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16. John Brown died, aged'33. Alonzo Crosby died at Hubbardsville, aged 83.

17. Michael Scully died, aged 71. Lorenz Ludwig died, aged 44. Rebecca, widow of Peter G. Van Zandt, died, aged 73.

18. Sophia Schoolcraft, wife of John W. Wolford, died, aged 66. Mrs. Margaret Carroll, died, aged *8. George H. Hallett died at Utica, aged 42, and was buried from Grace Church in this city.

19. The new Methodist Episcopal Church, corner of Ten Bro6ck and Lumber streets, was dedicated. This is the cheapest church ever erected in Albany, and yet it is one of the neatest, best looking, cozy, cheerful and inviting chapels in the city. The interior is a model of comfort and good taste. There is not an inch of lost room in the whole structure. All the space is occupied for church purposes. The side porches give an entrance which does not take from tlie church proper a single foot of room. The church will seat about 800 persons. The seats are very comfortable, with reversible backs, like the seats to be found in rail road cars. There is no pulpit in the church, its place being supplied by a railed in platform, some twelve inches above the floor. This allows greater motion to the preacher. As action is the soul of eloquence, it will be seen that better sermons can be preached from a platform than could ever be preached in a pulpit. Think of Demosthenes denouncing Philip in a washtub. He might denounce, but the denunciation would never amount to eloquence, simply because he could not emphasize his language with proper action. The Sunday School and class rooms are divided from the church by folding doors and sliding windows, a very excellent idea to save fuel and make things comfortable. The large class room is some 40 feet long, by 15 wide, nicely carpeted, and supplied with chairs, tables, &c, making it a very beautiful parlor. This room is subdivided by other folding doors, so as to convert it into three smaller parlors. The doors are so arranged that one large parlor can be converted into three small ones in less than two minutes. The church is lighted by two large gas reflectors in tho ceiling placed in the centre of two large ventilators so arranged that the officers can always establish the proper temperature for ohurch purposes. The stained glass windows give "a rose scented tint" to the church. The edifice was commenced eleven weeks ago. It cost only $5,500, and yet there is but one better looking Methodist chapel in this part of the state, and that is the Ash Grove Church, which cost $50,000. How the committee contrived to build so handsome a church for 65,500 is something we cannot understand, even when we know that the pastor, Rev. J. W. Alderman, helped to put the roof on, while the building committee all labored gratis. The furniture, carpets, stoves, &c, cost $600. Rev. Mr. Alderman informed the congregation that the late fair and festival yielded 82,000; expenses, $400; balance $1,600, or one-sixth of the whole cost of the church. Such a balance sheet is seldom presented to any congregation. The walls and ceiling are beautifully frescoed in panels, by -George Merchant of this city. He has done a neat bit of work in a very artistic manner, and well deserves all the praise bestowed upon him. The painting and graining were done by John Chrysler. The singing is led by S. M. Birch, who has a round, full voice, which eminently fits him for the position which he occupies, as the leader of the whole congregation, for the whole congregation sings at the new church. The architects of the new chapel were Nichols & Brown. The dedication

Hist. Coll. iv. 11

sermon was preached by Presiding Elder "Meredith, of this city, from Deuteronomy, 33d chapter, 29th verse. It was a very interesting discourse, solid and substantial. The elder is not a brilliant preacher, and yet he is so intensely in earnest that the earnestness amounts to eloquence at times. From the elder's discourse we learn that the Methodists of the United States and Canadas are only 270,000 less than all the other members of all the other Protestant churches put together, and yet the Methodist church has only been established in this country one hundred years. He attributes the rapid spread of Methodism to its peculiar organization; the demonstrative habits of its clergymen and the social instincts brought forth at its class meeting, prayer meeting and love feast. The Rev. Mr. Alderman, pastor of the church, also addressed the congregation briefly, referring to its history and urging upon the united churches to forget the bickerings of the past, and live entirely for the future. Mr. Alderman is one of those broad minded, out spoken men, who comes from the West; he is earnest, affable and eloquent. The building committee consisted of J. W. Osborn, Wm. H. Young and S. J. Davenport. The trustees are J. W. Osborn, Wm. H. Young, S. J. Davenport, Smith Requa, S. A. Stratton, C. W. Pierce, I. J. Filkins, I.

F. Seabury and S. C. Rice.— Eveniny Pott Margaret Scranton,

wife of Adam Ream, died, aged 24.

20. At a meeting of farmers, held this day, at the Hay Scales, corner of Phillip and Plain streets, to take into consideration the propriety of organizing a society for their better protection, and to make a uniform scale of prices for their products, so that they may have a small profit to reward them for their hard labor, Carey Rushmore was elected president and Wm. Bullock secretary, and the following resolution was unanimously adopted: Resolved, That we, the farmers of Albany and Rensselaer counties, will not, on and after Monday Dec. 20th, sell hay for less than the following prices, viz:

Horse hay 75 cts. per 100 lbs.

Fine" 62*""

Clover" 56}""

22. Peter Fitzpatrick died, aged 72.

23. Ellen, wife of George W. Oliver, died, aged 25. Peter Konz, died, aged 67.

24. William Nixon, died, aged 67.

25. Samuel J. Gordon died, aged 27. Elizabeth, widow of Wm. Doran, died, aged 75.

27. Catharine, wife of Michael McCann, died, aged 33. Anna M., widow of Theodore S. Wood, formerly of Albany, died in New York, aged 42.

28. Anne Rutledge died, aged 54. Norah Harrigan died, aged 21. Andrew Garrison died, aged 62.

29. The ice moved down, and left the river open as far as could he

seen —the result of a week of rain and soft weather Mary Daley

died, aged 56.

30. Died at her residence No. 3 Park Place, Albany, Susan Stafford,

widow of Lewis Benedict, in the seventy-ninth year of her age

She was a woman whose prominent characteristics were of the kind that command respect and win regard. • She devoted herself to the duties that belonged to the varying relations of her life. As a wife and mother she was a model of tenderness and fidelity toward her husband, and of love and tboughtfulness for her children. She assumed the obligations of religion, and confessed those she owed to the world around her; discharging the one class with diligence and fervency of spirit, and the other with charity for the infirmities of the weak and erring, sympathy for the afflicted, help for the needy, encouragement for tho struggling, and applause for such as did well. She was singularly discreet in speech and always mindful of the interests of peace, so that she lived encompassed by friends, and died without an enemy Ann McKinley died,

aged 82. Carrie C. McGhesney died, aged 26.

31. The total loss by fire in the city during the past year was $105177.40. On real estate 833,451.67; on personal property 871,725.74. There were 87 fires Hibbard Todd died, aged 61.

From the report of the Chamberlain you have the following statement of receipts and disbursements from the 1st of November, 1868, to November 1st, 1869.


City Water Works $107,427 59

Alms House 156 00

Assessments for streets,.. 43,102 10

Assessments for drains, .. 19,253 91

City Poor, 2,957 37

Contingents 2,834 62

Board of Fire Commis-
sioners 287 00

Board of Public Instruc-
tion 33,588 92

Interest 6,527 19

Court of Special Sessions, 1,000 00

Police Court, 4,007 72

Kent and Quit Rents, 111 50

Commutations 409 53

Trustees General Debt

Sinking Fund 6,600 00

Ferry, 1,000 00

Surveyor's Office, 48 00

Justice's Court 926 22

Redemptions 40 83

Bonds and Mortgages,... 4,398 60

Real Estate, 1,150 00

Dividends 437 30

City Taxes, 682,571 76

County of Albany, 41,876 11

Temporary Loans 407,500 00

Costs on Assessments, ... 328 00
Certificates of City In-
debtedness, 106 54


City Water Works $39,631 65

City Water Debt Interest

Account 51,000 00

Alms House 67,225 70

Assessments for Streets,.. 146,992 19

Assessments for Drains,.. 15,789 42

City Poor 32,690 88

Contingents, 131,773 13

Street Contingents, 42,376 04

Board of Fire Commission-
ers 113,237 39

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Board of Public Instruc-


City Hall,

Court of Special Sessions,

Police Court

Markets, ....

Trustees General Debt
Sinking Fund


Surveyor's Office,

Printing and Advertising,

Justice's Court,



County of Albany,


City Lamps

Wells and Pumps,

Industrial School,

Costs on Assessments, ...

Temporary Loans,.

Certificates of City In-

Susquehanna Rail Road

Board of Police Commis-

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#n tfje ©aria Butri) mecortis. of aiftans anto Uictnttg,



/it li till* I'arlv 1* rn veyances. and other important papers that any connection can be established between a first settler and lus later

^uTwWteroany individuals had no surnames whatever apparently, a few families had two or more. Marcelia Janse Van Hummel waa fanner of the burner and tapster's «»rar of in Be. crwyck many yeaTM Some of hie rlVi1 In 11 took Mimlia as their auniauir. other. Von Irrrm i without a knowledge 01 this fact It would be quite impossible for hi. descendants to trace back their pedigree to him. A similar caao incurred in the Albany branch of the I'mlta In the passage over from Holland one child waa born at sea in a storm and he waa named Moral Van Derjcc which epithet he and hl« descendants have niiice n«cd as a surname. ... .,_ ., T

It wa« not nc.minion for the aunic Individual to have two or more auniainra and to use them indifferently. Jan Bare "it". • W. ■i "vernple-, waa aoni. time, called Pocat; he had a mill on the Poostoii.kil which perhaps derived 1U J" "fnim 1. .rather Than from the Dutch word ).*,»». After ha death in lew hi. widow SlarnTe Myndertee married Mw.'i'r Tcuiiiso. Van Velaen and \ an ttestbrueck. Jan tort of Mskayuna had thef..llowiii«oli.i<r.. Jan La Fort. Jan Vaiidervortand.Ian I.ihbertee.

The change in the aia-lling and pronunciation of name, la llkev. isc a anurce of. siderable embarrassment, who

•-- 'pronounced Du Trooj iu the modern Truax, or Beauhla in Bovie, or

would n-eoindw the ancient Du Trieux 'pronounced Ilu i'roo, Iu the modern I max. or Mina in ilnvie, or Barroia in Barioway. or finally the familiar name of Jones in auch laughable disguises aa TSana, T.lans, and

Th.""\ -t. in of nomenclature in common uae among the early Dutch settler, consisted in prefixing the child'a to the father's Christian name, terminating in «■ or en.; in liapti.m but one name waa usually given; the patronymic waa used l.v custom in all caaea. and in the ab.ellce of a surname was sometime, adopted as such. Thus the children of liutoer 1 Van Srl.oondorwoert or ^ an Vvocrt! were respectively Margaret flvr.oers tngel Kurjvrs, and Hanueii aiilpr. and M«n waa nibaequelitlv aaaunu-d aa the family name. I he two sons of the first Settler WvnanH.orritac (Voider t'.H-ll were Melgert H'vuiutoe and Herri! Hymmrw. The Kirst Settler Barmen Tomeae Irani Van Amersfortj had a son named foinaa flnrmm.e and a daughter Wy.itle H..r>.e,„c The First Settlers Philip and David Schuyler, were more commonly called Philip and David PMtrv. sons of Puter Schuyler.

Occaalohally two patronymics were uaed, as Samuel Arentse Sair

^hoTwof mrn'amcs'gradually increaacd among the Dutch from the time the Province waa occupied hyth I IBM, and after the first quarter of the following century few names were written without the additu

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icl Bratt the aon of Arent,

t the Englh In IBM, and after the first quarter of the following century lew names were wniieu wuui.ui me audition of a

f*The following hat is Intended to serve aa a key to such surnames aa are occasionally or almost constantly omitted "~ ordaof Albany and Schenectady. It is as nearly full aa the compiler, after a somewhat

•••» or if having them were

these are somewhat numerous.

bear the same Christian

in the ancient Dutch Re. «.«

careful reading of those d.icunients. can make it- The names of person, without so not entered in those records, will not of course be found lure; unfortunately _ Another embarrassment In the identification of persons arises from the fact, that i

name When such cases occur iu the following list, the dofs annexed will sometimes aid in solving the difficulty. TSr.sVlie surname of Jacob Abraliaiuse. found in documents dating l'K°i--4, waa \ oshnrg olios Kuyper; in those Jf date 17ob! it was Val, Deiu^n. But where there i» little or no difference In the date, this help talk, and alU. left to conjecture. ScHKMKCTanY, Oct. Is, 1870.

Abelse. [168M.

HcDdrick Abelse Ridderebalvc or Riddenhaas,

Abraham Abrahamse Schuyler, 1709,
Christina Abrahamse Schuyler. 1709.
David Abrahamse Schuyler, 1709.
Pirck Abrahamse Schuyler, 1709.
Engeltie Abrahamse Van Deuscn,1700.
Gerrit Abrahamse Lansing, 1728.
Jacob Abrahamse Kuyper j g (f) 16e5_^
Jacob Abrahamse Vosburgh ( w

Jacob Abrahamse Van Peusen, 1705.
Jacobus Abrahamse Schuyler, 1709.
Melchert Abrahamse Van Deusen, 1683-1705.
Willem Abrahamse Tietsoort, 16S6.
Teuwls Abrahamse Van Dcueen, 1700.

Aaltie Adamse Dingman, 1700.
Gysbert Adriaanse Van Buniok, 1638.
Jacob Adriaanse Van l.'trecht, 1630.
Jacob Adriannsc Soogemukelyck, or Van Wog-

gclum. 163S-55.
Jacob Adriaanse Raertcmarkcr, 1653.
Pleter Adriaanse 8oogemakelyck, alias, Geraa-
kelyck or Van Woggelum, 1681.

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Brant Aertse Van Slichtenhorst.
Jacob Aertse Wagenaar, 1642.
Jan Aertse Van Bergen op Zoom, 1677.
Wouter Aertse Van Nicukcrck, 1660.

Dirck Ahasueruse Koseboom, 1749.

Andries Albertse Bratt, a/iuwDe Sweedt, 1674-82.
Baretit Albertse Bralt. 1670-1700.
Dirk Albertse Bratt. 1678-9.
Eve Albertse Bratt.
Engeltie Albertse Bratt.
Engeltie Albertse Slingerlaud, 1725.
(risseltic Albertse Bratt.
Harmen Albertse Vedder, 1659.
Jacob Albertse Planck, 1684.
Jan Albertse Bralt, 1677-85.
Jan Albertse Planck, 1031.
Johannes Albertse Slingcrland. 1725.
Lambert Albertse Van Neck, 1659-62.
Storm Albertse Brat t, alia* Van der Zee, 1663-97.
Tennis Albertse Sllngerland, 1725.
Thomas Albertse Slingerlaud, 1725.
Willem Albertse Van Municlietidam. 1654.
Wouter Albertse Van den UvthofforWyteuhoff,

Albert Andriesse Bratt or De Noorman, 1630-83.
Andrlcs AndriesBe Gardenier.
Andries Andriesse Huygh, 1705.
Anna Andriesee Huygh, 1705.
Annatie Andriesse Casparus, 1700.
Arent Andriesse BratL 1664.
Arent Andriesse Van t rederickstadt, 1636.
Ariaantie Andriesse Scherp, 1699.
Arien Andriesse Gardenier.
Border Andriesse Huygh, 1705.
Cat ha Una Andrieese Huygh, 1705.
Catryna Andrieese De Yos, 1664-91.
Ciaas Andries&e De Graaf, 1082.
Coraelia Andriesse Scherp, 1703.
Cornelia Andriesse Iluvgh, 1705.
Engeltie Andrieese Witbeck, 1683.
Geertrny Andriesse Van Doesbnrgh, 1661.
Geertruv Andrieese Dochter. 1679.
GyBbert" Andriesse Scherp, 1700-2.
Hendrick Andriesse Van Doesburgh, 1654-64.
Jacob Andriesse Gardenier.
Jan Andriesse DeGraaf, 1650-9. [lingh, 1664.
Jan Andriesse Iersman (Irishman) Van Dub-
Jan Andriesse Douw, alias Kuyper, 1640-86.
Johannes Andriesse Schaap, 1095.
Johannes Andriesse Witbeck, 1706.
Johannes Andriesse Hnygh, 1705.
Joe hem Andriesse Huygh, 17t»5.
Lambert Andriesse Huygh. 1705.
Margarita Andriesse Hiiygh, 1705.
Mana Andriesse Hnygh, 1705.
Willem Andriesse Rees, 1672.
Cornelis Antonissen Van Slyck, alias Broer

Cornelia, 1641-57.
Adam Antonissen Swart, 1690.

Andries Arentse Bratt, 1695.
Benony Arentse Van Hoeck, 1700.
Dirk Arentse Bratt, 1685.
Engeltie Arentse Slingerland, 1713.
Gerrit Arentse Slingerland, 1713.
Leendert Arentse Graw, 1689.
Hntger Arentse Schoemaecker, 1679.
Rebecca Arentse Vedder, 1715.
Samuel Arentse Bratt, 1685.
Sara Arentse Slingerland, 1715.
Tennis Arentse Slingerland, 1715.

Johannes Arie Oothout, 1756.

Arissen. Jorie Arissen or Aertee Vander Baest, 1670-90.

Arnoutbe. Lvshet Arnontse Viele, 1609. Maria Arnontse Viele, 1684.

Baltubb. Catriua Baltuse Van Benthuysen, 1790. Elizabeth Baltase Van Benthuyecn, 1720. Jacobus Ferreker (Parker 1) Baltuse Van Ben

thuysen. 1720. Johannes Baltuse Van Benthuysen, 1720.

Barentse. Andries Barentse Cocymans, 1695. Annatie Barentse Van Rotmers, 1662. Antony Barentse Bratt, 1652. Ariaentie Barentse Coeymaus. Cornelis Barentse Ditm'arse, 1692. Dirk Barentse Bratt. 1682-3. Fran a Barentse Pastoor. 165-1-61. Geertrny Barentse Van Dwingeloo, 1662. Jan Barentse Wcmp, 1045-61. Jan Barentse Kunst, 1662. Jan Barentse Dullenian, 1661-2. Jan Barentse Pocst {alias Weinp?) 1664-7. Jan Barentse Tiinmermau, 1660. Jannetie Barentse Cocymans. Johannes Barentse Bratt, 1692. Pieter Barentse Coevmans. Pieter Barentse Cool, 1087. Reinier Barentse Van Iveren. Simael Barentse Coeymans. Teuuis Barentse Cool, 1687. Tys Barentse Schoenmaker Van Edam, 1636.

Jacob Bastiaense DeWit, 1700.
Jan Bastiaense Van Gudsenhoven, 1658-65.
Barmen Bastiaense* Visscher or De Vyselaer,
Hester Bastiaense Visscher, 1700. [1675-83.

Brants E.
Cornells Brantse Van Nieuwkerck, 1664.
Evert Brantse Van Amersfort.

Car Else.
Hans Carelse Noorman, 1673.
Carsten Carstensen Noorman or Van Norwc-
gen, 1658-79.

Agnietle Casparse Conyn, 1703-21.
Caspar Casparse Conyn, 1721.
Collette Casparse Winnc, 17S3.
Commertie Casparse Conyn, 1721.
Elizabeth Casparse Conyn, 1721.
Eva Casparse Conyn, 1721.
Isaac Casparse Halenbeck. 1706.
Jan Casparse Halenbeek, 1T25.
Janneke Casparse Conyn, 1701.
Leendert Casparse Conyn. 1721.
Maritie Casparse Conyn, 1721.
Pieter Casparse Conyn, 1721.
Ragel Casparse Conyn, 1721.
Willem Casparse Halenbeck, 1729.


David Christoflelse Davidts.
Joris Christoffelse Davidts, 1673.

Adriaen Claese Vryman, 1654.
Anna Claese Vander Bogart, 1724.
Barber Claese Groesbeeck, 1695-1707.
Carsten Claese Timmerman, 1658.
Cornells Claese Van den Burgh, 1651-1701.
Feitie Claese Van Schaick, 1696.
Frans Claese Van dcr Bogart, 1724.
Gerrit Claese Kulerman, 1670.
Gerrit Claese Van Nieukerck, 1662.
Gysbert Claese Van Amsterdam, 1636.
Jacob Claese Egniont, 1683.
Jacob Claese Groesbeeck, 1707.
Jacob Claese Van Woert. 1736. [1658-64.

Jan Claese Bakker Van Oosanen or Oostrand,
Jesse Claese Degraaf. 1699.
Johannes Claese Grocsbeck, 1701-3.
Lonrens Claese Van Schaick. 1695-1700.
Lourens Claese Van der Volgen, 1720.
Lourens Claese Tolk, 1702.
Pieter Claese Kaye Van Oostzanen,1661-3.
Pieter Claese Bout, 1659.
Rebecca Claese Groesbeeck, 1707.
Ryck Claese Van Vrauken, 1684.
Stephanus Claese Groesbeeck, 1707.
Svinon Claese Turck, 1004.
Tjerck Claese Dcwit. 1003.
Willem Claese Groesbeeck. 1681-1707.

Hans Coenraetse Backer, 1674. [1660.

Hans or Jans Coenraetse Van Neurenburgh,
Hendrick Coenraetse Van Bon, 1660.
Jacob Coenraetse Ten Eyck, 1732.

Corn Eli Se.
Ackes or Jacques Comelise Van Slyck, 1663-7.
Adriaen Comelise Van Vcspcn, 1071.
Adriaen Comelise Van Bei>ingcren, 1642.
Amout Comelise Viele, 1661-91.
Claes Comelise Van den Bergh, 1660-2.
Claes Comelise Van Voorhout, 1042-62.
Claes Comelise Swits, 1663.
Cornelis Corndisu Vemoy, 1067. [Vosie.

Cornelis Comelise Van Schoendenvoert, allai
Cornelis Comelise Bogart, 1660.
Cornelis Comelise Van Voorhout, 1642-64.
Cornelis Comelise Van der Hoevcn, 1676-1
Cornelis Comelise De Vos, 1053-7.
Cornelis Comelise Viele, 1061-83.
Cornelis Comelise De Boer, 1659-61.
Cornelis Comelise Slyck, 1659.
Cornelis Comelise Van Sterrevelt, 1657-02.
Cornelia Comelise Van den Bergh, 1714.
Dlrck Comelise Van Vechten, 1709.

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