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(7) & (8). 16B2. Patented to Rut Adriaensen, the shoemaker: Hendrick Gerritsc (Van Wie), Rem Jansen, the smith, on which his great house stood; 1660, Cornells Tbennise Bos, occupied No. 7, the westerly portion; 1667, Jurriaen Junse Groenwout, who married Bos's widow; 1068-79, Cornells Van Nes, and his wife Maritie Damens; in 1674, Pieter Bogardus occupied it; No. Sjthe easterly portion, was owned by Capt. Thomas Willet, who succeeded Pieter Van Aleuj 1671, Philip Pleterse Schuyler: 1672, Jeremiah Van Rensselaer; 1679, his widow, Juflrouw, Maria V. R.—AW. Co. Bee., 43,101, 283, 487, 495; Deeds, in, 324; Patent*. 540.

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Broadway, eaat slde< Steuben to Maiden Liino.

r- These lots are about 10 rods deep with gardens In the rear extending to the river. Dean
street at first extended only (o Maiden Lane;then a couple of lots further north, and dually
C iu 1706. through to Steuben street, 80 or 86 feet wide.

~ (!'i. 1653, patented to Jan Verbeeck ;1607, Jeremiah Van Rensselaer: 1686, David I'ieterse
Schuyler and Hans Hendrickse;Jacobus and Abraham, sons of D. P. Schuyler; 17&)-35,
£■ David A. Schuyler; 1753, Widow Catharine Schuyler.—Patents, 456, 426; Alb. Co. Sec.,
88;Deeds, in, 118;Alt). An., i, 106;iv, 108;v, 198; ix, 47; x, 60;xi, 84.

(8). 1653, patented to Frans Barentse Pastoor, Hendrlck Andriese [Van Doesburgh]; 1658,
Philip Flcndr. Bronwer; 1661, Jan DirkseVan Eps; 1667, Cornells Van Nes, who married
Van Doeshurgh's widow :Hans Hendrickse whose descendants are snmamed Hansen;
1686, the church parsonage; 1736, Gcrrlt Lansing and Heudrick Van DeuBen received a
grant of a water lot in the rear of the parsonage lot 75 feet wide Rynland measure, and
extending to low watermark leaving a street [Dean] three rods wldo.—Patents, 388; Alb.
Co. Sec, 10,11,12, 21, 284, 300, 847, §84; Deeds, in, 118; Alb. An., x, 69; vi, 92; vn, 28.


Oi (8). 1667. Theunis Jacobsen ;1686, Jan Salomonse [Goewey].— Patent*, 388; Alb. An., I,


(4). 1660-66, the house of Jacques TysBen where Nicoiaas Marechael lives ;1665. Wm, Fred.
Boutff); 1680, Rocloff Gerritse [Vandcr Weaken].—Patents, 828; Alb. Co. Sec, 66, 76,
261. 404;Deeds, m, 74.

(51 and (6). 1652, patented to Theunise Cornelise; 1667, Wm. Fred. Bout; (5), 1667, Jan
Clnte: 1667. Ludovicns Cobes; 16S0, Jan Salomonse [Goewey.]—Patents, 436, 470, 828;
Alb. Co. Bee, 16, 17, 66, 76, 304, 404, 405, 428; Deeds, in, 74.

(6). 1652, partofpatent of Theunis Cornelise; 1665-7, Jan Evertse with garden behind;

1680, Annatie Evertse.— Patents, 435, 370, 828;Alb. Co. Sec, 66,67,76,404,495,481;'Deeds,

in, 74. (7). 1652, patented to William Frederickse Bout;1662. Jeremiah Van Rensselaer on which

his horse mill stood; 1665, Jacques Tyssen and Willcm Frederickse Bout; 1667. Jan

Evertsen- Patents, 435, 828; Alb. Co. Sec, 66, 76, 405, 421.

(8) and (9). Lot extending from the street to the river. 1652, patented to Cornells Theunise
Bos, alias Van Westbrook;1660, Jan Theunise, alias De Paep: 1667, Jurriaen Janse
Groenwout, who married Bos's widow: 1067, Symon Volkertse veeder, whereon he has
built a house.— Patents, 470, 480;Alb. Co. Sec, 76, 288, 408, 432.

(10). 1660, conveyed by Cornelis Theunise Bos for a road [Maiden Lone] 2rods by 18 rods.— Patents, 432;Alb. do. Sec, 288,409.

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