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10 Sept. 1804,unmarried; Harmanus,b. Oct. 9,1778; Harmannus, b. #et. 24.1779, m. Sebastiana Cornelia Mentz, and d. July 19, 1S49, without issue.

Bleecker, Johannes J., and Ann ElizaR-th Schuyler, in. In New York, March 29, 1769. Ch: Abeltje, b. June 5, 1776.

Bleecker, Johannes N., and Margarita Van Deusen; he d. Oct. 23,1825, ae. 80 (87), she d. April 13, 1794, 83.47y. 8m. 28d Ch: Margarita, b April 30. 1776, m. John Van Schaick: Hendrik, b. Feb. 10, 1778, m. Mary Storm, andd. Jan. 28.1808, in his30th y. ; Ariaantje,b. April 1,1780, m. Rev. John B. Komeyn,audd. in New York, Oct. 22,1825; Gerritie, b. Nov. 26,1781; Elizabeth.b. March 12,1784. m. Rev. Jacob Brodhead ; Annatie, b. April 2, 1780, and d. Oct. 14, 1794; Nicolaas, b. Jan. 6, 1788; Nicolaas, b. Nov. 12, 1789.

Bleecker, Jacobus (James), and Rachel Van Santen, m. Nov. 18,1782; Rachel, widow of James B., d. March 22,1887,83. 79. Ch; Sara.b. Aug. 1783; Sara, b. March 24,1785; Cathalina, b. Dec. 22.1787; Gerrit Van Santen, b. Aug. 2, 1790.

Bleecker, Nicolaas, and Neeltie Staats : she was buried Dec. 6,1831, from No. 288 North MarkcLst. Ch; Hendrik. h. Aug. 19. 1784,d. atCanajonarieFeb. 9,1823, a?. 89; Debora, b. Nov. 4,1786; Gerrit, b. Aug. 28, 1788; Gerrit, b. Oct. 19,1789; Debora, b. Sept. 1, 1791; Harmanus, b. Jan. 7, 1793; Catallua, July 14, 1796; Cataliua, b. Sept. 25, 1797; Catharina, b. Jan. 10,1800.

Bleecker, Johannes, and Jane Gilliland. Ch; Elizabeth, b. Feb. 2, 1787; Charlotte, b. Feb. 15, 1789; Margarita, b. May 7, 1791.

Bleecker, Barent. and Sarah Lansing, m. Dec. — 1787, he d. June 1, 1840, le. 80. She d. Oct. 12,1831, buried from 317 North Market street. Ch; Elizabeth, b. Aug. 4, 1793.

Bleecker, John, and Elizabeth Van ReiiBselaer; Elizabeth the widow of John B., d. March 29, 1841, ae. 78. Ch : Stephen Van Rensselaer, h. Jan. 5, 1803, d. April 16, 1827 in his 24th yr.

Bloemendaal, Johannes Maase, had house lot on east corner of Columbia aud North Pearl streets. Jan Maasen, Jr., was buried Dec. 17.1750; m. lBt, Rebecca Fonda, Sept. 4, 1718. Ch: Maas, bp. May 81, 1719; Joannes, bp. March 1,1721; OorneliB, bp. Dec. 8, 1722; Maria, bp. Aug. 16, 1724; Pieter, op. Feb. 16, 1726; Jacomvna, bp. Aug. 10, 1728. 2d wife, Sara. Ch: Maas, bp. Nov. 7, 1731; Albertus, bp. Dec. 14,1735. •

Bloemendaal, Jacob Maase, and Sara Gardenier, m. Feb. 5,1781. He was buried June 4,1756; she, the 0th of March, 1752. Ch: Maas, bp. Aug 19, 1733; Cornells, bp. March 22, 1741.

Bloemendaal, Pieter, and Christina De La Grange, in. Dec. 0, 1751; she was buried Oct. 15, 1750. Ch: Johannes, bp. Nov. 12, 1752; Eugcltie, bp. Sept. 29, 1754.

Bloemendaal, Albertus, and Maria Ostrander, m. May 25,1756; he died July 4, 1818, in his 82dy. She was buried Oct. 7,1756. Ch: Sara, bp. Oct. 3,1756; buried Oct. 16, 1750. 2d wife Ann Harssen (Herser), m. Aug. IS, 1703; she died Nov. 18,1797,83. 56 y. 8m. 13d. Ch: Jacob, b. Feb. 22, 1764; Sara, b.

Feb. 11, 1766; Bernardue. b. Dec. 25, 1767; m

Shanklin, d. April 12, 1822; Catharina, b. Aug. 2, 1770; Jacob, b. Oct. 18,1772; Aaltie, b. Sept. 88, 1773; Maria, b. March 28, 1776; Maria, b. March 26, 1779; Anna, b. Nov. 80,1781; Elizabeth, b. March 16, 1785.

Bloemendaal, Mans, Jr., and Helena Schcrmerhorn. Ch: Jacob, bp. Jan. 21.1759: Sara. b. July 13,1760; Eugeltie, b. May 15,1708: Gerrltie, b. Jan. 21, 1775.

Bloemendaal, Maas, and Catharina Stcenberg. Ch: Pieter, b. April 7,1764; Rachel, b. March 30, 1709.

Bloemendaal, Jacob, and Margarita Roller (Rullcr). She died March 20, lb47 ic. 83 y. Ch: Maas, b. July 26, 1783; Andries, b. March 28,1786; Johannes, b'. April 3,1790; Jacob, b. Feb. 1,1793; Gerrit, Aug. 19, 1795; Elizabeth, b. March 10, 179s; Helena, b June 9,1801; Alida, b. Dec. 20, 1803.

Blosmsxdaal, Johannes and Catharina Sharp, m. March 44. 1784. Ch : Rachel, t>. June 27,1784; Maas, b. Oct. 10,1785; Juriaan, b. Feb. 26. 178!); Cornelia, b. Oct. 28, 1790; Maria, b. Dec. 1, 1793.

Blokmendaal, Cornelia, and Lena Reiedorp, m. May 18. 178-1. Ch: Maas. b. Nov. 3, 1787; Lourens, b. Feb. 16,1790; Cornells, h. May 15, 1793.

Bloe Mexda Al, Pieter, and Barbara Sharp, m. Feb. 11, 1787. Ch: Maas, b. Oct. 22, 1787; Catharine, b. Jnly 27,1793.

Klom, Hendrik. and Elizabeth Gardenicr, m. Dec. 9,1743. Ch ; Albertns, bp. Oct. 21,174-1; Maria, bp. July 86, 1746.

Bloodgood, Abraham, and Elizabeth Van Valkenburgh. He was grandson or Francis Bloetgoet of Flushing, L.I, and d. Feb. 7,1807, a;. 65; his widow Elizabeth, d. July 21,1823, w. 78. Ch: Francis, b-. June 12, 1775 ; James, b. Jau. 10, 1778; Lynd (?), b. Dec. 25, 1781; Joseph, b. Aug. 17, 1783; Rachel, b. May 7, 1780; Maria, b. Feb. 12, 1700.

Bloodoood, James, and Lvdla Van Valkenburg; he d. May 4.17911. ie. 64 v. She d. Jan. 8,1811, in her 78th y. Ch: Eva, b. March 27,1777.

Bockf* (Backle, Bacchus). Pieter, and Eva Maria Miller. Ch: Anna, bp Mav 29, 1752; Johannes, bp. Aug. 25. 1754. Elizabeth, bp. March 18,1757; Catarlua, bp. April 22, 1759.

Bockes (Bacchus), Pieter, Jr., and Anna Vegen. Ch: Catrina, bp. Aug. 25, 1754.

BockE3 (Bacchus), Baltus, and BarberCoen, m. Jan. 13,1757. Ch: Johannes, bp. Feb. 26, 1758: Catharina, bp. May 3, 1767

Bockes (Backes), Hannes, and Barbara Ch:

Margarita, b. Aug. 5,1769.

Hotrlueley, Philip, and Catharina Meyer. Ch: John, b. Sept. 19, 1791.

Boet* (see Bots).

Bofle, or Boffy (see Bovie).

Bogardus (Bogart), Anneke (Annetie) Jansc.* This celebrated character came to Rensselaerwyck, In 1830 with her hneband Roeloff Jan sen who acted as assistant bouwrneester fur the Patroon at a salary of ISO guilders. Five or six years after, the family was forind at New Amsterdam where Roeloff received a patent in 1636, for 31 morgens (62 acres) of land lying along the East river between the present Warren and Christopher streets. About this time he d.,and in the year 1637 or 1638 his widow married Domine Everhardus Bogardus or Bogart, the first settled minister of New Netherland. Ten years later she againbecamea widow andsocontinueduntil herdeath which took place in 1063 at Albany, to which place she had returned after the death of her second husband in 1047. Her property consisted chiefly of the Doroine's Bonwery above mentioned, and was divided by her will equally among her three daughters and five sons. By her first husband, whom she married In Holland, she had. First: Sarah RoelofTse who married Surgeon Hans Kierstede, June 29.1642. After his deatti she married Cornells Van BorBum of Brooklyn ferry, Sept. 1, 1609; and later Elbert Elberteen of New York. July 18,1683. She came from Amsterdam with her parents in 1630, and became a great proficient in the Indian tongue; in 1664 she acted as interpreter in the treaty made by Stnyvesant with the River Indians. She died in 1693. Second: Catrine RoelofTse. She married Lucas Undenburg vice director of Curaeoa, who d. about the y. 1656. Her aecoud husband was Johannes Van Brugh, who was a prominent merchant and magistrate of New Amsterdam, and served in the common council several years after the English accession. They were married March 29. 1658. He d. in New York at an advanced age about 1699 His widow survived him. Their children were, Helena, wife of Tennis DeKay, m. May 26. 1080; Anna, wife or Andries Grevcnract; Pieter: Catharina wife of Ilendrick Van Rensselaer of Albany; Johannes; and Maria, wife of Stephen

* She in said to hav„ b<-en tin- daiiKliter of Tryn -lansen. midwife at NVw Amsterdam and connection by marrltw 'if Oovert Loockemnuia. Dntth M3S., in, (to; O'CaUaghan'B HinUtry Sew Neiherland, I, 144.

Richard. Third: Sytje. She married Pieter Hartgers Van Wee who came over in 1643, and first Bettied in Beverwvck as one of the magistrates of the court of Fort Orange in 1654. ne d. in Holland in 1670 leaving two daughters in Beverwvck. Fourth: Jan. At the date of his mother's will in 1663 he was unmarried. In 1665, he accidentally killed one Cierrlt Verbeck with a gun, for which he was acquitted by the governor in form. Soon after he removed to Schenectady where with his wife he was slain by the French and Indians in the great massacre of 1690, leaving no children. By her second husband. Do. Bogardus, Anneke Janse had fourchtldren. Willem; Cornells, bp. in New York, Sept. 9,1640; Jonas, bp. Jan. 4,1643, and Pieter bp. April, 2, 1645.

Bogardus, Willem, of Nevv Amsterdam, arid Wyntie Sybrantse, m. in New Amsterdam, Aug. 29, 1659. In 1656, he Wbb appointed clerk in the Secretary's office in New Amsterdam, and in 1687 postmaster of the province. Ch: baptized in New York; Everhardus. bp. Nov. 2, 1659; Sytje, bp. March 16, 1661; Anna, bp. Oct 3,1603, m. Jacob Brouwer, of Gowanns; Cornelia bp. Aug. 25, 1669; Everhardua bp. Dec. 4, 1675, m. Anna Dally in New York June 3, 1704, had a son Willem bp. there Jan. 7,1705; Maria, bp. Sept. 14. 1078; Lncretia. bp. Sept. 14, 1678; Blandina, bp. Sept. 13, 1080. About 1086, Willem Bogardus m. his second wife, Walburga DeSille, widow of Frans Cregier, son of Capt. Martinus Cregier.

Bogardus, Cornells, and Helena Teller, dau. of Willem Teller of Albany. He lived in Albany, where he d. in 1666, leaving one son Cornells, who m. Rachel DeWit, and d. Oct 13. 1707.

Bogardus, Pieter, mariner. He resided In Albany till near the close of his life, when he removed to Kingston, where he d in 1703. In 1673, he was one of the magistrates of the town, and in 1090, was commissioned with others to treat with the Five Nations and to look after the defence of the town. He made his will Feb. 8,170!%. His wifu was Wyntie Cornells Bosch, dau. of Cornelis Teunise Bosch and Maritie Thomas Mingael who afterwards m. Jurriaen Janse Groenwout in 1001. Ch: Evert; Shibboleth; Hannah, b. Jan. 22, 1079, m. Pieter Bronck; Maria, m. Johannes Van Vcchten of Schaghticoke; Anthony; Rachel, bp. Feb. 13, 1684; Epbraim, bp. Aug. 14, 1087; Petrus, bp. April 30,10U1.

Bogardus, Cornelis; he was schoolmaster in Albany In 1700; soon after with his wife Ragel Tjerckse DeVVit ho removed to Kingston his wife's native place.* He d. Oct. 13,1707. Ch: Jenneken, bp. in New York May, 13,1694; Ragel, bp. in Albany April 27, 1701, and was buried there Feb. 13,1757; Cornelis.

Bogardus. Shibboleth, and Ann his wife.

His house 1720-37 was on the north corner of James and Steuben streets. He was buried on the 20th of Sept., 1747, his wife on May 25, 1747. Ch: Pieter, bp. March 4.1711, he was buried Oct. 21,1750; Jacob, bp. in New York, Aug. 31,1712; Ephraim, bp. in New York, Nov. 21, 1714; Wyntje, bp. April 21, 1717; Catryna, bp. Dec. 0.1718; Shibboleth, bp. Oct. 2, 1720; Cornelia, bp. July 1,1722; Kphraim, bp. Feb. 12,1724; Ephraim, bp. Oct. 2, 1720, and burled Aug. 6,1745.

Bogardus, Anthony, and Jannetie Knikkelbakker, "weduweVan Heurlk Lansing," m. March 0,1709. nc was burled in Albany April 17, 1744. Ch: Wyntie, bp. in New York, Sept. 1,1710; Marya, bp. Feb. 10, 1712; Pieter, bp. Mav 21, 1710; Cornells, bp. Aug. 3, 1718; Cornelia, bp. Oct. 11,1719; Evert, bp. June 10,1722, and buried July 33, 1746; Anna, bp. Feb. 17, 1725.

Bogardus, Ephraim, and Agnietle De Garmo, m. Sept 23,1720. Ch : Petrus, bp. April 10, 1721; Catharina, bp. Sept. 16,1722; Wyntie, bp. March 8, 1724; Ephraim, bp. Ang. 7, 1726; Jacob, bp. July 14, 1728; Catharina, bp. Feb. 18,1730; Maria, bp- May7,1732; Anna, bp. Oct. 0, 1734.

Bogardus, Petrus, and Sara , his wife. Ch:

Egbert, bp. Sept. 27, 1724; Cornelis, bp. May 22,

*"CorneUset liaa«l Bogardus able runt lut'nao Anpuato 17*0 cum tvstaineuto KW'Stown." Albany Church Kt'ctirdi.

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Alida, b. Aug. 19, 1788, died Nov. 20,1815, «-27 73m Id.; Alexander Hamilton, died Oct. 1,1826, 02. 21y 9m. 15d.; Agnes, died Dec. 15,1818, se. 6y. 2m.

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Booart, Chriitoffel, and Rebecca Wlnne. Ch: Jacob, b. Oct. 20,1779; Jellls, b. May 14,1789; Maria, b. Aug. 4,1790.

Booart, John, and Catharina Ten Broeck. Ch: Hemlrik, b. April 22. 1788; Sara, b. Feb. 22. 1790. John Bogart. and Christiana Vought. Ch : Henrietta, b Nov. 28. 1797; Isaac, b. Dec. 31.1811; Philip Grandin Augustus, b. Aug. 31, 1814. [Capt. John Bogart, d. May 22, 1853, aged 92.]

Boqart, Isaac H., and Catallna Visscher, m. Jan. 81,1789. He died Sept. 22,1841, aged 76years, 15 days. She died April 10, 1845, aged 74 years 2 months 14 days. Ch: Engeltie, b. Nov. 27,1789/John Henry, b. Aug. 81, 1809./ -^ "■

Bogcrt, Gerrit, and Margaret Nixon, m. Jan. 8, 1795 Ch: Magdalena Maria, b. Jan. 80, 1796: Barbara, b. May 21, 1799; Alexander Hamilton, b. Dec. 17, 1804; William Henry Laurentius, b. Nov. 28,1810. Booert, Jacob P., and Alida Bloemendaal. Ch: Peter, b. Oct. 4, 1790; Peter and Sarah, b. Aug. 91, 1801.

Bogl, Pierre, and Emmetie Claase. Ch: Marie, bp. Jan. 10,1686; Emmetie, bp. Sept. 6,1691.

Bout, see also Bout. Hendrik Lambertse, and wife . before the massacre (1690), he owned a bouwery at Schenectady, called Porerten's Landerytn, which he sold afterwards to Douwe Ankes and removed to Klaverak. Ch: Catalyntte, bp. April 28, 1686.

Bost Jan Henrikse, of Claveraec, m. Jeunetie
Scharp, Jan. 20, 1704. Ch: Henderik bp. at Sche-
nectady, June 18, 1704; Matthys, bp. Jan. 18, 1706,
Geesie", bp. Jan. 19,1708.
Bont Hcnderick, and Jannetie EvertBe. Ch: Evert,

bp. April 30,1710.

Bost. Anthonv, and Wyntie Bogardus Ch:

Ephraim. bp. Feb. 19,1749.

BonttnK, James, and Neeltie, his wife

Ch: Anna, bp. Sept. 15,1732.
Boogh (see Bouw).

Boom (Boam). Johannes, and Maria Geertrny.
. . ..his wife. Ch: Margrlet, bp June 14 1.40
Maria, bp. Feb. 28, 1712; Hendrick, bp Jan. 1 1,44
Johannes Boom a "nigh Dutchman' was buried
July 22, 1745.

Boom, Johannes, and Ann Burger. Ch: Abraham, bp. Jan. 1,1742.

Boom. Mattheus, and Maria Hllten, m. April 95, 1752. Ch: Johannes, bp. Aug. 2. 1752. Matthena Boom, and Josiua Seger. Ch: Nicolaas, bp May 4 1755: Catrina. bp. June 3,1759; Johannes, bp. July 12 1761; Nicholas, b. Nov. 23,1763; Wyntie, b Nov. 16 17WI Magdalena, b. March 6, 1769; Margarita, b. July 30 1771 ; Elizabeth, b. Oct. 27,1772; Jacob, b. Jan 2l', 1775; Matthias, bp. Dec. 14,1777.

Boom, Abraham, and Dorothea Cunnigam. Ch: Annatle, b. Dec. 6,1764; Margarita, b April JUW, Johannes, b. Jan. 1, 1767; Tilizabeth, b Sept. 8, 1769; Maria, b. Oct. 80, 1771; Geertruy, b. July 4, 1773

Boon, Johannes, and Annatle Brotrwer: in. ftapt 13, 1783. Ch: Nicolaas. b. July 13.1786; [Johannes Boom and Sybil Johnson were m. July 8, 1781. Johannes Boom d. Jan. 14, 1832, 82. 84.]

Boon. Francis, a French trader among the Indi"""eu1ed In Albany about 1654 Jen years later he removed to New York. He married Lysbet CprnelisTvauT Voorhoiult, widow of Gysbert Cornel » Van \Vcsep. On the 28 Feb., 1697, he married CathaVlnaBlanck, widow, in New York. A son Jacob was bp. in New York, June b, 106b.

Boonardn, Christiaan, and Annatle Freelicn. Ch: Lydia, b. Dec. 11,1780.

Bordlngh (Bendinghl Claas, a trader in New Amsterdam in 1647. was in Beverwyck in 1654. Hta widow Susanna Marsnryn, lived in Pearl St., New York" n 1686. He had ten children baptized in N. \.

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Boreal (see Burghart).

Borghsal, Samuel, and Cornelia, .... Mb wife. Ch: Mary, bp. Jnly 26, 1734.

Borhana (see Barhans).

Born (see Bam).

Bort, James, and wife Margariet Ch: Elizabeth, bp. Not. 5,1721.

Bo* (Bosch, alias Van Westbroeck) Cornells Teuniee, It is said, came to Beverwyck In 1631 as servant or bouicknteht to Cornells Maaso Van Buren. His wife was Maritie Tomase Mingael, who after bis death in 1666 married Jurriaen Janse Groenwout. He owned considerable real estate in the village. At his death he had one daughter, Wyntie, living. He was accused frequently before the court, of slander and backbiting: in 1657 by Do. Schaets; in 1658 of having defamed the honorable court.; and again in 1659, for which he was fined 1,300 guilders andbanished for 13 years; next year he was again arraigned for a similar offence against Willem Teller.

Bos, Pieter Janse, and Susanna Barentse his

wife, m. 1688. Ch: Eytie, bp. March 24,1689; Jan, bp. Aug. 4, 1691; Jennekeu, bp. in N. Y. Dec. 17, 1693; Sara, bp. in N. Y. June 20,1697.

1768; Hester, b. Jnly 16, 1771; Pieter, b. Aug. 13, 1777.

Boschee (eee Bozee).

Boskerk, Joseph, and Susanna (Santje) Wendel. Ch: Hendrick, b. Dec. 24, 1770; Lea, b. Oct. 27, 1771; Lonrena, b. Nov. 19. 1773; Gerrit, b. March 26, 1776; Lea. b. March 13, 1778; Gerrit, b. April 26,17S2.

BoH (Boets, Burch), William, and Maria Christlaaiise. m. Feb. 9, 1740. Ch: Sara, bp. Sept. 81,1740; Anna, bp. Aug. 31, 1746; Anna, bp. Sept. 4, 1748: Maria, bp. Dec. 30,1753.

Boat. Willem Frederickse, in Beverwyck as early perhaps as 1642. In 1657 and after he kept a public house, and was farmer of the excise of wine, beer, Ac.

Bout (or Bent), Pieter, a brickmaker, in Beverwyck 1655; brought an action against Pieter Jacobse Borsboom in 1657, for breach of contract in refusing to make bricks for him.

Bouts), Geertie, in Beverwyck, 1655-66; in 1690, her adopted son, Stephen, was carried away captive from Schenectady at time of the massacre.

Bouw (Boogh), Salomon Frederickse, and Anna Bratt, m. Jan. 1, 16S6. Ch: Frederick, bp. Sept. 12, 1686; Barent, bp. Feb. 24, 1689.

Bo vie (Bofie, Bouphl, Bovier, Bevler, Beauflls; the last is the proper and original spelling of this name), Matthys (Matthew), and Catharine Barrois (Barro, Barwee), his first wife. Ch: Catarina, bp. Feb. 12, 16'JO; Maria, bp. Sept. 8, 1699; Anna, bp. in Schenectady, Jan. 18, 1,02; Catnna, bp. in Schenectady, Jan. 7, 1705; Antoine, bp. Nov. 2,1707; Philip, bp. Oct 30, 1710: Francois, bp. May 25, 1713. Matthew Bovie's second wife was Maria Ch: Gerrit,

bp. Sept. 23,1716; Catryna,bp. Oct. 25, 1719; Gerrit, bp. May 3, 1722; Uldcrick, bp. Jan. 8,1724; Margarita, bp. Oct. 24. 1725; Anna, bp. June 4, 1727; Claes, bp. Jan. 15, 1729; Philip, bp. Oct. 13,1732.

Bovni (Bo9y),Claas, and Cornelia Picterse Bronwer, m. Sept. 24, 1714. Ch: Petras, bp. March 31, 1717; Catryua, bp. March 8, 1719; Rykert, bp. Jan. 11, 1721; Hcnnk, bp. March 8,1723; Matthcus, bp. Aug. 16, 1725; Abraham, bp. Oct. 20, 1728; Philip, bp. Aug. 2,1730; Jacob, bp. July 2,1732. Claas (Frans ?) Bovie and Magtelt Van Vranken were m. Feb. 7, 1735. Perhaps this was the marriage of Front B. below.

Bon*, Anthony, and Catharina Van der Werken. Ch: Catharina, bp. Aug. 23,1729; Gerrit, bp. Feb. 8, 1731; Maria, bp. May 20, 1733; Antie, bp. April 18, 1733; Jannetie, bp. Dec. 23, 1737; Mattheus, bp. Sept. 9, 1739; Adriana, bp. June 14, 1741; Anneke, bp. May 29, 1743; Mary tie, bp. Nov. 8,1747. Catreen Borie was buried Dec. 19,1747.

Bovie, Frans, of "Connestigeoune," and Magtel Van Vranken; the bans were declared in Schenectady, Jan. 18, 1735; probably m. Feb. 7, 1735; (see Claat B. above) Ch: Elizabeth, bp. in Schenectady, June 13, 1736; Mattheus, bp. Oct. 22,1738; Geertruy, bp. June 24,1741; Carel, bp. June 24,1744.

Bovie, Ryckert, aud Marytie Huyck, m. Sept. 6, 1743. Ch; Nicolaas. bp. in Schenectady, Aug. 26, 1741; Geertie, bp. Jan. 81, 1748; Sara, bp. Jane 31 We), 1750; Cornelia, bp. April 7, 1754; Maria, b. May 15, 1762; Annatie, b. Jan. 24, 1768.

Bovie, Gerrit, of Hoosic, aud Ariaantie Brouwer, m. Sept. 7, 1754. Ch: Anthony, bp. Dec. 21, 1755; Maria, bp. Dec. 30,1761; Petrus, bp. April 15, 1764.

Bovie, Matthias, Jr., of "Nestougjoone," and Baata Vander Heyden, m. in Schenectady, Oct. 11, 1760. Ch: Baatje, bp. May 31, 1761; Geertruy, b. Feb. 2, 1766; Catharina, bp. Sept. 11, 1768; Rachel, bp. Sept. 6,1772; Rachel, b. Nov. 15,1776; Elizabeth, b. June 8,1784.

Bovns, Matthias, and Maria Wendel. Ch: Catharina, b. Oct. 31,1764; Annatie, b. Oct. 29,1765.

Bovie, Philip, and Geertruy Van den Bergh. Ch: Mattheus, bp. Sept. 15,1765; Matthias, bp. Sept. 11, 1768. Philip Bovie and Eva Sharp were m. Dec. 15, 1775.

Bovie (Bevee), Matthias, and Elizabeth Lansing, m. March 8, 1790. Ch: Philip, b. Sept. 16, 1790; Geertruy, b. March 6, 1800; Ann and Catharine, b. Aug. 18, 1802. "Ann is the elder by two hours than Catharine; inserted (in the l)oop Boek) by desire."

Bower, Nicolaas, aud Annatie Bartel. Ch: Philip, b. Sept. 2, 1787.

Bowman, Andries, and Lea Oosterhout. Ch: Rebecca, bp. Oct. 25,1780.

Bowman, Benjamin,and Christina Dowland (Downey). Ch: Andrew, b. April 15, 1799; Benjamin, b. July 11,1800.

Boyd, James,and Jane McMaster. Ch: Robert, bp. April 2, 1777; Agnes, b. Jan. 5, 1779; John, b. June 15, 1780.

Boyd, Alexander, and"EUzabeth Becker (Bocker), Ch: John, b. July 28, 1784; Peter, b. Ang. 25, 1795.

Boyd, John, and Christina Van Deusen. Ch: James, b. July 7, 1790.

Boyd, Hugh, and Catharine Staats, m. Jan. 14, 1796. Ch: Ann, b. Jan. 6, 1797.

Braale, Alexander, and Elizabeth Cavel. Ch: Mary, b. Oct. 10, 1779.

Bradford, Rev. John Mclancthon, D.D., and Mary Lush his wife. He was ordained and installed minister of the First Reformed Dutch church of Albany the 11th of August, 1805; was dismissed In Oct. 1820, and died March 25,1826. Ch: LouisaRidgeley, b. Nov. 4, 1808; Stephen Lush, b. March 25, 1810; Mary Elizabeth, b. July 10, 1811; Johannes Melancthon, b. Nov. 14, 1813; Alexander Warfield, b. Feb. 21, 1815; Lydta Stringer Lush, b. June 6,1819.

Bras (Brash), Johannes, and Lena Shafner. Ch: Sofia, b. June 11,1779; Johannes, b. March 10,1784; Sara, b. April 2,1786; Abraham, b. Jan. 4,1788.

Bratt. Two brothers of this name, Arent Andriese, and Albert Andriese, were among the early settlers of Albany. The former settled In Schenectady with his family in 1662, and became the progenitor of the families of this name in that city and vicinity; the latter remained in Albany. [note. Some of the Bratts belonged to the Lutheran Church of Albany, whose ancient records are lost. Such children as were christened there, will not be found here.]

Bratt, Albert Andriese, de Noorman, had a farm and mill on the Norman's kil, which took its name from him. In 1672, his son Barent succeeded him in the occupation of the mill, and in 1677Teunis Slingerland, his son-in-law, succeeded to the lease of his farm. He died, according to Dr. O'Callaghan, the 7th June, 1686, "een van deoudste en eersteinwoonders der Colonic Rensselaerawyck." His first wife Wub Annetie Barentse Van Rotmers, who was deceased in 1662. On the 24th Oct., 1670, the governor gave an order for

the separation of Albert Andriese and Geertruy Voaburgh because " strife and difference hath arisen between them." His children, all by his first wife probably, were Barent; Eva, the wife ilrst of Antony de Hooges, and second of Roeloff Swartwont of Esopus; Storm allot Storm Albcrtse Vanderzee; Engeltie, wife of Tennis Slingerland of Ouisquathaw; GisselUe, wife of Jan Van Eechelen; Andrics; Jan; Dirk.

Bratt, Barent Albertsc, lived in 1700 without the North Gate just west of the Main Guard, near or on the east corner of Steuben street and Broadway, and had frequent warning* from the Common Council not to fence in certain grounds there belonging to the city. All his children were born before 1(181, as their names are not found in the church records extant. The following came to maturity and had families: Antony, Dirk, Johannes, Daniel.

Bratt, Dirk Albert se, was living in Albany as late as 1078; his children if he had any, have not been met with in the records of the Dutch church.

Bratt. Jan Albcrtse (of Catskil, 1720), and Gcesle (Goesie Goschie) Janse. (Dirkscr). Cb: Johannes, op. Feb. 8,1684; Andries and Picter twins, bp. Jan. 10, 1«S6; Barent, bp. Sept. 11,1687; Picter, bp. Nov. 11.1689; Storm, bp. Jan. IS. 1090; Elsje, bp. July 21, 1692; Koeloff, bp. Jan. 17, 1094; Margaret, bp. Jan. 22, 1696; Pieter. bp. Jun. 16, 1098, m. Christina Bowman; Johannes, bp. July 5,1702. The three following baptisms are recorded in the Doop-lxx-k of the ancient Lutheran Church of Loonenburgh (Alliens): Magdateun, b. "op de Flakte," Mur. 15, 1704, and bp. in the Lutheran church of Albany, June 5, 1704; Jochein or Joachim, b. " on the Flat" July 24, and bp. in the Lutheran church of New York, Sept. 4. 1706; Gosetjo, b. "op de Flakte Loonenburgh," and bp. " op Kliukeuberg," June 6,1708.

Bratt, Dirk Arentse, was son of the flrBt settler Arent Andriese B or Schenectady; m. to Maria Van Eps in 1684, by Relnier Schaets, sou of Do. Schaets, and magistrate at Schenectady. Dirke Arentse settled in Niskayuua. Ch: Lysbeth, bp. Feb. 8, 1680; Johannes, bp. Aug., 27. 1693; Catalijntie, bp. Oct. 9, 1695, in. Willcm Barret; Anna, bp. Aug. 11, 1696; Maritie, bp. Sept. 7, 1701, m. Rvckert Van Vrankeu; Andries, bp. Oct. 12, 1707; Dirk, bp. Oct, 30, 1710. All the above children are mentioned in their father's will made Jan. 16, 1727. See Sc/ienectady Familus.

Bratt, Samuel Arentse of Schenectady, brother of the above, and Susanna JacobiiB Van Slycke. Ch: Margriet, bp. April 25, 1686; liaiina, bp. June 6, 1692. Bee Scltentctady Families.

Bratt, Antony (Barentae y) and Willempie Tunise Bratt, m. Dec. 9, 1085: chamberlain of the city, sexton and voorlezer of the church. On May 13, 1702, he was about 45 years of age. Ch: Lea and Rachel twins, bp. April 2. loVSii; Barent, bp. May 5, 1687; Tennis, tip. Feb. 16, 1690, was appointed chamberlain of the city instead of his father, Feb. 14, 1712; Antony, bp. Dee. 23, 1092; Dirk, bp. Murcb 31, 1695; Benjamin, bp. May 1,1698; Egbert, bp. Feb. 16, 1701; Egbert, bp. July 20, 1702; Johannes, bp. July 22, 1705; Daniel, bp. Aug. 15, 1708.

Bratt, Dirk Barentse, and Anna Teunise. m. Sept. 12, 1636. Ch : Susanna, bp. Dec. 30, 1086; Egbertje, bp. May 10, 1092; Anthony ; Dirk. Bratt, Claas, and Lysbet Wlllemse. Ch: Isaac,

bp 1091.

Bratt, Johannes Barentse. and Maria Kctelhuin, m. May 7, 1693. Capt. Johannes Bratt had a lot on the north corner of Maiden Lane and Broadway in 1711. He was deceased in 1714. His widow, Maria, was living in 1720. Ch: Susanna, bp. Dec, 3, 1093; Jochem, bp. Aug. 4, 1095; Susanna, op. July 4,1097; Bernardus, bp. Jan. 7. 1700; Anna, bp. Oct, 3, 1701; Bernardus, bp. Aug. 29, 1703; Johannes, lip. April 29, 1705; Margarita, bp. June 29, 1707; Anthony, bp. June SC, 1709; hia wife was buried Oct. 18,1754.

Bratt, Andries Albertse, de Sweed, a/i<M de Noorman ; in 1083 he owned a saw mill on the Wynautakil ; In 1730 had a lot on the east side of Pearl street between Beaver and Hudson streets. His first wife was Cornelia Teunise Verwey (Van Wie, Vernoy).

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