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Report on veratrum viride-continued.

Process for obtaining tincture, re-
Report of Committee on Medical Educa- sinoid, and alkaloid, 227
tion, 73

Chemical tests and reagents for
Report of Committee on Medical Litera-

detection of alkaloid, and its
ture, 97

comparison with alkaloids ob-
General character of periodical me-

tained from other species, 229
dical publications of the United Dose and mode of administra-
States, 99

tion, 233
List of medical periodical publica- Section Third-Physiological action
tions of the United States, 100

on animals, 235
American medical publications since Physiological action of veratrum
1860, 101

viride on animals, 235
List of new works, 102

Physiological action of resinoid
List of new editions, 104

principles on animals, 243
List of minor publications and Physiological action of alkaloid
pamphlets, 105

veratria on animals, 246
Reprints of European medical pub- Physiological action of veratrum
lications, 108

viride on frogs and bats, revealed
List of new works, 108

by microscopical examination
List of new editions, 109

of the circulating blood, 249
Measures for encouraging a national Section Fourth-Therapeutic appli-
literature, 111

cations, 254
Report of Committee on Publication, 43 A few cases in point, 254
Report on American method of treating In typhus and typhoid fevers, 269

joiut diseases and deformities, 141 In phthisis, 271
Development of treatment, 141

Means of diagnosis in diseases of
Historical sketch, 142

lungs and heart, 271
Essential parts of apparatus, 150

Therapeutic application of resi-
Improvements as to material and

noid, 272
mode of application, 150

General synopsis of alkaloid vera-
Summary of pathological basis of

tria, 275
treatment, 153

Section Fifth-Summary of physio-
Description of apparatus, 161

logical and therapeutic action
Mode of application, 164

on man, 277
Infrequency of bony anchylosis, 166 General action, 277
Non-necessity of tenotomy, 167

On the vascular system, 280
Report on diarrhæa adiposa, 173

On the respiratory system, 282
History, 173

On the nervous system, 283
Treatment, 175

On the muscular system, 284
Analysis of reported cases, 176

On the secerning system, 284
Report on laryngoscopal therapy, 307

On the alimentary canal, 286
Report on veratrum viride, 223

Emetic action, 286
Section First-Natural history, 223 Large and poisonous doses, 291
Botany and physical character- Cumulative action, 293
istics, 223

Section Sixth-Modus operandi, 294
History, 224
Section Second — Chemistry and

pharmacy, 226
Chemical history, 226

Treasurer's report, 45

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