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Then I lived with Judge Jacob Sutherland, who married Chancellor Lansing's daughter, afterwards with Mr. John Kane. Then I went to Mr. Pumpelly's as waiter, and there I had a very good home, sir, for twenty odd years. Since that I have done what I could for you, sir."

14. Air, h. 3, 1. 8 Daniel McCann (McCauglian ?) died, aged

25. Mrs. Mary Don, died, aged 80. George E. Kirk died, aged 21. Daniel McCaughan died, aged 25.

15. Air, h. 19, 1. 15 The Rev. William James, D.D., died, aged

71. He had been confined to his house during most of the past twelve months, by a very painful disease, from which he suffered intensely'. but he exhibited, through all his sufferings, the utmost patience, and the most cheerful submission to the divine will. He realized during his illness in his own personal experience, the comforting influence of the truths which he had so long preached to others. And all who visited him, while he could give expression to his faith and hope, felt enveloped in an heavenly atmosphere, receiving comfort and strength themselves rather than imparting it to their suffering friend. His sick chamber was a perpetual bethel, and his last days were full of peace. Mr. James was born in this city in June, 1797. From his early boyhood, he had a love for books, and the opportunity was given him to gratify his tastes. He passed through all the grades of study, and about his 25th year, entered upon the work of the ministry. His first city pastorate was in Rochester, as early as 1825, with the Second Presbyterian Church, and he continued that connection until 1830 or 1831. Returning to his native city, he assumed the pastorate of the Third Presbyterian Church in Montgomery street. He, however, very soon gave up his position, and from that time onward, he has preached wherever providence seemed to indicate, and always acceptably, and with great ability. Although never a popular preacher, very few men of his day wrote with greater clearness, force or beauty. The publication of his sermons would be a rich legacy to the churches. But Mr. James was not merely a preacher of the word. We have never known a more thoroughly unostentatious, single hearted or noble minded Christian gentleman; and he was enabled, from the moderate income at his command, to gratify his benevolent predilections. Thousands of poor men women and children live to bless his memory. Mr James was the second of the several sons of the late William James who was for years one of the most successful of the many successful merchants of this city, during the close of the last and the opening of the present century. He was in every sense, a good man; and his death will be widely mourned, for two generations loved him —Journal.

16. Air, h. 32, 1. 22 Ann E. Schermerhorn, wife of S. S. Van

Vechten, died, aged 62. Sarah Emily Rcntley, wife of I. L. Harrell, died at Syracuse, aged 31. Harriet A. Bates died, aged 35.

17. Air, h. 17, 1. 6.

18. Air, h. 17, 1. 16 Ellen, wife of James Quinn, died, aged 22.

Julia Shaughnessy died, aged 58.

19. Air, h. 18, 1. 10 James Henry died, aged 32. Catharine,

wife of Patrick McDonald, died, aged 66.

20. Air, h. 32, 1. 20 Taylor Hibbard died, aged 26. Eliza Gorman died, aged 73. Mrs. Flora Bell died, aged 74.

21. Air, h. 36, 1. 31 Workmen began the demolition of the old

wooden houses on Eagle street preparatory to building the Congregational

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church Bernard Reynolds, late alderman of first ward, died, aged

37. James Wade, M.D., died in Watervliet, aged 79. Chauncey R. Brasee died, aged 33. Patrick Repell died, aged 91. Jeremiah Footman died, aged 19. Jane, widow of Abraham S. Thornton, died, aged 63.

22. Air, h.38,1.1 below zero Eliza, wife of Martin Fleming, died,

aged 38. Johanna, widow of Jeremiah Toomey, died, aged 83. Isaac Buckbee died in New York, aged 64.

23. Air, h. 7, 1. 10 below zero Great fire of John G. White's

malt house in Hudson street opposite Philip, loss $180,000, of which §80,000 was insured. The building was of six stories and nearly three hundred feet front, and is said to have contained 60,000 bushels of barley or malt Peter Gill died by his own hand.

24. Air, h. 4,1.4below zero Thomas Dohey died, aged 32. Dennis Collins died, aged 35. P. R. Harty died in New York, aged 31. Mrs. Catharine Enders died at Richmond, Va., aged 81.

25. Air, h. 10, 1. 3 Catharine, widow of Jacob Groesbeck, died,

aged 82. Mary Catharine Wyckoff, widow of Elliot Beecher Preston, died at Hartford, Conn. Charles Healey died, aged 52. Mrs. Anna McGown died, aged 37. Cornelius Van Rensselaer died at Greenbush, aged 74. Moses Van Buren died, aged 67.

26. Air, h. 18, 1. 14 Charles Sayles died, aged 60.

27. Air, h. 23, 1. 18 W. F. Bronck died, aged 70. Martha

Tuttle, wife of Benjamin Westervelt, died, aged 39. Frederick Neidlinger died, aged 48.

28. Ellen, wife of Mr. Dwyer died, aged 39.

29. Frances Barnard, wife of Henry Q. Hawley, died.

March 1. The Albany County Bible Society celebrated its fiftyseventh anniversary, the Rev. Dr. Elmendorf preaching the annual sermon. The election for officers resulted as follows: president, William Gould; first vice president, C. P. Easton; second vice president, John E. Page; corresponding secretary, Rev. D. Dyer; recording secretary, Stephen R. Gray; treasurer, Archibald McClure, Jr.

2. Great snow storm extending over the whole state, everywhere obstructing the rail roads, accompanied with wind and extreme cold

The common council changed the name of Van Schaik street to Monroe street. We have witnessed with surprise and regret the indifference of the citizens of Albany to the memorials and traditions of their fathers. Several mansions preserving the peculiar architecture of Holland, instead of being preserved, as they would have been in any city with sense, taste, or ancestral pride, were relentlessly demolished. Nor does indulgence in vandalism content them. They not only obliterate ancient monuments, but reject time honored names. There has been a long line of Van Schaiks in Albany, reaching back to its origin, after whom a street was named, but which, for what reason we are unable even to conjecture, has been changed! Why is it that the Albany of to-day is so anxious to efface the antiquities, destroy the landmarks, weaken the associations, and wipe out the memories of the past? Was there anything in the characters or habits of their ancestors of which they arc ashamed? Does the intelligence, enterprise, and prosperity of Albany show that her citizens are superior in these respects to their predecessors? Who among her lawyers, overshadow Abram Van Vechten, Ambrose Spencer, James Kent, John V. Henry, and John Van Ness Yates? What merchants of superior ability have taken the places of Dudley Walsh, William James, I. & J. Townsend, the Boyds, John T. Norton, Lewis Benedict, Rufus H. King. Indeed, without Erastus Corning, Thomas W. Olcott, and Ezra P. Prentice, who are among the few survivors of that class, Albany would be left to the illumination of lesser, but perhaps brighter lights, though we don't see it If, however, modern is really ashamed of ancient Albany, then her new common councilmen, the present city fathers, more enlightened and venerable, doubtless, than the Van Rensselaers, Van Vechtens, Ganesvoorts, Wendells, Bleeckers, Yateses, Ten Eycks, etc., etc., of Dutch origin, should go on with their reforms and sponge out all that links the present to the past. Veneering will give the city a fresh aspect. This will not, we admit, improve it in the estimation of old fogies, whose memory and whose affections go back to Albany, as it was half a century ago, when the Dutch and English languages were heard; when in summer afternoons, wives and husbands smoked their pipes on stoops; when every corner was vocal with the concerts of whistling negroes; and when the annual festivities of Pinkster Hill were next

to the Fourth of July, the event of the year—N. Y. Com. Adv

The work of demolition began on the old brick church corner of South

Pearl and Beaver streets, preparatory to the erection of Beaver Block

Jacob C. Koonz died, aged 36.

3. Thomas Hutchinson died, aged 57. Alice M. Gavit, wife of James S. Ostrander died, aged 45.

4. Rowland B. Lloyd, sexton of First Presbyterian Church, died, aged 52. Sarah Fowler died, aged 63.

5 The centennial anniversary of Master's Lodge, No. 5 of Free and Accepted Masons, was celebrated by a concert at Tweddle Hall, and a supper at the Delavan House. Oration by Dr. S. R. Vanderpoel

James Flood committed suicide by shooting himself, aged 35. Libbie A. Monaghan died, aged 27. Thomas Cleary died, aged 71.

6. Nicholas Redmond died, aged 44.

7. Air, h. 35, 1. 28.

8. Air, h. 44, 1. 37 Rev. Benjamin H. Pitman died, aged 79.

Elizabeth, wife of Cornelius Schouten died, aged 72.

9. Air, h. 44, 1. 28 Onions sold to day at $15 a barrel; the

highest price ever reached in Albany.—Ev. Post. Butter was 60 cts. a pound Henry Smith died, aged 55.

10. Air, h. 42, 1. 34 John B. Bigelow died, aged 37. Isabella

Howell, wife of George M. Barnes, died, aged 31.

11. Air, h. 38, 1. 34 Mary, wife of John Smith, died, aged 54.

Bernard Hogan died, aged 70.

12. Air, h. 35, 1. 19 The following persons were elected

officers of the Young Men's Association: president, Frank Chamberlain; 1st vice president, Jacob S. Mosher ; 2d vice president, John H. Crombie; 3d vice president, Matthew C. Clark; treasurer, Rufus H. King; recording secretary, Nathan Swartz; corresponding secretary, John H. Farrell; managers, Charles W. Lord, B. Lathrop, S. H. Van Sickler, G. A. Tremaine, G. D. Weidman, John N. Foster, S. James Ainsworth,

Jos. M. Lawson, Robert Headlam, David A. Teller Capt.

William Adams, an ancient North river skipper, died, aged 90. Deacon Adams (as he was more generally designated by his intimate friends), was a native of Massachusetts, and came to this city in

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