Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society, Volume 1

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Royal Microscopical Society., 1878

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Halaman 30 - President, in the chair. The minutes of the preceding meeting were read and confirmed, a list of donations was read, and the thanks of the meeting were voted to the donors.
Halaman 90 - LIGHT: a Series of Simple, entertaining, and Inexpensive Experiments in the Phenomena of Light, for the Use of. Students of every age.
Halaman 125 - ... unfetters the mind from prejudices of every kind, and leaves it open and free to every impression of a higher nature which it is susceptible of receiving, guarding only against enthusiasm and self-deception by a habit of strict investigation, but encouraging, rather than suppressing, everything that can offer a prospect or a hope beyond the present obscure and unsatisfactory state.
Halaman 157 - The following list of presents was read, and the thanks of the meeting were voted to the respective donors ; viz., FOR THE LIBRARY.
Halaman 55 - numerical aperture " is equal to the product of the refractive index of the medium in front of the objective, multiplied into the sine of the semi-angular aperture=n sin. w. This definition of "numerical aperture" offers at once a means by which all objectives, whether dry, water, or oil .immersion, can be directly compared. It is based on the theory whence Professors Abbe and Helmholtz deduced the limit of visibility. The...
Halaman 158 - The President proposed a vote of thanks to the author of the paper, and also to Mr.
Halaman 40 - On some remarkable forms of animal life from the great deeps off the Norwegian coast.
Halaman 123 - In mathematics, chemistry, and every branch of natural philosophy, how many are the inquiries necessary for their improvement and completion, which, taken separately, do not appear to lead to any specifically advantageous purpose ! Ho'w many useful inventions, and how much valuable and improving knowledge, would have been lost, if a rational curiosity, and a mere love of information, had not generally been allowed to be a sufficient motive for the search after truth !" — Malthus's Principles of...
Halaman 37 - Society should publish its own ' Transactions,' and the Council fully hoped that they might be able not only to do this, but also to give a good deal of other valuable matter relating to microscopical science. The President then delivered his Annual Address to the Society. Mr. Charles Brooke begged to propose a vote of thanks to the President for the very able Address which they had heard read. It was quite clear that in opening up an entirely new branch of microscopical research, it could only be...
Halaman 93 - President, in the Chair. The minutes of the preceding meeting were read and confirmed. The following gentlemen were duly elected Fellows of the.

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