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27. Air, h.39, 1. 32 Benjamin Holmes died, aged 85. Mrs.

Catharine McMillen died, aged 78.

28. Air, h. 53, 1. 49 Mrs. Jemima Houghtaling died, aged 73.

29. Air, h. 53, 1. 41 Kirk B. Mason died, aged 34.

30. Air, h. 35, 1. 25 The common council having ordained the

paving of Broadway throughout in an improved manner, the work was begun this day, the wooden pavement having been contracted for at ?4

a yard, and a long farewell given to cobble stones Bridget, wife of

John Meehan, died, aged 63.

31. Air, h. 36, 1. 35 Lieut. Peter Kemp died, aged 34 He

was a soldier of the late war. When the 25th regiment first went to Washington, Lieut. Kemp accompanied it, being an officer in the City Volunteers. On his return he enlisted as a private in a volunteer regiment, and served for three years, during which time he was promoted to a lieutenancy and came home at the expiration of his term of service, in command of his company. He was a brave soldier and gallant officer. He contracted the disease which terminated in death while in the army. Thomas H. McCann died, aged 32. Michael Gillespie died, aged 33.

November 1. Air, h. 57, 1 45 John H. Leonard died, aged 54.

Mrs Clara Lagrange died, aged 78.

2. Snow fell in the morning. The rain and snow that had fallen for many days began to make a show in the river, and the merchants on the pier

and dock bestirred themselves to keep above it Thomas Joseph

Cantwell died, aged 22.

3. Election day severely contested. Vote on governor, Hoffman 8,305,

Griswold 6,059. The oldest voter was Teitz, aged 108 Dennis

Glenoring died, aged 25. Margaret Sloan, wife of Wm. Smith, died, aged 28.

6. Ellen, wife of Thomas Kearny, died, aged 62. Rosamond, wife of Isaac Boyd, died, aged 62. Mary, widow of Ralph McClintock, died, aged 80.

7. Air, h. 40, I. 30.

8. Air, h. 37, 1. 32 Mary Carlin died, aged 45.

9. Air, h. 1. 51, 1. 41 Sarah WiUon died, aged 24. Mrs. Ann

Doherty died, aged 72. Mary, widow of Thomas Handerhan, died, aged 67. Philip Thornton drowned, aged 55.

10. Air, h. 56, 1. 37 Robert Turner died, aged 42.

11. Air, h. 44, 1. 40 Ground was broken in South Broadway for

laying the Belgian pavement Mrs. Samuel Hascy died, aged 83.

Julia, wife of John Flood, died, aged 30.

12. Air, h.41, 1. 31 The high water drove the pier and dock

merchants out of thier stores. St Andrews Society : The following officers were elected : President, Walter Dickson ; First Vice, Robert McFarlane; Second Vice, David N. Kirk; Chaplain, Rev. Dr. Halley ; Physician, Dr. John Ferguson; Treasurer, James Wilson; Secretary, Peter Kinnear; Assistant Secretary, George G. Davidson; Managers, Thomas McCredie,

George Young, James Duncan, Robert McHaffie, Andrew McMurray

Johu Kranzdied, aged 62. Susan Smith died, aged 29.

13. Air, h. 36, 1. 31 Thomas Forest died, aged 43. Alexander

Brown Shepard died, aged 62.

14. Air, h. 42, 1. 30 .-...Charles H. Winne died, aged 21. Philip

Fahey died, aged 60. Catharine Hawkins died, aged 45.

15. Air, h. 44, 1. 31 Rev. J. M. Ludlow, pastor of the First

Presbyterian church announced that he had accepted a call from the Collegiate Reformed church in New York city. His salary here was $4,000; there, $7,000 Michael Delaney died, aged 63.

16. Air, h. 36, 1. 29 The new store of Wendell & Roberts, No.

31 North Pearl street, was opened. The house of which the present members are lineal successors, is one of the oldest mercantile establishments in the city. It dates its genealogy back to the year 1810. Its founders then were Robert Shepard and William Boyd, the solid integrity of whose character gave an impress to the house that has never been effaced. These two gentlemen had been fellow apprentices in the jewelery establishment of Isaac Huston, well known in his day and generation. The store occupied by this new firm of young men was in the building that then stood upon the north-east corner of Broadway and Exchange street, and upon a portion of the site subsequently chosen for the erection of the Exchange building. In 1839, Mr. Shepard, whose age impelled him to retire from the cares of active business, retired from the firm, and gave place to John H. Mulford, who had beon properly educated to the business by the service of an apprenticeship under Joseph T. Rice. In 1840, Mr. William Boyd died, and the vacancy thus created was filled in 1842 by the promotion of William Wendell. The latter had won his advance by years of faithful service to the former firm In 1854 Mr. Mulford voluntarily withdrew from the business, and gave place to his nephew, Robert L. Mulford, and Wm. P. Feltman. The latter had won the favor of his copartners by years of industry as a clerk. In 1862 Mulford retired, and in 1864 Mr. Feltman died. Then Richard H. Roberts was advanced, by the order of gradation so long adopted as the policy of the firm, from a clerkship to a partnership. The firm thereby now consists of Mr. Wendell, whose connection as stated dates from 1842, and Mr. Roberts. This history shows in significant colors the policy that has ever governed the firm — that of elevating to partnership those who by industry and fidelity as clerks had proven their fitness, and merited the esteem of their employers. While this policy has preserved the cohesiveness of the firm, it has secured to it a large measure of that public approbation that has ever attached to it. And now, in the old days of its existence, with elements of youthful vigor, and in a store fashioned after the model of modern taste, it not only enjoys the favor that its history so well merits, but addresses itself with success to that same patronage that a new rival might solicit.—Journal Mrs. Clarissa Baldwin died, aged 67r

17. Air, h. 33, 1. 25 Magdalena Faught died, aged 73. Catharine Kelsoh died, aged 50.

18. Air, h. 35, 1.29 Snow and sleet fell all day Mary,

widow of Charles McAuley, died, aged 85.

19. Air, h. 36, 1. 34.

20. Air, h. 39, 1. 32 Mrs. Isabella Dalton died, aged 80. John

Flatterly died, aged 45. Henry Jenkins, died at Tucson, Arizona.

21. Air, h. 39, 1. 33 D. P. Cady died, aged 60.

22. Air, h. 35, 1. 32 Alexander Sager died, aged 60. Kate O.

McGinty died, aged 22. Julia, widow of James Collins, died, aged 58.

23. Air, h. 35, 1. 28 John T. Winne died, aged 21.

24. Air, h. 34, 1. 28 Hogan Gibbous died, aged 31*. Philip

Stein died, aged 49.

25. Air, h. 40, 1. 32.

26. Air, h. 42, 1. 39.

27. Air, h. 43, 1. 32 A telegraph line along the Susquehanna

rail road connecting Binghamton with Albany was completed this day. Louis Francois Alphonse Brun died, aged 44.

28. A meeting of citizens was held at the City Hall to consider the feasibility of removing Union College to Albany. Dr. Alden March presided, and Judge Clute delivered a written address. Speeches were made by Hon. J. V. L. Pruyn, Dr. McNaughton, Win. Barnes, Mr. Cavert and Arthur Bott. Hon. Ira Harris, president pro tern, of the college, spoke in reply to questions about the condition of the institution and the probable willingness of the trustees to treat for a removal. He thought if the citizens of Albany would raise half a million of dollars the trustees would consider it advantageous to the institution to remove. It was held by the speakers that Albany would have a university soon, that all efforts to establish one at Schenectady had failed, and that two institutions so near each other could not succeed; and it was evident which would have to succumb, as Union had run down in scholarship from 330 to 140. A committee was appointed to confer with the trustees on the subject.

29. The German Catholics laid the comer stone of a new church, to be called Holy Queen of Angels, on the corner of Central avenue and Robin street. A procession was formed at the Cathedral, consisting of the prelates of the Catholic church, two brass bands, eight military companies and four civic societies. The foundation of the edifice had already been laid 150 feet long and 66 wide. The notice published, that the ceremonies would take place, and be attended with a grand procession, called out one of the largest crowds we ever saw on any similar occasion. The weather was cold and disagreeable, yet thousands of people patieutly waited from about 2 P. M., until the close of the ceremonies, between 5 and 6 V. M. There could not have been less than six thousand people present to witness the exercises attending this imposing event. The procession that acted as an escort to tho bishop and clergy, from the episcopal residence on Madison avenue, to the church site, consisted of Klein's and Freberthuyser's bands, eight military companies from the 10th and 25th regiments, and four civic socities, the Hibernian, St. Peter's, St. Joseph's and St. Francisquis. The bishop and clergy arrived on the ground at 4 p. M and immediately formed into procession for the purpose of dedicating the church, blessing the spot on which the altar was to stand, and lay the corner stone, nil of which duties were performed with imposing ceremonies. The llight Itev. Bishop Conroy officiated in the exercises, assisted by the Very Kevs. Father Wadhams and Fidelis Dehm, Fathers Bayjrd, Ludden, McGinn, Bulk, Doran and Lowery, of this city, and Fathers Alphonse and Robert, of Utica, and about thirty acolytes. At the conclusion of the exercises, the clergy took a position on the platform arranged for the purpose, from which the Very Rev. Father Wadhams delivered an appropriate address to the occasion in English, and the Very Rev Father Fidelis Dehin in German. Owing to the lateness of the hour, these were short but very effective. At the close the bishop delivered a benediction, and the crowd dispersed. The new church is to be called Holy Queen of Augels, a very pretty title. Its pastor is Father Newbauer, of the order of 0. M. C, who was also present and took part in the ceremonies. The auditofluin will be 130 feet. The whole is to be of Romanesque architecture, and have a beautiful tower. The architects were Nichols & Brown. The builder is John McCabe. When completed it will be a splendid structure, and creditable to the German Catholics.—

Knickerbocker John Haswell died, at Bethlehem, aged 89. The

deceased was the eighth son of John Haswell, senior, who migrated from Northumberland, England, in 1774, with a family consisting of himselfj wife and eleven children (seven sons and four daughters), who landed in New York, came to Albany in that year, aud settled on the Patroon's Manor in Bethlehem, six miles south-west of this city, on the farm on which the subject of this obituary was born on first of January, 1780, and died aged 88 years, 10 months and 28 days. After the death of his parents, the farm was divided between three of the sons: Edward, John aud William. The latter is the youngest and the only survivor of fifteen children, and is in the 85th year of his age. The title of the farm still remains in the family. With the exception of an attack of fever and ague, more than half a century ago, the deceased has enjoyed uninterrupted health until the 19th instant, when the inexorable messenger entered his sick chamber to call him from earth to a better world. He was always an active member in society, taking a lively interest in state, town, school and church affairs, never failing to attend meetings called to promote the interest of either; and while he was an active politician he was far from being a seeker for political favors. He was, however, elected aud served as one of the members of assembly from this county, in the fall of 1826. With this exception he refused all other positions except as an officer of the church, school trustee, path master and quartermaster of the Bethlehem regiment of militia, and was never absent from duty on any occasion requiring his presence. During his life he lived in peace with all his neighbors, and highly respected by all who knew him, and departed this life without ever having had an enemy, full of years, and with an abiding hope of a glorious resurrection from the grave to eternal life

through the atoning merits of the Saviour Jane B., wife of Geo. S.

Lansing, died, aged 39.

30. Hannah, wife of Wm. M. Wilbur, died at Saratoga, aged 29.

December 1. Samuel Spooner died, aged 60. Richard Bedell died, aged 68. Caroline Papen died, aged 68.

2. The delegates of the new Diocese of Northern New York met in St. Peter's church. Forty seven of the ninety six parishes were represented at the opening. Rev. Dr. Coit of Troy was elected president; the Rev. J. H. Brown, secretary, and John H. Van Antwerp, treasurer. 'Rev. Wm. Croswell Doane, rector of St. Peters, was elected bishop of the diocese William P. Norton died, aged 30.

3. Cellie A. Keeler died, aged 22.

4. Bridget Farrell died, aged 57.

5. Samuel S. Mull died, aged 30.

6. Elizabeth Gourlay, wife of Robert Whitlock, died, aged 65. Jeremiah Lansing, Jr., died. Mrs. Lemira Roberts died, aged 82.

7. The river was thought to be closed by a heavy snow storm, and the

boats were hauled off Anna Mariah Williams, wife of Thomas Craik,

died, aged 26. Susan, wife of John Canary died, aged 47.

8. A change in the temperature renewed the activity of the shippers, and a large tow left for New York, arfd the steam boats ware put in

active motion Edward M. Tobey died, at St Cloud, Minnesota,

aged 48.

9. The last steamboat left for New York ...James Mulhearn died,

aged 28. George Clemons died in New York, and was brought up for burial. John Doran died, aged 60. George Edee died, aged 70.

10. The thermometer indicated 10° above zero, and the river was frozen over, and no boat attempted to reach this point, although the ferry boats continued to ply.

11. Mary Jane Kane, wife of James H. Briety died, aged 26. James Cullen died, aged 25.

12. Air, h. 18,1. 8. Mary, widow of Seth Hastings, died at Brainerd's Bridge, aged 79.

13. Air, h. 25,1.20 George Reuter died, aged 56. Samuel

Gardner died, aged 62.

14. Air, h. 28, 1. 17 Daniel W. Wood died, aged 32. Bridget,

wife of Henry W. Keenan, died, aged 26.

15. Air, h. 26,1. 21 Thomas D. Bennett died, aged 56 years, and was

buried from the Friends' meeting house. John W. Jenkins, Jr., died, aged 67.

16. Air, h. 27 1. 12 Mrs. Catharine Bake died, aged 54. Daniel

Cahill died, aged 34. Lucia M., widow of John Marvin, died, aged 89. Stafford Spencer Benne died, aged 21. Catharine Glevin died, aged 75.

17. Air, h. 22, 1. 18 The excavation going on for the new Capitol presented the most extraordinary spectacle ever seen in Albany of the kind. About 400 men were employed in loading 200 teams, which formed a continuous procession in close rank from morning till night, passing

up Washington avenue to the dumping ground, and returning

William Pye died, aged 50. Ann, wife of Patrick Lynch, died, aged 46. Margaret Mesick, wife of Rev. B. F. Romaine, died by her own hand at Columbus, O.

18. Air, h. 36, 1. 27 Caroline M. Burgess, wife of John Elmen

dorf, died, aged 36.

19. Air, h. 34, 1. 4 An unusual number of buildings were being

erected, for the time of year. A few years ago it was thought hardly possible to erect brick buildings in the winter, and masons, carpenters and painters were out of employment three or four months. It had been discovered that the difficulty of frost could be overcome, and the lack of sufficient tenements for the people during the coming year, was an additional'inducement to push forward with all possible celerity during the winter Margaret McNurtney died, aged 48. Joel R. Reed died.

20. Air, h. 18, 1. 10 Rain fell during the day, and the streets

were slippery with ice and water St. Anne's Catholic church, in

Nucella street, was dedicated, with the customary ceremonies. This church is, undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful specimens of ecclesiastical architecture in our city, already famed for its elegant churches. Its exterior is novel in outline and finish, and the entire design will bear critical examination, and can hardly fail to be admired by architects and connoisseurs, as something far beyond ordinary brick and mortar vagaries. The interior is especially beautiful, and the church may be justly considered a gem. It gives evidence in its proportions, interior orna

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