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vention of Albany to procure assistance from the neighbouring colonies, Leisler sends up one Jacob Milborne, formerly a servant to a man in Hartford, but now a fitt tool for his turn with 160 men, who gott the fort surrendered to him, after I had maintained the garrison, and all publick charge to the 12th of March, turn'd out all the Souldiers but 12 or 13, which they tooke in again, and so kept there for some weeks- This Jacob Millborne, John de Bruine and Johannes Provoost, under the dominion of New York coinmissrs spending their time with drinking and quaffing, while the French Indians comes and cutts off the people at Canastagione and above Synectady, and never one of them catcht. We have all Leisler's seditious letters secured which was the occasion of the destruction of Synechtady, miraculously found in the streets, all embrued wth blood the morning after massacre was committed, so that we want nothing but a Govern' to call him to account.



Province of Bew-York, 1693.




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Patent Officers.

Sallarys His Excellency Benjamin Fletcher Esqr Capt Genll

and Governour in Chiefe of the Province of NewYork and Territories depending thereon in Ame->780 00 00 rica and Vice-Admirall of the same £600 sterling

att 30 pr cent advance is . . . . . Matthew Clarkson Esqr Secry allowed him for Paper í

per 30 00 00 pen and ink pr annum . . . . . Chidley Brook Esq? Colli and Receiver Genli p960 00 00 ann. £200-£30 Sterl pr cent advance

Members of Council. Fred. Phillips

Thos Willett Steph Courtlandt

Willm Pinhorne
Nich Bayard

Peter Schuyler
Will. Smith
Esqrs. John Lawrence

>Esqrs. Gab: Monveille

John Youngs Chid. Brook

Caleb Heathcote Wm Nicolls

riding the circuit.

James Grayham, Esqi Attorney Gen!!
David Jamison Clerk of the Councill, allowed per

annum . . . . . . . . 50 00 00 Dan. Honan Accomptant-Genll pann: . . . 60 00 00 Jarvis Marshall Doorkeeper and Messenger of ye Councill. . . . . . . . 30 00 00 Justices of the Supream Court of Judicature haveing the power of Kings Bench, Comôn Pleas and Exchequer.

William Smith Esq Chiefe Justice per Allowed for annum . . . . . . 130 00 00 " ) William Pinhorne, Esq. 2d Justice per annum,

. . . . . 100 00 00 Steph Courtlandt Chid. Brooke Esqrs Justices John Lawrence * The Secretary is Clerk of this Court.

Custome House Officers. Robt Livingston Sub Collector att Albany per annum £50 00 00 Wm Shaw, Gauger att Albany pi anñ: . . . 8 00 00 Thos Munsey Surveyor att New-York pr anñ . . 40 00 00 James Evetts Waiter . . . . . . 30 00 00 Emmanuel Young waiter . . . : 30 00 00 The Guager at New York paid by ye cask Allowed to Godfredus Dellius for teaching and con

verting the Indians pr anñ . . . . 60 00 To the Interpretess Helene to interprete for ye Five

Nations pr annum . . . . . . 20 00 00 Allowed for their Maties Barge one Coxwain pr ann:

and eight oars att 50s each, £20 . . . 30 00 00 Allowed to a printer p' ann

. . 40 00 00 Clerk of the Assembly allowed 125 pr diem dureing ye

Door Keeper and Messenger 45 pe diem dureing ye

Allowed the Honble N. Blaithwayte 5 pr cent out the
Revenue as Auditor Generall

£1738 00 00

In the Citty of New Yorke
Abraham Depeyster Esq. Mayor & Clerk of the Mercate

James Graham Esqr Recorder
Standley Handcock Esq' High Sheriff

William Sharpas Towne Clerke The Aldermen, Collectors, Assessors and Constables are elective.

In the Citty of Albany
Peter Schuyler Esq Mayor
Dirck Wessells Esq Recorder
Robt Livingston Esq Town Clerk

John Apell Esq? Sherriffe
The Aldermen, Collectors, Assessors and Constables elective.
The Mayor's Court hath the Power of the Comôn Pleas.

In each County there is a Court of Comôn Pleas whereof the first in the Commission of the Peace is Judge, and is to be assisted with any two of the three next in the commission of the Peace.

The Mayor and Aldermen are Justices of the Peace and have power to hold Quarter Sessions in the Cittys of N. York & Albany.

Justices of the Peace In the County of Albany to joyne the Mayor Records and Aldermen in the Quarter Sessions. Eghbert Theunisse

Nicholas Rispe Kilian van Ranslaer

Sanders Glenn Martin Gerritse

Peter Vosbrough
Dirck Theunisse

Gerryt Theunisse
Justices in Westchester County
Caleb Heathcote Esqr Judge of the Common Pleas.
Joseph Theale

James Mott
William Barnes Esqrs John Hunt

> Esqrs Daniel Strange

Wm Chadderton

Thomas Pinkney
Benjamin Collier EsqSherriffe.

Joseph Lee Clerk of the County
Collectors Assessors and Constables elective

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Justices in the County of Richmond Ellis Duxbury Esq' Judge of the Comôn Pleas

Abraham Cannor
Abraham Lakeman

Dennis Theunisse
John Shadwell
John Stilwell Esqs Sherriff

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Justices in the County of Ulster Thomas Garton Esqr Judge of the Comôn Pleas

Henry Beeckman
Dirck Shepmers
Wessell Tenbrook
Abraham Haasbrough?
Nicholas Antonio EsqSherriffe

Justices in Suffolk County
Isaac Arnold Esq' Judge of ye Comôn Pleas.

John Howell
Samuell Mulford
Richd Smith
William Barker > Esqrs
Matthew Howell
Ebenetus Platt
Tomas Mapes
Josiah Hobbart Esq: Sherriffe

Justices in Queens County
Thomas Hix Esqr Judge of the Common Pleas

Richard Cornwall
Ellias Doughty
Dan. Whitehead >Esqm
John Smith
Tho. Stevensant
John Harrison Esq' Sherriffe
Andrew Gibb Clerke

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