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Colonies, 340; report of his proceed- 70; in the Province of New York in
ings regarding the Indians at Albany, 1678, 89; in 1687, 149; built by the
341; establishes a Board at Albany for French, 258; between Oswego and
the management of Indian atfairs, Albany, in 1766, 524.
343; his instructions to the same, 341; | Freight, price of, between Montreal
his letter to Mr. Blathwayte on the and Fori Frontenac in 1686, 201.
French invasion of the Onnondaga French, names given by the, to the se.
Countr;', 346; a journal of his expe veral Indian tribes, 14, 15; the, in-
dition to Albany to renew the trea y vited to settle ai Onondaga, 41; retire
with the Five Nations, ib.; extract from Onondaga, 52; the, take posseg.
of his speech to the Assembly of N. sion of the Mohawk country, 77; ca-
York, 355.

noes of the, plundered, 104, 109 :
Flushing, officers of the militia in the number of the forces brought by the,

town of, in 1700, 359; names of the from the West, to aid M. de la Barre,
inhabitants of, in 1618, 661,

120; the, claim as far as the Gult of
Forces levied in the Province of New Mexico, 165; defeat of the, on the
York, 244.

Oswego river, 483; capiure Oswego,
Foreigners, the major part of the Pro 488; Seigniories on Lake Champlain,

vince of New York in 1686, inhabited! 635.
by, 162.

Frontenac, M. de, instructions to, 292;
Forts, description of the first on the account of his expedition against the

Iroquois river, 59; of the Mohawk,' Senecas, 323, et seq.

Ganantaa, Lake, where situate, 45. Government, constitution of the pro-
Gardiner, Lion, observations of, on the vincial, in 1678, 88.
town of East Hampton, 674.

Grant by the Five Nations of their hunt.
Garton, Thomas, collector at Esopus, | ing ground to the King of England,

Genesee Country, papers relating to the, Greenhaigh, Wentworth, observations

191; Indian name of the river, 436. of, among the Iroquois, 11.
German Flatts, account of the burning Gravesend, militia officers of the town

of the, 575; another attack on, 522. of, in 1700, 360; first patent for the
Gloucester, population of the county of, town of, 629.

in 1771, 697.

Heathcote, Col.,

vince of New-York, | Houses, of New York in 1686, 160

Heathcote, Col., on the trade and manu- | Hocquart, Seigniory of, 541, 544, 586.

facturesof the Province of New York, Houses, description of the, in the Pro
Hempstead, laws passed at, 89; extent Huguenots, arrival of, from the West

of plain of, 181; amount paid Gov. Indies, 225; proposed disposition of
Dongan for the patent for, 182; names the, in case N. York were conquered
of the militia officers of, 359; of the by the French, 295.
inhabitants of, 658.

Hungry bay, account of De la Barre's
Herkimer fort, descriptions of, 516, 526. expedition to, 109; the French en-
Hillsborough, Lord, to Gov. Moore, camp at, 113; sickness among the
directing that the French should not troops at, 111; treaty between the

disturbed in the possession of land French and Indians at, 117; Indian
settled by them on Lake Champlain, name of, 138, 259, 267.
549; approving of the boundary line Hunter, fort, description of, 529; Gov.,
between the province of New York on the trade and manufactures of New.
and Quebec, 550.

York, 713.
History of the first settlement of New Huntington, militia officers of the town

Utrecht, 633; of Easthampton, 674. I of, in 1700, 358,

Illinois, the, attacked by the Iroquois, 1 of the, 15; why the flesh of the French

97; M. de la Barre abandons the, 125; 1 was considered salty by the, 129;

distance of the, from Niagara, 2011 their lands annexed to New York, 154;
Imports, value of, in 1678, 90.

traders sent by Gov. Dongan to the
Indians, papers relating to the several Far, 157; the, as far as the South Sea

tribes of, 3, et seq; numerical strength claimed by the English, 209, 214;
of the, 12, 22, 61, 98, 196, 690; totumscruelties after the attack on the Sede-

cas, exercised by, 238; Indian accounty Wentworth Greenhalgh's observations
of the French attack on the Seneca, among the, 11; first forts on the river
246, 248; notices of the, with pipes of the, 59; location, climate and pro-
through their noses, 266-8; a board ducts of the country of the, 60; the
established for the management of the river of the, 63; the Illinois attacked
affairs of the, 343; proceedings at the by the, 97; general council convoked
conference between Gov. Fletcher at Onondaga by the, 129; the best sea-
and the, 349; conveyance of lands on son to wage war against, ib.; reason
the Susquehanna, by the, 369; com of the missionaries returning from
plaints of the, against Pennsylvania, among the, 134; plan of the, if attack-
413, et seq; deed establishing a line ed, 141; Gov. Dongan's character of
of division between the whites and the, 154; number of the castles of the,
the, 587.

106; means adopted by the, to increase
Ireland, Gov. Dongan recommends peo their numbers, 196; numerical force

ple to be sent over from, to colonize of the, 196, 231, 690; Fort St. Louis
New-York, 256

Ni. attacked by the, 229; plan of the
Irish Brigade, some of the, serve at the French attack on the, 231; a number
siege of Oswego, 491, 504.

of the, sent to the French galleys,
Irondequot bay, 132, 141, 237; an Eng 237; the, taken under the protection

lish colony sent to settle at, 443. of Gov. Andros, 285; report of the
Iroquois, papers relating to the, 2:1 council for the securing the friendship
names of the several tribes of, 3; cus of the, 342; conference with the, at
toms of the, 4; explanations of illus. Albany, 349.
trations relating to the, 7, et seq.;

Jamaica, names of the militia officers of “George” to Lake St. Sacrament,
of the town of, in 1700, 359.

429; news from Oswego, communi-
Jerseys, the, evils arising from their cated by, 475; Indian name of, 521;
being separated from New York, 151; description of the mansion of, 532.
their annexation to the latter Govern- Joncaire, M. de, adopted into the tribe
ment earnestly recommended by Gov. of the Plover, 23.
Dongan, 152-3, 256, 259.

Journal of Gov. Fletcher's expedition
Jesuit missions to Onondaga, 33, 44. to Albany in 1691, 346; of the siege
Jews, 92, 186.

and capture of Oswego, 188.
Johnson, Sir Wm., report of, on the Juries take cognizance of all cases in
numerical force of the Indians in 1736, 1668, 88.
26; remarks of, on the proceedings Justices of the peace allowed to marry,
of Pennsylvania regarding the Susque- 91; names of the, in the Province of
hanna river, 412; sends a party of New York in 1693, 315; powers of
savages against the French settlement the, 317.
at Oswegatchie, 427; gives the name /

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Kaniatarontaquat, (see Irondequot.) i population of, in 1698, 689; in 1703:12,
King's county, names of the sheriff and 691; in 1723, 693; in 1731, 37, 694; in

justices of, in 1693, 317; strength of 1746, :49, 695; in 1756, 696; in 1771,
the militia of, 318; names of the 697.
militia officers of, in 1700, 360; list King's farm, allowed to Gov. Dongan
of the inhabitants of, in 1687, 659; during his administration, 183.

Lamberville, Rev. J. de, 112; confers tributes presents among the Indians,
with De la Barre, 116; letters of, from 135; counteracts Governor Dongan s
Onondaga, 127, et seq; advises De la schemes, 136; endeavors to gain over
Barre against hostilities. 128; reasons the Senecas, 137, 140; styled liberator
of, for such views. 129; sugge ts mild of the country, 141; letier of, to Gov.
ness towards the Senecas, 130; urges Dongan, 194; Indian name of, 195:
the Onondagas to give satisfaction to at Onondaga, 200; bearer of a letier
De la Barre, 131; recommenıls Sieur from Gov. Dongan to M, de Denon-
le Moine to be employed as negotia:or ville, 208; exeris himself to preserie
with the Indians, 132; reports pro peace between the Indians and the
ceedings of a council at Onondaga, French, 214; persuades the Indians by
133; further reports from, 131; dis- | underground presents, 215; length of
time he has been a missionary at | Livingston, Robt., collector and town
wondaga, 216; sends M. de Denon-1 clerk of Albany, 160; letters of, on
ville copy of Gov, Dongans speech the burning of schenectady, 309, 311.
10 the Indians, 226, 229.

Long Island, excise of, farmeti, 166, 178;
Lands, tenure and price of, in 1668, 87; 1 character of the people on the East

Callwallader Colden's report on the end of, 166; in 1691, 407; papers re.
public 375.

lating to, 6:27.
Latitule of New York and Albany, 90. Longueuil, M. de, obliged by the Eng-
Laws in force in 1687, 148.

lish at Oswego, to exhibi: his pass-
Legislative power in New York, in port, 445; endeavors to turn the lo-

whom vested in 1668, 87; in 1987, dians against the English, 4-16; directs

his son to plunder any English canoes
Leisler, Jacob, letters of, on the burn he may meet with on I.ake Ontario,
ing of Schenectady, 307, et seq;

Le štoyne, Father Simon, voyage of, Lotbinière, M. de, his representations

to Onondaga, 33; speeches of, to the regarding his Seigniories on Lake
Indians, 36, 38; recovers Father Bre. Champlain, 558; report of the Board
bouf s bible, 41; discovers the salt of Trade on, 581.
springs, 42; returns to Quebec, 44; | Louis XIV., instructions of, to M. De
notice of the death of, 65; Sieur, la Barre, regarding the Indians, 95,
sent to Onondaga, 113; result of his 107; to his Minister at London, to
ncgotiations, 114, et seq.

prevail on the Duke of York to order
Lespinart, Antoine. communicates Gov. huis N. Y. not to supply the In-

Dongan'. movements to M. de Denon dians with arms, 108; directs the Iro-
ville, 223, gives intelligence from quois prisoners tobe sent tothe galleys,
Canada to Gov. Dongan, 253.

109; all things said to be possible to,
Lighthouse, when erected, 704; how 213; approves of the proposed attack
supported, ib.

on the Senecas, 232; repeats his orders
Littichales, Major John, appointed to for the transmission of the Iroquois

the 1st. American Regiment, 494; to the French galleys, 233; instruc.
capitulates at Oswego, ib.; reflections tions to Count Frontenac relative to
on the conduct of, 499.

the conquest of New York, 292.

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Mamaroneck, names of the militia offi- | Miamis, numerical strength of thc, 29;
cers of, in 1700, 362.

attack the Iroquois, 217.
Manaudière, La,' deed of sale of the Michilimakinak, the English visit, 214;

Scigniory of, 561; location of, 565, Gov. Dongan despatches an expedi

tion to, 224; Indians arrive at Albany
Map, an Italian, of New Netherland, from, 717.

(faces Title;) of the Province and Militia, number of the Provincial, in
harbor of New York, sent 10 Eng - 1678, 89; in 1687, 149; in 1693, 318;
land, 158, 160; early, of the Susque in 1700, 357; in 1716 and 1720, 692.
hannah river mentionell, 391; of the Millet, Rev. Father, missionary among
south side of the Mohawk river, 420; the Oneidas, 112; retires from that
showing situation of Forts Bull and mission, 131; at Catarakoui, 200; at
Williams, 509; of French grants on Fort Niagara, 276.
Lake Champlain, 557 ; of English Ministers, the several sorts of, in the
grants on Lake Champlain, 572; of city of New York, in 1687, 186; the
the Province of New York, in 1779, King's natural born subjects disin-

clined to pay their, 187; of the Dutch
Maryland, Iroquois name for, 401.

Church, list of the, 625.
Mayor of New York, by whom ap- Missionaries, reason why the French,

pointed in 1637, 148; powers of the withilrew from the Iroquois, 134.
courts of, in 1693, 315, 317.

Mississippi, discovery of ihe, 158.
McGregory, Major, sent by Gov. Don- | Mohawks, names and description of the

gan to the Far Indians, 157; taken towns belonging to the, 11, 70); nu-
prisoner by the French, 259; de merical strength of the, 12, 22, 60,
tained at Montreal, 264; the Coun. 196; French expeditions against the,
cil propose measures for the release 56, 65, et seq.; some French officers
of, 265 ; liberated by orders from murdered by the, 68; verification of
France, 273.

the French conquest of the country
Mercer, Col, appointed to the 211 Ame of the, 77; the English flag planted

rican Regiment, 491; killed at Oswe in the villages of the, 99; map of the
go, ib.

land on the south side of the river,
Meulles, M. de, report against M. de la 420; topographical description of the
Barre, 120.

valley of the, 524.

MOORE, Gov., on the French grants on

Lake Champlain, 547, 552; instruc-
tions to, not to make any grants of

Land within the French Seigniories,
north of Crown Point, 553.

Names of the Iroquois tribes, 3; and 285; number of the houses and adults

towns, 11, et seq.; of the members of in, in 1689, 289; proposed disposition
Gov. Dongan's Council, 188; of the in of the people of, and their property
habitants of Ulster county in 1689, when conquered by the French, 293
279; of those killed and taken prison et seq.; officers of the corporation of,
ers at Schenectady in 1691, 304; of the in 1693, 315; militia of the prov. of,
Indian Board, 343; of inhabitants of in 1693, 318, names of the militia offi
Orange county in 1701,317; of Dutchess cers of the prov, of, 357; address of the
in 1714, 368; of Albany in 1720, 370; Gov. and Council on the state of the
of all the civil and militia officers of prov. of, in 1691, 405; city of, in 1691,
the Province of New York in 1693, 407; first settlement of the English in
313; of the killed and missing in an Western, 443; papers relating to the
action near Oswego, 478; of ihe me city of, 593; Nichol's charter for the
chanics and sailors taken prisoners at city of, 602; Benck's and Evertsen's
Oswego, 505; of the inhabitants of charter, 604; Colve's charler, 608;
the city of New York in 1703, 611; 1 census of the city of, in 1703, 611;
of the ministers of the Dutch church-1 Dutch Ministers of, 1758, 625; tables
es, 625; of the first patentees of New of population of the prov. of, 687;
Utrecht, 634; of the inhabitants of population of, in 1617, 1673 and 1712,
the present county of Kings in 1687, 691; in 1723, 693; in 1731 and 1737,

694; in 1746 and 1749, 695; in 1756,
Negroes imported into New-York, from 696; in 1771 and 1774, 697; revenue,
1701 to 1726, 707.

&c., of the prov. of, 699; trade and
New Amsterdam, first application for manufactures of, 709; Gov. Tryon's

a municipal form of Government for, report on the state of the province of,
595; instructions for the Sheriffof, 600. 737; civil establishment of the prov.
New England saved by the Government of, paid by the Crown, 770; do., paid
of New York, 154.

by the province, 771.
New Orange, charters of the city of, Niagara, Gov. Dongan recommends the
604, 608, 655.

construction of a fort at, 155; the Duke
New Rochelle, names of the militia of York's arms put up as far as, 157;

officers of the town of, in 1700, 362. distance from Illinois and Lake Supe.
Newtown, militia officers of, in 1700, rior to, 201; M. de Denonville recom-

mends the erection of a fort at, 203;
New Utrecht, officers of the militia in advantages of a post at, 204; situation

the town of, 360; history of the first and soil of, ib.; Gov, Dongan remon.
set!lement of, 633.

strates against the erection by the
New-York, Courts of the city of, 87, 89, French of a fort at, 206; the French

148: Governor's Reports on the proy. propose establishing a post at, 232;
of, 85, 89, 147 ; bounilaries, latitude erection of a French fort at, 239; M.
and places of trade of the Province of, de Denonville takes possession of, 243;
90; population of, 91; description of date of the erection of La Salle's fort
buildings in the city of, in 1678, ib.; at, ib. ; French garrison at, 241:
description of the fort at, in 1686, 149: French 'sort at, 251, 258; abandoned,
Dongan's char. of the people of, 150; 275; condition in 1688, of fort, 276;
Maps of the harbor and prov. of, sent names of the officers then at fort, 277;
to England, 158, 160; M. de Denon height of the falls of, 435; the French
ville recommends the French govern erect another fort at, 446.
ment to purchase, 202; taxes levied | NICOLLS, Gov. to M. de Tracy, 78; sery.
in 1688, for the support of the govern ed in the French army, ib.; his re-
ment of, 274; M. de Callières' project port on the state of the prov., 87; his
for the conquest of the province of, | charter to N. York, 602.

Observations of Wentworth Greenhaigh | early French settlement at, 421. (See,
among the Five Nations, 11.

Officers, civil, in 1693, 313; of the mili- Oneagorah, Oneigra, Onyegra. See,
tia in 1700, names of the, 357.

Ogdensburgh, papers relating to an Oneidas, strength of the, in 1674, 12; in
the year 1736, 22; in 1763, 26; speech :49, 695; in 1756; 696; in 1771, 697.
of a chief of the, 40; number of the, Oswegatchie River, the Abbé Picquet
in 1664, 60; sue for peace from the forms an establishment on the, 424;
French, 67 ; treaty between the different names for the, 439.
French and 'the, 74; acknowledge Oswego, description by Abbé Picquet
themselves subjects of France, 75 ;

of France, 75 : of the fort at, 437: condition of, in
Father Millet, missionary among the, 1725, 444; the French endeavor to
112; number of the, capable of bear persuade the Indians not to permit
ing'arms in 1685, 196 ; M. de Vau- | the English to settle at, 415; a stone
drueil leads an expedition against the, wall built around fort, 447; garrison
334; and lays waste the settlem

in 1742 at, 462: distance from Sche.
the, 339; papers relating to the coun nectady to, 448; M. de Beauharnois
try of the, 507 ; vindication of the protests against the English erecting
conduct of the, previous to the burn a fort at, 419; summoned by a French
ing of the German Flatts, 520,

officer, 451; formalities observed on
Onondagas, numerical strength of the, that occasion, 452; visited by M. de
at different periods, 12, 23, 27, 60, Chauvignerie,460; the Indian iraders,
196; papers relating to the first French in a panic, abandon, 469; the council
settlement among the, 31; Father Le approve of strengthening, 471; M. de
Moine's mission to the, 33; first adult Vaudreuil determines to reduce, 473;
baptism among the, 37; the French description of the forts at, ib.; M. de
invited to settle among the, 41; dis Louvigny makes a reconnoissance of,
covery of the salt springs of the, 42; 475; the French Indians surround,
Jesuit missionaries proceed to the, 478; and attack some ship-carpenters
44; conspiracy of the, against the near, 476; Lieut. Blair killed in the
French, 45; surprize of the, on learn vicinity of, 477; names of the killed
ing of the withirawal of the, 5; the and missing at the fight near, 478;
council of the, assert their freedom, early naval operations before, 479;
114; negotiations between Father de Col. Bradstreet defeats a French force
Lamberville anıt the, 133, 136; the, | above, 482; description of, in 1756,
persuade the Senecas to accept their 487; journal of the siege of, 488 et seq.;
mediation, 134; decline Goy. Dongan's articles of capitulation of, 495; return
belts, 137: papers relating to Count of stores captured at, 196; further par-,
de Frintenac's expedition against ticulars of the capture of, 497 et seq.;
the, 321; send intelligence to Albany names of the mechanies and sailors
of the march of the French against taken prisoners at, 505; description
them, 384; details of Frontenac's ex of the country between Albany and,
pedition against the, 3:25.

524; distance from Albany to, 530.
Ontario Lake, 62; extent of, 63; dis. Ottawas, confederacy of the, number of

tance from Albany to, 197; early na-l the, 28; first visit of the English to
val operations on, 479, 481.

the, 157.
Orange, list of the inhabitants, in 1693, Oyer & Terminer, court of, erected,

of the county of, 317; population of, 147.
in 1699, 689; in 1703 and 12, 691; in Oysterbay, officers of militia, in 1700,
1723, 693; in 1731, 37, 694; in 1746, belonging to, 360.

Palatines, settlement of the, on the Mo-1 370, 609; to the Susquehannah river,
hawk river, burnt, 515; number of 391; to early settlement at Ogdens-
the, in 1718, 692.

burgh, 421; to Oswego, 443; to the
Palmer, Judge, called to the Council, Oneida and Mohawk country, 507;

189; sent by Gov. Dongan as agent to to French Seigniories on Lake Cham-
England, 255; his instructions, 257. I plain, 535, 556; to the city of New.
Papers relating to the Iroquois, 2; to York, 593; to Long Islanil, 627; to
the first settlement at Ond

the population of the province, 687:
to French expeditions against the to revenue, &c., 699; to trade and
Mohawks, 56; to the state of the pro- manufactures, 709,
vince, 85, 88, 146, 405, 737; to De la Pawling, Mr. Sheriff, at Esopus, 165.
Barre's expedition to the Black River Pemaquid, 89, 90; recommended to be
country, 93; to dle Denonville's inva- annexed to Boston, 150).
sion of the Genesee country, 191; to Penn, William, endeavors to acquire
the invasion of New York and the the lands on the Susquehanah river,
burning of Schenectaily, 283; to Fron- ' 395 et seq.
tenac's expedition against the Onon- Pennsylvania, evils arising from its be.
dagas, 321; to the population of Uls- ing independent of New York, 151;
ter, Orange, Dutchess and Albany and the proposed boundary between New-
New-York counties, 279, 366, 368,! York and, 155; evils arising from the

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