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Found in the kitchen, 5 little earthen pots, also 17 ditto little and great, 10 pewter platters, 1 pewter mug, 4 pewter dishes, 11 pewter spoons, 1 copper frying pan, an iron pot hanger, 2 iron pots and 1 copper ditto,

1 copper kettle, 2 little wooden pails, 1 lantern, 1 little pail, 1 skimmer,

2 wooden bowls.

[The above is probably a part of the following inventory.]

Inventory of the goods of Jan Gerritsen Van Marcken ' farmer of the excise, taken the 11th of December, 1663. A clothes press wherein were found a little box (bosjeii) of black seewant. 4 blue aprons, 1 ivory tobacco box, 8 men's and women's shirts (hemden), also 2 shirts, 5 sheets, also 2 ditto, 2 white roundabouts (loambus), 1 coarse white bed blanket, 18 pillow biers great and little, also 1 ditto, 15 napkins, 3 table cloths, 5 towels, a child's woolen bed blanket, a woman's white under waistcoat, 1 white drawers, (onder broecle), 2 white aprons, 4 red towels, 1 patched tick, a little johild bed basket, 2 small red flowered curtains, 2 pairs of gloves, 3 black hoods, a woman's red boddice, a little piece of stuff, 4 woman's black cloaks, (2 lost), 1 man's red waistcoat, (lost), 1 piece of red stuff, 1 pair of women's shoes, 3 woman's Btomachers, (lost), 2 black aprons, (one lost), a little green garment, 1 blue coat, (lost), 1 red coat and 2 black coats, (lost), a woman's gown, (the coat lost), 1 pair of man's and 1 pair of woman's stockings, (the woman's gone). 1 man's brown cloth suit, a man's serge suit, (lost), 1 pair of drawers, 1 man's black coat, (gone), 3 children's garments, 2 swathing cloths, 2 green valances, (gone), 2 green curtains, (gone), 1 bed coverlet.

Goods which hang loose about the house. 2 guns, 2 pocket pistols, 1 looking glass, 1 hollow cane [stickaef], 2 books, little and great, 3 pictures, 1 gridiron, 1 smoothing iron, 1 iron pot hanger, 1 tongs, 3 earthen dishes, 1 bort almanac.

Found in the garret. 15 little white earthen mugs, 12 white do plates, a parcel of wine glasses, (?) 3 earthen saltcellers, 4 white ditto bowls, 3 earthen platters, 3 woman's wooden * a parcel of * and trammels, bed and bolster.

Appeared before me Johannes Provoost, clerk, etc., and in the presence of the after named witnesses, Jan Classen [Backer Van Osanen] husband and guardian of Lysbet Donneur [D'Honneur] widow of Pieter Jacobsen Van Rinsborgh deceased, who acknowledges and declares by these presents, that he has agreed with the administrators of the estate of the aforesaid Pieter Jacobsen Van Rinsborgh, to wit, that he, the subscriber, renounces the said estate, for the sum of three hundred guilders in heavy (sioaert) money, which he shall receive in merchandise from Mr. Johannes Withart, but from said sum shall be deducted the sum of one hundred guilders in light (lichi) money, for the Commies Johannes La Montague, to the behoof of the Honorable Company, which was furnished

1 J. G. Van Marcken and wife Geertie ITuybertee came over in the ship St. Jacob. Dutch J/ftf., xiv, 116,— received a patent for a lot near Fort Uasimir in 1657,— was in New Ainstel, HJ59, from whence he was banished: farmer of the excise in Beverwyck, 1662: and appointed sheriff of Schenectady 1673, where he resided several years.

3 A broad *ide almanac or calendar?

to said Pieter Jacobsc Van Rinsborgh on his sick bed j therefore he, the subscriber, acquits said estate of any further claim or pretension, pledging thereto his person and estate personal and real.

Thus done in Fort Orange the 23d of November, Ano: 1663, in presence of Wouter Albertsen [Van den Uythoff] and Arent Van Den Bergh witnesses hereto called.

Jan Klassen.
Jan Verbeeck, Administrator,
Evert Wen del, do,
Wouter Albersen,

This is the mark of AB Arenl Van den Bergh, with his own hand set. Acknowledged before me.

Appeared before me Johnnes La Montagne, in the service of etc., and in the presence of the honorable Gooscn Gcrritse [Van Schaick] and Jan Tomassen, commissaries, etc., the honorable Sander Leendcrsen Glen, who declares that he has granted and conveyed, as by these presents he does grant and convey, in real and actual possession to and tor the behoof of Jurriaen Teunisse [Glasemaccker] his heirs or assigns, two gardens lying together near {omtrent) the village of Beverwyck, aforesaid, behind the Heer Rensselaer's house, in the second street next to the hill, bounded to the south by Jan Bastiaense Van Gudsenhoven, and to the north by Goosen Gerritsen [Van Schaick,] each of such magnitude as before this they were by allotment distributed; for which aforesaid two gardens, the said Jurriaen Teunisse, promises to pay the sum of one hundred and seventyfive guilders in scewant: wherefore, the grantor promises to free said two gardens from all actions, claims, or pretensions of all other persons, who may lay claim thereto, pledging therefor his person and estate, personal and real, present and future, nothing excepted, and submitting himself to all laws and judges.

Done in Fort Orange the 28th of December, 1663.

Sander Lenrsen Glen, Jurejaen Tunsen. Goosen Gerretsen. Jan Thomas. Acknowledged before me,

La Montagne, Commit at Fort Orange.

Appeared before me Johannes La Montagne, in the service of, etc., and in the presence of the honorable Gerrit Slichtenhorst and Stoffel Janse [Abeel,] commissaries, etc., the honorable Sander Leendersen Glen, who declares that he has granted and conveyed, as by these presents he does grant and convey, in real and actual possession to and for the behoof of Caspar Jacobse [Halenbeck] his heirs, or assigns, a lot for a garden lying in Fort Orange aforesaid, bounded to the west by the lot of Jeremias Van Rensselaer, north by the lot of the grantee (acceptant,) length sixteen and a half rods, and breadth three rods eight and a half feet; which lot was conveyed to the grantor by patent of the Heer director general and council of New Netherlaud, of date the 13th July, A. D. 1658, and therefore, the grantor promises to free the same from all actions, claims, or pretentions, which may hereafter arise, pledging therefor his person and estate, personal and real, present and future, and submitting himself to all law and judges.

Done in Fort Orange, the 29th of December, A. D. 1663.

Sander Lenrsen Glen. Gerrit Slichtenhorst. Stoffel Janse. Acknowledged before me,

La Montaone, Commit at Fort Orange.

Appeared before me Johannes Provoost, clerk, etc., and in the presence of the afternamed witnesses, two Mahikander Indians, the one named Panasit, the other Wapto, brothers and owners of the fast land on the east side of Apjen's island extending from the one end of said island to the other, who declare that they have sold, granted, and conveyed, as by these presents they do, in real and actual possession, to and for the behoof of Jan Tomassen and Volkert Janse [Douw,"| their heirs or assigns, the aforesaid land on the east bank [of the Hudson river,] extending as above, and further more, running into the woods; for a certain sum in goods, to them paid, which the grantors acknowlege that they have received, and for the aforesaid land are fully paid and satisfied; and therefore renounce said land on said east bank, and promise to free the same from every claim or pretension of the other Indians, who may sinisterly lay claim to the same.

Thus done in the village of Beverwyck, in the presence of Rutger Jacobsen and Doctor (meester) Jacob de Hince, as witness hereto called, on the 17th of January, A. D. 1664.

This is the mark A of Paensit.

"J" with his own hand set.

Rutger Jacobsen.
J. Dehinsse.

Acknowledged before me,

J. Provoost, Clerk.

On this the 21st day of February, A. D. 1664, appeared before me Johannes Provoost, clerk, etc., and in the presence of the afternamed witnesses, the honorable Goosen Gerritse [Van Schaick,] commissary of said place, of the one side, and Gerrit Ryersen, his half brother, for his portion, of the other side, who declare, by these presents, that they have made with each other a dissolution and buying out of a certain contract, commenced the 11th of August, A. D. 1662, between their people and Hendrick Coster, in partnership with Gerrit Reyerae, in respect to a certain six thousand guilders, which they, the people of (Joosen Gerritse, at their expense have employed to be used the space of two years, conditioned on the payment of interest thereuu at ten per cent, the

This is the mark <^_ /\ of Wapto.

with his own hand set.

dissolution thereof to be made in manner following: Gcrrit Ryerse shall deliver over, by inventory, all such goods and merchandise as he has on hand, and likewise assign, by these presents, for the sake of the above mentioned sum, all the outstanding debts due him with the account book; he shall also collect the outstanding debts, or else on his departure to Patria, obtain from the debtors proper obligations and acknowledgements for the debts; and as some beavers are held as a return to Holland and something is to be paid there, Goosen Gerritse shall receive and take to himself the surplus, which comes from Holland in merchandise; wherefore the said Goosen Gerritse, to buy out said Gerrit Reyersen, promises to pay the number of thirty good, whole beaver skins, likewise ninty-nine guilders, which Gerrit Reyersen owes the capital personally, without further claim therefor; together with a hundred and twelve guilders in seewant, and two beavers, by way of moneys disbursed, which Goosen Gerritsen shall also pay to him; for the due performance of which the respective parties pledge below their persons and estates, personal and real.

Thus done without craft or guile, in the presence of Dirk Van Schelluyne and Pieter Van Alen, as witnesses hereto called, on the date as above.

Goosen Gerretsen.
Gerrit Reyerse.

D. V. Schelluyne, 1664.

Pieter Van Alen. Acknowledged before me,

Johannes Provoost, Clerk.

25th of March, 1664.

Inventory taken for the second time, of the goods of Jan Gerritse Van Marcken, as he has broken the seal and opened the press and abstracted goods therefrom, which press with some goods therein, is brought to the house of Jochem Wesselse [Backer] for safe keeping, to be hereafter inventoried.

Loose Goods.— 3 earthen platters, with 2 little ditto and a little porcelain cup, 7 pewter platters, 1 pewter mug, and ditto little cup, 8 pewter spoons and 2 copper ditto, 5 earthern plates, 1 white earthern cullender, 2 little red earthern and ditto white cups, 1 copper smoothing iron, 1 copper skimmer, 1 iron trivet, 1 iron chopping knife, 1 pot hanger and 1 ditto hook, 1 wooden spoon-rack (lepel-bortie), 1 copper lamp, 1 shotpouch (schiet-tas), 1 little copper kettle, 1 iron pot, 2 pewter wine measures, 1 pewter mustard pot, 1 candle box, 1 white earthern oil pot, 1 little white earthern mug, 1 gridiron and pan, 1 red cullender, 1 red earthern platter, 3 little earthern pots, 1 red wooden bowl, 1 tick-tack board, 1 picture, 1 can rack, 1 round table, 1 gun, 1 case with six bottles, 1 old wooden pail, 3 dusters, a rolling pkj and board, 1 bat, 1 wood ijxe, 1 water pail, 1 bed with bolster and 2 pillows, 3 coverlets which are left in the house of Jan Gerritse for his convenience, 2 green curtains, 2 iron tongs, 15 pewter plates, 1 box with trellice, (tralien off eetenskasie).

Brought from, the garret.— 4 white earthern plates, 1 red earthern stew pan, 5 (say 5) little earthern platters, 10 white earthern mugs and a blue ditto, 5 white earthern mustard pots, 1 ditto oil pot, 3 white earthern salt cellars, 4 little white earthern pots, 4 little earthern pots, 3 little white platters, 1 earthern pot with 8 little rumbling pots ' therein, 7 earthern pots, little and great, a lantern, 2 market pails, 1 duster, 1 iron pot cover, 1 iron pot hanger, 8 iron door locks, 13 iron scissors, 4 pairs- of iron pot hooks, 1 church [foot] stove, 2 latches, 2 iron hammers, with some little rings, 8 great wine glasses, 21 stroo rissen with wine glasses, 1 hat case, 1 little basket, 1 iron weight of ten pounds, a parcel of pipes lying loose up garret.

On the first of March, 1664, the press of Jan Gerritse Van Marken was opened and therein were found : 8 pieces of false parchment, 3 bossen pict, 2 little square pictures, 8 pocket handkerchiefs, 4 tin spyglasses, 3 rubbing brushes, 2 pocket pistols, 3 little copper rods (roetieni), 1 farthingale, 1 pair of little child's stockings, one little child's knitted waist coat, 1 one old green valance, one riding coat, 3 children's doeckentient, 1 green, 2 white, 1 pair of man's grey stockings patched, 1 green valance, 1 red swathing cloth, 1 man's drawers, half red and half white,

1 man's brown suit, 2 silk damask valances, 1 green swathing cloth, a piece of apple blossom cloth, a little black mantel without sleeves, 1 black grogram apron, 1 silk grogram hood, a bundle or roll of very coarse linnen, a woman's stays in a white linnen cloth, 1 krale basket,

2 pairs of knit gloves, 1 black and 1 pair gray, 1 ivory tobacco box, 1 pair of woman's shoes, 1 silver frontlet- (silverooriser), 2 white linnen aprons, 2 white men's coats, 5 pillows, also 3 pillows, 1 linnen bag, 1 piece of white bombazine, and 1 piece of white woolen, a man's and a woman's shirt, 1 blue checked (dobbehteentiens) valance, 1 woman's black petticoat, 1 white bombazine drawers, (onderbrocck), 5 pillows, also 2 ditto small, 1 woman's white underwaist coat, 1 little red garment (kleetje),

1 woman's shift, 1 little old black mantel, a woolen cloth in which are found some children'sclotbes, acloth with a parcel of seewant, 2 old silk caps,

2 chair cushions, 5 blue aprons, a woman's old bandage [kcbaye,~] 16 books great and little, a little white basket with some trumpery therein, 2 books with maps, a portmanteau, 3 little pictures, 1 great looking-glass, a perpetual almanac, a green coverlet, a little piece of bed tick, 3 table clothes, 18 napkins, little and great, 6 towels and a sash (gezondheyt), in a red swathing cloth, a large and small brush, a wooden bowl in which are 11 hoods and caps, 4 night neckkerchiefs, 3 fine neckkerchiefs, 3 rags (doekjini) 3 tuckers (necrstucken), and 3 santccs, 1 cane wherein is a rapier blade, 5 pocket handkerchiefs attached to each other, 15 tuckers (necrstucken), 2 santeen, 2 woman's neckkerchiefs, 2 white aprons, 8 hoods, 1 woman's stiched cap, 1 pocket handkerchief, a signet, a white apron, in which is wrapped a whole parcel of trumpery.

A chest wherein was found, 20 girls and boy's caps and gome gloves, 10 wooden flutes (fluyten), 1 pair of yellow stockings for a child, 1 pair of man's leather stockings, 3 chair cushions, 1 blue linnen drawers, one woman's old linnen under waistcoat, 1 stuff breeches, 1 scarlet underwais.tcoat with silver buttons, 1 man's serge suit, 1 black hat, a cloth with starch, a pilot's booyh, and 2 compasses.

On this 12th day of March, A.D. 1664, by these presents, the honorable Abraham Staets on the one side, and Jan Anderiessen the Irishman, of the other side, have contracted and agreed together in the manner

1 Rommtlerylien», a shrovctidc play toy. a An ornament for the bead.

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