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30. Air, h. 36,1. 32 Mary M. Allen died, aged 21.

31. Air, h. 43, 1. 29 The Sprague Chapel, corner of State and

Snipe Streets, was dedicated. This edifice was erected at the expense of the Second Presbyterian church, being the fifth edifice that had been

erected by the society and its offshoots Lawrence W. Landers died,

aged 64.

February 1. Air, h. 30, 1. 16 James McManus died, aged 47.

2. Air, h. 22, 1. 7 Board of trade election for officers: Henry

Lansing, president; James Hendrick, A. K.Shepard, vice presidents; Wm.

Lacy, secretary; H. B. Loucks, treasurer Rev. William C. Doane,

D.D., was consecrated first bishop of the new diocese of Albany, with great ceremony, at St. Peter's church Ellen Reehilldicd, aged 77.

3. Air, h. 31, 1. 14 It Snowed all day; at half past nine there

was a storm of vivid lightning and thunder that would have done great honor to the month of July, which continued till half past eleven. Snow continued to fall till nearly noon of the next day.

4. Air, h. 29, 1. 20 Hannah Hallenbeck, widow of John M.Van

Antwerp, died, aged 77. Thomas C. Pearl, died. Esther Owens died, aged 76. Sarah Ann Fuller, wife of George W. Wilson, died, aged 64.

5. Air, h. 27, 1. 15 Emily M., wife of C. Van Galli, died, aged

29. James F. McCollom, died at Burlington, Vt., aged 28.

6. Air, h. 17, 1. 15 It was announced that the Unitarian church

had been sold to the Jews, Messrs. Openheim &Son, who would convert it into a lager bier saloon and dance house. This church was originally built by the Methodists. At a later day it was announced that it would be appropriated to a school for velocipedestrians. It finally became a theatre. Candice Denison, wife of Isaac C. Seabury, died, aged 31.

7. Air, h. 29, 1. 17.

8. Air, h. 25,1. zero The thermometer at the Patroon's indicated

8° below zero; at the corner of Broadway and Maiden lane 6° below.

This was the coldest morning of the season A meeting of citizens was

held at the City Hall to remonstrate against the passage of the bill before the legislature for carrying out the plan of a public park. Thomas W. 01cott, Esq., was chairman, and Wm. G. Weed, secretary. A committee was

appointed to oppose the passage of the law A society for prevention

of cruelty to animals was organized by the active exertions of Messrs. Angelo Ames and John M. Crapo. President—Robert Lenox Banks. Vice Presidents — John M. Crapo, John F. Rathbone, Eugene Van Rensselaer, Angelo Ames, B. P. Staats, S. O. Vanderpoel, John Bridgford. Executive Committee — Jas. H. Armsby, John Meredith Read, Jr., Rufus W. Peckham, Jr., R. L. Johnson, James H. Humphrey, Archibald McClure, Jr. S. H. H. Parsons, W. H. H. Bailey, J. V. Lansing, H. M. Paine, Campbell Allen, J. Wesley Smith, Charles E. Smith. Secretary — Samuel R. Earls. Treasurer—Wm. M. Van Antwerp J. Bailey Keed, an old a*nd well known citizen of Pittstown, died at his residence in Reed's Hollow, quite suddenly. Mr. Reed was aged sixty-nine years, and was formerly a member of the firm of L. V. & J. B. Reed, proprietors of the old Troy and Burlington line of stage coaches, and of lines leading out from Albany. The firm had a reputation in their line of business second only to that of Thorp & Sprague. In its palmy days, the stage coach business was regarded as among the greatest enterprises of capital, and the proprietors of a route were looked up to as men of much consequence as now are the directors of a rail road company. The deceased was very highly respected for his genial nature and generous heart, and leaves behind him a memory that will be

cherished by a large circle of acquaintances Thomas Atkinson died,

aged 58.

9. Air, h. 35, 1. 21.

10. Air, h. 38, 1. 27 Albert Goodwin died, aged 65. Wm.

McCIoy died, aged 76. Mrs. Jane Beaumont, widow of John Griffith of New Baltimore, died, aged 97. Maria, widow of Roderick McDonough, died, aged 67.

11. Air, h. 38, 1. 33 The thaw which began on the previous day,

continued throughout this, rendering the streets almost impassable by pedestrians Mrs. Catharine Seate died, aged 60. Patrick Murphy died, aged 48.

12. Air, h. 40, 1. 32 Elizabeth, widow of James Robinson, died.

13. Air, h. 45,1.32 Peter J. Gaffney died, aged 21. Paulina Morgan died, aged 18. James Rilay died, aged 31. Thomas Kelly died, aged 57.

14. Air, h. 45, 1. 28 Michael Tracy died, aged 35.

15. Air, h. 35,1. 22 Sylvester Moore died, aged 35. Pamelia R.

. Ring, wife of William C. Bennett, died, aged 49. James Lansing died

at Corning.

16. Air, h. 35, 1. 29.

17. Air, h. 36, 1. 27 Bridget, wife of Christopher Shaw, died,

aged 75.

18. Air, h. 34,1. 26 The Capitol and State Library were opened

to a promenade concert and supper, provided by subscription of the citizens of Albany, in compliment to the legislature and the Social Science convention holding its first session at this time Peter V. Clark died,

aged 45.

19. Air, h. 36,1. 20 Rachel L. Staats died. Morris Germond

died, aged 41.

20. Air, h. 30.1. 17.

21. Air, h. 36, 1.19 Daniel O'Neil died, aged 75. David Mink

died, aged 84. Capt. John M. Donnelly died, aged 25. Bridget Shields, wife of John A. Schmertzer, died.

22. Air, h. 36,1. 29 The day was celebrated by the military

companies, the Burgesses appearing in a new uniform. The Twenty-fifth Regiment, and the Jackson Guards were out. The Burgesses had a supper at the American Hotel James E. Pomfret, M. D. died, aged 43.

He was formerly pastor of the Universalist church in Green street; afterwards adopted the practice of medicine, and in 1862, entered the service as surgeon of the 113th Regiment and served in that capacity, and subsequently as brigade and division surgeon until the close of the war.- On his return, he was appointed surgeon general on Governor Fenton's staff, and organized the Soldier's Home, as a state institution. He discharged every public and private duty, scrupulously and conscientiously. In his professional character, Dr. Pomfret stood very high in this community; and his death lamented by none more dearly, outside of his family circle, than by the numerous families to whom he was endeared professionally and personally Sally Ann Iggett, widow of John McClaskey, died.

23. Air, h. 32,1.24 Hugh Small died, aged 50, and Henry Small

died, aged 43. They were brothers, both sick of the same disease, died, Dearly at the same hour in different parts of the city at their respective family homes, and were buried at the same hour. William La Grange died, aged 64. John W. Osborn was elected president of the Young Men's Christian Association. Mary Kearney died, aged 74.

24. Air, h. 35, 1. 16 Sidney Guest died, aged 60.

25. Air, h. 30, 1. 20.

26. Air, h. 30, 1. 27 Mrs. Catharine J. Starke, widow of Col.

George H. Taloott, died at Utica. DeWitt C. Ramsay died, aged 31.

27. Air, h- 30,1. 23 Isaac D. Nash died, aged 31. Ruth, widow

of Sylvanus Biroh, died, aged 85.

28. Air, h. 27,1. 13.

March 1. Air, h. 19, 1. 0 At the annual meeting of the Albany

"County Bible Society, the following gentlemen were chosen officers for the ensuing year: president, William Gould; first vice-president, C. P. Easton; second vice-president, John E. Page; corresponding secretary, David Dyer; recording secretary, Stephen R. Gray; treasurer, Archibald McClure, Jr.; executive committee, Rev. Dr. Clark, Rev. Dr. Halley, Rev. David Dyer, Archibald McClure, Rev. Mr. Meredith, C. P. Easton Ann, widow of Edward James, died, aged 78.

2. Air, h. 20, 1. 0 The Burgesses Corps left the city for Washington, with a spick and span new uniform, to show themselves to Gen. Grant, and grace his inauguration as president.

3. Air, h. 28,1. 16 Col. Lionel U. Lennox, died at Gilroy, California, aged 37. Sweton Grant Ford died. Mary E., wife of Benj. F. Smith, died at Detroit, aged 47. John W. Young, died at Minona, Minn., aged 37.

4. Air, h. 31,1. 22 Catharine, widow of Benjamin Quackenbush,

died. Katharine Van Wie, relict of James Quackenbush, died at the ripe old age of 93 years. She was the last of the old Van Wie family, whose name has become historical in connection with Yan Wie's point, a few miles below this city on the Hudson river. There were three sisters and one brother in the family. The brother died years since, having passed his one hundredth year. The three Van Wie girls enjoyed the reputation of being the tallest in the state, their combined height being twenty-one feet. This family were the old original settlers at Van Wie's point, and it was from them that the point derived its name.—Argus.

5. Air, h. 33, 1. 0 Thermometers in some localities marked 8°

below 0 Hannah, widow of Isaac Sealey, died, aged 77. Bernard

McCracken died, aged 50.

6. Air, h. 18, 1. 10 Grand reception of the Burgesses Corps on

its return from Washington Mrs. Jane Carey died, aged 60. Thomas O'Connor died, aged 30. Mrs. Rachel Ryder died, aged 76.

7. Alice, wife of Williams Powers, died, aged 24.

8. A lump of coal weighing 5 tons was placed in front of the Exchange Building, as a triumphal monument of the success of the Susquehanna rail road.

9. Elizabeth Clarke died, aged 20.

10. The velocipede, a new vehicle to aid locomotion, made its appearance at this time. The good condition of the sidewalks and the genial atmosphere tempted the veloeipedists forth yesterday in great numbers." There were machines of all kinds and sorts. Cy, tri, and quadricycles dashing swiftly by the muddled pedestrians, who stood agape and yearned in envious longing for the capricious little ponies. The riding gave evidence of practice and patience in most cases, yet there were luckless exceptions, however, for several gorgeously decked and complacent beings came to sudden and unexpected grief, in the most trying places and moments. The easiest to master, is of rapidity of motion, much preferable to the other. The bycycle is to be the favorite, however, because less cumbersome, and more difficult to manage, rendering the mastering, a

feeling of immense satisfaction and complacency. — Knickerbocker

Hiram Yates died, aged 57. John Emsing died, aged 71. #Abel S. Babcock, formerly of Albany, died at Cooperstown.

11. Mrs. Allison Mitchell died, aged 81.

12. Dennis Madigan died, aged 29. Barbara Gabel died, aged*78. Patrick E. Carmody died, aged 20. Helen Law died at Troy, aged 70. Caroline Bulson, wife of Benjamin Hogan, died, aged 33.

13. Kathinka Driesbach, wife of Prof. George H. Altinger died, aged 35. Catharine Delehanty, wife of John Dady, died, aged 36. Johannes Wilhelm Weimar, some years a resident in Albany, died at the Hague, aged 64.

14. Air, h. 39,1. 23 St. Mary's Church was dedicated with appropriate ceremonies. This is the third edifice erected upon this site. The society was until within a few years the only Catholic institution in the

city James McGrath died, aged 74. Ida Marietta Bemis died,

aged 18. Joseph G. Onkey died, aged 39.

15. Air, h. 41,1. 25 John L. Madden died, aged 47.

16. Air, highest 30, lowest 12.

17. Air, h. 30,1. 7 Patrick Whalen died, aged 42.

18. Air, h. 28, 1. 18 James Berns died, aged 35.

19. Air, h. 35,1.18.

20. Air, h. 34, 1. 30 Two indictments were found by the grand

jury sitting at Utica against Benjamin Payn, for_defrauding the United

States revenue, and he was taken into custody William Don died,

aged 72.

21. Air, h. 37, 1. 14 James M. Salisbury died, aged 31. Sarah,

wife of John McMurdy, died, aged 27. Patrick Sinnot died, aged 62. Maria Groesbeck, widow of J. J. Mitchell, M.D., died, aged 66.

22. Air, h. 28, 1. 7 Thermometers at some points indicated 4°

below 0 ...Mrs. Mary Rankin died, aged 80. Hannah W.Moore,

wife of I. P. Sutherland, died, aged 36.

23. Air, h. 38, 1. 25 Great snow storm; winter increasing in

intensity. March thus far the coldest month of the season. Snow in Canada said to be from 8 to 10 feet on a level; in Vermont from 4 to 8 feet. Sarah E. Leslie, wife of P. Hayes, died. James Mooney died, aged 71. George F. Youngblood died, aged 53.

24. Air, h. 35, 1. 23 William G. Brown died, aged 63. Frank

Atkinson, wife of M. J. Goodenough, aged 23.

25. Air, h. 36, 1. 20 Bernhardt Smith died, aged 78.

26. Air, h. 34, 1. 29.

27. Air, h. 39, 1. 35 The Rev. Dr. Wyckoff, so long the pastor

of the Middle Dutch church on Beaver street, died at the advanced age of 76. Dr. Wyckoff was born in New Jersey, in the year 1792. He came here from Catskill, Greene county, about the year 1837. He offi

Hut. Coll.. iv. 7

ciated at Catskill some ten or twelve years before he assumed his duties as pastor of the Middle Dutch. He succeeded Rev. I. N. Ferris. From his arrival here until 1867, he filled the pulpit of the above ancient edifice, with faithfulness and fidelity. In 1807 he retired from the pastorship and was succeeded by Rev. Dr. Elmendorf, the present able and esteemed pastor of the church. Dr. WyckoflF was one of the oldest if not the oldest clergyman in the city. It was his age, and nothing else, that caused him to retire from service. He wus a model minister, working always for the good of souls. He was able, and eloquent in his day, and no man was more revered by his congregation than Dr. Wyckoff. He had a smile and kind word for every one, and was indefatigable in his exertions in behalf of the poor.—Knickerbocker. The clergyman who for a long series of years has taken the direction of the chaplain service of the legislature has just ended a life which, so far as human judgment may pronounce of any man's career, has been one long existence of kind thought and tender word and loving service to his fellow men, rich and poor, home born or foreign. It is not true of him that he dies and makes no sign. His earnest, truthful eulogy is writing itself in the memories of those to whom he gave voice and labor that he might make their life happier. In many specialties of "character, Dr. Wyckoff was a very extra irdinary man. With a blending of shrewdness and simplicity which did not mar the outline of his career; with an overflowing appreciation and love for the beautiful wherever, whenever found, and yet a marked deficiency of order in the arrangement of his taste; with a heart that found itself especially near all scenes of grief or joy, but the interpretation of whose words were often far away in precision of expression; with a charity that grasped all men, and a fraternal, paternal manner that recognized no distinction of coat or gown, or cassock or mitre, folding all their wearers to his heart in brotherhood; with unceasing will and wish for the happiness of all humanity, this man lived in every hour Christian life. It is not surprising that as he dies all classes of people stop to notice it, and, forgetting that they may have differed from him in his theology, tell out their belief that one of the really good men of the earth has gone to his rest; that at last he has gathered to himself the exceeding precious promises whose intensity of value he urged to others. Dr. Wyckofl* came to Albany in 1836, succeeding the Rev. Dr. Ferris (now chancellor of the New York University) in the ministry of the Reformed Dutch church between Hudson and Beaver streets—a. church' built to consecrate by its uses an ancient burying ground, and whose construction was regarded by the active men of the time of its building as a great good attained. It was formed of the old stones which had been brought there, material of the very old structure which occupied the lower centre of the present State street. His long ministry in its history belongs to the ecclesiastical annals of that prominent and prosperous church. He came to its charge when as yet some of its aged members were living; those who had endured in the truth till the thoughts and words and actions of the gospel became portion of thoir inner life. The biographies of the sainted men and women of that Middle Dutch church are, so far as this world's records go. in the quick formed dust of its oblivion. Only a few descendants, a few relatives, recollect even their names; but by all the memories of the highest, worthiest, wisest religious life, of unceasing prayer, of an intelligent religion that anticipated its

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