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of said River to Kittanning which is above Fort Pitt from thence by a direct Line to the nearest Fork of the west branch of Susquehanna thence through the Allegany Mountains along the south side of the said West Branch until it comes opposite to the mouth of a creek called Tiadaghton thence across the West Branch along the South Side of that Creek & along the North Side of Burnetts Hills to a Creek called Awandae thence down the same to the East Branch of Sasquehanna & across the same and up the East side of that River to Oswegy from thence East to Delawar River and up that River to opposite where Tianaderha falls into Sasquehanna thence to Tianaderha & up the West side of the West Branch to the head thereof & thence by a direct Line to Canada Creek where it emptys into the Wood Creek at the West of the Carrying Place beyond Fort Stanwix & extending Eastward from every part of the said Line as far as the Lands formerly purchased so as to comprehend the whole of the Lands between the said Line & the purchased Lands or settlements, except what is within the Province of Pennsylvania, together with all the Hereditaments and appurtenances to the same belonging or appertaining in the fullest and most ample manner and all the Estate Right Title Interest Property Possession Benefit claim and Demand either in Law or Equity of ea< h and every of us of in or to the same or any part thereof To Have And To Hold the whole Lands and Premises hereby granted bargained sold released and confirmed as aforesaid with the Hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto belonging under the Reservations made in the Treaty unto our said Sovereign Lord King George the third his Heirs & Successors to and for his and their own proper use & behoof for ever. In Witness whereof We the Chiefs of the Confederacy have hereunto set our marks and Seals at Fort Stanwix the fifth day of November one thousand seven hundred and sixty eight in the ninth year of His Majesty's Reign.

for the Mohawks. Tyorhansere als Abraham ^^^^^3 fL s^

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Otsinoghiyata als Bunt



for the Tuscaroras.

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for the Onondagas.
for the Cayuga s.

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for the Senecas.

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Sealed and delivered and the consideration paid in the presence of

Wm Franklin Governor of New Jersey
Fre. Smyth Chief Justice of New Jersey
Thomas Walker Commissioner for Virginia
Richard Peters ) of the Council
James Tilghman $ °f Pensylvania

The above Deed was executed in my presence at Fort Stanwix the day and year above Written

W. Johnson.

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