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Witbeck, Johannes (Hannes), [son of Caspar], and Engeltie Vrooman. Ch: b.; Martynus, Sept. 8.1762; Casparus, August 6, 1764; Martinus, bp. Dec. 7,1768.

Witbeck, Thomas [son of Johannes Thomase], and Janneke Rees. Ch: Johannes, b. June 26, 1769.

Witbeck, Pieter W. [son of Johannes Thomase], m. Rachel Van den Bergh, Jan. 9, 1768. Ch : b.; Cornelia, Aug. 29. 1768; Eva, Dec. 27,1770; Annatie, Oct. 17,1773; Johannes, Sept. 25, 1775; Cornells, Aug. 25,1784. [Pieter W. Winne, and Maritie Pruyn, m. Dec. 9, 1787.]

Witbeck, Marten C. [son of Jonathan], m. Maria Van den Bergh, July 8,1772. Ch: Machtcl, b. Jan. 7, 1773.

Witbeck, Gerrit [son of Lucas], m. Immelje Perry, May 29,1774. Ch:b: John Perry, March 10,1775: Lucas, June 23,1778; Antje, Jan. 28, 1781.

Witbeck, Johannes [son of Jonathan], m. Catharina Jones (SJaus) April 19, 1776. Ch: b.; Catharina, Oct. 5. 1776; Jonathan, March 23, 1779 ; Catharina, March 20, 1782.

Witbeck, Johannes [son of Lucas f] and Lena Van Den Betgh. Ch : Geertruy, b. Nov. 19,17S6.

Witbeck, Samuel [son of Lucas 1] and Rebecca Buys (Buls). Ch: b.; Geertruy, April 22, 177S; Christina, March 22,1780.

Witbeck, Willem [son of Johannes Thomase], m. Catharine (De) Foreest. Oct. 17, 1779. Ch: b.; Eva. April 11.1781; Johannes, Jan. 24, 1785; Marten, bp. Nov. 12,1786.

Witbeck, Harpert [eon of Abraham], m. Geertruy Wendell, Oct. 15,1783. Ch: b.; Abraham, Sept. 10, 17S4 ; Catharina, Dec. 1, 1785.

Witbeck, David, and Santje Fonda. Ch: Dirk,b. April 2, 1785.

Witbeck, Thomas J. [son of Jacob], m. Elizabeth Reisdorp, Sept. 22,1771. Ch: Maria, b. Oct. 3, 1786.

Witbeck, Isaac, and Elizabeth Van Woert. Ch: Elbert, b. July 11,1792.

Witbeck, Casparus [son of Johannes ?], m. Cornelia Dunbar, June 5, 1783. Ch: b.; Martinus, May 17,1793 ; Gerrit, Jan. 11, 1796.

Wlthardt, Johannes, owned a house and lot In Youker street next west of the Elm tree corner. He was a trader in New Amsterdam as early as 1654; 1656, he was trading in Beverwick; probably left the village about 1676, when Jan Janse Bleecker, his attorney, sold his lot.

Wltmond, Jan, and Cornells Cornelise, owned a brewhouse in the Oroenebos (Greenbush), in 1657 which they sold to Willem Brouwer for 1207 guilders.

Wltrel, Jean Georg (Jurriaan) uit de Bog/UYtIA; m. Maria Barbara Nicolaasen, Dec. 17, 1764. Ch: James, bp. Jan. 16,1768.

Wood, Samuel, and Marvtje Schans (Jones!). Ch): Maria, bp. May 15, 1748.

Wood, Thomas, of New York, m. Catarina Gardenier, March 23, 1752. Ch: Thomas, bp. Doc. 23, 1752.

'Woodcock, John, geltoren in Yorkshire in Oude Enqelundt, m. Ariaantje, dau. of Jan Jacobse Gardenier, May 3,1702. Ch : bp. ;Anna. Oct. 4,1702 ; John, Feb. 6, 1704; Abraham, Oct. 28, 1705; Isaac, July 4, 1707.

Woodcock, Dirk, and Sara Ch: Ariaau tje, bp.

Feb. 6, 1743.

Woodruff, Doctor Hunloke, m. Maria Lansing, May 16, 1779. Ch: b.; Ann, Jan. 20, 178U; Maria, Lansing, Nov. 22, 1781; Hunlock, July 27, 17S3; Hunlock, July 13, 1785; Helen, m. Dr. Samuel Freeman, and. d at Saratoga Springs, March 17, 1868. Doctor Woodruff owned a house on the north corner of North Pearl street and Maiden Lane; died July 4,1811, a. 56 y.

Wood worth, Absalom, and Catharine Sprong. Ch: Robert, b. Nov. 22, 1783.

Woad (Wood*) Benjamin, and Elizabeth

Ch: Richard, bp. Oct. 7, 1722; John, bp. June 8,1723.

WrctRht, Andrew, and Elizabeth Ch: b.;

Margarita, May 20, 1767.

W reach, Hannea, and Maria Rlesch. Ch: Susanna, b. Jan. 5, 1770 ; David, b. Aug. 23, 17T1; Johannes, bp. Sept. 15, 1773; HelenaTbp. Jan. 88, 1776: Pieter, b. Jan. 3, 1778.

Writh (Wright?) Hichard, of Scbachtekook, and Greesie ...., Ch: Catharyna, bp. Feb. 17,1739.

Wfbeiw, see Spoor. , Wrneaart, Lucas Gerritse, baker, and Anna Janse \an Hoesen; made a will Oct. 30,1709. Ch: Oerrit, eldest son: Maria, 1>]>. Feb. 15. 1685: Lucas, youngest eon, bp. Nov. 21,1686: Johannes ; Jacobus; [Evert f see Evert Luycasse.]

Wtkqaabt, Qerrtt Lncasse, trader, m. Sara Harmense Visscher, Nov. 4, 1H94. In 1703 he bought a lot on south side of State street, next to Pieter Van Brugh's near Lodge street 30 feet deep if not hindered by the stockades. Ch: bp.; Anna, Dec. 1, 1695; Hester, March 14, 1697: Lucas (Gerrltse), Feb. 26, 1699; Anna, Aug. 24, 1701; Ariaantje, Oct. 10, 1703; Lucas, Jan. 6, 1706; Sara, Feb. 15, 1708; Gerritje, Jan. 15,1710.

Wtsoaart, Johannes Lucasc, m. 8ara Wendel, April 25, 1695. Ch: bp.; Lucas, April 28, 1695; Johannes, Sept. 25, 1697; Ephraim, Aug. 11,1700; Lucas, May 7,1704.

Wtngaabt, Jacobus Lucase m. Maria Quackenbos, Nov. 3, 1700; he was buried Sept. 10,1727. Ch bp.; Anna, May 11, 1701; Johannes, May 80, 1703 Abraham, July 29, 1705; Machtelt, Jan. 28. 1708. Gerrit Lucase, Oct. 27,1710; Gerrit Lucase, April 20. 1712: Lucas, June 9, 1717; Christina, May 17, 1719: Lucas, Nov. 30, 1721, buried in the church Dec. 7, 1754.

Wtuoaabt, Johannes i son or Jacobus], m. Marine Huyseu, Nov. 22,1725: Ch: bp.; Elizabeth, Aug. 7,17-26; Marretie, Sept. 29, 1728; Machtcl, June 14, 1730; Margarita, Aug. 6,1732; Cathalyna, May 1(1, 1734; Cathalyna, Aug. 29,1736; Jacobus, June 21, 1738.

Wtxqaabt, Abraham [son of Jacobus] m. first, Elizabeth Van Franken, Dec. 13, 1729; who was buried April 22,1733; and secondly, Lytetje Van Aaletcyn, widow, Aug. 11, 1737. Ch: bp.; Maria, Nov. 13, 1731; Elizabeth, May 22, 1738 ; Petrus, Aug.

Wtxoaabt, Gerrit Lucase [son of Jacobus] and Christina Van Woert. Ch: Maria,bp. Jan. 10,1746.

Wfnkoop, Pieter, supercargo of Arms of Reneelacrawyck in 1644, sent over by the Patroon; he remained in the colony for some years.

Wynkoop, Cornells, supposed to have been the son of the last, was in Beverwyck in 1657, where he purchased a lot and house; he is said to have removed to Esopus in 1664, where he died In 1674 leaving six children.

Wynkoop, Gerrit, and Hilletje Gerritse. Ch: Nicolaas, bp.Feb. 18,1706.

Wynkoop Evert, and Geertie Elmendorp. Ch: Teola, b. Feb. 18. 1705.

Wynkoop, Cornells, m. first, Annatie Gansevoort, Jan. 2. 1778; secondly, Miss Forcey, Dec. 12, 1789 Ch: Harmen Gansvoort, b. Dec. 16,1785.

Wyxkoop, James, m. Cataline Dunbar, Feb. 11 1791. She d. June, 1838. a. 68 y. Ch: b.; James, Nov 1,1791. d. April 25, 1843; John Henry Meyers, Sept 10.1796 ; Sarah. Aug. 5, 1806: William, Feb. 1,1809; Robert. Ang. 1, 1811. [James Wynkoop, "amerchant of this city," d. May, 1701, a. 75 y.]

Wynkoop. John, and Harriet Bartay. Ch: Helena b.Jan. 13. 1794.

Yaten, Joseph, smith, m. Hubertjo Marselis. He was buried May 22,1730: his wife was buried July 13.1730. In 1693 he petitioned Gov Fletcher for £20 due him for wood furnished 1 he Fort "tblB being all hebasto look to for support of his wife and seven children:" in 1713 he lived Oh the east corner of Beaver and Green streets. Ch: bp.; Christoffel, April 3.1, 1684; Kobert, Nov. 11, 1688; Selia, Mav 7 MQ; Joseph, March 17, 1095; Sara, March 6, 1698; Abraham, March 1, 171H. [Abralium Y. m. Hester IWukwater, In New York, Sept. 10,1726.]

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W. Y. counsellor at law of Albany, d. at Caughnawaga March 9,1N2C. a. 79 y. Ch: b.; Cornelius Erasmus, July 21, 1768; Margarita, Jau. 28, 1770; Cornelia, Sept. 27, 1771; Cornelia, May 14, 1773; Maria, Dec. 28, 177S; Rebecca, Aug. 20, 1780, in. John King, and d. In New Lebanon, Sept. 28. 1H29; Magdalena, Dec. 15,1782; Engeltie, July 12,1786.

Yates , Peter W. [same as the last!], m. MaryTcrBush(Tcr bosB), Dec. 19, 1798. Ch: b.; Elizabeth. May 28, 1800, " it was Intended to call this child and ahe is called Catharine by her parents ;" Catharine. Jane 28,1801.

Yatkb, Christopher [son of Pioter], and Rebecca Wiune. She d. July 11,1863, a. 68 y. Ch: Pieter, b. July 15, 1784.

Yates, Hendrick [son of Abraham, Jr.] m. Rachel VanSanten [Zandt], Jan. 19, 1786. Shed. April 5, 1848, a. 80 y. 7 m. 27 d. Ch: b.; Abraham. Feb. 14, 1787; Rebecca. Sept. 19, 1788; Gysbert, Nov. 20, 1790; Henry, Dec. 1, 1792; Jane, March 22, 1797; Sara, May 9, 1799; Sara, March 7,1801; Judith, August 14, (20) 1803.

Yates, Adam [son of Johannes O. r] and Margaret Cardeuright. Ch: Eleana, b. Dec. 21, 1791.

Yates, John, and Geertruy.Van Vranken. Ch: John, b. Jan. 4, 1793..

Yongliall*. Matthias, and Margarita Ch:

Hendrik, bp. Feb. 3,1740.

Yoiiicu, Daniel, and Mary Barreth. Ch: Thomas, b. Dec. 28, 1771.

Torek, Daniel, and Mary Ch: David, bp.

August 15, 1737.

York, David, m. Susanna Grelle (Grennell, Creller), Dec. 27. 1701. Ch; b.; Daniel, qeboren den Utten August, bp., Sept. 5,1762 ; Petrus, Dec. 6,1765.

Toung (Joneh), Simon, and Anna Ro (Rowe f) He was sheriff of Albany 1696. Ch: Elizabeth, bp. Sept. 6,1696.

Youno, W., and Ch: Mercy, bp. Nov. 9,


Young, .William, and Catharhia (Helena) Fonda. Ch: bp.; Guy, April 23,1749 ; Maria, March 24,1754; Catarina, Feb. 20, 1758.

Young. Hendrick, m. Catrina Landman, Jan. 24, 1744. Ch: bp.; Pieter, Nov. 23, 1746; Pieter, Dec. 6,1748; Elizabeth, April 28,1751; Johannes, May 20, 1753; Catarina, April 6,1755: Abraham, 7 weten oud, Oct. 31,1762; Isaac, b. March 14, 1767.

Youno, Guy, and Elizabsth Ch: John, bp,

March 27,1748.

Young, George, van de tlachU, m. Catarina Litcber, Jan. 29. 1757. Ch : bp. ; Elizabeth, March 6, 1758: Henderlck, Nov. 86, 1759; Elizabeth, b. May 6, 1768.

Young, Philip, m. Annatle Syphes Seckels, Seckcnsl, Dec. 6, 1760. Ch: Annatle, bp. Aug. 16, 1761; Ch : b.; Philip, Nov. 8,17(3; Jacobus, June 24, 1766; Eva, March 19,1769 ; Philip, Dec. 2,1771.

Young, Hendrick, and Maria Lidger (Fletcher). Ch: Daniel, bp. Dec. 18, 1761 ; Ch : b.; Annatje, Oct. 22. 1763: Hendrik, April 22, 1768; Marj'tje. Oct. 6, 1770.

Young, Hendrick, and Catharine Keller. Ch: Henry, bp. Oct, 18, 1770.

Young, Guy m. first, Dirkie Winnc, Nov. 19,1769; and secondly," Maria Laiising.'about 1775. Ch: b.'; C'athalvua, "Sept. 11, 1771; Kiliaan, Oct. 23, 1773; William, Nov. 7, 1775.

Young, James, and Anne Snyder. Ch: Anthony, b. May 13, 1775.

Yocno, Daniel, and Elisabeth Van Der Kar. Ch: b.; Annatle, August 27, 1778; Charlotte, Oct. 27, 1781; Willem, Jan. 1,1783.

Young, John, and Celia Ch: Henry, b. Dec.

7, 1779.

Youno, Alexander, and Elisabeth Sneed. Ch: Mary, bp. Jan. 24,1780.

Young, Barent, and Elisabeth Rykers. Ch: Johannes, bp. May 13,1786.

Y'oung, Pieter, and Eva Moor. Ch : b. ; Catharlna, August 1, 1786; Peter, Dec. 10,1790; Margaret, Sept. 30, 1792.

Ysaclatyn, see Esselsteyn.

Zabrlskle, Johannes, ofUackenaack.m. Leentje (Leenat Lansing, of Albany, Jan. 11,1776. Ch: b.; Sara, Nov. 30,1776 ; Johannes Lansing, March 4,1779.

Zaiifrb, Thomas, and Clare Ch : Pieter, bp.

April 20, 1712.

Zebo, Johannes, and Anna M. Rockefeller. Ch: Hendrick, b. May 28, 1771.

Zellcr, Johannes, and Catryna Ch: Anna,

bp. Oct. 12, 1718.

Zlele, Pieter, and Annatie Ch: Pieter, bp.

Feb. 8,1738.

Zlpperlem, Barent of Hosak, m. Margarita Wheger, Nov. 20, 1764. Ch: Catharina, b. Dec. 5, 1767.

Zoup, Frederic, and Maria Ch: b.; Margarita, Sept. 25,1764 ; Dirk, Nov. 13,1766.

Zwaertireger, and... Hener. ChiLena,

bp. Nov. 17, 1776.


The following are the names of the mayors of the city of Albany, from 1686 down to 1871, with the terms of service of each:

Peter Schuyler, 1686

Johannis Abeel, 1694

Evert Bancker, 1695

Derick Wessels, 1696

Hendrick Hanson, 1698

Peter Van Brugh, 1699

Jan Jans Bleecker 1700

Johannis Bleecker, 1701

Albert Ryckman, 1702

Johannis Schuyler 1708

David Schuyler, 1706

Evert Bancker 1707

Johannis Abeel 1709

Robert Livingston, Jr.,... 1710

Myndert Schuyler 1719

Peter Van Brugh 1721

Myndert Schuyler 1728

Johannis Cuyler, 1726

Rutger Bleecker, 1726

John De Peyster, 1729

Hans Hansen, 1731

John Do Peyster 1732

Edward Holland 1738

John Schuyler, 1741

Cornelius Cuyler, 1742

Dirck Ten Broeck "1746

Jacob C. Ten Eyck 1748

Robert Sanders 1750

Hans Hansen 1754

Svbrant G. Van Schaick,. 1756

Volkert P. Douw 1761

Abraham C. Cuyler 1770

John Barclay 1778

Abraham Ten Broeck, ... 1779


John Ja. Bookman, 1788 to 1786

John Lansing, Jr 1786 to 1790

Abraham Yates, Jr., 1790 to 1796

Abraham Ten Broeck, 1796 to 1799

Phil. S. Van Rensselaer,.. 1799 to 1816

Elislia Jenkins 1816 to 1819

Phil. 8. Van Rensselaer,.. 1819 to 1821

Charles E. Dudley 1821 to 1824

Ambrose Spencer 1824 to 1826

James Stevenson, 1826 to 1828

Charles E. Dudley, 1828 to 1829

John Townsend, 1829 to 1881

Francis Bloodgood, 1831 to 1832

John Townsend 1832 to 1838

Francis Bloodgood, 1833 to 1834

Erastus Corning 1834 to 1837

Tounis Van Vechton, 1837 to 1839

Jared L. Rathbono 1839 to 1841

Teunis Van Vechten, 1841 to 1842

Barent P. Stoats 1842 to 1843

Friend Humphrey, 1843 to 1'845

John Koyes Paige 1845 to 1846

William Parmaloe, 1846 to 1848

John Taylor 1848 to 1849

Friend Humphrey, 1849 to 1&50

Franklin Townsend, 1850 to 1851

Eli Perry 1851 to 1854

William Parmalee 1854 to 1856

Eli Perry, 1856 to 1860

George H. Thacher, 1860 to 1862

Eli Perry,' 1862 to 1866

George H. Thacher 1866 to 1868

Charles E. Bleecker 1868 to 1870

George H. Thacher, 1870 to 1871

Of these officers four survive, namely, Messrs. Corning, Perry, Thacher, and Bleecker.

Philip 8. Van Rensselaer held the office of mayor nineteen years, being the longest period that any person continued in the office.

Jared L. Rathbone was the first mayor elected by the people. Previous to his third term these officers were elected by the common council.

JDr. J. V. Quackenbush also claimed to have been mayor this year, the old board declaring for one candidate, and the new board for the other. Dr. Quackenbush was the acting mayor.


$}onw Hots of tije Village of ISebertogcfc.

In the preface to the Early Record) of the City and County of Albany, published in 1869, the translator made the following remark : "The identification of the village lots horo described is rondorod nearly impossible by the brevity and vagueness of the descriptions, the streets and lanes having been without names. A few lots have been located, others may be, perhaps, by a long and patient examination and comparison." When this was written he had no serious purpose of essaying so difficult a task, but soon after, whilo the subject was still fresh, was led as a matter of curiosity to test the truth of the foregoing remark, and after much puzzling and putting this and that together, there grew out of his studies the following diagrams and accompanying explanations. It will be seen that this attempted map of Beverwyck is confined in time to the earliest years of its settlement, and as to space to the limited territory within the palisades. Indeed this was pretty much all there was of Albany for many years after 1652, in which year Fort Orange ceased to be the centre of the embryo city, which thereafter clustered around the new church built at the junction of State street and Broadway.

Many conveyances of gardens and house lots around and within Fort Orange are registered in the county records, but none of them can now be located. The fort and the ancient streets there, have been completely obliterated.

The remark that the streets of Beverwyck had no names should be qualified: several had names, though seldom used in the early conveyances. The names of Broadway wore Cow, de breede, or Broad, the Lower, Handelaers, and Brewers streets; of Hudson, Spanish street; of Green south of Beaver, Esplanade or Plain street, and north of Beaver, the Voddemart or Rag market, and Cheapside; of Chapel, Berg street; of State, Yonkere street; of South Pearl, de Kleyne straat; and of Maiden Lane, Rom street. After the charter was granted in 1686, the place was divided into three wards: the first embraced all that part of the town south of State and Exchange streets; the second lay north of Stato and west of James streets; and the third contained that portion lying north of State and Exchange, and east of James streets.

In the absence of any map of the lots of those early times, this attempt to construct one is based mainly upon the descriptions found in the Albany County Records, the Patents in the Secretary of State's office, and Mr. Munsell s Annals of Albany. In most cases theso descriptions are brief and obscure; some are not only defective but false and contradictory, and capable of a correct interpretation by subsequent repeated conveyances of the same lots. It is not to bo supposed that this performance gives a complete picture of all the house lots in ancient Beverwyck ; several gaps in Broadway will bo found which no ingenuity of the compiler could fill, and several lots will be found so imperfectly described in the records, that ho has to confess his inability to locate them.

Much remains to be learned in this matter, by the patient student, in the later registers of deeds and mortgages, and it is to be hoped that some one who has leisure may pursue these researches and render more complete this imperfect attempt to illustrate the History of Ancient Albany. J. P.

Union College, 80 May, 1870.

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