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22. Air, h. 55, 1. 41 The greatest freshet since 1857 ; water 15

feet over the docks. The New York steam boat was unable to land on this side of the river, and proceeded to the Boston ferry slip on the opposite side of the river. The Central rail road was inundated west of Schenectady, and no trains came in during the day. The Hudson river, the Susquehannah and the Cohoes roads, were so much under water near the city, as to detain several trains. Great suffering was experienced by thousands of families confined to the upper parts of their houses, without

the possibility of egress Maj. John Wilson died, aged 34. His

death was caused by disease contracted while in the army, where he was a member of Berdan's sharpshooters. Catharine, widow of William Connally, died, aged 69.

23. Air, h. 48. 1. 38.

24. Air, h. 62, 1. 46 Eliza, widow of George Jones, died, aged 50.

25. Air, h. 65,1. 45 Centennial Anniversary of St. Peter's church.

It was the anniversary of the date of its charter, although its organization dates half a century earlier. It being also the festival of St. Mark, communion was celebrated, and a commemorative sermon was preached by Bishop Potter, of New fork, for many years the faithful rector of the parish, in which mention was made of the various rectors who have been connected with that church. The offertory was appropriated to the erection of the Centennial Memorial Chapel of St. Peter's Church. A large collection was taken up.

26. Air, h. 65, 1. 44 All the boats made landings at their customary docks, from which they had been excluded by the high water all the previous week. The Hudson and Newburgh boats resumed their

trips, which had been interrupted by the high water .A Semi-Cen

tennial anniversary of the order of Odd Fellows was held in this city.

A procession marched through the streets William C. Hawley

died, aged 28. James Nichols died, aged 76. Ann Williams died, aged 74. Capt. Gilbert Johnson died, aged 64.

27. Air, h. 57, 1.52 A meeting of the Alumni of Union College

was held at the Albany Academy, at which nearly a hundred graduates

were present, and had a grand time A black snake about four feet

in length, was killed at the corner of Broadway and Lumber street. The

body was about two inches in circumference at the largest part A

female prisoner in our jail, named Margaret Nash, dropped dead in the cell last night, while conversing with other women. Coroner Harrigan held an inquest. It was the opinion of Dr. B. B. Staats, that she died from convulsions. The jury rendered a verdict in accordance with the

fact John Kannene died, aged 31. Julia B. Shoemaker, wife of

James M. Percy, died. Maggy, wife of Andrew Lacy, died, aged 25.

28. Air, h. 65, 1. 48.

29. Air, h. 62, 1. 42.

30. Air,h. 50,1.42 Mrs. Julia Fitzpatrick died, aged 75. Amelia

Krebs, wife of Augustus Dubois, died, aged 35. Robert Gilchrist, formerly an Albany merchant, died at Fernandina, Florida, aged 72.

May 1. Air, h. 52, 1. 38 The scaffolding was removed from the

spire of the new Congregational church, corner of Eagle and Beaver streets, disclosing the tal'est, and one of the most symmetrical steeples

in the city Bridget Wall died. Thomas Connolly died, aged 35.

John Shallow died, aged 73.

2. Air, h. 46, 1. 35 The rain storm that began on the previous

day changed to snow in the afternoon, which melted here as it fell, but

left a covering of six inches on the Helderberg Prof. Hough, of

the Observatory, stated that for several years past he had found that the

two first weeks in May are colder than the two first weeks in April

Mrs. Agnea Bray died, aged 70. Mrs. Mary Shehan died, aged 75. Jettie, wife of Joseph Sporborg, died, aged 51. Sarah Pierce, wife of Elias N. Griffen died, aged 29.

3. Air, h. 46,1. 36..., The new street car was introduced on Pearl

street, drawn by one horse and dispensing with the conductor

Workmen were engaged in removing the beautiful trimmings of Caen stone from St. Joseph's church, and substituting stone from Ohio, on

account of the French stone crumbling under our winter climate

Moses Simpson, formerly of Albany, died at Detroit, aged 69.

4. Air, h. 47, 1. 38 The North Dutch church during the six

years of Dr. Clarke's pastorate, had contributed $134,776.74 to benevolent and congregational purposes; that is, $22,462.79 per annum; 282 had been added to the church; the Sunday school consisted of 800 teachers and scholars, and the libraries contained 1500 volumes.

5. Air, h. 47,1.43 Owen Hoy died, aged 55. Charles A. Lockwood died, aged 26. James M. Combs died, aged 62.

6. Air, h. 52, 1. 38 Mary Kelly died, aged 33. Mrs. Mary Ann

Powers died, aged 48.

7. Air, h. 60, 1. 46 Ellen, wife of John Sayres, died, aged 37.

Mary A. Hackett, wife of T. J. Guy, died, aged 28.

8. Air, h. 63, 1. 44 The bill authorizing the construction of a

bridge across the river at Maiden lane, passed both houses of the legislature, and became a law on the 10th.

9. Air, h. 65, 1. 47 Margarette L. Fleming died, aged 26.

10. Air, h. 64, 1. 46. John Lawless died, aged 76. Bridget

Mahar died, aged 78. Thomas George died, aged 35. Samuel Winchester died, aged 89.

11. Air, h. 74, 1. 49 William Kenney died, aged 27. Cornelius

Coyle died, aged 70. Charles E. Haswell died, aged 34.

12. Air, h. 77, 1. 60 Mrs. Elizabeth Moore died, aged 87.

13. Air, h. 80, 1 57 Mrs. Bridget Dempsey died, aged 75. John

Sealey Thompson died, aged 29.

14. Air, h. 73, 1. 60 John Carroll died, aged 21. Sophia, widow

of Benj. H. Payn, died, aged 88. George Ramsay died at Augusta, Ga., aged 40.

15. Air, h. 71, 1. 59 William H. Reed died Edward Carroll

died, aged 38.

16. Air, h. 66, 1. 55.

17. Air, h. 63, 1. 50 Henry Story died,, aged 50. John E.

Gibbs died at Philadelphia, aged 26.

18. Air, h. 55, 1. 46 The vestry of St. Peter's Episcopal churoh

accepted the resignation of Bishop Win. C. Doane as rector of the

parish Jenny Wiggins, wife of Horace A. Sherman, died. Sarah

A., widow of Abraham Hitchcock, died, aged 59.

19. Air, h. 77, 1. 50 A new savings bank was organized, under

the name of the National Savings Bank of Albany, Hon. Erastus Corning, president.

20. Air, h. 58, 1. 46 Carrie S. Franklin, wife of Wm. II. Johnson, died. Samuel R. Wayne died, aged 57.

21. Air, h. 60, 1. 47 Sarah A. Lewis, wife of David F. Winne,

died, aged 43.

22. Air, h. 60, 1. 46 Margaret Lansing, wife of Gideon Hawley,

died, aged 79. Wm. M. Beach died, aged 34.

23. Air, h. 65, 1. 43 Huldah R., wife of Geo. Merrifield, formerly of Albany, died at Nassau, Rens. Co.

24. Air, h. 69, 1. 50 Henry Sacia died at Utica, aged 36.

25. Air, h. 75, 1. 52 John Barrett died, aged 43. Edward Fortune died, aged 82. Margaret, wife of William Jones, died, aged 27.

26. Air, h. 77, 1. 61 Elizabeth Boucher, widow of Christopher

Mosher, died, aged 73.

27. Ann, wife of Joseph Magilton, died, aged 54. Patrick Carew died, aged 58.

29. Mary, wife of Daniel Mulville, died, aged 35.

30. The fifth anniversary of the rector of St. Paul's church was observed. The Rev. Mr. Reese, the rector, briefly recapitulated the history of the church since he took charge of the parish. During that period the number of communicants had increased from one hundred and twentythree to two hundred and twenty, and the collections and contributions by the congregation for pew rentals and religious and charitable purposes, amounted to nearly §72,000 during the past year. The rector ofiiciated at sixteen marriages, at twenty deaths, and at upwards of sixty baptisms; and the collections reached about $15,000. In the afternoon the anniversary of the Sunday school, which continues to thrive, under the able superintendence of William Lacy, Esq., occurred, and the church was crowded. There was charming music, the exercises were highly interesting, and the floral offerings of the various classes were elegant and most liberal. The appeal to the congregation for flowers with which to decorate the graves of deceased soldiers to-day was cheerfully responded to. The rector stated that the day being a regular communion Sunday, the plate collections could not be diverted from their legitimate channel, viz: the relief of widows and other poor women belonging to the parish, but he had caused boxes to be placed at the doors for contributions with which to buy flowers for the soldiers' graves. When the congregation retired these boxes were not neglected.—Argus.

June 1. Nancy M., wife of John B. Wassou, died at Aiken, S. C. 2. Thomas Keeuan died, aged 36.

4. George W. Zeilman died, aged 32.

5. James A. Wilson died, aged 61.

6. Elvenah C. liaymond, wife of Rev. G. C. Wells, died, aged 43. Emma Ridley killed by lightning at Catskill, aged 23. Miss Ridley, who was on a visit to the village, was ironing at a table, and near her about the room children were playing. She had just taken the sad iron in her hand, which had been left a moment before by another inmate of the house, when she dropped dead upon the floor. The bolt did little or no damage to the house, and loft unharmed the children in the same room.

7. John Conroy died, aged 78.

9. Ellen M., wife of E. B. Van Cott, died, aged 41. Stephen A. Tompkins died.

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