;' N, Y., all the lands south of the, 572.
council of New-York call on the St. Louis, fort, on the river Richelieu,
owners of the, to produce their titles, by whom built, 59, 64; in Illinois ata
554; Lt. Gov. Cramahe communicates tacked by the Iroquois, 104, 107, 109.
list of the, 555; list of papers relat- St. Marie of the Iroquois, where, 51.
ing to the, 556; French ordinance re- St. Therese, fort, when built, 59.
uniting several of the, to the public Suffolk county, names of the civil of.
domain, 558; report of the N. York ficers of, in 1693, 316; strength of the
council on the, 567 ; report of the militia of, 318; names of the militia
Board of Trade on M. de Lotbinière's, officers of, 357; population of, in 1698,
581, 585.

689; in 1703, 691; in 1723, 693; in
Senecas, numerical strength of the, 13, 1731, 37, 694; in 1746, 49, 695; in

23, 61, 98, 196; sue for peace from 1756,696; in 1771, 697.
the French, 67; unite with the Cayu- Superior, Lake, distance from Niagara
gas in

nch canoes, 104, 1 to, 201; sample of the copper at, 241.
103; account of M. de la Barre's ope- Supreme court, justices of the, in 1693,
rations against the, 125; hide their ! 314; powers of the, 317.
grain and prepare for war, 131; the Susquehanna River, efforts made to en-
Duke of York's arms erected in the gage New-York traders to move to
country of the, and torn down, 135; the, 151; fall of the, recommended as
description of the forts of the, 141; line of division between New-York
surrender their country to the English, and Pennsylvania, 155; papers relating
215; an account of M. de Denonville's to the, 391; distance of the, from the
attack on the, 237; number of the, different tribes of the Five Nations,
killed and wounded, 238; quantity of 393; map of the, sent to New York,
grain possessed by the, 239; verifica 394; Wm Penn wants to purchase the,
tion of the French possession of the 395; belongs alone to the Cayugas and
country of the, 242; M. de la Salle's Onondagas, 396; price paid the lands
fort burnt by the, 244; account of the on the, by the English, 397; the Onon-
French attack on the 245, et seq.

dagas and Cayugas confirm their con-
Sessions, County, in 1668, 87; in 1678, veyance of their lands on the, to
88; in 1687, 148.

New-York, 400, 402, 405; address of
Shaw, Wm., Surveyor of Customs in the Governor and council of New-
Albany, 179.

York in 1691, on the subject of the,
Sheriff, by whom appointed, 148; in 405; letter of Sir W. Johnson on the

1693, of New York, Albany, West evils resulting from the purchase of
chester, 315; of Richmond, Ulster, lands on the, 412; evils produced by
Suffolk, Queens, 316; of Kings, 317; the Pennsylvania purchases on the,
names of each in 1731, 694.


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Tariff of 1687, 163.

York, 82; served in Germany, 83;
Toronto, French commander at, 220. vessel belonging to seized by the Eng.
Tobacco, the condemned, manufactured lish, 84; Gov. Dongan alludes to the
for the Indian trade, 153.

expedition of, 156.
Tonty, Chev. de. commander at Fort St. | Trade, obstructions to, in 1686, 162:
Louis, 200; despatched to the Illinois papers relating to, 709.
country, 220; proceeds in search of M. Tribes, Indian names of the several
de la Salle, 221; his success among Iroquois, 1, et seq. ; illustration of the,
the Illinois, 240.

7, 9.
Tortoise tribe, Indian name of the, 1; TRYON, Gov., to Lord Hillsborough,

why chief among the Iroquois, 3. claims for New York all the lands
Totums, enumeration of the several In north to the river St. Lawrence, 572;
dian, 15.

Lord Dartmouth to, reproving such a
Towns, number of the, in the Province pretension, 573; letter of, to Lord
in 1678, 90; in 1686, 160.

Dartmouth, in support of his views,
Tracy, Marq. de, exp'dition of the, 574: Lord Dartmouth in reply to, 578:
against the Mohawks, 56, 68; destroys to Lt. Gov. Cramahe subscribing to
their forts, 70; suffers from the gout certain conditions proposed by the
on the march, 80; correspondence be council at Quebec, 580; report of, on
tween Gov. Nicolls and, 81; his testi the state of the Province, 737.
mony in favor of the Dutch of New-

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Vaillant, Rev. Father, 253.

| Viele, Arnaud Cornelis, sent by Col.
Van Cortlant, Mr. on the burning of Dongan to plant the Duke of York's
Schenectady, 311.

arms in the several Iroquois villages,
Vaudreuil,, expedition of, against 114; meets with opposition at Onon-

the Oneidas, 334; informs the minis daga, 136, 137; supposed to be an
ter of the English movements at Os emissary from the Albany merchants,
wego, 472; describes a naval fight on 142.
Lake Ontario, 481.

Virginia, the Iroquois name for, 401.
Vessels captured at Oswego, return of !
the, 497.

Washington, Col., 415.

| Western New-York, first English set-
Westchester county, officers of, in 1693, tlement in, 443.

315; strength of the militia of, 319; Wheat, price of, in 1696, 338.
names of the militia officers of, in i Williams fort, location of, 509, aban-
1700, 362; population of, in 1698, 689; 1 doned, 525.
in 1703 and 12, 691: in 1723, 693: in Wolf, Indian name of the tribe of the. l.
1731 and 37, 694; in 1746 and '49, 695; 1 Wyoming, Indian name for, 414.
in 1756, 696; in 1771, 697.

York, Duke of, applied to by the French | account of the arms of the erected
ambassador to prevent his governor in the Iroquois villages, 114; torn
supplying the Indians with arms, 108; / down by a drunken Indian, 135.

of the






Map of Nuova Belgia, ......

To face l'itle. Indian Totums,...........

............ To face page 7 That marked Indian Portrait,............. do 9 Map of the head waters of the Susquehanna, ....

420 Plan of La Presentation,....

430 Oswego in 1727,.......... ......

do 449 English Plan of Oswego in 1756,...

482 French Plan of Oswego in 1756,...................

do 487 View of Oswego,..... Oulline Map, showing sites of Forts Bull and Williams,

509 French Map of Lake Champlain, .........

557 English Map of Lake Champlain,.....

572 Boundary Line between the Whites and Indians, 1768,

587 Sauthier's Map of the Province of New York in 1779,.. do 774


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