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Stoionse. Gcrrit Symonee Veeder, 1899-1720. Helmer Symonse Vecder, 1715. Jacob Symonse Klomp Barroquier. 1653-4. Johannes Syinonse Veeder, 1099-1742. Pieter Symonse Veeder, 1699. Pieter Syinonse Michiels Van Oostaanen, 1661-4. Symon bymonse Groot, 1654-62. \ olkert Symonse Veeder, 1699-1720.

Dirk Takelsc Hcemstraateni 1701-fi.
- Tryntje Takelae Heenistraaten, 1722.

Jan Terssen Van Franiker, 1635.

Adriaen Teunise Vanderbilt, 1640.

Anna Teunise Metselaer, 1685.

Arent Teunise Van Luyten. 1642.

Claas Teunise Uylensplegel, 1645.

Cornelia Teunise Van Deusen, 1700.

Cornelia Tennise Verwey, 1694.

Cornells TenniBe Bos or Bosch, 1631-67.

Cornelia Tennise Van Westbroeck or Bos, 1663-6.

Cornelia Tennise Van Vechten, 1669-1705.

Cornells Tennise Van Slvck, 1661-8.

Cornelia Tennise Hoogeboom. 1661-3. [1631-61.

Cornelia Tennise Van Breuckelen or Brakelen,

Cornells Teunise Van Merkerk, 1637.

Cornelia Teunise Mulder or Muller, 1703-6.

ComeliB Teunise Swart, 1680-5.

Cornells Teunise Slingerland, 1706.

Dirk Teunise Van Vechten, 1676-1705.

Dirkje Teunise Metselaer, 1685.

Egbert Teunise Metselaer, 1685.

Esaias TeuuiBe Swart, 1686-91.

Eva Teunise Van Schoenderwoert, 1709.

Gcrrit Tennise De Reus, 1631.

Gerrit Teunise Van Slyck, 1738.

Gerritje Teunise Metselaer, 1685.
Gerrit Teunise Van Vechten, 1676-1747.
Jacob Teunise Quick, 1661-89.
Jacob Teunise De Looper, 1656. [1683-1730.
Jacob Tennise Van Schoenderwoert or Woert,
Jacob Tennise Kay, 1676.
Jan Teunise De Paep, 1660.
Jan Teunise Van Deusen, 1695-6.
Jannetie Teunise Van Vechten, 1683.
Johannes Teunise Mingael, 1685. [04.

Jurriaen Tennise Tappan or Van Tappan, 1671-
Jurriaen Teunise Gluzemaecker, 1658-67.
Maritie Teunise Metselaer, 1685.
Marten Teunise Metselaer or Demetselaer, 1685.
Pieter Teunise Van Bronswyck, 1684-fi.
Pietertie Tennise Van Vechten, 1700.
Robert (?) Teunise Van Densen, 1695-1700.
Sweer Teunise Van Velsen or Van Westbroeck,
1664-90. [83.

Tennis Teunise Metselaer orDemetBelaer, 1058-
Willempie Teunise Metselaer, 1685.
Willempie Teunise Bratt, 1701.

Cornells Tenwisse Mulder, 1709.
Harpert Teuwisse Van Deusen, 1712.
Jan Tenwisse Van Deusen, 1696.
Robert Teuwisse Van Deusen, 1700.

Tohise. Gabriel Tomase Strldlcs. Harmen Tomase Hun Van Amersfort, or Van Hun, 1661-1700.

Johannes Tomase Mingael, 1681-1701.
Johannes Tomase Wyngaerd, 1702.
Luykas Tomase Witbeck, 1746.
Maritie Tomase Mingael, 1664.
Pieter Tomase Mingael, 1683-1700.

Reynier Tymense Van Edam, 1636.

Cornelia Tyssen Van der Heyden, 1700.
Cornelia Tyssen Goes (?), 1683.
Jacob Tyssen Van der Heyden, 1653-S9.
Jan Tyssen Goes, 1677-1782.
Jurriaen Tyssen Van Amsterdam, 1654.


Andries Volkertse Douw, 1690-1701.
Catryntie Volkertse Douw, 1700.
Dirk Volkertse Van Veghten, 1747.
Dorothea Volkertse Douw, 1700.
Eplirnim Volkertse Van Veghten, 1747.
Grietle Volkertse Douw, 1701.
Hcndrick Volkertse Douw, 1700.
Johannes Volkertse Douw, 1747.
Johannes Volkertse Van veghten, 1747.
Jonas Volkertse Douw, 1681-1700.
Margaret Volkertse Van Veghten, 1747.
Symon Volkertse Veeder, alias De Bukker,


Anna Catharina Wesselse Ten Broeck, 1723.
Christina Wesselse Ten Broeck, 1723.
Cornells Wesselse Ten Broeck, 1728.
Dirk Wesselse Ten Broeck, 1663-1705.
Jacob Wesselse Ten Broeck, 1723.
Jochlm Wesselse Backer, 1633-1683.

Claaa Willemse Van Coppernol, 1676-1702.
Cornells Willemse Van den Bergh, 1670-1700.
Dirk Willemse Van Slyck, 1687.
Gerrit Willemse Oosterum, 1631.
Gerrit Willemse Van den Bergh, 1728-42.
Gerrit Willemse Groesbeek, 1746.
Gysbert Willemse Van den Bergh, 1708.
Hendrick Willemse Backer, 1657-85.
Jan Willemse Schoon, 1661.
Jan Willemse South, 1646.
Jannetie Willemse Van Slyck, 1688.
Maritie Willemse Oroesbeeck, 1746.
Nicolaas Willemse Groesbeeck, 1746.
Pieter Willemse Van Slyck, 1689-92.
Roeloff Willemse Van Heerden, 1662.
Teunis Willemse Van Woutbergh, 1677.
Teunis Willemse Boots. 1084.
Tryntie Willemse Van Slyck, 1088-94.
Wynant Willemse Van den Bergh, 1701-6.

Jan Wybesse Van Harlingen, 1662.
Jan Wybesse Spoor, 1635-98.

Catalina Wynantse Van den Bergh, 1749.
Catarina Wynantse Van den Bergh. 1749.
Gerrit Wynantse Van der Poel, 1683-91.
Maria Wynantse Van den Bergh, 1749.
Melgert Wynantse Van der Poel, 1671-1710.
Volkert Wynantse Van den Bergh, 1749.
Volkie Wynantse Van den Bergh, 1749.
Wlllem Wynantse Van den Bergh, 1749.


Jan Ysbrantse Timmer, 1662.

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In offering to the curious the following contributions for the family history of Albany county, it may be expected that the compiler should briefly indicate the character of the people, the extent of territory occupied, the sources and deficiencies of information, and the peculiar difficulties of the work.

The site of the present city of Albany was first occupied as a trading post in 1614. After the charter of the Privileged West India Company, In 1621, Fort Orange was built, around which clustered the little hamlet occupied by the servants and factors of the Company, who claimed and exercised the entire Indian trade. Hence colonization was not encouraged, contrary to the provisions of the charter, by which, they were bound to "advance the peopling of those fruit ful and unsettled pans:" the greed of gain swallowed up all other interests. At length the evil necame so apparent aud Bo forcibly presented to the notice of the Directors In Amsterdam, that they were obliged to seek a remedy. On the "7th day of June, 1629, under the title of" Freedoms and Exemptions" concession was made to I'atroonsto plant colonies in New Netherlands

From the haste with which the Directors in Holland proceeded to avail themselves of the privileges thus granted, one might almost suspect this charter was granted for their special profit and gratification. The failure of the West India Company and the Patroons in fulfilling the requisitions of their charters relating to the colonization of the new province and the encouragement of agriculture, became Bo apparent in 1038 at to call for the interference of the States-General, and after the agitation and rejection of many projects the Directors were induced to proclaim free trade and free lands to private persons under what they conceived necessary restrictions. This measure had a happy effect in stimulating immigration to New Netherland from the mother country.

The population of New Netherland, at the beginning of Stuyvesant's administration (1647), la variously estimated at from 1,000 to 8.000: at its close in 1664 it was about 10,000. The Dutch had held the province fifty years, and this was the result of their attempts to colonize it. Its natural advantages both for trade and agriculture were unequaled by any like portion of the continent. The nation which had redeemed its own country from the ocean, which hadconnuored it* freedom from the Spanish yoke, and led all European nations in foreign trade was Ju*t the people to found a new empire on these shores. The Dutch character was not wanting in the requisite energy, perseverance and pluck ; but it was the system of government, persevered In against protests aud petitions, that was chiefly at tault.

The population of Fort Orange at this early period can not be exactly known; that It was small may be Justly interred from several facts: First. The church built in 1048 was 34 ft. by 19 ft. and contained but nine oanksn (benches) for the worshipers: yet this house served the little community until 1650. Second. A Jesuit missionary who visited the village in 1646 mentions that it contained then but ten thatched cottage:*, Third. The number of settlers shown by the Van Rensselaer papers as having been sent over to the Lolonie up to 1604 is only 210.* It is not to be supposed that all those persons who were attracted to Fort Orange by Its happy location for Indian traffic, were either tenants or servants of the Patroon of Rensselaerswvck, or were even under his manorial jurisdiction. Fort Orange and the little hamlet which clustered around it a walls for safety were always claimed by the West India Company as under their exclusive authority. This claim, however, was strenuously resisted by the Patroon. Hence originated that memorableand almost bloodv contest forpower bet ween those obstinate, hard-headed officials. Gov. Stuyvesant and Commissary Slichtenhorst.

The Dongan charter of 1080, however, quieted further questions of jurisdiction: Albany became a city oue mile wide on the river and 13'i miles long. All outside of these limits belonged to the Coionie.

The early population of Fort Orange and Beverwyek, though almost pure Dutch at first, was changeable: after a few vears spent in traffic w ith the Indians some returned to Pat Ha: some retired to New Amsterdam (New York), whilst others passed beyond the limits of the Coionie and purchased lands at Klnderhook, Claverac, Catsklll. Coxsackie, Niskavuna, Half Moon, and Schenectady.

The conquest of the province by t lie English in 1661 introduced a iiew element into the population; the sheriffof the county, clerk of the village and city, and officers and soldiers of the garrison were mainly English or New Euglanders: a few of these intermarried with Dutch maidens and became permanent citizens. Later, another nationality was introduced: through the bounty of Queen Anne some thousands of Palatines were sent over in 1708-22; they settled at East and West Camps on the Hudson, and afterwards iu the Schoharie valley, and at German Flats on the Mohawk.

Until 1661 the powers of the magistrate of Fort Orange extended south to the Esopus (Kingston). By the division of the province into counties in 1083, Albany county comprised all the territory north of Dutches* and Ulster on both sides of the river, and the village of Albany was regarded as the fountain of authority both iu church and judicial matters by the scattered inhabitants of this great region.

The Albany church lonnded about 1040 was the only one uorth of Esopusliaving a permanent ministrr until long after"l700, save that of Schenectady : and as all young children in early times were christened in the church and their names entered iu the />aop lioek, these ancient baptismal records have a peculiar value and Interest to the genealogist. Unfortunately the records, previous to 1684, are wanting; from that date onward they are complete.

The following pages contain the names ofall children baptized and recorded in this church from 1684 to 1800 posted and arranged In families. Large additions have also been made from other sources, among which are the wills, deeds, mortgages, marriage and other contracts, powers of attorney, proceedings of magistrates, Ac, found in the offices of the county hud city clerks: the early records and papers in the secretary of state's office, tin- mtv*tot which have been fully calendared by Dr. O'Callaghan; ami Mr. Mun sell's Annate and //«toHcal i'olln-tinns of Albany, These -ourccs of information are by no means exhausted: the patient antiquarian has still ample room for gleaning in the same fields, and new ground for research In family papers, records in family bibles, and more especially in those of the Coionie belonging to the Van Rensselaer family! «,=i? K these contributions are not to he regarded as full pedigrees of the families named, down to 1800 ine> are as complete in most cases for the first three or four generations as they are ever likely to be made rrom documentary evidence Considering the great interest awakened periodically among the descendants £L„rJ? ■a i 8e , ,tlle 5t or imaginary connection which most of the ancient Dutch families of the vatw, \ , ,llJ?.i'0?' clalm wlth ,hat no'e«l 'ady, it might reasonably be supposed that their pedigrees would long before this have been clearly established. In some cases this is the fact, hut it is to bo feared that tnrou-n tradition or something worse a large element of fiction has been introduced into many genealogies which it is hoped may in part be removed by the facts hereafter stated.

* (FCiUaghan't History of Xew XtthtrUmd.

The Schenectady Families occasionally referred to in the following pages is a work in manuscript similar to this, relating to Schenectady aud the valley of the Mohajvk. v

inimran: used in the following pages; Cb: children; b., born; bp., baptlied; m., married; a., aged; d., died.

A a rutin t (See Arnold).

Abbot (Ebbeti, Jnrnes. and Lena Sting. Ch: Johannes, b. Feb. 4,170".

Abbot. William, and Margaret (Mary), Jackson; m. Nov. 30, 1777. Ch: Jane, b. Oct. 8, 1779; Margaret, b. Nov. 6, 1781; Nancy, b. June 20, 1783.

Abed, Stoffel Janse: master carpenter; in Beverwyck in 1053; Feb. 3, 1655, he was aged about 32 years; his wife was Neeltie Janse Croon; Dec. 4, 1670, made his will In which he mentions the following children: Magdalena, then aged 17, and already married; Maria, aged 14; Johannes, aged 11, and Elizabeth.

Abeel, Johannes, m. Catalina Schuyler, April 10, 1694; merchant; removed to New York city about 1600, but returned; mayor of Albany, 1694-5 and 170910: his gravestone dugup near the"2d Dutch Church, had the following inscription:

11 Here lies the body of John Abeel who de-
parted this life ye 88th day of Jany., 1711,
and in tbe 44 year of his age.

IMent begin van wcl to leven Gingh der weer den Ileruel wafirt Uyt den Ileniel wae gegeven Storf maar verUet de ^ert. *' Ch : Neeltle, bp. in Albany, April 14, 1695; Christoffel, bp. in New York, Dec. 10,1896; Cataliua, bp. in New York, Oct. 23, 1698; Neeltie, bp. in Albany. March 30, 1701; Jannetie, bp. in Albany, June 6, 1703; David, bp. in Albany, April 29, 1706, m. Maria I>uyckink of New York, Feb. 4, 1720.

Abeel, Christoffel. and Margarita Bries, m. Sept. 88,1720. Ch: Joannes, bp. April 8,1722, "an alleged lnnatic;" Anthony, bp. Jan. 22, 1724; Anthony Bries, bp. April 11, 1725; David, bp. Aug. 13,1727; Catharina, bp. Dec. 13, 1729; Rutgart, "bp. Feb. 5, 1732; Cathalyna. bp. June 9, 1731: Jacobns, bp. Jan. 26, 1730; Maria, bp. April 27, 1740.

Abeel, David, Jr.. m. Neeltle Van Bergen "Van Katskil," July 2, 1752. Ch: Annatie, bp. March 1, 1753.

Abeel, Jacobns, m. Egbertie (Abigail) Van Buren, "Van Pnpsknee " Nov. 18, 1757. Ch: Margarita, bp. Aug. 27, 1758: Willcm, bp. Nov. 21,1761; Christciffer, b. Aug. 22, 1701; Cornells, b. Feb. 13, 1767: Margarita, b. Julv3,1769: Ilendrik, Jan. b. 4, 1772; Cathalyna, bp. July 17. 1774; Margarita, b. July 22, 1779.

Abel, Jacob, and Elizabeth Humbert. Ch: Johan JHendrik, bp. Jan. 13,1754.

Abel, Andries, m. Annatie (Johanna), Marshall, Aug. 24, 1771. Ch: Hendrick, b. May 25, 1772; Annatie. b. June 19,1774; JohanneB, b. Jan. 1, 1777; Andries, b. March 12 1779; Elizabeth, b. April 6, 1784 ; Oecrtruy, b. Oct. 7, 1788; Peter, b. April 25, 1793.

Abrabamae (see Ticlsoort), Anthonv. and Cat

rlna Oh : Johannes, bp. Feb. 10,1712; Neeltie,

bp. Nov. 22, 1719; Lydia, bp. July 2, 1721.

Abratiamse, Johannes, m. Catharvna Schians, Aug. 11. 1739. Ch: Anthony, bp. March 23, 1740; Christiaan, bp. Jan. 21. 1742.

Acker, Joost. and Margarita Wever. Ch: Nlcolaas, b. Jan. 7,1762; Margarita, b. Dec. 3,1765.

Acker, Hendrick. and Margarita Land. Ch: Albert and Michael, b. April 16, 1783.

Ackcrman, Gilbert, and Rachel De Oarmo, m. Feb. 14.1799. He d. Oct. 11, 1S31. re. 60 y. 10 mo.: She d. Ang. 10, 1827. in her 54th yr. Ch: Jacob, b. Oct. 22, 1799; Richard, b. April 0, 1890; Elizabeth,!). April 14. 1802.

Ackernon, John,and Maria Ch: Cornells.

b. May 30, 1728.

Ackebson, John, and Engeltte Vrooraan. Ch: Adam, b. May 19, 1769.

Ackebson, Cornells, m. Rebecca Van Santvoord, March 2, 1770. Ch: Margarita, b. June 11, 1771: Willcmpie,b. June 2, 1773.

A damn, James, m. Margarita Hegeman, "Van Neskatha" Nov. 12,1752. Ch: Wlllem, bp. July29 1753: Albcrtus, bp. Oct. 23, 1755; Albertus, bp. Sept. 11,1757. If*

Adams, John, and Mary Ch: Elizabeth, bp.

June 23, 1765.

Adams, Wlllem, and Hester Willis (WiUsori). Ch: Margarita, b. July 8, 1776 ; Maria, b. Jan. 19, 1790.

Adams. Peter C, aud Catalina Van Bergen. Ch: William Van Bergen, b. Dec. 6, 1790.

AdrlaeiiMen, Van Veere, Maryn, a noted freebooter who came to Beverwyck in 16:11 and afterwards figured disreputably in Gov. Kieft's time In New Amsterdam,— O' Callaghan's Hist. N, N.

Adriaensen, Ovsbert, Van Bnnick, came out to Beverwyck in 1638 in the " Key of Calmar.— O' Callaghan's Hist. N. N.

Adriaensen, Jacob, Van Utrecht, at Beverwyck in 1039 to 1657. perhaps the same as as Jac, Adr. Soogemakelyk, alias Van Woggelum.

Adriaensen, Rut or Rutger. Held a patent for a lot in Beverwyck in 1652, which he sold to Frederick & Henderick Gerritse.

Aertae, Rut, [perhaps the same as the last.] in 1674 owned a house next to that of Pieter Clairbout on north side of State street between James street and Broadway.

Aertse, or Aerse, Wouter, Van Nieukerck, sashniaker, a soldier in the W. I. Company's service in Director Kieft's time; in 1678 he bought of Sweer Theunise Van Velsen a lot on the west corner of Broadway and Van Trouip street.

Aertse, Jacob, and Sarah Pels. Ch:' Jacob, bp. Feb. 20,1695.

Aberrln, James, and Mary Haines. Ch: Susanna Haines, bp. July 16, 1779.

Albcrteeii, Hendrick came out a second time lu 1642 with his wife Gcerlruy Dries and her brother Hendrick Dries, Van Driesbergen. He was the first ferry master; died in 1648 or 1649.— O'Callaghan's Hist. JV. If.

Albrcclit, Hendrick, and Elizabeth Folent (Foland). Ch: Johannes, bp. Aug. 6. 1749: Eva, bp. Sept. 19,1761; Anna, bp. Nov. 11, 1753; Philip, bp. Sept. 28, 1755; Helena, bp. Jan. 15, 1758; Jacob, b, Oct. 11, 1763; Hendrick, b. Oct. 10, 1765; Frederic, bp. April 10, 1768.

Ar-BREcnT. Johannes, and Rosina Bnls or Briesch, m. Jan. 31, 1779. Ch: Hendrick, bp. March 5, 1780.

Allen, John, and Eleanor Sullivan. Ch: John, bp. Jan. 22, 1758.

Allen, David, and Jennet Stewart. Ch: Alexander, bp. March 26, 1779: John, b. April 27, 1780; James, b. March20,1782.

Allen, James, and Mary Halenbeck. Ch: William, b. May 4, 1795.

Allertsen, Frans, cooper, at Beverwyck in 1638, afterwards at New Amsterdam.

Amory, John, m. Neeltie Staats, Nov. 9, 1769. Ch: Elizabeth, bp. Juno 28, 1772.


Andoraon, Walter, and Ann Ch: Christian,

bp. June 24, 1788.

Andrew, Thomas, and Rachel Ostrander, of Halve Maau. Ch: Sara, b. July 3, 1TJ3.

Andrleae, Arent (Van Frederickstadt) came to Beverwyck in 1636; perhaps the same as Ar. And. Brntt, which see.

Andriese, Jan, "de IersmanVan Dublingh" alias Jantte [Johnny.] He settled in Beverwyck before 1645; afterward)* at Catskil where he bought land of Picter Bronck; in 1(157 he was complained of by Hans de Voe for selling brandy to the Indians at Catskll. He died in 1664. His bouwery contained 69 morgens besides a lot for a homestead.

Anthony, Israel, and Elizabeth Van Amhom Ch: Alida, b. March 16, 1788.

Aiillioiiync, Egbert, and Ch: Barent, b

May 10,1684.

Any, David, and Anna Maria Ch: Jacob

bp. May 13, 1764.

Appel, Adrtaen Janse, from Leyden; 1654 received a patent for a lot at Beverwyck on condition that the house to be erected thereon be not an ordinary tippling house but an inn for travelers; 1656 he sued Marcelis Janse for the loss of an anker of brandy by drawing it with violence through the streets; 1676-86 he was one of the four school-masters of Albany. He resided for a time at New Amsterdam. He had two sons, Johannes and Wlllem, who at different times resided at Schenectady, Albany and New York; at the former place they were both wounded by the French and Indians in their attack npon the village Feb. 9,1690.

Appelatouwil [Appelton ?] John, " geboren tot Leicester in oudc England," m. Annatie Casparus, Oct. 11, 1701. Ch: Johannes, bp. March 29, 1702.

Archard [Orchard f] Matthew, and Elizabeth Murphy. Ch: Kachel, bp. July 25, 1790.

Archer (Archel) and Mary Ch: Mary, born

in Feb. in Kinderhookand bp. March 11,1722 (Athens Luth. Ch.); Sara, bp. Feb. 16, 1726.

Arlaen, Meester (Doctor), was in Beverwyck in 1665.

Arlsaen, Gerrit, and wife Ch: Arien, bp.

Sept. 9. 1683*

Arm«trone, John and Catryna De Oarmo. Ch: Catharina, bp. Dec. 12, 1730; Maria, bp. Nov. 25, 1733.

Arnold (Arnont), Jacob of Normanskil; first wife Margriet Arnold. Ch: Isaac, bp. Dec. 20,1742; second wife Anna Mook, m. Nov. lu, 1751. Ch: Jacob, bp. April 26, 1752; Margarita, bp. Dec. 16, 1753; Elizabeth, bp. July 18. 1756; Johannes, b. June 5, 1762; Hendrik, b. Oct. 26,1765.

Arnold, Johannas. and Annaile Hillebrand. Ch: Annatie, b. Feb. 23, 1706.

Arnold, Ellas, and Geertruy Groesbeeck. Ch: Annatie, b. July 22, 1779; Gysbert, b. July 20, 1781; Elizabeth, b. March 4, 1784; Elizabeth, b. June 6, 1785; Nceltie. b. March 12. 1789; Gerrit, b. June 18, 1791; Maria, b. Oct. 27, 1793.

Arnold, Hendrick, and Jannetle Van Alstyne. Ch: Jacobus, b. Nov. 1,1786; Caty, b. May 22, 1790. Arnold, Isaac, of the Hellenbcrg, and Gerritie Huyck. Ch: Margarita, b. Aug. 12, 1790.

Arnold, Isaac, and Sophia Philips. Ch: Elizabeth, b. Dec. 28,1794; Catharine, b. Jan. 23, 1799.

Arnot, John, and Marv Walley, m. Jan. 21,1794. Ch: Jacob, bp. April 12, 1802.

Arnond (see Arnold), Johannes, and Elizabeth Bries (Buis, Buisch). Ch: Ariaantie. bp. April 19, 1778; Hendrik, b. Jan. 8. 1780; Picter, b. May 29, 1784: Jacobus, June 19, 1790.

Atkinson, Peter, and Ann Griffln. Ch : Isabella, b. Nov. 14, 1777.

A IirlHirer, Marten, and Christina Sheer. Ch: Elizabeth, b. Nov. 28,1778.

Aurinoer, Marten, and Maria Buis. Ch: Margarita, b. June 13, 1789.

A ustln, Aaron, and Elsie AnBtin. Ch : Cornelia, b. Oct. 3, 1782.

At'STiN, Robert, and Mary Parks. Ch: Matthew, b. Feb. 21. 1799; Penelope, b. Dec. 8, 1800.

Itnart, Harines, and Anna Ch: Lodewyk,

b. March 6. 1707.

Babblngton (Bebbington). Samuel, and Elsie.. Lieut. Babbington petitioned for and obtained, in 1715. a parcel ol land on the Beaver's kil near widow Doretee Cssparsc Halenbeck's land. This afterwards

fiassed to Evert Wendel. He was appointed sheriff n 1717. Ch: Sara, bp. Oct. 14, 1710; Elizabeth, bp. Oct. 7, 1722.

Bachns, Backjs (See Bockea).

Backer (See Bakker).

Badt (Beth), Willcm of Schenectady, and Elizabeth Van Vorst, m. Aug. 31.1739. Ch: Thomas, bp. June 1, 1740. (See Schenectady Families').

Bailer, Thomas, and Olive Hall. Ch: Sarah, b. Sept. 7. 17812.

liakker (Backer). See Evert Lnykaae and Jcchem WesBelse.

Banker (Backer), Hendrick De, at Beverwyck in 1042; Vander Douck says he killed at one shot 11 grey geese out of a large flock ; 1660 he was fined 12 guilders and costs for bringing in a load of hay on Sunday about the third tolling ofthe bell.

Bambus, or Bamboes. Harmen Jacobse. in Beverwyck in 1(150; he fled from the place in 1057 to escape imprisonment for iebt, and his sloop, Eikenboom, and other property were attached at the Buit of Rutgcr Jacobsen. Having concealed himself at Esopus he was there shot by an Indian in 1658 and his body was carried to New Amsterdam for burial.

Bamnltz, lames, and Francyntie Cahoen. Ch: Jacobus, b. Aug. 23,1767. "Dcse zyn van de Preabyterianen en daarom zonder getuygen."

Bancker (Baucken), Gerrit, was in New Amsterdam before 1655; two years later he was In Beverwyck, where he continued to reside till his death, which took place before the 27th Feb.. 1091. His home lot was on the south side of Yonker (now State) street the third east of Pearl as it then existed. His wife was Elizabeth Dirkse Van Eps. sister of Jan Van Epa, one of the first settlers ot Schenectady. After the death of her husband Mrs. Bancker removed to New York and engaged in trade. She died the 3d of July, 1693, aged 70 years, leaving a large property for the time to her son Evert. Ch: Evert, b. Jan. 24, 16(15; Anna, who m. Johannes De Peyster of New York, Sept. 21, 1688.

Bancker, Evert, son of Gerrit B.. was a merchant in Albany, but retired to his farm in Guilderland during the latter part of his life: he was buried on the 10th July 1734: 1692 he was a justice of the peace; 1605-6 and 1707-9 mayor of Albany; he m. Elizabeth Abeel, daughter of Stoflel Janse Abeel, Sept. 24, 1686; she was born March 23,1671, and was buried March 20, 17:14. His home lot in Albany was on the south side of Yonker (now State) street next east of his father's, and 4th east of Pearl street as it then existed. He made his will March 13, 1734, proved July 31, 1734, in which he gave to his sou Johannes £50 "provided he continue to live with me till my decease or till I dispose of my farm where I now live." He mentions the following children who are to share alike in his estate: Christoflel, Willcm, Jannetie, Adriaan. Gerardus and Johannes. Ch: Gerardus, b Feb. 11, 1688; Neeltie b. March 1, 1689; Gerardus b. June 12, 1691; Elizabeth, b. July 29, 1693; Christoflel. b. Oct. 27, 1H95; Anna, b. at New York, Oct. 3. 1697 and d. Oct. 2, 1706; Wlllem, b. Oct. 28, 1«I9; Jannetie, b. Aug. 28,1701; Adrianus, b. Oct. 10, 1703: Gerardus, b. April 1,1706; Anna, b. June 12, 1708 and d. May 30, 1709; Johannes, b. March 15, 1710, and d. April 30; Johannes (see his father's will).

Bancker, Christopher, of New York, son of the nbove, m. Elizabeth llooglunt in New York, Oct. 16, 1719. Ch: Adriaan, bp. in New York, July 3. 1720.

Bancker. Adriaan, of New York, m. G. Elizabeth Van Tacrling in New York, Jan. 80,1729.

Banckkr, Gerrit orGerardus, m. Maria DePevster in New York. Oct. 31, 1731. Ch: baptized in Albany; Anna. Sept. 8, 1732; Evert, Aug. 10, 1784; Elizabeth, May 9,1786; Johannes, Feb. 22, 1738.

Bakcker, Willem. and Annatie Veeder, m. in Schenectady, Dec. 17,1726. Ch: baptized In Schenectady: Evert, Dec. 13, 1727; Thomas Brouwer not registered; Elizabeth, July 18,1738; Catharina, Oct. 6,1734: Neeltie. Dec. 21 (?), 1737; Annatie, Aug. IK, 1740; Jannetie, March 25, 1744; Evert, Sept. 21,1746.

Bancker. Johannes, and Magdalena Veeder. Ch; baptized in Schenectady ; Elizabeth, June 7, 1735; Gerrit, Feb. 27,1737.

Bancker, Johannes, and Geertrayd Jacobi, m. April 19, 1778. Ch: Henry, b. Feb. 9, 1779; Margarita, bp. Oct. 27.1780. [See Schenectady Families.]

Bank I y, Jonathan, and Orsel Bankiy. Ch: Thomas, bp. April 4,1736.

Bareniu, Willem. and Lysbeth Sickela. Ch: Willem, bp. Aug. 11,1091.

Ilarhelt, Jeronlmus Hanse.and Rebecca Evertse, m. AprU 9, 1084. Ch: Margriet, bp. Oct. 4, 1085; Wonler, bp. Aug. 4, 1691. He made will Aug. 22, 1713, proved Feb. 23.1722-3 in which he speaks of his wife Rebecca, son Wouter and one daughter.

Bakbbit, Andries Hanse. "yeoman of ye Great Flatt neer Coxhacky;" had a lot of land nevt to Pieter Bronck's farm. Perhaps the same as " Andries Hanse deSweedt. dwellingat Kinderhoek " In 1675. His wife was Geertle or Gerritje Teunis, daughter of Teunise Tenmse de Metselaer. She was not living In 1699 when EgbertTeunlae [herbrother?] becameguardian of her four children. Ch: Johannes, bp. Feb. 8.1685; Geertruy, bp. Oct, 18, 1689; Barent, bp. Oct. 15,1693.

Barheit, Wouter, and Rachel Winne, m. March 38,1715. He was buried Jan. 8,1732. Ch: Hieronimus, bp. Feb. 12, 1716; Teuntie, bp. Sept. 1, 1717; Margarita, bp. May 15,1720: Margarita, bp. May 5, J723; Tytje, bp. May, 16, 1725.

Barheit, Wouter, and Cornelia Ch: Wouter,

bp. April 18, 1717.

Barheit, Willem, and Catalyna Barheit. Ch: Dirk, bp. Oct. 1, 1725.

Barheit, Wonter, and Rachel Barheit. Ch: Anna Maria, bp. March 3,1787; Eva, bp. Dec. 23,1739.

Barheit, Hieronlmus, and Sara Ch: Elizabeth, bp. July 31, 1743.

Barheit. Walter P., and Catharine McGee. Ch: James, b. Sept. 14, 1795.

Barlieyl, Johannes, m. 1st Catharina Gilbert, July 6. 1701. Ch: Johannes, bp. May 16. 1703 and eettled in Schenectady; Cornelia, bp. Oct. 6, 1706; Hieronlmus, bp. March 20, 1709. and settled in Schenectadv; Barenlje, bp. Oct. 14.1711; Willem, bp. July 10. 1715: m. 2d Catalyna Dlngman, March 23, 1718. Ch: Alida, bp. Oct. 25, 1719; Adam, bp. 6,1728.

Barrel Hi (See Barret).

Barrlnger (See Berringer).

Barret (Berrit). Robert, and Wyntie Janse. She was buried Nov. 28, 1746. Ch: Margriet, bp. Dec. 4, 1689; Tammus, bp. March 25, 1692; Maria, bp. June 17, 1694; Sara, bp. Nov. 20, 16%: William, bp. Jan. 18,1699; Magdalena, bp. Aug. 31, 1701.

Barret, Robert, m. Maria Martin, April 25,1738. He was buried Oct. 12,1756, and she on the 18 Dec, 1754. Ch: Maria, bp. Sept. 17, 1738; Judith, bp. Aug. 81,1740; Thomas, bp. Nov. 7,1742. and died Dec. 6,1813, aged 72 years; Elizabeth, bp. Jan. 18, 1747.

Berrit. Thomas, and Barcntje Spoor; m. Dec. 27,1713; in 1719 widow Barentje Spoor had a lot 30 by 100 on the west corner of Hudson and Pearl streets. Ch: Robert, bp. Nov. 29,1714; Anna Maria, bp. Sept. 28.1716; Margarita, bp. March 8, 1719.

Berrit, William, of Schenectady, m. Catalina Bratt of same place in 1725. Ch: Robert, bp. July 23, 1727. [See also Sctenectady Families.]

Harrfunion. 1.ewis, 1st wife Jane White. Ch: James White, b. Oct. 11, 1778: 2d wire Margaret Adams. Ch: Annatie, b. April 13,1782; Jacob Pruin, b. April 13, 1784; Anna, b. Nov. 81, 1788; Lewis, b. March 31, 1790; Margaret, b. May 1,1792.

Barrola (Barroa, Barroway, Berwar, Berwee), Antoine, and Ch: Anna, bp. May 3, 1685.

Barrois, Charles, "geboren tot Mont Real in Canada en nu wonende In de Co. Ulster," m. Aaltle Roeloffse Van der Werke, June 7, 1707. Ch: Antje, bp. Feb. 15,1708; Jacobus, bp. Oct. 23,1709; Antoine, bp. Oct. 14, 1711; Maria, bp. Sept. 9, 1722.

Barrois (?) (Borrowell, Borreway), William, and Elizabeth Salsbury. Ch: Casparus, b. Nov. 23, 1782; Hester, b. Jan. 25, 1784; David, b. March 10, 1786.

Bartel, Johannes, aud Elizabeth Houex. Ch: Lucretia, b. Jan. 16, 1778.

Ha rill (Beth?), Thomas, and Maria Ch:

Elsie, bp. Nov. 25. 1721; Wvntje, bp. May 24, 1724; Magdalena, bp. June 19, 1726.

Bancliaache, Henry, and Sophia Magdalena

Ch: John, bp. Nov. 19, 1749.

Banned (Bessidt), Michael (Mynkcll). son of Michael B. of New York and b. Jan. 21. 1705, and l.vbetje Schermerhorn, m. April 18. 1728. Ch: Michael, bp. Aug. 10, 1728; Lena, bp. Dec. 12, 1731; Cornells, bp. Aug. 14, 1734; Lena, bp. Nov. 19, 1735; Lena. bp. May 14, 1788: Michael, bp. Sept. 28, 1740; Michael, bp. Oct. 25.1741; Jannetie, bp. Aug. 28, 1743; Cornells, bp. Sept. 8, 1745; Cornells, bp. Jan. 24,1748; Annatie, bp. Nov. 4, 1750.

Bassett, Michael, m. Maritie Van Vranken, Dec.

12.1767. Ch: Elizabeth, b. March 20,1768; Susanna, b. April 28, 1770; Cornells, bp. May 30, 1773; Geertruy, b. May 5, 1776; Gerrit, bp. May 9, 1779; Michael, b. Aug., 1784; Nlcolaas, b. May 19, 1787.

Bassett, Cornells, and Engeltie Cool. Ch: Elizabeth, b. Jan. 5,1770.

Bassett, D.D. Rev. John. He was ordained at Albany, June 28, 1787, as coadjutor of Do. Westerlo, resigned his office in 1805; and died at Bushwick, L. 1., Aug. 29,1824, in hlB 59th year. On the 19th May, 1795, he married Ann Hun; Bhe died at Penn Yan, Oct. 17, 1848, aged 86 years. Ch: Eleanor, b. July 29, 1796; Elizabeth, b. April 16,1798; Maria, b. Dec. 18, 1800; John, b. Nov. 8,1802.

Batblado (Patblado), James, m. Sara Bath, Jan. 30,1739. Ch: James, bp. Feb. 15, 1741.

Bate*, John, and Mary Butler. Ch: Catharina, b. Jan. 1777.

Bath (Beth ?), James and Margarita Ch:

David, bp. May 26,1723.

Baxter (see De Baxter), Willem, and Martha Baxter, "op de Halve maan." Ch: Martha, b. Nov.


Beanely, John, m. Lydia Van Benthuysen, Nov. 1,1723. Ch: Henry,bp. June7,1724; Johanna, bp. March 18,1726.

Beanie), Hendrik, and Maria Noble. Ch: Johannes, bp. Aug. 26, 1753.

Beaunln (see Bovie).

Becker (Bokker), Jan Jnrrianse, in 1656 was clerk at Fort Caslmir (on the Delaware): 1660 degraded from his office, fined and banished from South liver for selling liquor to Indians; same year had leave to keep school at New Amsterdam; 1063 was inhabitant of Greenbush; afterwards notary public and schoolmaster for the youths at Beverwyck and "esteemed very capable that way, while Jacob Jooste Covelens was allowed for ye teaching of ye younger children." He made his will the 3d Aug., 1694. in which he speaks of son Johannes, and daughter Martina (wife or Willem Hogan), who was made administratrix of his estate, Dec. 16,1697.

Becker, Johannes, Jr., and Anna Van der Zee. Ch: Mariken, bp. Nov. 15, 1685; Hilletie, bp. Jan. 23, 1689; Johannes, bp. Ang. 4, 1691: Hilletje, bp. Sept. 10, 1693; Storm, bp. Jan. 19, 1696; Gerrit, bp. Oct. 9, 1698; Elizabeth, bp. June 8, 1701: Albertus, bp. Dec. 25, 1703; Annatie, bp. May 5, 1706; Pieter, bp. Sept. 26,1708.

Becker, Hans Jurrlaensen, and Cornelia Claese, 1686 to 1696; Cornelia Van Schaick, 1698. Ch: Johannes, bp. Oct. 10, 1686; Claas, bp. May 6, 1694; Cocnraet, bp. Feb. 18,1696; Arent, bp. Jan. 16,1698.

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