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Toluntary Will give, render, submit and grant, and by these presents do for Ourselves our Heirs and Successors give, render, submit and Grant unto our said Sovereign Lord King George, his Heirs & Successors for ever, All that Land lying & being sixty Miles Distance taken Directly from the Water into the Country, Beginning from a Creek called Canahogue on the Lake Oswego, all along the said Lake and all along the Narrow passage from the said Lake to the Falls of Oniagara called Canaguaraghe and all along the River of Oniagara and all along the Lake Catarackqui to the Creek called Sodoras belonging to the Senekes & from Sodoms to the Hill called Tegerhunkserode belonging to the Cayouges and from Tegerhunckserode to the Creek called Caynunghage belonging to the Onnondages All the said Land being of the Breadth of sixty English miles as aforesaid. All the way from the aforesaid Lakes or Rivers directly into the Country and thereby including all the Castles of the aforesaid Three Nations with all the Rivers, Creeks & Lakes within the said Limits to be protected and defended by his said Majesty his Heirs and Successors for ever to and for Our Use our Heirs and Successors & the said Three Nations.

In Testimony Whereof We have hereunto set our Marks and affixed cur Seals in the City of Albany this Fourteenth Day of September in the Thirteenth year of His Majesty's Reign Anno Domini 1726.




Accountant General, salary of the, in
1693, 314.

Admiralty, the Court of, in 1698, 89; in
1KB, 318.

Albanel, Rev. Father, accompanies the
French expedition against the Mo-
hawks, 71.

Albany, a delegation from (he town of,
meets the French at Schenectady, 72;
description of the Garrison at, 74;
fort at, 89; intelligence from the
Indian country received at, 142; de-
scription of the fort at, in Ib'fSH, 150;
town of, declared hy ihe law officers
of the Crown to be a part of Rans-
laer's Colonie, 179; Ranslaer surren-
ders his claim to, 180; incorporated
lb.i the pasture granted to the city
of, lb.; people of, in great consterna-
tion In consequence of a threatened
visit from the French, 272; M. de
Calliere's plan for the capture of, 285;
number of houses and adults in, in
1689, 288; proceedings of the autho-
rities of, on receiving intelligence of
the burning of Schenectady, 302; city
and county officers of, in 1693, 315;
strength of the militia of, in 1691,318;
names of the militia officers for the
city and county of, in 1700, 36-1; of
the freeholders of the city and county
of, in 1720, 370; Albany in 1691, 407;
in 1756, 630; population of the city
and county of, in-1698, 689; in 1689,
690; in 1703, 691; in 172), 693; in

1731, '37, 694; in 1749, 695; in 1756,

696; in 1771, 697.
Algonquins the, the most warlike and

polished of the Indian nations, 16.
Allainvi.le, Seigniory of, 537 tt uq.

581, 585.

Amboy, inconvenience of making a port
of entry of, 152.

Amcrsfort, (see Flatlandt.)

Anabaptists, 92, lf*6.

Andaraque, proceedings of the French
at the Mohawk Tort of, 77.

Andro", Gov. report of, on the state
of the Province, 88; affords effectual
relief to New England, 154; ordered
to put the Ranslaers in possession of
Albany, 179; defeated in his a'tempt
to reduce Connecticut, 187; notifies
M. de Denonville that he has taken
the Five Nations under his protec-
tion, 285.

Angleran, Rev. Father, Superior of the
Outaouac Missions, 110; Missionary
at Michilimakinac, 200; wounded in
the engagement w ith the Senecas, 238.

Army List of the Province of New York
in 1700, 357.

Assembly, salaries of the officers of the
New York, in 1693, 314.

Assizes, Court of General, Legislative
powers vested in the, 87; how often
it sits, 88; succeeded hy a Court of
Oyer and Terminer, 147.

Audi or General, allowance to the, In
1693, 314.


Baptism, scruples of a Squaw to admin-
ister, 37; first adult at Onondaga, ib.

Barbadoes, Jacob Leisler to the Gover-
nor of, 310.

Barre, M. da la, Instructions of the
king of France to, 95, 107; notifies
Gov. Donsran of his intention to at-
tack the Five Nations, 99; declared
by the king to he the cause of the
trouble with the Indians, 108; ordered
to s»nd some of the Iroquois to France
to be employed in the galleys, 109;

memoir of, lb.; starts on his expedi-
tion against the Senecas. Ill: motives
of, for making peace, 113; quits Hun-
gry Bay, 115; arrives at Montreal,
116; treaty between the Iroquois and,
118; strength of his army, 120; M. ile
Meulles'report against, in.; general
dissatisfaction with, 121; bail manage-
ment of, 122, 125; charged with hav-
ing converted to his private specula-
tions the vessels intended for the con-
veyance of supplies to the army, 123;
anil with having declared war on his
own responsibility, 124; evil etfec s
of the policy of, 126; letters from, to
M. de Lamberville, 1271' teq.; M. de
Denonville succeeds, 143; Gov. Don-
gan's allusion to the expedition of,
157; addicted to big words, 209.
Bayard, Nicholas, called to the Coun-
cil, 189.

Beauharnois, M. de, protests against
the erection of Fort Uswego, 449;
despatches an officer to summon Oswe-
go, 450; Gov. Bumet's reply id, 453.

Beaujeu,, applies for an extension
of time to produce his titles to a
Seigniory on the river Saranac, 563.

Bear, Indian name for the tribe of the, 1.

Beavers, number of, sent from N. York
to England in 1687, 259.

Bellomont, Lord, his design regarding
Oswego, 447.

Blair, Lt. killed on the Oswego River,

Board for the management of Indian

affairs established, 343.
Bois, Revd. M., 71.

Boundaries of the Prov: of N. Y. in
1678, 90; between the Indians and
whites, 587.

Braddock, General,artillery taken from,
used against Oswego, 498.

Bradstrcet, Col.,advisesSir Wm. John-
son that Oswego is surrounded by
French Indians, 475; battle between
the French and a party under com-
mand of, 478.

Brebouf, Father de, bible of, recovered,


Breucklvn, names of the inhabitants of,

in lb>7, 659.
Briarc, (orBrias) Rev. Father, 110,115,

136; on the custom observed by the

King of China towards the Jesuits,


Brockholles, Mayor of New-York, 179;

member of council, 188.
Brookhaven, names of the officers of

militia of, in 171 0. 358.
Brookland, officers of militia of the town

of, 360.

Buildings at Niagara in 1688, description
of the, 276.

Bull, instructions to Capt. Jonathan, on
the Burning of Schenectady, 304; ac-
count of the capture, by the French,
of Fort, 509, et icq.

Burke, Mr. Edm., opposes the French
claims for land on Lake ChamplaiD,
574; letter of, to the Sec. of the board,

Burnet, Gov., forms a settlement in
Western New-York, 443; informsthe
Board of Trade of his design to build
a fort at Oswego, 447; replies to M.
de Beauharnois, 453; letter of, to the
Board of Trade, 458.

Burning of the Onondaga Village, 40;
of Schenectady,papers relating to the,
299, etteq; of the German I'latts, ali,
tt teq.

Bushwyck, officers of militia of the
town of, 360.


Callh'-res, M. de, letter from,announcing
that some Iroquois are to be shipped
to the French galleys, 236; project
for the reduction of Albany and New-
York by, 285; recommends the French
Court to obtain James the Second's
approval of the design, 291; to be
Governor of New-York when reduced
by the French, 296.

Canada,enumeration of the Indian tribes
connected with, 15, 27; account of
the march into the Province of New-
York of the Governor of, 71; the
cold of, fatal to the French troops,
158; population of, in 1685, ib.; Me-
moirs on, 196, 213; state of, in 1687,
228; state of the British Province in
1743, with reference to, 461.

Canna'chocari fort described, 528.

Capitulation of Oswego, articles of, 495.

Cayugas, numeric il s'rength of the,
13, 23, 27, 61, 196; date of the 111 St
mission to the, 61.

Census tables, 279 368, 370, 611.

Champlain Lake, 64; papers relating to
French Seigniories on, 535.

Chancerv, the court of, who composed,
in 16S7, 147; officers and powers of,

Charter of New-York, antient, 602,604,
606, 608.

Chassaigne, M. de, sent on a mission to
Gov. Burnet, 450.

Chaumont, Father, embarks for Onon-
daga, 44.

Chauvignerie, M. de la, particulars of

his visit to Oswego, 460.
Chazy, grant of a Seigniory at the river,


Chouegen (see Otvego.)

Christians, denominations of, in New-
York in 1687, 186.

Churches in 1678, 92.

Civil list of the Province of New-York
in 1693, 313; in 1767, 704.

Clarke, Gov., reproves the commander
at Oswego, 462; his letter to the
Board of Trade, 463; report of, on
the state of the Province, 464; de-
mands that a regiment he sent from
England to defend the western fron-
tier, 466.

Climate of the Iroquois country, 61.

Colden, Cadwal'ader, report of, on the
public lands, 375; prejudicial to, 389;
Hoard of Plantations instructions to,
relative to lands on Lake Champlain,

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