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Portrait of Amos Dean, 2

Old Brick Church, 7

Portrait of James Wade, / 11

Portrait of E. Corning, 29

Portrait of Alden March, Gl

Portrait of William B. Sprague, 68

Portrait of Ariaentie Coeymans, 109

Oldest Coeymans House, 109

Portrait of Bernardus Freerman, 124

Coeymans Castle, 184n


So much desire has been expressed during many years for the publication of the record of baptisms, in the Dutch church, that an effort has been successfully made to gratify it, and the result is presented in this volume. Not only has every name on record in those archives been transcribed, with the dates of births, baptisms, marriages, and deaths, as fully as they have been entered, but all names and dates that have been found in other places, are here grouped with them by families and arranged alphabetically, forming an extensive collection of genealogical information, pertaining to the ancient inhabitants of this city, extending over a period of nearly two centuries.

Following these is an arrangement of house lots into tables, forming a street directory of the city from the year 1650 onward, with the dates of patents and transfers of city lots, a most extraordinary achievement, the result of long and patient research by Prof. Jonathan Pearson, of Union College. It is hardly possible to over estimate the value of these results, or to appreciate the labor bestowed upon their discovery and arrangement. They serve to show the residences of the inhabitants of this city, of whom so much has been said in these annals, as they were located two centuries ago, and to mark the changes of ownership from time to time down to a comparatively recent period,

The annals of the two years embraced in that portion termed Notes from the Newspapers, show an unusual mortality among citizens who occupied eminent positions, or who will be remembered for various qualities. Among these may be mentioned, Gen. Stephen Van Rensselaer, the last of the patroons; Dr. Alden March, Prof. Amos Dean, the Rev. William James, the Rev. Isaac N. Wyckoft", Richard V. DeWitt, John S. Van Rensselaer, James Edwards, Peter Cagger, Charles L. Elliot, S. P. Jermain, Volkert P. Douw, B. P. Johnson, N. S. Benton, Dr. Pomfret, Isaac Vanderpoel, Dr. Wade, Egbert Eg

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