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Accountant General, salary of the, in 1731, '37, 694; in 1749, 695; in 1756,
1693, 314.

696; in 1771, 697.
Admirally, the Court of, in 1698, 89; in Algonquins the, the most warlike and
1693, 318.

polishell of the Indian nations, 16.
Albanel, Rev. Father, accompanies the Allainviile, Seigniory of, 537 et seq.

French expedition ayainst the Mo. 581, 585.
hawks, 71.

Amboy, inconvenience of making a port
Albany, a delegation from the town of, of entry of, 152.
meets the French at Schenectaily, 72; Amersfort, (see Flatlands.)
description of the Garrigon ai, 74; Anabaptists, 92, 186.
fort at, 89; intelligence from the Andaraque, proceedings of the French
Indian country received at, 142; de at the Mohawk sort of, 77.
scription of the fort at, in 1686, 150; ANDROS, Gov. report of, on the state
town of, declared by the law officers of the Province, affords cffectual
of the Crown to be a part of Rans relief to New England, 151; ordered
laer's Colonie, 179; Ranslaer surren to put the Ranslaers in possession of
ders his claim to, 180; incorporated Albany, 179; defeated in his a:tempt
ib.; the pasture granted to the city 10 reduce Connecticut, 187 ; notifies
of, ib.; people of, in great consterna M. de Denonville that he has taken
tion in consequence of a threatened the Five Nations under his protec.
visit from the French, 272; M. de tion, 285.
Callière's plan for the capture of, 285; Angleran, Rev. Father, Superior of the
number of houses and adults in, in Outaouac Missions, 110; Missionary
1699, 288; proceedings of the autho at Michilimakinac, 200; wounded in
rities of, on receiving intelligence of the engagement with the Senecas, 238.
the burning of Schenectady, 302; city Army List of the Province of New York
and county officers of, in 1693, 315; in 1700, 357.
strength of the militia of, in 1693, 318; | Assembly, salaries of the officers of the
names of the militia officers for the New York, in 1693, 314.
city and county of, in 1700, 361; of Assizes, Court of General, Legislatire
the freeholders of the city and county powers vested in the, 87; how often
of, in 1720, 370; Albany in 1691, 407; 1 it sits, 88; succeeded by a Court of
in 1756, 530; population of the city Oyer and Terminer, 147.
and county of, in: 1698, 689; in 1689, Audi'or General, allowance to the, in
690; in 1703, 691; in 1723, 693; in l 1693, 314.


Baptism, scruples of a Squaw to admin-1

ister, 37; first adult at Onondaga, ib.
Barbadoes, Jacob Leisler to the Gover-

nor of, 310.
Barre, M. do la, instructions of the

king of France to, 95, 107; notities
Gov. Dongan of his intention to at.
tack the Five Nations, 99; declared
by the king to be the cause of the
trouble with the Indians, 108; ordered
to genit some of the Iroquois 10 France
to be employed in the galleys, 109; !

memoir of, ib.; starts on his expeck.
tion against the Senecas, 111; motives
of, for making peace, 113;.quits Hun-
gry Bay, 115; arrives a! Montreal,
116; treaty between the Iroquois and,
118; strength of his army, 120; M. de
Meulles' report against, ib.; general
dissatisfaction with, 121; bad manage.
ment of, 122, 125; charged wiih har-
ing converted to his private specula.
tions the vessels intended for the con.
veyance of supplies to the army, 123;
and with having declared war on his | Brebouf, Father de, bible of, recovered,
own responsibility, 124; evil etfec s 41.
of the policy of, 126; letters from, to Breucklyn, names of the inhabitants of,
M. de Lamberville, 127 et seq.; M. de in 1687, 659.
Denonville succeeds, 143; Gor. Don- | Briare, (or Brias) Rev. Father, 110, 115,
gan's allusion to the expedition of, 136; on the custom observed by the
157; addicted to big words, 209.

King of China towards the Jesuits,
Bayard, Nicholas, called to the Coun 270.
cil, 189.

Brockholles, Mayor of New York, 179;
Beauharnois, M. de, protests against member of council, 188.

the erection of Fort Uswego, 449; Brookhaven, names of the officers of
despatches an officer to summon Oswe militia of, in 1700, 358.

go, 450; Gov. Burnet's reply 10, 453. Brookland, officers of milicia of the town
Beaujeu, M. de, applies for an extension of, 360.

of time to produce his titles to a Buildings at Niagara in 1688, description
Seigniory on the river Saranac, 563. of the, 276.
Bear, Indian name for the tribe of the, 1. Bull, instructions to Capt. Jonathan, on
Beavers, number of, sent from N. York the Burning of Schenectady, 304; ac.
to England in 1687, 259.

count of the capture, by the French,
Bellomont, Lord, his design regarding of Fort, 509, et seq.
Oswego, 447.

Burke, Mr. Edm., opposes the French
Blair, Lt. killed on the Oswego River, claims for land on Lake Champlain,

574; letter of, to the Sec. of the board,
Board for the management of Indian 579.
affairs established, 343.

BURNET, Gov., forms a settlement in
Bois, Revd. M., 71.

Western New-York, 443; informs the
Boundaries of the Prov: of N. Y. in Board of Trade of his design to build

1678, 90 ; between the Indians and a fort at Oswego, 447; replies to M.
whites, 587.

de Beauharnois, 453; letter of, to the
Braddock, General,artillery taken from, Board of Trade, 458.
used against Oswego, 498.

Burning of the Onondaga Village, 40;
Bradstreet, Col., advises Sir Wm. John of Schenectady,papers relating to the,
son that Oswego is surrounded by 299, et seq; of the German Flatts, 515,
French Indians, 475; battle between et seq.
the French and a party under com-Bush wyck, officers of militia of the
mand of, 478.

town of, 360,

Callières, M. de, letter from,announcing Charter of New York, antient, 602,604,

that some Iroquois are to be shipped 606, 608.
to the French galleys, 236; project Chassaigne, M. de, sent on a mission to
for the reduction of Albany and New-

Gov. Burnet, 450.
York by, 287; recommends the French

Chaumont, Father, embarks for Onon-
Court to obtain James the Second's

daga, 44.
approval of the design, 291; to be

Chauvignerie, M. de la, particulars of
Governor of New York when reduced his visit to swego, 460.

by the French, 296.
Canada, enumeration of the Indian tribes

Chazy, grant of a Seigniory at the river,

connected with, 15, 27; account of
the march into the Province of New-

Chouegen (see Osvegn.)
York of the Governor of, 71; the

Christians, denominations of, in New.
cold of, falal to the French troops,

York in 1687, 186.
158: population of, in 1685, ib.: Me. Churches in 1678, 92.
moirs on, 196, 213; state or, in' 1687, Civil list of the Province of New York
228; state of the British Province in

in 1693, 313; in 1767, 704.
1743, with reference to, 461.

CLARKE, Gov., reproves the commander
Canna'chocari fort describell, 528.

at Oswego, 462; his letter to the
Capitulation of Oswego, articles of, 495. |

Board of Trade, 463; report of, on
Cayugas, numericil sirength of the,

the state of the Province, 464; de-
13, 23, 27, 61, 196; date of the fi:st

mands that a regiment be sent from
mission to the, 61.

England to de!end the western fron-
Census tables, 279 368, 370, 611.

tier, 466.
Champlain Lake, 61; papers relating to Climate of the Iroquois country, 61.
French Seigniories on, 535.

Coiden, Cadwallader, report of, on the
Chancery, the court of, who composeil, public lanıls, 375; prejudicial to, 389;

in 1687, 147; officers and powers of, Board of Plantations instructions to,

1 relative to lands on Lake Champlain,

(37; on the trade of New York ini bers of, in 1693, 313; officers of the,
• 1723, 714.

314; minute of the Quebec, 580.
Collins, Mr., Collector at Westchester, Council of Sew-York, names of the

members of the, under Dongan, 188;
Colve, Gov., charter of, to the city of extracts from the minutes of, 244, 252,

N. Orange, 608; to the towns on Long 265, et seq; members of, under Fletch-
Island, 605.

er, 313; officers of the, 314; proceed-
Commission of the boarıd for the manage ings of the, on receiving intelligence
ment of Indian atfairs, 343.

of the invasion of the Onondaga Coun-
Common Pleas, officers of the courts of, try, 323, et seq; resolve to supply the

Oneidas with grain, 345; concur in the
Confederacy, numerical force of the propriety of strengthening Oswego,
Iroquois, 26; of the Ottawa, 28.

471; names of the members of the,
Connecticut, defeat of Sir E. Andros' under Gov. Tryon, 554 ; order of,

attempt to reduce, 187; Gov. Dungan notifying claimants to land on Lake
recommends the annexation of, to N. Champlain, under the French, to pro-
Y., 150, 174, 187, 256, 259; population duce iheir titles, ib.; report of the,
of, in 1686, 159.

on French seigniories on Lake Cham-
Conscience, liberty of, in New-York in plain, 567; minute of the Quebec, 580.
1688, 88.

| County courts, powers of, in 1693, 317.
Copper, sample of, from Lake Superior, Courcelles, M. de, expedition of, against

the Mohawks, 56, 65, 69, 71; a dele-
Corlar, through respect for a Dutchman' gation from Albany meet, 72.

the Indians call the Governors of New Courts of Justice in 1687, 147.
York, 156,

Croghan, Geo., his report on the con-
Cornbury, Lori, on the trade and manu- duct of the Oneidas, 520.

factures of the Province of New York, Cross, the, why selected as an Indian

Totum, 20; planted in the Mohawk
Corn forbid to be exported from certain country, 77; at Niagara, 276; at Us-
places, 266.

wego, 495.
Co-by, Gov., his character of the people Cumberland, population of the county
of New York, 722.

of, in 1771, 697.
Council, names of he members of H. Customs, officers of the, in 1693, 314;

M's., in 1697, 188; extracts from the produce of the, 701.
minutes of, 211, 252, 265, et seq; mem- |

Dablon, Father Claude, embarks for at Niagara, 218; difficulties in the way
Onondaga, 41.

of, 219; calls for regular troops, 222;
Dartmouth, the Eurl of, discountenances informs the minister that Gov. Don-

the pretensions of New York to all gan has sent agents to winter among
Lands south of the St. Lawrence, the Senecas, 224; with intention to
573, 578.

proceed to Michilimakina, 225; fur-
Delancey, Mr, informing the Board of ther instructions from the French

Trade of the burning of the German king 10, 232; informs the French min-
Flalis, 518.

ister that Gov. Dongan has advised the
Delaware, the three lower counties on Senecas of the meditated attack on

the, recommended to be annexed to them, 234; his account of his expedi-
New-Yor':, 153; a fort recommended tion to the Genesee country, 237 ;
10 be built on the, 155.

erects a fort at Niagara, 244; accuses
Denonville, M. de, succeeds M. de la Gov. Dongan of duplicity, 260; re-

Barre as Gov. of Canada, 1.13; leiters leases Major McGregory and the other
of, to Gov. Dongan, 158, 207, 211, English prisoners, 272.
226, 260); instructions of the king to, Desbergires, Sieur, commandant at Ni-
193; end.avors to gain over the West. agara, 275.
ern tribes, 200; proposed means for a

Detroit, garrison at, 220; M. du Lhut
war agains; the Senecas, 201; recom-

arrives at, 223.
mends that New-York be purchased

Dieskau, Baron, appointeil commander
from the English, 202; attempts to
deceive Gov. Dongan, 207, 214; com. I.

"1 of the expedition against Oswego,

plains of French refugees being re-
ceived at New York, 208; charges Discovery of the Onondaga Salt Springs,
Gov. Dongan with having caused ihe
Indians to plunder the French, 211; Dogs craw the sleds of the French in
and with entertaining bankrupts and their expedition against the Mo-
Thieves, 212; inernair of, on the state hawks, 72.
of Canada, 213; designs to build a fort Dollier, Rev. M., 110.

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DONGAN, Gov., letters of, to M. de la nies having ordered the Indians to rob

Barre, 100), 105; forbids the Iroquois the French, ib.; sends a present of
treating with the French without his Oranges to M. de Denonville, 236;
permission, 111, 403 ; promises the letters of, so the Lord President, 255,
Indians a reinforcement, 115; senils 271; recommends his nephew to be
an emissary to the Five Nations 136; / employed in bringing selllers from
complained or by the French Court, Ireland to N. York, 256; proceedings
113; Report of, on the state of the of, on learning lhe French movements
Province, 117; recommends Catholic against the Senecas, 257; proposes
Missionaries to be sent from England erecting forts on Lake Champlain,
to the Five Nations, 156; sends Maps Hungry Bay, the Mohawk river and
of the Province to England, 158, 160; Niagara, 259; demands a surrender of
accusations of, against Collector San English taken prisoners by the French,
ten, 167; answer of, lo charges against 271; obtains a conveyance of the Up-
him, 174, et seq.; grants a Charter to Iper Susquehannah river, 401.
the City of Albany, 189; fees received Duke's county, places composing, 317.
for Palents by, 182; sends Collector Duperon, Father Frs., proceeds to On-
Santen to England, 188; proposes the ondaga, 45.
names of new Councillors. 189: let. Dupuis, M., coinmander of a French
ters of, to M. de Denonville, 205, 209, Colony at Onondaga, 46, 50.
226, 235, 206 ; remonstrates against Dutch, the, supply the French army at
garrisoning Fort Frontenac, 205; and Schenectady with provisions, 73; sup
building a fort at Niagara, 206; claims posed to be friendly to William III.,
25,0700 liv. from the French Govern 291.
ment, 210; charged with exciting ihe Dutchess county forms part of Ulster,
Indians against ihe French, 211, 213; 317; names of the militia officers of,
proposes an English post at Niagara, in 1700, 363; names and number of the
216; vindicates his con luct regarding inhabitants of, in 1714, 368, 691 ; pop-
the Indian trade, 227; propositions of, ulation of, in 1723, 693; in 1731 and
to the Iroquois, 229; the French king 37, 694; in 1746 and '49, 695; in 1756,
rejects the claim of, 232; let'ers of, | 696; in 1771, 697.
to Father de Lamberville, 233; re- | Duries on imports and exports in 1678,
monstrates against that Jesuit medl. 92; lariff of, in 1686, 163.
dling with the Five Nations, 235; de-i

East IIampion, officers of militia in the design of, to monopolize the fur trade,

town of, in 1700, 359; Lion Gardiner's 286.
Observations on, 674.

Enume ation of the Indian tribes con-
Erlingham, Lord, Gov. of Virginia, bu nected with Canada, 15; of the Nor.
ries the hatchet with the Iroquois,

thern Indians, 26; of the Five Na-
151; the Indian name of, 195; arrives

tions, 690.
at New York, 2 15.

Esopus in 1691, 407; number of Ger.

mans settled at, in 1718, 693.
Elephant's teeth imported into New

Estales, value of the, in 1678, 91.
Jersey, 152.

Exchequer, court of, jurisdiction of the,
England, the Church of, 92, 186.

English, the, date when they first went Expense incurred by N. York, through

beyond the Seneca country, 156; De- the French invasion of the Seneca
nonville orders the seizure of the, on country, 273, et seq.
Lake Erie, 202; accused of inciting Exports, in 1678, 90; in 1686, 160; tables
the Indians against the French, 228; of Imports, &c., 699.

Famine, La, (see llungry Bay.)
Fecundity, remarkable instance of, 10.
First English settlement in Western

New York, 443; launch of the Eng.

lish vessel on Lake Ontario, 472.
Five Nations, the, (see Iroquois.)
Flag, the English, planteit in the Iro.

quois country, 99; the English, cap-
turel at Oywego deposited in the
churches in Canada, 497.

Flathush, militia officers of the town of,

in 1700), 360.
Flatlands, militia officers of the town

of, 360,
FLETCHER, Gov. Benjamin, brings the

subject of Count de Frontenac's expe.
dition before the Council of N. York,
3:23; his report thereon to the Com-
miitee of Traile, 339; fails in oblain-
ing assistance from the neighbouring

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