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To the five and twentieth ma imii I* *s ^e endeavour of all Psons here to bring up their *c children @ servants in that opinion which themselves

profess, but this I observe that thty take no care of the conversion of their Slaves.

Every Town @ County are obliged to maintain their own poor, which makes them bee soe careful that noe Vagabonds, Beggars, nor Idle Persons are suffered to live here

But as for the Kings natural-born-subjects that live on longIsland @ other parts of the Government I find it a hard task to make them pay their Ministers.

Tho. Dongan.

My Lords

Since my writing of this, on Perusal of some Papers in the Secretary's office, I found some Memorandums of Sir Edmond Andros whereby I understand that in the year 167 £ hee sent home Captn Salisbury for England to let his Royal Highness now his Ma'y know how impossible it was, for this Government to subsist without the addition of Connecticut. And hee himself went with some soldiers to surprise them, intending when hee had done it to keep possession by a Fort hee designed to make at a place called Seabrook but was prevented by the opposition of two Company's of men then lodged there ready to goe out ag" the Indians with whom they were in Warr

Much less it can subsist now without it, being at more expense than in the time of Sir Edmond @ having lost Delaware @ soe consequently the Peltry Trade which is not much inferiour to that of the Beaver, besides much Quit-rents ® the Excise which would have been a very considerable Revenue And too, what helps, hee had these from East @ West Jersey.

Weighing this with the reasons aforementioned, I hope his Ma'r will bee graciously pleased to add that Colony to this which is the Centre of all His Dominions in America. And the people thereof have been more inclined to his Ma'r' service and have expressed upon all occasions more Loyalty than any other of these Parts

Likewise I am to give yr Lot" an account that since I received my Instructions, I caused a Vessel which came to Amboy to come

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hither @ enter—It being the opinion of the Council, that it wes both agreeable to my Instructions and fontu r practise especially in the time of Sir Edmd Andros

PeiuilvaniA I am now informed that the people of Pensilvania have had last year from the Indians, upwards of 200 packs of Beaver down to the Skonshill @ will have more this, as I have reason to believe, which if not prevented, his Ma'* must not expect this Governm1 can maintain itself, besides that it will wholy depopulate both this Town @ AlbanyOne Rogers the Weighmaster being found indebted to the King in J6190-17-J I demanded the mony from him to which hee returned for answer j that he was Mr. Santen's servant @ would live @ die by him @ would not pay it without his order. On which an Extent was made out against him @ hee taken thereupon @ put into Prison; Where after many endeavors of Mr Saten to the contrary as will appear by the Minutes of Council hee at last paid .£140 of it which I was willing to take rather than lose the whole I am afraid wee shall not have soe good an account of the rest of the debts

Being informed that Mr Smith has never accounted with Mr Santen @ having the opinion of Captn Palmer @ Mr Graham that he is accountable to the King at least for soe much of the mony as hee has received to his own use on pretence of Salary without any authority for the same. I have caused him to be arrested in an action of account at his Mat'', suit, upon which hee lies a prisoner to answer it at the Court appointed for the management of his Ma,y' Revenue

Mr Santen since his commitm' hath been soe unruly @ abusive to mee and the Council that in our own defence, Wee are force't to send him home, threatning us with Chains at least for what wee have done.

cooneflort The names of yc Councilors

Major Anthony Brockhells
Frederick Flipson
Stephen V Courtlandt
John Spragg
Gervis Baxter

The Council thought fit not to give Mr. Santen his oath as appears by the Minutes of Council

John Young had his oath given him but hee lives 150 miles from this, @ has no estate of his own and very old, that it is a thing impossible for him to serve

There being a clause in my Instructions wherein I am limited not to act without five, therefore Mr John Spragg @ Major Jervis Baxter going for England, and there not being a sufficient number to make a quorum, I have by Vertue of a clause in my letters Patents, impowring mee in case of absence out of the Goverment death or Suspension to add of the principal Freeholders) given the oath to Judge Palmer and Nicolas Bayard the present Mayor to serve in the Council until his Ma**" pleasure be known

And whereas there is a clause in my Instructions to send over the names of six persons more fitt to supply the vacancy of the Council six of the fittest I find in this Government are as followeth

Mathias Nichols Judge

James Graham

William Smith

Gabriel Minvielle

Francis Rumbouls

Major Nicolas Demvre




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