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Worshipful, valiant, most noble general, and right honorable sirs of the high council of New Netherland:

As the first of May next will be the time when the terms of office of the three persons now serving as commissaries shall have expired, viz : Jan Verbeeck, Jacob Janse Schermerhooren, who last year departed for Holland, and Jan Tbomase [Mingael], so to fill up the bench, according to former custom, a nomination is made of a double number of six persons, viz: Philip Pieterse Schuyler, Derrick Janse Croon,' Volckert Janse [Douw], Rem Janse [Smit], Evert Wendel and Arent Andriese [Bratt], from whom, if it please your honors of the high honorable court, to elect three persons, for this bench, to supply the places of the aforesaid retiring officers; and our humble petition is, that your honor and the court will please make the election at the aforesaid time, otherwise the bench will be deficient, to the great inconvenience of the people here, and also the honorable company's service; awaiting the same, in the meantime, we pray Almighty God to prosper your honor's and the council's government, and that your counsels may long abide. In the meantime, Heer general and honorable sirs, we remain your honors' humble and trusty servants of the court, at Fort Orange and Beverwyck.

Fort Orange, 30th of March, 1655.

Steven Janse [Coninck] desires to sell, at this sale or auction, the following goods, on these conditions, to wit: The payments shall be made in good merchantable beavers, without any abatement, in the month of May. The buyers shall make said payments, at the time fixed, to Pieter Ryverdingh, who shall receive the money for the aforesaid goods:

To Baehtgen, a ticktack table (ticktack bort), f 16.00

Rensselaer, 11 axes (bylen), / 9.10

Seger Cornelise, 361b tobacco, / 25.00

Do. 6 beer glasses, / 6.04

Jan the Jester (?) (met de boert), 3 pictures, f 2.00

Henderick Jochemse, a sign,'-' f 3.12

Jacob Adrianse,3 a gun, f 13.00

Pieter Bout, a canoe (knoo), / 35.00

Jan Thomase [Mingael], 3 gutters [for a brewery], / 60.00

Steven Janse, a sow (soch), f 17.00

Henderick Gerritse [Van Wie], a hog, / 15.00

Steven Janse. a hog, f 14.00

Huybert the Rogue (?), (de guyt), a cask of No. 1 Holland beer,/ 41.00

Philip Pieterse [Schuyler], do. No. 2, / 33.00

1 Dirk Janse Croon was appointed magistrate in 1655, and 1658. In 1660, he was superintendent of wellf.— Dutch Manuscripts, xiv, 199, etc. In 1664, he was probably in Amsterdam.— English Manuscript*, xxii, 3.

2 Hangtxrrd, a sign before the door of an inn. It would Beem from the gale of his sign, beer, etc., that Coninck at this time retired from the business.

1 Jacob Adriaense Van Utrecht, alum Rademacker.

Hist. Coll. iv. 29

Willem Pieterse [Van Slyck],i a barrel (ton) No. 8 Holland beer, / 30.00

Willem Pieterse, No. 9, ditto, / 24.00

Seger Cornelise, a tobacco / 2.10

Jan Vcrbeeck, cask No. 4 Holland beer, / 24.00

Joan de Hulter, a chest, / 9.10

Huybert the Rogue (de yuyt), / 2.12

Do. een troch met een bccken, f 9.01

Young Kees, 3 benches, f 8.10

Joan de Hulter, four hogs at 14 guilders a piece, f 54.00

Anthony De Hooges, a cask of Holland beer, f 24.00

Leendert Philipse [Conyn],2 a press bed, f 4.00

Doorethe, a book (paid from the brewery), f 16.00

To Jacob from the Flat, a dog, but Andries and Goosen have assumed the debt. Also to Juryan the glazier, two hogs, for 3^ beavers, but Andries Herpertsen and Goosen Gerritse [Van Schaick], must also have money for stones, and the 3^ beavers go as an offset.

Jan Peeck desires to sell at this public sale his two houses, standing and lying in Fort Orange, with the garden thereto belonging, all according to the patent thereof. The houses adjoin on the west the angle of the fort, to the cast Arent Van den Bergh; the garden lies to the south of the aforesaid fort, adjoining to the north the Heer Rensselaer, and to the south a public road. First.— The person who, as buyer, bids in the same, shall be holden to make the first payment of six hundred guilders, in the month of May, or at furthest, by the end of said month, the half, in current seewant, and the other half, in good beavers. The second payment, being the last, shall be paid before the following May, in the year 1656, the half, in current seewant, and the other half, in beavers as before; on this condition that the pereon, who bids off the same, shall be holden to furnish sufficient sureties ; and failing in that, the property shall again be offered for sale at the charge of the buyer, and what less it shall bring, the buyer shall make good. The seller of the aforesaid houses shall be holden to deliver the garden inclosed in new pales, together with the sand that may be in the cellar of the one house, which he shall build and complete in a proper manner, after which the buyer must order matters himself.

Upon this 14th of April, 1655, Mr. Joannes Dyckman remained the highest bidder, for the sum of sixteen hundred and twenty-seven Carolus guilders, and on the aforesaid conditions hereunder set his usual sign manual; pledging the aforesaid houses and his estate, personal and real, all according to law.

Joannes Dyckman.

We, the undersigned, as principals, stand sureties for the aforesaid Joannes Dyckman, in the purchase of the two houses, according to the conditions, to stand in his stead in case of failure of payment, and to pay

1 Willem Pieterse Van Slyck had three eons: Pieter, Dirk, and Tennis, and perhaps Jacob, who settled In the vicinity of Beverwyck and at Kinderhook, and had families.

3 Lcendcert Philipse Conyn, in 1657, owned a house and lot in Beverwyck on the river side, which he still owned in 1676.— Deed*, i, 04, 303. He died in 1704.— Albany Church Record*. lie left sons, Philip and Caspar, and perhaps Jacob.

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the aforesaid money; for which we pledge our estates, personal and real, according to law.

Done this 16th of April, 1655, in Beverwyck.

PlETER Ryverdingh.

As witnesses, Evert Pels.

Claes Hendryckse.
Willem Pieter se [Van Slyclc~\.

On this the 16th day of April, 1655, appeared before me Pieter Ryverdingh, clerk in the service of, etc., Mr. Joannes Dyckman, who acknowledged that he had sold to Claes Hendrickse [Van Schoonhoven], citizen here, a certain lot adjoining on the south side of Abraham Pieterse [Vosburgh] carpenter, and on the north side Mr. Jacob [De Hinse] chirurgeon, on the east side a common cart road, breadth about six rods eight feet, length ten rods, together with a double garden, Nos. 1 and 2 lying behind the aforesaid lot, with the timber lying there for a house, and the pales for the garden, all delivered free, lot, garden and timber; provided that said Claes Hendrickse, therefor, shall pay the sum of four hundred Carolus guilders, the half in good strung current seewant, and the other half in good whole beavers, under this reservation, that whenever the said Dyckman delivers over the patent for the same, then the promised sum as aforesaid shall be paid without further delay. In acknowledgment of the same, they mutually pledge their respective persons and estates, personal and real, present and future, subjecting the same to the force of all laws and judges. In witness of which, without craft or guile, this is signed with their own hands, on the date aforesaid in Beverwyck.

Johannes Dyckman.

As witnesses, Claes Hendryckse.

Andries Herberts.
Jan Peeck.

Acknowledged beforo me,

Pieter Ryverdingh, Clerk.

On this 17th day of April, 1655, appeared before me, Joannes Dyckman, customs officer, etc., in Fort Orange, etc., the honorable Pieter Gellisse Metselaer (mason), at present living at said Fort Orange, who declared that he had appointed and empowered, as by these presents he does appoint and empower, the virtuous Marytgen Jacobse residing on the Prince's canal at Amsterdam, being the subscriber's wife, and his grand uncle, in her husband's name and for his sake to claim, demand and receive all such sums of money as are due to him, for his child's portion, inherited by him from his mother, and further so to do and act as the matter demands, and as the attorney judges wise; the subscriber holding as fixed and irrevocable whatever said attorney, Maritgen Jacobse, has done or shall do herein, as if he were himself present in person.

In witness whereof, this is signed with his own hand, with witnesses hereto called and invited. Done as above. Pieter Jellessk.

As witnesses,

Andries Herberts.
Pieter Ryverdingh.

Acknowledged before me, Joannes Dyckman.

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