Bills of Lading: Hearings Before the Committee on Interstate Commerce, United States Senate, Sixty-second Congress, [second Session] on S. 4713, a Bill Relating to Bills of Lading in Commerce with Foreign Nations and Among the Several States and S. 957, a Bill Reating to Bills of Lading

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1912 - 399 halaman

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Halaman 21 - ... carrier, master or agent of the carrier shall be bound to state or show in the bill of lading any marks, number, quantity or weight which he has reasonable ground for suspecting not accurately to represent the goods actually received, or which he has had no reasonable means of checking. " 4. Such a bill of lading shall be prima facie evidence of the receipt by the carrier of the goods as therein described in accordance with paragraph 3 (a), (b) and (c).
Halaman 3 - ... even though the purchase be after the delivery of the goods by the carrier to a holder of one of the other parts.
Halaman 199 - Any carrier or party liable on account of loss of or damage to any of said property shall have the full benefit of any insurance that may have been effected upon or on account of said property, so far as this shall not avoid the policies or contracts of insurance: Provided, That the carrier reimburse the claimant for the premium paid thereon.
Halaman 313 - ... (c) A readiness and willingness to sign, when the goods are delivered, an acknowledgment that they have been delivered, if such signature is requested by the carrier.
Halaman 361 - The amount of any loss or damage for which any carrier is liable shall be computed on the basis of the value of the property (being the bona fide invoice price, if any, to the consignee^ including the freight charges, if prepaid) at the place and time of shipment under this bill of lading...
Halaman 5 - Who has given value in good faith relying upon the description therein of the goods, for damages caused by the non-receipt by the carrier or a connecting carrier of all or part of the goods or their failure to correspond with the description thereof in the bill at the time of its issue.
Halaman 317 - Duplicate" except in the case of a lost or destroyed receipt after proceedings as provided for in section 14, shall be guilty of a crime, and upon conviction shall be punished for each offense by imprisonment not exceeding...
Halaman 291 - Wales in any ship, for damage done to the goods or any part thereof by the negligence or misconduct of or for any breach of duty or breach of contract on the part of the owner, master, or crew of the ship, unless it is shown to the satisfaction of the Court that at the time of the institution of the cause any owner or part owner of the ship is domiciled in England or Wales...
Halaman 5 - ... marks or labels upon them or upon packages containing them, or by a statement that the goods are said to be...
Halaman 316 - If the bill is a straight bill such person also acquires the right to notify the carrier of the transfer to him of such bill and thereby to become the direct obligee of whatever obligations the carrier owed to the transferor of the bill immediately before the

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