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Names of the Iroquois tribes, 3; and
towns, 11, et tea.; of the members of
Gov. Dongan's Council, 188; of the in-
habitants of Ulster county in 1689,
279; of those killed and taken prison-
ers at Schenectady in 16J1, 301; of the
Indian Board, 343; of inhabitants of
Grange county in 1704,317; of Dutchess
in 1714, 368; of Albany in 1720, 370;
of all the civil and militia officers of
the Province of New-York in 1693,
313; of the killed and missing in an
action near Oswego, 478; of the me-
chanics and sailors taken prisoners at
Oswego, 505: of the inhabitants of
the city of New-York in 1703, 611;
of the ministers of the Dutch church-
es, 625; of the first patentees of New
Utrecht, 634; of the inhabitants of
the present county of Kings in 1687,

Negroes imported into New-York, from

1701 to 1726. 707.
New Amsterdam, first application for

a municipal form of Government for,

595; instructions for the Sheriff of, 600.
New England saved by the Government

of New-York, 154.
New Orange, charters of the city of,

604, 608, 655.
New Rochelle, names of the militia

officers of the town of, in 1700, 362.
Newtown, militia officers of, in 1700,


New Utrecht, officers of the militia in
the town of, 360; history of the first
settlement of, 633.

New-York, Courts of the city of, 87, 89,
148; Governor's Reports on the prov.
of, 85, 89, 147; boundaries, latitude
and places of trade of the Province of,
90; population of, 91; description of
buildings in the city of, in 1678, ib.;
description of the fort at, in 1686, 149;
Dongan's char, of the people of, 150;
Maps of the harbor and prov. of, sent
to England, 158, 160; M. de Denon-
ville recommends the French govern-
ment to purchase, 202; (axes levied
in 1688, for the support of the govern-
ment of, 274; M. de Callicres' project
for the conquest of the province of,

285; number of the houses and adults
in, in 1689, 289; proposed disposition
of the people of, and their property
when conquered by the French, 293
it stq.; officers of the corporation of,
in 1693, 315; militia of the prov. of,
in 1693, 318; names of the militia offi-
cers of the prov. of, 357; address of the
Gov. and Council on the state of the
prov. of, in 1691,405; city of, in 1691,
407; first settlement of the English in
Western, 443; papers relating to the
city of, 593; Nichol's charter for the
city of, 602; Benck's and Evertsen's
charter, 604; Colve s charier, 608;
census of the city of, in 1703, 611;
Dutch Ministers of, 1758, 625; tables
of population of the prov. of, 687;
population of, in 1647,. 1673 and 1712,
691; in 1723, 693; in 1731 and 1737,
694; in 1746 and 1749, 695; in 1756,
696; in 1771 and 1774, 697; revenue,
&c, of the prov. of, 699; trade and
manufactures of, 709; Gov. Tryon's
report on the state of the province of,
737; civil establishment of the prov.
of, paid by the Crown, 770; do., paid
by the province, 771.

Niagara, Gov. Dongan recommends the
construction of a fort at, 155; the Duke
of York's arms put up as far as, 157;
distance from Illinois and Lake Supe-
rior to, 20]; M. de Denonville recom-
mends the erection of a fort at, 203;
advantages of a post at, 204; simation
and soil of, ib.; Gov. Dongan remon-
strates against the erection by the
French of a fort at, 206; the French
propose establishing a post at, 232;
erection of a French fort at, 239; M.
de Denonville takes possession of, 243;
date of the erection of La Salle's fort
at, ib.; French garrison at, 244;
French fort at, 251, 258; abandoned,
275; condition in 1688, of fort, 276;
names of the officers then at fort, 277;
height of the falls of, 435; the French
erect another fort at, 446.

Nrcoixs, Gov to M. de Tracy, 78; serv-
ed in the French army, ib.; his re-
port on the state of the prov., 87; his
charter to N. York, 602.

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the year 1736, 22; in 1763, 26; speech
of a chief of the, 40; number of the,
in 1664, 60; sue for peace from the
French, 67; treaty between the
French- and the, 74; acknowledge
themselves subjects of France, 75;
Father Millet, missionary among the,
112; number of the, capable of bear-
ing arms in 1633, 196; M. de Vau-
drueil leads an expedition against the,
334; and lays waste the settlements of
the, 339: papers relating to the coun-
try of the, 507 ; vindication of the
conduct of the. previous to the burn-
ing of the German Flatts, 520.

Oaond&gas, numerical strength of the,
at different periods, 12, 23, 27, 80,
196; papers relating to the first French
settlement among the, 31; Father Le
Moine's mission to the, 33; first adult
baptism among the, 37; the French
invited to settle among the, 41; dis-
covery of the salt springs of the, 42;
Jesuit missionaries proceed to the,
44; conspiracy of the, against the
French, 45; surprize of the, on learn-
ing of the withdrawal of the, 54; the
council of the, assert their freedom,
114; negotiations between Father de
Lamberville ami the, 133, 136; the,
persuade the Seneca* to accept their
mediation, 134; decline Gov. Dongan's
belts, 137; papers relating to Count
de Fr <ntenac s expedition against
the, 321; send intelligence to Albany
of the march of the French against
them, 384; details of Frontenac's ex-
pedition against the, 325.

Ontario Lake, 62; extent of, 63; dis-
tance from Albany to, 197; early na-
val operations on, 479, 481.

Orange, list of the inhabitants, in 1693,
of the county of, 317; population of,
in 1698,689; in 1703 and'12, 691; in
1723, 693; in 1731, '37, 694; in 1746,

'49, 695; in 1756; 696; in 1771, 697.

Oswegatchie River, the Abbe Ficquet
forms an establishment on the, 424;
different names for the, 439.

Oswego, description by Abbe Picquet
of the fort at, 437; condition of, in
1725, 444; the French endeavor to
persuade the Indians not to permit
the English to settle at, 445; a stone
wall built around fort, 447; garrison
in 1742 at, 462; distance from Sche-
nectady to, 448; M. de Beauharnois
protests against the English erecting
a fort at, 449; summoned by a French
officer, 451; formalities observed on
that occasion, 432; visited by M. de
Chauvignerie,460; the Indian traders,
in a panic, abandon, 469; the council
approve of strengthening, 471; M. de
Vaudreuil determines to reduce, 473;
description of the forts at, ib.; M. de
Louvigny makes a reconnoissance of,
475; the French Indians surround,
478; and attack some ship-carpenters
near, 476; Lieut. Blair killed in the
vicinity of, 477; names of the killed
and missing at the fight near, 478;
early naval operations before, 479;
Col. Bradstreet defeats a French force
above, 482; description of, in 1756,
487 j journal of the siege of, 488 el srq.;
articles of capitulation of, 495; return
of stores captured at, 496; further par-
ticulars of the capture of, 497 et seq.;
names of the mechanics and sailors
taken prisoners at, 605; description
of the country between Albany and,
524; distance from Albany to, 530.

Ottawas, confederacy of the, number of
the, 28; first visit of the English to
the, 157.

Oyer it Terminer, court of, erected,

Oystcrbay, officers of militia, in 1700,
belonging to, 360.

Palatines, settlement of the, on the Mo-
hawk river, burnt, 515; number of
the, in 1718, 692.

Palmer, Judge, called to the Council,
189; sent by Gov. Dongan as agent to
England, 255; his instructions, 257.

Papers relating to the Iroquois, 2; to
the first settlement at Onondaga, 31;
to French expeditions against the
Mohawks, 56; to the state of the pro-
vince, 85, 88, 146, 405, 737; to De la
Barre's expedition to the Black River
country, 93; to de Denonville's inva-
sion of the Genesee country, 191; to
the invasion of New-York and the
burning of Schenectady, 283; to Fron-
tenac's expedition against the Onon-
dagas, 321; to the population of Uls-
ter, Orange, Dutchess and Albany and
New-York counties, 279, 366, 36S,

370, 609; to the Susquehannah river,
391; to early settlement at Ogdens-
burgh, 421; to Oswego, 443; to the
Oneida and Mohawk country, 507;
to French Seigniories on Lake Cham-
plain, 535, 556; to the city of New-
York, 593; to Long Island, 627; to
the population of the province, 687;
to revenue, &c., 699; to trade and
manufactures, 709.

Pawling, Mr. Sheriff, at Esopus, 165.

Pemaquid, 89, 90; recommended to be
annexed to Boston, 150.

Penn, William, endeavors to acquire
the lands on the Susquehanah river,
395 et seq.

Pennsylvania, evils arising from its be-
ing independent of New-York, 154;
the proposed boundary between New-
York and, 155; evils arising from the
purchase of land on the Susquehannah
by, 413, tt ttq.
Picquet, Abbe, proceeds from Quebec
to establish a mission among the Iro-
quois, 42.'!; selects a site at ttie mouth
of the Oswegatchie river, 424; pro-
poses a mode to render tue upper part
of the St. Lawrence navigable, 425;
expense incurred for improvements
by, 426, 432; biographical sketch of
the, 428; leads an expedition against
Sarat '(ja, 4.8; burns fort Edward,
429, builds a fort, &c, at Oswegatchie,
431; establishes a form of government
among the Indians, 433; visits the bay
of Quinte, Toronto, 434; measures the
height of the Kails of Niagara, 435;
explores the Genesee river, 436; des-
cribes fort Oswego, 437: distinguishes
himself in the war of 1755, 4 J8 and
439; withdraws from Canada and re-
turns to France, 439; his death, ib.;
plants a Cross at Oswego, on the
reduction of that place by the French,

Plan of La Presentation, 430: of Oswe-
go, 449, 482, 487.

Poor, provision, for the maintenance
of the, 92, 187.

Population of the province of N. York,
in 1678, 91, in 1687, 149. statistics of,
from 1647 to 1774, C89 it stq.

Powder, price of, in lu9G, 3i8.

Prerogative court, in 1693, officers and
functions of the, 318.

Presbyterians, 92, 186.

Presentation la, the Abbe Picquet es-
tablishes the mission of, on the Oswe-
gatchie river, 424, 431; distance of,
from Montreal, Kingston and Oswe-
go, 425; post of, fortified, 426, 431;
attacked and burnt, ib.; latitude and
longitude of, 430; advantages of a post
at, 431; number of Indians at, 432;
the Bishop of Quebec visits, 433;
names of maps in which mention is
made of, 440.

Pretty, Mr., sheriff of Albany, 179.

Printer, allowance, in 1693, to the pub-
lic, 314.

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Raffeix, Rev. Father, accompanies the
French expedition against the Mo-
hawks, 65, 71.

Raguene.u, Father Paul, describes the
expulsion of the French from Onon-

daga, 49.

Ranslaer's Colonie, Albany declared to

be within, 179.
Relation of the Governor of Canada's

march into the territories of the Duke

of York, 71.
Revenue officers in 1686, 165; papers

relating to the provincial, 699, tt


Rhode Island, annexation of, to New-
York recommended, 150.

Richelieu, fort, by whom built, 69;
river, 61; why so called, 63.

Richmond county, names of the officers
of, in 1693, 316; strength of the mi-
litia of, 319; militia officers of, hi
1700, 361; population or, in 1693,689;
in 1703 and 1712, 691; in 1723, «93;
in 1731, '37, 694; in 1716, '49, 695; in
1756, 696; in 1771, 697.

Ridings, number of, in 1678, 90.

Rigolle, situation of la, 330.

Religions, variety of, in New-York, ia
16,8, 91; in 1687, 186.

Rome, early for s at, 510.

Rum considered by Christians better for
Indians than Brandy, 227.

Saguinam, location of the country
called, 213.

Balle, M. de la, sent back to France by
M. de la Barre, 99; the Cayugas and
Senecas demand that he withdraw
from the Illinois country, 104; Louis
XIV. directs that he be left in pos-
session of Fort Frontenac, 107; dis-
covery of a Great River by, 158; al-

lusion to his having built a fort above
the Falls of Niagara, 243; his fort
burnt by the Senecas, 244.

Salt Petre, none found in the Province
of New-York, 90.

Salt Springs, papers relating to the
discovery of the, 31; encampment of
M. de Fronlenac'sarmy at the, 331.

Santen, Lucas, collec or of cus oms at

N. York, 165; charges against, 167;
suspended from office and imprisoned,
170; Gov. Dongan's character of, 171;
a defaulter, 172; sent back to Eng-
land, 183.

Saratoga, some of the Five Nations es-
tablished at, 156; settlement at de-
stroyed, 429.

Schenectady, M. de Courcelles arrives
with his army at, 72; accounts of the
burning of, 25*7, et seq.; description
of, in 1756, 529.

Schuyler, Peter, 253; Abram, 443.

Scious, French canoes plundered on
their way to trade with the, 1(4.

Seabrook, Sir E. Andros resisted by
the garrison of, 187.

Seigniories, French, on Lake Cham-
plain, instructions to the government
of New-York not to make any grants
within the, 537, 549,553; order of the
king in council relative to the, 550;
council of New-York call on the
owners of the, to produce their titles,
554; Lt. Gov.Oramahe communicates
list of the, 555; list of papers relat-
ing to the, 556; French ordinance re-
uniting several of the, to the public
domain, 558; report of the N. York
council on the, 567; report of the
Board of Trade on M. de Lotbiniere's,

Senecas, numerical strength of the, 13,
23, 61, 98, 196; sue for peace from
the French, 67; unite with the Cayu-
gas in plundering French canoes, 104,
103; account of M. de la Barrc's ope-
rations against the, 125; hide their
grain and prepare for war, 131; the
Duke of York's arms erected in the
country of the, and torn down, 135;
description of the forts of the, 141;
surrender their country lo theEnglish,
215; an account of M. de Denonville's
attack on the, 237; number of the,
killed and wounded, 238; quantity of
grain possessed by the, 239; verifica-
tion of the French possession of the
country of the, 242; M. de la Salle's
fort burnt by the, 244; account of the
French attack on the 245, et seq.

Sessions, County, in 1668, 87; in 1678,
88; in 1687, 148.

Shaw, Win., Surveyor of Customs in
Albany, 179.

Sheriff, by whom appointed, 14S; in
1693, of New-York, Albany, West-
chester, 315; of Richmond, Ulster,
Suffolk, Queens, 316; of Kings, 317;
names of each in 1731, 694.

Ships, number of, trading to the Pro-
vince in 1678, 91; in 1686, 160.

Slaves, in 1678, prices of, 91; number
of, imported into New-York, from
1701 to 1726, 707.

Snow shoes, the French march from the
St. Lawrence to the Mohawk on, 65,

Southampton, names of the officers of
militia of, in 1700, 358; of the inha-
bitants of, in 1698, 665.

Southold, names of the militia officers
of, in 1700, 358; of the inhabitants
of, 669.

Stanwix, fort, boundary between the
Whites and Indians agreed on at, 587.

8t. Francis' Lake, 62.

St. Lawrence river, 61; difficulties of
the navigation of the, 62; Abb? Pic-
quet proposes to improve the rapids
of the 425 ; Gov. Tryon claims for
N. Y., all the lands south of the, 572.

St. Louis, fort, on the river Richelieu,
by whom built, 59, 64; in Illinois at-
tacked by the Iroquois, 104, 107, 109.

St. Marie of the Iroquois, where, 51.

St. Thcrcse, fort, when built, 59.

Suffolk county, names of the civil of-
ficers of, in 1693, 3J6; strength of the
militia of, 318; names of the militia
officers of, 357; population of, in 1698,
689; in 1703, 691; in 1723, 693; in
1731, '37, 694; in 1746, '49, 695; in
1756,696; in 1771, 697.

Superior. Lake, distance from Niagara
to, 201; sample of the copper at, 24J.

Supreme court, justices of the, in 1693,
314; powers of the, 317.

Susquehanna River, efforts made to en-
gage New-York traders to move to
the, 154; fall of the, recommended aa
line of division between New-York
and Pennsylvania, 155; papers relating
to the, 391; distance of the, from the
different tribes of the Five Nations,
393; map of the, sent to New-York,
394; Wm Penn wants to purchase the,
395; belongs alone to the Cayugas and
Onondagas, 396; price paid the lands
on the, by the English, 397; the Onon-
dagas and Cayugas confirm their con-
veyance of their lands on the, to
New-York, 400, 402, 405; address of
the Governor and council of New-
York in 1691, on the subject of the,
405; letter of Sir W. Johnson on the
evils resulting from the purchase of
lands on the. 412; evils produced by
the Pennsylvania purchases on the,

Tariff of 1687, 163.

Toronto, French commander at, 220.

Tobacco, the condemned, manufactured
for the Indian trade, 153.

Tonty, Chev. de. commander at Fort St.
I.oms, -IX); despatched to the Illinois
country, 220; proceeds in search of M.
de la Salle, 221; his success among
the Illinois, 240.

Tortoise tribe, Indian name of the, 1;
why chief among the Iroquois, 3.

Totums, enumeration of the several In-
dian, 15.

Towns, number of the, in the Province
in 1678, 90; in 1686, 160.

Tracy, Marq. de, exp dition of the,
against the Mohawks, 56, 68; destroys
their forts, 70; suffers from the gout
on the march, 80; correspondence be-
tween Gov. Nicollsand, 81; his testi-
mony in favor of the Dutch of New-

York, 82; served in Germany, 83;
vessel belonging to,seized by the Eng-
lish, 84; Gov. Dongan alludes to the
expedition of, 156.

Trade, obstructions to, in 1686, 162;
papers relating to, 709.

Tribes, Indian names of the several
Iroquois, 1, et seq.; illustration of the,
7, 9.

Tryon, Gov., to Lord Hillsborough,
claims for New-Vork all the lands
north to the river St. Lawrence, 572;
Lord Dartmouth to, reproving such >
pretension, 573; letter of, to Lord
Dartmouth, in support of his views,
574; Lord Dartmouth in reply to, 578;
to Lt. Gov. Cramahe subscribing to
certain conditions proposed by the
council at Quebec, 580; report of, on
the state of the Province, 737.

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York, Duke of, applied to by the French account of the arms of the erected

ambassador to prevent his governor in the Iroquois villages, 114; ton

supplying the Indians with arms, 108; down by a drunken Indian, 135.

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