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singularly appropriate text, Dr. Sprague preached a touching discourse, in which he alluded to the great changes that had occurred since he assumed the duties of the ministry in this city. In his own congregation, there is scarcely a person now Hying of those to whom he ministered in 1829. The changes in the city at large, the great increase of population, the growth of the churches of the various denominations, especially the churches which were the offspring of the Second Presbyterian, and the progress of Christianity throughout the world, were referred to, and the favoring providence of God during all that long period was acknowledged in language of great beauty and force. He also stated the remarkable fact that during his forty years of ministration here, there had invariably been the utmost harmony in all the counsels of his church. At times, during his admirable discourse, the venerable and venerated preacher was visibly affected by the reminiscences that crowded upon his memory, and the vast congregation listened to his eloquent words with deep emotion. At the afternoon service, Dr. Sprague repeated the first sermon which he preached in Albany, forty years ago. Previous to that time he had preached fourteen years, and he has therefore been connected with the sacred ministry for the long period of fifty years. May he long be spared to the congregation for whom in his vigorous old age he still performs his pastoral duties with such entire acceptance, and to the church, of which

he is such a distinguished ornament.—Journal Sarah A., wife of

John Fensham, died, aged 36. Eliza Dooner died, aged 20.

7. Susquehannah rail road election ; intense excitement in the oity

William Head lam died, age'd 65. George Hewson died, aged 27. Johanna Nelligan, wife of Terrence Keilly, died, aged 36.

8. Fall term of Medical College began. Lecture of Dr. Armsby on the

death of Dr. March, late president and founder of the institution

Bernard Shields died, aged 62. Margaret Edinger, wife of Marcus A. Andrews, died, aged 43. Bridget Elizabeth White died, aged 20. Wm. H. Gregory, died at Cobleskill, aged 26. •

9. James Henry Cafferty, died in New York, aged 50. He was a native of Albany, born June 17,1819, and educated at the academy then presided over by the distinguished scholar, Dr. T. R. Beck. Mr. C. left this oity at an early age, and resided in the city of New York nearly or quite a quarter of a century. When he left here he gave promise of becoming well known as among the best portrait painters in this country. Perhaps no more versatile and accomplished painter than the subject of our present brief sketch has existed, at all events, in America. His pencil had a facility and truth which enabled him not only at times to dazzle, but to defy criticism. Unfortunately the needs of existence compelled him to labor, which in many cases was barely profitable, while it could not conduce to his artistic reputation. Nevertheless he left behind him hundreds of portraits which are only excelled by those of his friend, the late Charles Elliott, and two of which, those of his father and mother, are works that the friends of any painter, dead or living, might be proud to claim. He was " stone of the old stone," for he was elected into theNational Academy in 1853, and is not to be counted with the members chosen in obedience to a necessity forced upon it of late years. Many of our readers will remember his admirable painting of the harvest, exhibited some years since; his gem-like bits of landscape, as well as the dead fish and game, which testify to the universality of his ability. The disease under which

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