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and arrived within two leagues of Montreal one day ahead, so that there were not more than fifty or sixty men together. The evening on which they should arrive at Montreal, being extremely fatigued from fasting and bad roads, the rear fell away from M./le Sainte Helene, who was in front with an Indian guide, and who could not find a place suitable for camping nearer than three or four leagues of the spot where he expected to halt. He was not rejoined by M. de Mantet and the others until far advanced in the night. Seven have not been found. Next day on parade, about ten o'clock in the forenoon, a soldier arrived who announced that they had been attacked by fourteen or fifteen savages, and that six had been killed. The party proceeded somewhat afflicted at this accident, and arrived at Montreal at 3 o'clock, p. m.

Such, Madame, is the account of what passed at the taking of Corlear. The French lost but twenty-one men, namely four Indians and seventeen Frenchmen. Only one Indian and one Frenchman were killed at the capture of the town. The others were lost on the road.

[From Mortgage Book B, in County Clk's Office, Albany.]

Albany 9th day of February 16||
Die Sabbat hi.

This morning about 5 o'Clock ye alarm was brought here by Symon Schermerhoorn who was shott threw his Thigh y1 ye french and Indians had murthered ye People of Skinnechtady; haveing got into ye Towne about 11 or 12 a Clock there being no Watch Kept (ye Inhabitants being so negligent & Refractory) and yi he had much adoe to Escape they being very numerous. They fyred severall times at him at last throw his Thigh and wounded his horse and was come over Canatagione1 to bring ye news.

The allarm being given all People Repared to there Post ye fort fyred severall gunns to give ye alarm to ye farmers but few

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neara there being such an Extream Snow above Knee Deep Severall ye People haveing Escaped ye Cruelty of ye french and there Indians came Running here & told us ye Village was a fyre and y1 they had much adoe to Escape for all ye streets were full of french and Indians, & y1 many People were murthered and yl ye enemy were marching hither which news was Continually Confirmed till afternoon Letters were sent forthwith to Sopus for ye assistance of a hundred men an Expresse sent to Skachkook but by reason of ye highwater—deep snow & yse could not Proceed, notice was given to all ye farmers of Kinderhook Claverak &ca of ye sad news, Some horse men sent out to Discover ye Enemies force and there march but were forced to Return ye snow being so Deep yet some were sent out again who got thither, Laurence ye Indian with ye Maquase yl were in Town were sent out also to Skinnechtady to Dispatch posts to ye Maquase Castles for all ye Indians to come doune, but unhappily sad Indians comeing to Skinnechtady were soe much amazed to see so many People murthered and Destroyed that they omitted ye sending up to ye Maquase Castles according to there Engagement, While ye Enemy was at N. Scotia a man came to Ensign Joh: Sander Glen and said he would goe to ye Maquase Castles and warn ye Maquase to come doune who was ordered to goe in all haste but comeing to ye Upper Plantations went for fear along with some of ye oyr Inhabitants into ye Woods and never went to ye Maquase Castles, this night we gott a letter from Skinnechtady Informing us yi the Enemy yt had done y1 Mischieffe there were about one hundred and fifty or 200 men but that there were 1400 men in all; One army for Albany & anoy' for Sopus which hindred much ye marching of any force out of y" Citty fearing yt ye enemy might watch such an opportunity.

The \0th day of February. Present. Pr Schuyler Mayr D. Wessels Rec', J. Bleecker, C. Bull, Capt Staets, Aid. Shaick, Aid Ryckman, Joh. Cuyler, Ens. Bennett.

Resolved yt Capt Jonathan Bull be sent wth 5 men out of each Compy to Skinnechtady to bury ye dead there & if ye Indians be come doune to joyn with them & Pursue ye Enemy.

Instructions for Capt Jonathan Bull. You are to goe w,h all Convanient speed with . . . men to Skinncchtaily & there Bury y« dead which are Killed by ye Enemy and give such succor and Rclieffe to ye Poor People left alive at Skinnechtady as yu can, and if there be any considerable number of friendly Indians at Skinnechtady yu are wth all speed to Pursue & follow after the french and Indian Enemy & them Spoylc and Destroy what in yu Lyes and use all mrans Imaginable to Rescue yc Prisoners which they have Carried along with them.

You are to take Especiall Care to have always Spyes and Skouts out on both sides of j' Path where yu March yr Men and to be as Carefull as Possible for ambushes of ye Enemy and to Keep yr men in good order and Discipline




Myndcrt Wemp killd 1

Jan van Eps and his Sonne & 2 of his Children kild . 4

a negroe of dito Van Eps ...... 1

Serj' Church of Cap' Bulls CompJ .... 1

Barent Jansse Killd and Bumd his Sonne Kild . . 2

And« Arentse Bratt shott and Burnt & also his child" . 2

Mary Viele wife of DoWe Aukes & her 2 children killd . 3

and his Negro Woman Francyn .... 1

Mary Alolff Wife of Cornelis Viele Junr Shott . . 1

Sweer Teunise Shott fc burnt his wife kild & burnt v all 2

Antje Janz doughter of Jan Spoor kild & burnt /in 1 Item 4 Negroes of ye said Sweer Teunise yB same > one

death I 4

Enos Talmidge Leift of Capt Bull kild & burnt 'house 1 Hend Met se Vrooman 8c Bartbalomeus Vrooman

kild & burnt 2

Item 2 Negroes of Hend Meese je same death
Gerrit Marcellis and his Wife & childe kild
Rob' Alexander souldr of Capt Bulls Shott
Rob' hesseling shott ....
Sander ye sonne of gysbert gerritse kild & burnt
Jan Roeloffse de goyer burnt in ye house
Ralph grant a souldier in yc fort shott
David Christoffelse & his wife wth 4 Children all

burnt in there house ....
Joris Atrtse shott and burnt Wm Pieterse kild
Joh: Potman kild his wife kild & her skalp taken off
Dome Petrus Tassemaker ye Minister kild & burnt

in his house .......

Frans harmense kild

Engel the wife of Adam Vroman shot & burnt her

childe the brains dashed out against ye wall Reynier Schaets and his sonne kild Daniel Andries & George 2 souldiers of Capt Bull a french girl Prisoner among ye Mohogs kild A Maquase Indian kild . . . . .

Johannes ye sonne of Symon Skermerhoorn 3 Negroes of Symon Skermerhoorn

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In all . 60


Johannes Teller and his negroe ..... 2

John Wemp sonne of Mynd* Wemp & 2 negroes 3 Symon, Abraham, Phillip, Dirck & Claes Groot

all 5 sonnes of Symon Groot ..... 5

Jan Baptist sonne of Jan Van Epps . . . 1

Albert & Johannes Vedder sonnes of harme Vedder . 2

Isaack Cornelise Switts & his Eldest sonne ... 2

a negroe of Barent Janse ...... 1

Arnout ye sonne of Arnout Corn : Viele ye Interp' 1 Stephen ye sonne of Gysbert Gerritse 1

Lawrence sonne of Claes Lawrence Purmurent . . 1

Arnout sonne of Paulyn Janse ..... 1

Barent ye sonne of Adam Vroman & ye neger . 2

Claes sonne of Frans Harmense .... 1

Stephen adopted sonne of Geertje Bouts ... 1

John Webb a souldier Belonging to Capt Bull . . 1

David Burt belonging to ye same Compa ... 1

Joseph Marks of ye same Compe ... - 1

In all 27


After they were gott into ye Tonne without being discovered (no watch or guard being kept, notwithstanding several gentn of Albany no longer then 3 days before were up there to Perswade ym to it) The french & ye Indians besett each house and after they had murthered ye People they burnt all ye houses and barns Cattle &ca Except 5 @ 6: which were saved by Capi Sander to whom they were kinde as they had Particular orders so to be by reason of ye many kindnesse shewne by his wife to ye french Prisoners.

Albany y 22 day offebruary 16f £. Symon Van Ness and Andries Barents who went out ye first wth ye Maquaese returning told; they had Pursued ye Enemy to ye great Lake & would have overtaken them had they not been spyed by some of ye Enemy Indians that went out to looke for 2 Negroe boys, yi were Runn away from them, & yt ye Indians & Christians were all Tyred when they came to ye Croune Point neer ye Lake; some went further till they came to where ye Ise was Smoth; where the french had with horses that they carried from Skinnechtady & Skeets and Yse Spurrs, made all the way they could over ye Lake in so much that our People could gain nothing upon them; whereas at first they went 2 of there days journeys in one; neverthelesse Laurence ye Maquase and about 140 Mohoggs & River Indians are gone in Pursuite of them, & will follow them quite to Canida.

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