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mary Halsey Sarah minthorn Mrs. Susanah Howell Prudence Howell Haoah Howell mahite Howell martha Howell mary fordham mary fordham Jur mary fordham 3d Phebe fordham Allath fordham Deborah Whiting Rebecca Whiting Hanah whiting Ellisabeth whiting Susannah Maltbcy Susanah Sayre Ester fordham Keziah fordham Hanah fordham Ruth White

Sarah white
mary Halsey

Elisabeth Halsey
Pheby Halsey

Hanah .Erie

mary Poast

Sarah Poast

Dorithee Post

martha Poast

Deborah Poast

Ester Johnos

Phebe Johnes

Airs, mary Howell

Eunis Howell

Jerusha Howell

Hanah Jasper

Lidia Jagrger

Hanah Melvine

margret Hilyard

mary Howell

Mistris anning

Hanah Clark

Phcebe Clark

Hanah Rounsifield

Martha Rounsitield

AbigaiH wilson

Hanah Howell

Sarah Howell

Hanah Howell

Judith Howell

Ann Howell

Grisill Howell

Amy Halsoy

Hulda Erie

Ellisabeth Halsey

Dcbro Halsey

mary Ranr

Phebe Raynr

Hanah Raynr

Sarah Sayre

Sarah Sayre

Damorus Sayre

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Phebe Burnatt Lidia foster Elisabeth white Dcbro foster Zeruiah foster Annah Halsey Hanah Howell Zcrusah Howell mary Howell Temprance Halsey Sarah Halsey Temprance Halsey abigaile Halsey martha foster Bothy foster martha foster Sarah fosler Rachell Ludlom Jane Ludlom Abigaile ludlom Rachell Ludlom Jur fftanccs Cooke ffrances Cooke Jur Hanah Rose Hanah Rose Sarah Herieke Elisabeth Burnot Elisabeth Burnott Hanah Burnot Mary Parker Ester Rose Hanah Halsey Hanah Halsey Prudence Halsey Patience Ludlom Patience Ludlom Phebe Rogers Phebe Rogers Sarah Haines' Sarah Haines Sarah nichill Elisabeth Cook Susanah Cook Hanah Shaw Ellisabeth Cook martha Cook Hanah Lupton Hanah Lupton Lidia Lupton mary laughton Hanah Lome Abigaile Lome Hanah Loome Johanah nuton Johanah nuton Ester leeming Hannah Cooper Sarah taping Sarah more Elisabeth more Sarah more Jur mary more Hanah Sayre Damones Howell


Jack Ceaser
Jack Jethro
Dick Jack

Elliner Howell Pencllopie Howell abiecah Howell mary Tarbill mary tarbill mary Haris mary haris Deborah Hildrith Deborah Hildrith Hanah Sanford Hanah Sanford Elisabeth nuton Phebe nuton annah Halsey annah Halsey Johanah Resco mary barbur deliverance priest mary barbur mary Strickland Mary hand Abigaile wade Sarah Stanbrough Ollive Stanbrough Eunis Stanbrough Ellisabeth Stanbrough mary Willmott Sarah Wickham mary Topping mary Baylee Hannah Topping Hanah Toping Temprance Toping

Toping martha huse Hanah noris Hanah noris mary noris Sarah noris hanah leeming mrs mahitablc white Elisabeth langton mrs Susanah Peirson Abigaile toping Hanah Peirson Sarah Peirson mary flint mary flint Hanah flintt Sarah noris Hanah noris Elisabeth norii

Debro Howell Phebee Howell hanah noris ffrances Peirson Ann Peirson martha Stanbrough martha Stanbrough Sarah Sayre Hanah Sayre Sarah Sayre Abigaile burnot feamale Christians 34!

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The number of Christian Males is

The number of Christian fleemales is 349

The number of negro Slaves men is 040 J

The nuber of women negro Slaves is ..... 043 ] I ""^ } Indian males that are upwards of fifteen yean—The Squas and children few of whom have any nam

Chice Indian Coyemow Indian

Johnson Indian ffranck Indian



Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Pisacomary Indian Jefery Indian Rhichoam Indian Redhedwill Indian Pomquaneo Indian Simon Indian Canady Indian Tohemon Indian

ff ranck
nabamacow Indian
Philip Indian
Sam Indian
Tom lenard Indian
Dick Indian
Plato Indian
Tom-hodge Indian
Denitt Indian
obedia Indian
Cuttwas Indian

Weegon ,



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waynantuck Indian

The nuber of Indians upwards of 15 years The Indians Informes there is about The and as many Children

number of woomen i


The hethen are So Scattered To and fro w that they can neither be Sumonsed in [Manuscript torn.]

The above listt of the Inhabitants of ye Town of Southampton, Taken p me this 15th day of September 1698




Isaac Arnold
Sarah Arnold
Rachel Arnold
Sarah Arnold Junjr
Susannah Arnold
8usannah Washbourn
John Washbourn

Thomas Mapes
Mary Mapes
Abigail Mapes
Margarett Edwards
Joshua Hobart
Peter Hobart
John Hobart

Ebenezer Way
Irene Way
Eliezer Way
J mathan Horton
Bathia Horton
Jonathan Horton Junjr
William Horton

James Horton
Mehitobel Horton
Mary Horton
Abigail Horton
Patience Horton
Stephen Bouyer
Jonas Holdsworth
Joshua Horton
Mary Horton
Ephraim Horton
Mary Horton Junjr
Bathia Horton
Elizabeth Horton
Kerviah Horton
Jasper Griding
Hannah Grilling
Robert Griffing
Susanna Griffing
Eitward Griffing
Robert Griffing Junjr
Samuel Griffing
John Griffling
John Youngs
Wm Walter
Theoder Rail ens
Mary Griffing
Prudence Smith
John Booth
Hannah Booth
Mchilophel Booth
John Booth Junjr
Obadiah Booth
Daniel Booth
Hannah Booth Junjr
Patience Booth
Thomas Emmons
Mary Emmons,
Obadiah Emmons
Elizth. Emmons
Thomas Paine
John Tulthill
Sarah Tutthill
Daniel Tutthill
Nathaniel Tutthill
Bphraim Youngs
Mary Youngs
Ruth Terry
Thomas Youngs
Mary Youngs
Christopher Bradly
John Edwards
William Barnes
Mary Mayhew
Benjamen T.hommedieu
Patience t.hommedieu
Benjamen Lhommedieu

Hosea Lhommedieu
El>za Sylvester
William Booth
Hannah Booth
Wm Booth Junjr
8amuel Booth
George Booth
Hannah Booth Junjr
Thomas Terry
Eliza Terry
Thomas Terry Junjr.
Daniel Terry

Joseph Terry
Abigail Terry
Hannah Martin
John Rogers
John Conckline
Sarah Concklin
Sarah Conckline Junr.
John Conckline Junjr.
Henry Conckline
Rachel Concklin
Thomas Concklin
Mary Concklin
Joseph Concklin
Abigail Concklin
Joseph Concklin Junjr
John Concklin
Phillip Gooding
Sarah Gooding
Amos Gooding
Phillip Gooding Junjr.
ffreeloue Gooding
Christopher Youngs
Mercy Youngs
Abraham Youngs
Nathaniel Youngs
John Youngs
Charity Nashbourne
Thomas Terrell
John Terrell
Richard Terrell
Abigail Terrell
Nicholas Terrell
Catharine Terrell
Peter Hallock
Eliza Hallock
Bathia Hallock
Abigail Hallock
Peter Hallock Junjr
William Hallock
Noah Hallock
Richard Benjamen
Eliza Benjamen
Anna Benjamen
John Benjamen
Richard Benjamen Junjr.
Jonathan Benjamen
David Benjamen
Joshua Benjamen
Joseph Benjamen
Daniel Terry
Sarah Terry
Daniel Terry Junjr.
Samuel Terry
Eliza Terry
James Terry
Isaac Ouenton
John Ouenton
Thomas Ouenton
Thomas Goldsmith
Bathia Goldsmith
Joshua Goldsmith
Richard Terry
Prudence Terry
Abigail Coleman
Caleb Horton
John Reeue
hannah Reeue
Walter Reeue
John Reeue Junjr

Elisha Reeue

Abigail Reeue
Bathia Reeue
Margarett Giles
Peter Dickerson
Naomy Dickerson
Philemon Dickerson
John Dickerson
Mary Dickerson Junjr
Naomy Dickerson
Thomas Dickerson
Mary Dickerson
Mary Monioy
Jonathan Reeue
Martha Reeue
Margarett Reeue
Mary Reeue
Martha Reeue Junjr
Mathew Reeue
Jonathan Mapes
Hester Mapes
Benjamen Youngs
Mary Youngs
Grover Youngs
John Bailey
Lott Johnson
Gideon Youngs
Sarah Youngs
Joseph Youngs
Jonathan Youngs
David Youngs
Gidion Youngs
Sarah Youngs
Hannah Youngs
Margarett Youngs
Mary Youngs,
Hannah Wiggin widdow
James Wiggin
Annis Wiggin
Eliza Wiggin
Patience Ryder
Thomas Hallock
Hope Hallock
Thomas Hallock
Kingsland Hallock
Ichabod Hallock
Zerobabel Hallock
Anna Hallock
Patience Hallock
Richard Hallock
Richard Howell
David Howell
Jonathan Howell
Richard Howell Junjr.
Isaac Howell
Jacob Howell
Eliza Howell
Dorathy Howell
MaryYoungsJunjr widdow
Christopher Youngs Junjr
Anna Youngs
Phebe Youngs
Eliza Youngs
John Gattin
Sarah Gattin
Anna Gattin
Jonathan Brown
Eliza Brown
Jonathan Brown Junjr

Eliza Brown junjr Hannah Brown Rachel Brown Mary Gilei Ed ward Gattin Mary Young* widdow Daniel Youngs William Youngs Joshua Youngs Samuel Turner Mary Wiggans Nathan Langilon Hannah Langdon Eliza Langdon Nathan Langdon Junjr James Langdon Samuel Youngs Joseph Sweazy Mary Sweazy Johanna Sweazy Joseph Sweazy Junjr Mary Swazy Sarah Swazy Samuel Swazy Richard Swazy Stephen Swazy Bathia Swazy Thomas Moor junjr Jean Moor Mary Moor Rachel Moor Isaac Osmond Chaterine Osmond Martha Osmond Prudence Osmond Isaac Osmond William Downs Abigail Downs Abijah Downs Junjr. Samuel King Junjr. Hannah King Samuel King Zacharias King John Swazy Mary Swazy Jno. Swazy Junjr Susana. Swazy Mary Swazy Junjr Joshua & Phebe Swazy Jacob Conckline Mary Conckline Jacob Conckline Junjr Samuel Conckline John Concklioc Gideon Conckline Mary Conckline Junjr Joseph Conckline Joseph Conckline Junjr Mary Baily Theophilus Corwin John Harwood William Brown Catharine Brown Wm Brown junjr John Brown Walter Brown Silvanus Brown David Brown Mary Brown

Sarah Martin John Corwin Matihias Corwin Samuel Corwin Anna Corwin Abigail Corwin John Corwin Junjr Sarah Corwin Sarah Corwin Junjr Eliza Corwin Hester Corwin Jacob Ozmond Sarah Ozmond Mary Ozmond Sarah Ozmond Junjr Eliza Ozmond Hester Ozmond Pinnina Ozmond Hannah Ozmond Martha Ozmond widdw Sarah Ozmond Dinah Blyth Jno. Howel Thomas Clark Mary Clark Thomas Clark Junjr Elizabeth Clark Mary Ozmond widdow Deborah Ozmond Phebe Ozmond Johanna Ozmond Mercy Ozmond Samuel Ozmond William King Abigail King Wm King Junjr Hannah King David King Sarah Youngs Daniel King Robert Labe Caleb Curtjes Eliza Curtjes Joshua Curtjes Mary Curtjes Samuel Curtjes Sarah Curtjes Hannah Curtjes Richard Curtjes Stephen Baily Mary Baily Hannah Bailey Israel Daily Temperance Baily Jonathan Baily Christian Baily David Gardiner Martha Gardiner Mary Gardiner Mehitohor Corwin Samuel King Abigail Kine Theophilus Case hannah Case William Case lea bod Case John Case Eliza Robertson Jasper (iriffing Junjr

Rath Grilling
Jasper Griffing

Ruth Grilling
Abraham Corey
Margarett Corey
Mary Corey
Abraham Corey Junjr
Jno Corey
Dorothy Corey
Patience Mayhew
Isaac Corey
Sarah Corey
Isaac Corey Junjr
David Corey
Jonathan Corey
Sarah Corey Junjr
Phebe Corey
Deborah Corey
Peter Aldridge
Annis Rceue widdow
Walter Brown
Joseph Brown
Daniel Brown
Gersham Aldridge
James Pattay
Experience Pattay
James Pattay Junjr
Mary Pattay
nymon Pattay
Experience Pattay
Thomas Ryder
Joseph Ryder
Providence Ryder
Jeremiah Ryder
Hester Ryder
Mahitobel Ryder
John Budd
Hester Budd
John Budd Junjr
Joseph Budd
Susannah Budd
Mary Budd
Martha Moor widdow
John Trusteen
Jonathan Moor
William Moor
Mary Trusteen
John Pain Junjr
Sarah Pain
Nathaniel Pain
John Pain
Samuel Crook
Joseph Crook
Sussannah Crook
John ffrancklin
Philla: ffrancklin
Jno flrancklin Junjr
Mary ffrancklin
Samuel ffrancklin
Martha ffrancklin
ffrancis Noise
Perrsha Noice
Catharine Noise
Eliza Lewis
Mary Reeue widdow
Wm Reeue
Abigail Reeue
Margaret Reeue
Sarah Reeue

Thomas Reeue
Henry TulthiU
Batthia Tutthill
Henry Tutthill Junjr
Jonathan Tutthill
Nathaniel Tutthill
Barnabas Tutthill
Abigail Martin
Hester Hoaman widdow
Hester Hoaman Junjr
John Joanes
Thomas Hunter
Eliza hunter
Eliza hunter Junjr
Zervia Hunter
Hannah Hunter
Sarah Horton Widdw
Peanellope Horton
John Pattay
Mary Pattay
Edward Pattay
David Pattay
Mary Pattay
Joshua Wells
Hannah Wells
William Wells
Jno. Wells
Joshua Wells
Dcliucrance Wells
Abigail Wells
Ann Wells
Mary Martin
John Owen
Thomas Booth
Mary Booth
John Booth
Thomas Booth Junjr
James Booth
Giles Booth
Mary Booth Junjr
Abraham Ozmond
Rebecca Ozmond
Joseph Ozmond
John zmond
Dsmarass Terrell
John Allowbin
hannah Allowbin Junjr
Mary Allowbin
Tabitha Allowbin
John Goldsmith
Eliza Goldsmith
John Goldsmith Junjr
Thomas Goldsmith
Richard Goldsmith
Nathaniel Goldsmith
Mary Goldsmith
Henrv Wells
Mary Wells
Martha Carr
Samuel Glouer
Sarah Glouer
Samuel Glouer jnnjr
Martha Glouer
ha ina. Glouer
Hester Glouer
William Glouer
Charles Glouer
Martha Glouer
Euan Davis

Mary Davis
Mordecai hoaman
William Coleman
Mary Coleman
Sarah Coleman
William Coleman Junjr
Mary Coleman Junjr
Sarah Coleman Junjr
Charles Booth
Abigail Booth
Mary Horton widdow
Jean Mappon
Charles Booth Junjr
Abigail Booth Junjr
David Booth
Jacob Aldridge
Caleb Horton
Jonathan Horton
David Horton
Barnabas Horton
Phebe Horlon
Samuel Windes
Mary Windes
Wm Coe

Charley Edwards
Lott Johnson
Joseph Pattay
Mary Pattay
Daniel Pattay
James Reeue
Deborah Reeue
Mary Reeue
Isaac Reeue
Thomas Reeue
Mary Reeue
Richard Brown
Dorithy Brown
Rich >rd Brown Junjr
Samuel Brown
Dorathy Brown
Abigail Brown
Mehitobel Brown
Henry Brown
Samuel Hutcheson
Elizabeth Hutcheson
Samuel Hutcheson Junjr
Gersham Terry
Deborah Terry
Gersham Terry Junjr
Deborah Terry Junjr
Abigail Terry
Richard Terry
Barsheba Terry
Mehitobel Terry
Eliza Cleaues
Jerediah Cleaues
John Cleaues
Eliza Cleaues Junjr
Mary Cleaues
Hannah Cleaues
John Cleaues Junjr
Abigail Cleaues
Thomas Tusten
Priscilla Tuston, Widdow
Kliza Tusten
Mereiam Tusten
Grace Tusten
Carteret' Gillam
Mary Gillam

Anna Gilliam
Arnold Gillam
James Gillam
John Wiggam
James Pershall
Margaret Pershall
Mary Pershall
Israel Pershall
David Pershall
Benjamen Pershall
Margarett Pershall Junjr
Thomas Terrell Junjr
Sarah Terrell
Thomas Terrell
Sarah Terrell Junjr
Joshua Horton Junjr
Eliza Horton
Eliza Horton Junjr
Patience Horton
Deborah Horton
Martha Horton
Henry Case
Tabitha Case
Henry Case Junjr
Samuel Case
Benjamn Case
Tabitha Case Junjr
Mary Case
John Bond
Sarah Rodman
John Barnes
Joseph Reeue
Abigail Reeue
Joseph Reeue Junjr
Benjamen Reeue
David Reeue
Ezikias Reeue
Solomon Reeue
Abigail Reeue
Mary Reeue

Margarett Hallock widdow

Dorathy Ozmon

Barnabas Windes

Mary Windes

Barnabas Windes Junjr

Samuel Windes

Bathia Windes

Peanellope Windes

Sussanna Willman

Bathia Horton

Susanna Windes

Martha Hutcheson widdow

Thomas Hutcheson

Mathias Hutcheson

Martha Hutcheson Junjr

Hanna. Case

John Terry

Hannah Terry

John Terry Junjr

Nathaniel Moor

Jacob Cory

Ann Cory

Jacob Corey Junjr

Ann Corey Junjr

Abigail Cory

Jehoada Corey

'ohn Corey

Benjamn Corey

Christopher Merrick

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