Parliamentary Papers, Volume 56

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Halaman 30 - ... an Act passed in the second year of the reign of King WILLIAM the Fourth, intituled, " An Act to amend the Representation of the People in England and Wales.
Halaman 7 - ... the unexpired residue, whatever it may be, of any term originally created for a period of not less than sixty...
Halaman 11 - Charges payable out of or in respect of the same, shall be entitled to vote in the Election of a Knight or Knights of the Shire to serve in any future Parliament for the County, or for the Riding, Parts, or Division of the County, in which such Lands or Tenements shall be respectively situate.
Halaman 26 - I hereby give you Notice, That I object to the Name of Thomas Bates being retained in the List of Persons entitled to vote in the Election of a Member [or Members] for...
Halaman 29 - January 5 then last past, and the overseers shall keep the said list, to be perused by any person, without payment of any fee, at any time between the hours of ten of the clock in the forenoon, and four of the clock in the afternoon...
Halaman 21 - ... on the owners or reputed owners, lessees or reputed lessees, and occupiers of the said lands, and on the overseers of such parishes, and on the trustees, surveyors of highways, or other persons having the care of such roads or streets.
Halaman 24 - ... shall extend to a body politic, corporate or collegiate, as well as an individual; and every word importing the singular number only shall extend and be applied to several persons or things as well as one person or thing; and every word importing the plural number shall extend and be applied to one person or thing as well as several persons or things; and every word importing the masculine gender only shall extend and be applied to a female as well as a male...
Halaman 9 - That the premises in respect of the occupation of which any person shall be entitled to be registered in any year, and to vote in the election for any city or borough as aforesaid, shall not be required to be the same premises, but may be different premises occupied in immediate succession by such person during the twelve calendar months next previous to the last day of July in such year...
Halaman 25 - ... to the examiner, complaining of a non-compliance with the standing orders, provided the matter complained of be specifically stated in such memorial, and the party (if any) who may be specially affected by the non-compliance with the standing orders have signed such memorial and shall not have withdrawn his signature thereto, and such memorial have been duly deposited in the Private Bill Office.

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