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8Alisbury," Francois, of Catskll, m. Maria Gaasbeek. Ch: William, bp. Jan. 30,1709; Abraham (>). (See aleo CaUkill Families).

Salisbury, William, m. Tenntje Staats, March 27, 1740. Ch: bp.; Sylvester, Jan. 27, 1741; Barent, Staats, April 3, 1749; Elisabeth, May 12,1751. (See also CaUkill Families).

Salisbury, Francis, m. first, Lydla — ; secondly, Elsie Staats, Jan. 27,1772. Ch: William, b. June 17, 1772. (See also CaUkill Families).

Salisbury, Joseph, and Margaret Oversandt. Ch: Margaret, b. March 12,1793.

Salisbury, James, and Catharine. Ch: Darld, b. Oct. 1,1798.

Salisbury, John, and Alida Martin. Ch: Gertrude, b. Sept. 10,1798.

Sanders, Thomas, smith, of Amsterdam, m. Sarah Comeiise Van Gorcum, in New Amsterdam, Sept. 16,1640. She d. in Albany, in Dec. 1669. He received a patent from Gov. Kieft for a house and 25 morgens or laud on Manhattan Island. In 1654, he owned a house and lot in Beverwyck, which he sold to Jan Van Aecken. He probably returned to New Amsterdam. Ch: bp. in New Amsterdam; Robert, Nov. 10, 1641: Cornells, Nov. 25, 1643; Cornells, Nov. 17,1644; Thomas, July 14,1647.

Sanders, Thomas, bolter, of New fork, son of the last, had the following ch. bp. in New York: Robert, Oct. 4, 1696; Styntje, Dec. 26,1697; Robert, Jan. 1, 1700; Jacob, Oct. 19, 1701; Elsie, Oct. 27, 1708; Anneke, Jan. 80,1706; Maritle, May 18, 1708; Jacob, June 9, 1712; Beatrix, Sept. 25, 1715.

Sanders, Robert, son of Thomas and Sarah Van Gorcum, smith, 1667, merchant, 1692, Bettled in Albany as early as 1665. In 1691, he and Harmanos Myndertse Van der Bogart, received a patent for a mile square of land in Dutchess county, including the •ite of the city of Poughkeepsie. His first w. was Elsie Barentse; the second was Alida — Ch: Helena, wife of Johannes Lansing; Barent; Maria, w. of Gcrrit Roseboom; Sara (?), w. of Hcndrik Greefraadt; Elsje, bp. July 18,1683, buried, Dec. 31,1732.

8Andkrs, Barent, mayor, 1750-4, m. Maria, dau. of Evert Wendel. Sept. 19, 1704. He was buried in the church, June 22,1738; She was buried in the church, Nov 21, 1757. Ch: bp.; Robert, July 15, 1705; Maria, Dec. 8,1707; Johannes, July 12,1814.

Sanders, Robert, merchant, m. first, Maria Lansing, Dec. 6,1740; secondly, Elisabeth Schuyler, Jan. 11,1747. His first w. was buried in the church, Feb. 15,1743, and the second d. about 1763. He made a will May 7, 1765, proved Juno 6, 1765, and spoke of "my only son Pieter;" dau. Maria; Catharina; Debora; Elisabeth; and "my late wife." Ch: bp.; Barent, Feb. 6. 1743; Maria, Aug. 23, 1747; Maria, Aug. 23, 1747; Maria, Oct. 22, 1749; Catharina, Feb. 23,1753; Barent, Dec. 16, 1753, buried Oct. 6, 1756; Pieter, Dec. 7,1755; Debora, Feb. 9,1758; Elisabeth, b. July 9,1760; Elisabeth, bp. Dec. 20, 1761.

Sanders, Johannes, m. Debora Glen, of Schenectady, Dec, 6,17S9. She was the only child and heir of Col. Jacob Glen, of Scotia. In 1765, by the purchase Of the interest of John Glen, of Albany, and John Glen, Jr., of Schenectady, for £4,000, Johannes Sanders and w. became sole owners of the Gleu estate in the present town of Glenville. He made a will Jan. 27,1779, proved Feb. 11,1783; in it he mentions hiB only son, Johannes; w. Debora, living; and daughters, Maria; Sarah; Elsje; and Margaret, He d. Sept. 13, 1782; she d. March 8,1780. Ch. all b. in Schenectady; Maria, bp. June 14,1740, w. of Johannes Beekman of Albany; Sarah, bp. Feb. 20, 1743, m. her cousin Jno. Sanderse Glen of Scotia; Barent, b. Aug. 6,1744, d. Nov. 21.1746; Elisabeth, b. Sept. 19, 1746, a. Sept. 19, 1747; Elisabeth, b. Dec. 6, 1748, d. Feb. 5,1776; Barent, b. Dec. 24,1750. d. Sept. 5.1758; ElBje, bp. April 5, 1752, m. Schuyler Ten Eyck, of Schenectady; Jacob Glen, b. April 5,1755. d. Sept. 18,1765; Johannes, bp. Oct. 23. 1757. m. his couBln Debora, dau. of Robert Sanders, of Albany; Barent, b. Dec. 20, 1759, d. Dec. 31,1759: Margaret, bp. June 24,1764, m. Kiliaan Van Rensselaer, of Claverack.

Sanders, Johannes, Jr. (son of the last), m. first, Debora Sanders, of Albany, Feb. 24, 1777, and secondly, Albertina Ten Broeck, of Clermont, Colum; bia county, in 1799. His first w. d. Nov. 28, 1793, the second d. July 30 (23), 1840, a. 79 y.; he d. March 80,1834. J ohannes Sanders, Jr.,iiiherited his father' s estate, and resided in the ancient Glen house at Scotia. Ch. b. at 8.; Elisabeth, Dec. 20,1777, m. Doct. William Anderson, d. June 21, I860; Barent, Jan. 12, 1779, d. June 5,1854, a. 75 y.; Robert, Sept. 8, 1781, d. Oct. 25, 1783; Sarah, Aug. 28, 1783, m. Peter S. Van Rensselaer, d. Aug. 13, 1869, a. 86 y.; Catharina, Oct, 10 (11), 1785, m. Gerard Beekman, of New York; Robert, July 18,1787, d. Nov. 5, 1840; Jacob Glen, April 20 (22), 1789, d. March, 1867; Peter-Feb. 17,1792, d. May 12, 1850; John, Dec. 27,1802; Theodore (or Derrick Wessels), Oct. 20,1804.

Sanders, Barent, of Albany, m. Catalina Bleeker, June 9,1810, d. June 5. 1854, a. 75 y. Ch: John, b. Feb. 1,1812 ; Debora, b. Feb. 9,1814.

Sans. Hendrlck, and Catarlna Ham. Ch: bp.; Annatie. Feb. 19,1754; Catarina, July 11,1756.

Santhagen, Frerik, and Charlotte Roff. Ch: Johannes Frerik, b. Jan. 14,1779.

Sf hnats, Domine Gideon, became the second minister of the church In Beverwyck, in 1652. Having become incapacitated by age to perform the duties ofliis office Domine Dellius became his coadjutor in 1663. He died in 1690 in his 83d year. The name of his first wife is not known ; on the 22d of August, 1688, he married widow Barentje Hendrickse in New York, he being then 75 years old; she d. In 1688. Three of his children reached mature age; Reynier, the eldest son; Anneke, who married Thomas Davidtse Kikebell, of New York, with whom she had some disagreements which were finally amicably arranged; and Bartholomeus who passed over to Holland, in 1670 and on his return settled In New York as a silversmith. According to the church records, he, with Catalyntje Schaats, [perhaps his wife] abiit cum Ustimonio Xeo Eboraca in 1706. He is said to have died about 1720, leaving a son Reynier from whom are descended all of the name now in this country. O'Callaghan's Hist, of N. Nctherland. He had a daughter Antje, bp. in NY. Feb. 27, 1715. [Bartholomeus Schaats m. Jacoba Kierstede, widow, in N. Y., April 21, 1734].

Scbaeta, Reynier, "Chyrurgion," eldest son of Domine S., waB an early settler at Schenectady, where he waB appointed justice of the peace by Leisler in

1689. Ho and a sou were killed on the 9th of Feb.

1690, at the massacre and burning of the village by French and Indians. His widow Catrina Bensing, m. Jonathan Broadhurst, in Albany, April 23, 1696. Reynier Schaets left two children, a son Gideon, and dau. Agnietie, who m. Matthys Nak of Albany.

Sell mis (Schyaensch), Christiaen, m. Catharina Van Buren, Nov. 8,1719. Ch:bp.; Catharina, Feb. 12, 1721; David, March 24,1723; Andrice, August 1, 1725; Maria, Jan. 8,1727; Hcndrik, June 14, 1749; Margarita, April 30, 1732; Anthonic, Sept. 22,1734; Jeremias, Sept. 5, 1736.

Schanb, Hendrick, and Catharina Ham. Ch: Andries, bp. Sept. 24, 1758.

Schauta, David, m. Maritle Immerick, June 22, 1744. Ch: Christiaan, bp. May 5,1745.

Schauns, see Jones.

Sclieer, Petrus, of Halve Moan, m. Catharina (Maria) De Toe, Feb. 23, 1773. Ch:b.; Elizabeth, April 27,1777 ; Isaac, August 8,1780.

Schefer, Johannes, and Elizabeth Daniels. Ch: Jacob, bp.; August 9, 1747.

Scbenklln* Andrew, and... Ch: JosephJan, and Elizabeth, ariettngm.' bp. Jan. 11, 1782.

Schermerliooren9 Jacob Janse, brewer and trader was born in lti'22, it is said in Waterland, Holland ; in 1(154, his father was living in Amsterdam. He came out to Beverwyck, in 1636, and became a prosperous trader. He made his will May 20, 1688, and soon after died at Schenectady. He left a large estate lor the time, amounting to 56,882 guilders. He married Jannctic Segers, dau. of Cornells Segerse Van Voorhoudt, and had nine children: Reyer, 8vmoo, Helena, w. of Myndert Harmense VanderBogart Jacob, Machtelt, w. of Johannes Beeckman, Cornelia, Jannetie, w. of Caspar Springsteen, Necltle, w. of Barent Ten Eyck, and Lucas.

ScoermBrhooren, Reyer JacobBe, born in Beverwyck, in 1658, settled in Schenectady*and became a prominent and influential citizen there. He m. in 1676, Ariaantje Arentse Bratt, widow of Helmer Otten, baker of Albany. He made his will April 6, 1717, and d. Feb. 19, 1719. He had the following Ch; Jan, bp.; Oct. 14, 1685; Catalina, w. of Johannes Wemp; Janneke, w. of Volkert Symonae Vecder, Jacob, and Arent, bp., Jan. 1693.'

Schermerhooren, Symon Jacobse, waa born In lfi58. At the burning of Schenectady, Feb. 9,1690, he rode to Albany by way ol Niskayunn to carry the news of the massacre, although shot through the thigh and his horae wonnded. Hie son Johannes together with his three negroes, were killed on that fatafnight. In 1691 he removed to New York where he died abont lft*;. leaving a widow and one Bon Arnout. He married Willempie Viele, probably dan. of Arnont Cornelise V. and had the following ch. bp. in Albany: Johannes, July 23,1684, killedln 1690; Arnont, Nov. 7,1S86 ; Maria, bp. in N. Y., 1693: Jannetie, bp. in N. Y., March 84,1695.

Scbermerhooben, Jacob Jacobse, resided In the manor of RensBelaerswyck and was master of the sloop Star plying between New York and Albany, in 1681-4- He was buried at Papsknee. below Albany, Jnce 40, 1743. He married Gerritie Hendrickse, Ivan Bnren] avnd had the following Ch: bp.; in Albany; Jacob, Dec. 87,1685; Hendrick, Oct. 16, 1687 ; Cornells, Sept. 22,1689: Magtclt, Jan. 8,1692; Jannetle, May 6, 1694; Elizabeth, August 28,1698; Johannes, July 81, 1700; Reyer, Feb. 21,1702.

Scbbbkebhoorbn, Cornells Jacobse, was living in the of Manor Livingston, near Kinderhook, in 1720. He had previously been master of the sloop Star. He marrk'd first; Maritie Hendrickse Van Buren. Jan 81,1695 and secondly. Margarita, Albertse, Feb. 6,

1713. Ch: bp. ; In Albany Jacob, Oct. 4, 1096; Hendrik, in N. Y., Sept. 9, 1699; Hendrlk, Feb. 23,1701; Cornelis, Sept. 9,1705; Lysbeth, Feb. 16,1707; Jannetie, April 83, 1710; Jannetie, May 24,1719; Jacobus. July 8,1720.

Schermerhooren, Lucas Jacobsc, settled in Raritan, N. J., and 1b said to have married Elizabeth Dame, In 1700. He had two Ch: bp.; in N. Y„ Jannetle, Oct. 29,1701; Sophya, April 7,1703.

ScHiRjomHOOBEN, Arnout, Bon of Symon Jacobse, of New York, had the following Ch: bp. there ; Catharina, May 10, 1711: Willemynfle, Oct. 14, 1713; Johannes. July 18,1715 ; Aeltie, May 19,1717; Jannetie, Sept. 20, 1719.

Schbbmerbooren, Arent, of Schenectady, m. Antje Fonda, April 16, 1714. Ch : Catalyntje, bp. Oct. 10,

1714. See also Schenectady Families.

Schormerhoorn, Jacob, m. MargaritaTlUery, Nov. 20.1715. s"

Schermerhoon, Jacob, and Susanna ... Ch: Catryna, bp.; July 10, 1716.

Scbermebboobn, Jacob Comelise, and Antje

[A Jacob Schennerhoorn, and Agniete Van Vechten, were m. in Albany June 23, 1714; another Jacob S. m. Johanna Beekman, May 4,1718.1 Ch: bp.; Marin, March 6, 1717; Marretie, Oct. li 1718; Cornells, Jan. 1,1719: Marten, Sept. 11,1720; Reyer, April 9, 1721; Cornells, Sept. 23,1722; Maria, Jan. 80,1723; Gerritie, Oct. 11. 1724; Hendrik, Sept. 25, 1726; Johannes, aay 13. 17*7; Jannetle, Feb. 25,1728; Philip, April 17,1737.

Scbermebboobn, Hendrik and Elsie.... Ch: Gerritje, b. Nov. 24^ op ile fiaMe Loonenburgh, and bp. in the Luth. Church, at Etnkenberg, Dec. 16, 1718 ; Johannes, bp. August 81,1718 ; Qeesfe, bp. Nov. « 17*; Elizabeth, bp. May 5, 1788; Jacob, bp. Jane 13,1725 ; Roeloff, bp. Jan. 15,1727.

Schebmerhoohn, Reyer, blacksmith of Rhinebcck, [don of Jacob Jacobse] m. Geertic Ten Eyck, July 4, 1724. Hemadeawiil July 16,1759, proved May 2fi, 1768-in which he spoke of wife Maritie, brother-inlaw Johannes B. Ten Eyck, and children Barent,

Jacob, Jan the youngest, Johannes, Jannetie, Catharine, and Gerritie, w. of Gerrit Harmenci; of theae Ch: the following were bp. in Albany, Barent, May 17,1725; Gerritie, April 2, 1727; Reyer, June 5.1737. Schermerhoorn, Johannes, [son of Jacob Jacobse], and Engeltte Ch: bp.; Gerritie, April

80, 1732* Jacob, May 16,1786; Samuel, July 2, 1788; Dirk, March 23,1740; Gerritje, March 7,1742.

Schermerlaorn,Jacob,Jr.jof manor of Livingston [son of Jacob Jacobse,] and Cathalyntye He

made will Nov. 19,1760, proved July 21,1761, in which he mentioned ch: Cornelis; Jacob; Teunis; William: Hendrick; Marten; Neeltie, w. of Johannes Radclift; and Polly, w. of Jeroo Halenbeck, of Claverack: of these ch., Jacob was bp. Nov. 1,1741; and ComeliB, April 24,1743.

Scrermerhorn, Cornelis, m. Maria Wlnne, Oct. 88, 1742. Ch: bp. ; Jacob, June 12, 1743; Philip, Jan. 28,1750; Dlrkie, June 14,1752.

Schermerhorn, Jacob, Jr., m. first, Elisabeth Whitaker, and secondly, Annatie Stroop, about 1773. Ch: b.; Neeltie, Nov. 11,1767; Rebecca, March 6, 1770; Maria, Dec. 3, 1773.

Schebherhorn, Jacob C, and Gerritje Schennerhorn. Ch: bp.; Marytje, Dec. 17, 1769; Marytje, Aug. 16,1778; Cathalyua, Jan. 20, 1782; Gerritje, b. Feb. 5,1787.

ScHEBMERHoRN.Ryer, and Dlrkie Van Buren. Ch: Antic, b. June 26,1776.

Sam: Meriiorn, Johannes, and MargaritaFolkBby. Ch: Jannetie, bp. June 23,1777.

Schsrmerhorn, John W., and Cathalyntje (Van) Valkenburg. Ch: Cornelia, bp. March 1,1778.

Schermerhorn, Hendrik, and Cornelia Lansing. Ch: Cornelia, b. July 1, 1778.

Schermerhorn, Ryer B., of Albany Co., m. Marytje Beveers, Feb. 2,1775. Ch: Willem, b. April 11, 1779.

Schermerhorn, Jacob, and Geertruy Ch:

Barent, b. April 19, 1779.

Schermerhorn, Dirk, and Cathalyntje Ch:

Susanna, b. March 20,1779.

Schermerhorn, Daniel, and Maria Van Der Poel, Ch: Jacob, b. Jan. 7,1780.

Schermerhorn, Johannes, and Bata Van Valkenburgh. Ch: Neeltie, b. Dec. 25,1781.

Schermerhorn, Jacob J., and Aaltle Scbermerhorn. Ch: Cornelia, b. April 15,1788.

Schermerhorn, Jacob, and Annatie Eenneda Ch: Samuel, b. April 17,1787.

Schermerhorn, Cornelius, and Catharina Van Rensselaer. Ch: b.; Henry Rensselaer, March 24 1797; Alida, Dec. 30,1799. Scherp, see.Sharp.

Schever (Scheber, Schlever), Hendrick, and Marytje .... Ch: Catharyua, bp. Dec. 17, 1738; Christina, bp. June 7,1741; Philip, bp. Jan. 20, 1743.

ScBEVER.Dicderich, and Maria Margarita Hendrich Ch: Annelse, bp. Aug. 22,1756.

Scholtux, Johannes, and Elisabeth Doth. Ch: Hendrik, b. July 20,1768.

Schosn, Jan Willemse, farmer in colony Rensselaerswyck, in 1660.

Scboonmaker, Jan Barentse (Van Edam) came to Beverwyck In 1036, and was still there in 1665.

Schoonxakbr, Barmen, owned a house lot in Albany, in 1676.

Scboonmaker, Michael, and Catharina Oatncr. Ch: Anna, bp. March 11,1754.

Schoonmakbr, Johannes, and Aaltie (Alida) Burhans. Ch: Hendrikus, bp. May 21, 1775; Abraham, b. Oct. 20, 1777; Margarita, b. Margrita, b. May 27, 1780; Cornelis, b. Jan. 14, 1783.

Schoonmaker, I/Jerk, ana Cornelia Acker. Ch: Johannes, b. March 17, 17S6. Scboonmaker, John, Jr., m. Magdalena Honser

Slanseu), Oct. 5, 1790. Ch: John, b. July 82,1791; aria, b. Dec. 18, 1792.

Scliouten, Gerrit Jacohse. of Klndcrhook, m. Lvsbeth Arnoutae (Arnolds) Eli [Viele?], June 17, 1693. Ch: hp.; Abigail, Jan. 20.1095; Meesje. June 88, 1096; Cornells, Jan. 8, 16'J9; Dorothec, Feb. 6, 1701.

Sclioutcr (Kchontc, Shutcr ?), of Niskayuna, and

Oypjen Ch: bj>.: Jurriaen. March 23, 1084;

Jan, April IS, 1686; Jacob, March 2, 1090.

Sctaram, Johannes,and Era (Van) Valkcnbnrgh. Ch: Abraham, b. Jan. 7,1774.

Sclireydcl, Jan Lod: m. Neyltio (Heyltle) Van Woerd, Oct. 81, 1727. Ch: Eva, bp. July 14,1728.

Sebufeldt, (Schonfeld, Zoufeld) Adam, and Neeltje Freer. Ch: b.: Annatie, Jan. 8, 1764; Theunls, Nov. 20, 1768; Wlllem, Sept. 9, 1768: Elisabeth, Not. 10,1709; Zacharias, Feb; 23, 1772.

Schufeldt (Zoufeld), Hannes, and Sara (Elisabeth) Freer. Ch: b.; PetruB, July 22, bp. June 30 {sio)t 1765; Maria, Jan. 2,1707; Neeltie, April 14, 1770.

Scluit (Schuidt) alias Dommelaer, Willcm Jansc, tailor, was in Beverwyck, 1057-68.

Schuyler. Two brothers of this name, David and Philip Pieterse Schuyler, were among the early settlers of Beverwyck, and were the progenitors of the numerous families bearing this name in Albany and vicinity. They came from Amsterdam.

Schutler, David Pleterse, m. Catalyn, dau. of Abraham Verplauck, Oct. 13,1057, in New Amsterdam. On the 29th Nov., 1092, he lived near the northeast corner of the city walls by the water side, on the Bouth corner of Broadway and Steuben street, and in 1099 she petitioned for an addition of 14 feet to the north side of her lot, which was refused by the city authorities, because "it will reach too near ye Citty Stockadoes." This lot was occupied in 1709 bv Jacobus and Abraham, his sons. His sons who lived to maturity amlihad families in Albany were: Fitter; Jacobus; Abraham; David; and Myndert.

Schutler, Pictcr Davidtse, was a trader and in 1694, lived in Claverack; in 1085, he was commissioned judge of the court of Oyer and Terminer for Albany county; in May. 10%. he was lately deceased. He m. Alida Van Sliclitenhorst, widow of Gerrit Goosense Van Schaick, and dau. of Brant Arents Van 8. Ch: Gerrit (V) Johannes, bp. Dec. 3, 1684; Catalina, bp. Oct. 10 1086; David, bp. Dec. 20, 1088; Alicia, bp. Jan. 21,1093; Philip, bp. Oct. 28, 1694; Picter, bp. Aug. 9, 1090.

Schutler, Jacobus, Davidtse, lived on the lot now on the south corner of Broadway and Steuben street. He d. March 22,171)0-7. HiB first wife was Catalyntje Wendel; he m. secondly Susanna Wendel, June 3, 1704, and had one Ch: Catalyntje, bp. April 21, 1700.

ScmrrLEn, Abraham Davidtse, in 1709, resided upon the lot which his father had occupied on the south corner of Broadway and Steuben street. In 1684 he was master of the sloop HomwtU plying between New York and Albany. In his will. maileDcc. 15,1709, he speaks of the live following children, of his wile and his brothers-in-law WesseT and Samuel TenBroeck. He m. Geertruy Ten Broeck; Nov 11 1091. Ch: David, bp. Nov. 30, 1692; Christiua, bp' July 21, 1695; Dirk, bp. July 28, 1700; Abraham, bp Aug. 27,1704; Jacobus, bp. March 23, 1707.

Schutler, David Davidtse, was mayor of Albany, 1706-7. Hem. first, Elsje, dau. of Harmon Rutgers (*) Jan. 1,1694; and secondly, Elizabeth Marschalk in New York, May 3,1719. She d. Sept. 21,1722. Ch: Catrina, bp. Nov. 25,109-1; David, bp. April 11,1097; Hermanns, bp. July 21, 1700; Catharina, bp. Dec. 19, 1703; Myndert, bp. Oct. 7, 1711 (admitted freeman or N. Y. city, 1734, m. Elizabeth Wessels, June21,1735); Anthony, bp. Oct, 30,1715; Elizabeth, bp. InN. Y , March 0,1720.

ScnuTLER, Capt. Myndert (Davidse), merchantmayor of Albany, 1719-21, and 1723-5. In 1703, he occupied a lot on the south Bide of State street, formerly Gerrit Bancker's, the third cast from South Pearl street. He was buried In the church, Oct. 21, 1755. Hem. Rachel Cuyler in New York, Oct. 20,1093; she was buried iu the church, July 24, 1747 Ch •

Anna, bp. Feb. 28, 1097. m. Johannes DePeystcr; Rachel, named in her father's will.

Col. Philip Pietcrse Schuyler, the better known of the two brothers of this name who first settled in New Notherlaud, ia usually recognized as the ancestor of all the Schuyiers of Albany and vicinity. Like hla brother David, he had a numerous family, who became connected by marriage with some of the most respectable families of the Province, ne was a trader and farmer and resided on a bouwery, at the Flat* below the present village of West Troy; died March 9, 168V, and was buried on the 11th in the church, nis wife, Margarets Van Slicbtenhorst, dau. of Brant Aertse Van S., hem. Dec. 12 (29), 1650. Oh: Guysbcrt, b. July 2, 1662; Geertruy. b. Feb. 4,1654, m. Stephanus Van Cortlandt, of N. Y., Sept. 10 (Oct. 8), 1071; Alida. b. Feb. 28,1656. m. first. Rev. Meolaas Van Rensselaer, and secondly, Robert Livingston; Pieter, b. Sept. 17, 1057: Brant, b. Dec. IS, 1059; Arcm. b. June 26, 1662; Svbilla, b. Nov. 12, 1604, d. aged 4 weeks; Philip, b. Feb. 8, 1606 ; Johannes, b. April 5,1008; Margarcta, b. Jan. 2,1072.

Schutleb, Col. Pieter (Philipse), merchant of Albany, was the first mayor of the city, 1080-1094. Hi 1703, lie occupied a house and lot on the east side of Broadway at the "Great bridge," across the Rutttn KU just south of State street. His lot extended back to the river. He m. first, Engeltle Van Schaick ; and secondly, Maria Van Rensselaer, Sept. 14,1691. He was buried Feb. 22, 1724. Ch: baptized; Philtppns Oct. 10S4; Anna, Sept. 12, 16S6; Geertruy, Ang. 17, 1089; Maria, May 8, 1092; Geertruy, Feb. 11, 1694, m. Johannes Joh. Lansing; Philippus, Jan. 15,1696; Jeremias and Pieter, twins, Jan. 12,1698.

Schutler, Brandt (Philipse), lived in Broad street. New York, in 1086. He m. first, Cornelia Van Cortlandt, July 12, 1682; and secondly, Margarita Van Wyck, April 16, 1741 : d. Aug. 15, 1752. Ch: baptized in New York, Philippus, Nov. 6, 1683; Oloff, Dec. 12,10SO; Johannes, Jan. 15, 1090.

Schutler, Arent (Philipse). trader, was admitted freeman of New York city in 1095; before 1725, he was probably settled on the Second or Passaic river, at Belleville, N. Y. He m. 1st, Janneke Teller, Nov. 20,1084:2d, Swantie Dyckhuyse about Jan. 1703. Ch: baptized in Albanv. Margareta. Sept. 27. 1085; Philippus, Sept. 11, 16S7; Maria, Oct. 6, 16S9: Judik, March 18, 1692; Casparus in N. Y., May 5, 1695; Wllhclmus, June 2,1700.

Schutler, Philip (Philipse), m. Elizabolh Dc Meyer of New York, August 24,1687. Ch: Nicolaas, bp. Sept. 21,1092, inN. Y.

Schutler, Capt. Johannes, trader, youngest son of Philip Pieterse. held a captain's commission in 1690, at the age of 22 yrs, and led an expedition into Canada; he had great influence with the Indians; was mayor of Albany, 1703-6; in 1712, his house lot was 55 ft, wide (Uyniand measure) on the south corner of Pearl and State streets, running back to the Jlutten kil. He d. July 25,1747. His wife Elisabeth Staats, widow of Johannes Wendel, was m. April 25, 1095; buried in the church June 5, 1737. Ch: bp.; Philip, Dec. 25,1095, killed by the French at Saratoga, Nov. 28, 1745; Johannes, Oct. 81. 1097; Margarita, the "American Lady," Jan. 12, 1701; Catalyntje, March 5,1701, m. Cornells Cuyler.

Schutler, Gerrit or Gerardus [son of Pieter and Alida Van Slichtenhorst], was admitted freeman of New York city in 1702, and m. Aagje De Grood, there Sept. 28, 1703. Ch:bp.; in N. Y. Alida, Nov. 19, 1704; Janneke, Jan. 29, 1707; Aegje, Jan. 25, 1710; Pieter, Jan. 9,1712; Aegje, March 20,1715; Johanna Gouda, June 2, 1717; Maria, Feb. 10,1720.

Schutler, Col. Philip [son of Picter and Maria Van Rensselaer], m. his cousin Margarita ["Aunt Schuvler"] dan. of Johannes Philipse. He lived on the Plats [West Troy] and d. Feb. 10,1758.

Schutler, Philip [son of Brandt 8., of N. Y.f], m. Ami Elisabeth Staats, dau. of Dr. Samuel 8., of N. Y., Aug. 28, 1713. Ch. bp. in N. Y. : Johanna, Oct 17, 1711; Brandt, July 21, 1717; Samuel, June 7, 1719.

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Schyarch (Church). William and Mary

Ch: Jeremlos, bp. Hay a, 17%.

Scott, Robert, m. Agnietje Williams, May 23, 1736. Ch: bp.; Jan, Jan. 26, 1737; Hllletje, Nov. 8, 1738'; Margarieta, Dec. 14, 1740.

Scott, Matthew, and Mary line. Ch: Marytje, bp. Aug. 17, 1746.

Scott, John, and Mary .... Ch: Elisabeth, bp. Jan. 15,1749.

Scott, David, and Marytje Wendell. Ch: b.; Alexander, Nov. 16, 1765; Claartje (?>, June 18, 1768; Susonna, July 7,1771; Claartje, July 85,1778.

Sea ton, William, and Cathy Connick. Ch: Allda, b. April 21,1775.

Seaman, Isaac, and Margaret Ch: Mary,

b. Jan. 11,1795.

See, David, and Lccntje Snyder. Ch: Joseph, bp. Jan. 6,1782.

Se&jera is the surname of a family in Albany which in earlier times was called Van Voorhoudt. Cornells Segerse Van Voorhoudt, the first settler, came to Beverwyck in 1642. "and succeeded Vander Donck on the farm called Welysburgh, on Castle Island.11 Bis wife was Bregje Jacobsen; she d. April, 1667. In 1663, they made a joint will, she being then indisposed, and mentioned the following ch., allaying save ClaaB: Cornells, Claas, Seger, Jannetjc, w. of Jacob Janse Schermerhoorn; Neeltje, w. of Ilans Carelse Noorman ; and Lysbeth, w. of Francis Boon.

[seqers,] Seger Cornelifle, m. Jannetie, dau. of Tennis Dirkse Van Vechten.

[seqers,] Claas Cornelisse, m. Bregje Maryns, and waB accidentally killed In n brawl by Andries Herpertsen in 1662. After his death his widow m. Jan Tyssen Goes and d. in 1663. In 1663, the following ch., of Claas Comelise Van Voorhoudt were living: Maryn, a. 12 y. ; Jacob, a. 10 y. ; Lysbeth, a. 8 y.; Tryntje, a. 5y.

Skoers, Johannes, m. Brcechie Wielaars [Wheeler ?1, June 19,1719. In 1730, he bought a lot on the east side ol South Pearl next to Jacob Egmont's lot 105 ft. north from Hudson street. Ch : bp. Evert (?); Hilletie, Jan. 20, 1723; Ilemlrik, April 25, 1724; Thomas, Jan. 16, 1726, d. March 25, 1809, a. 84 y.; Eoeloff, Aug. 13, 1727; Johannes, Nov. «, 1729; Albertns, Oct. 21, 1733; Hilletie, Jnn. 8, 1735; Jacob, Oct. 81,1736; Josyntje, July 81,1738.

Seqers. Staats, m, Susanna Bratt, Dec. 6, 1740, Ch: bp. Gerrit, March 22, 1741; Pieter Dec. 5,1742; Frederic, June 10, 1744; JohanneB, Jan. 24, 1748; Adam, Feb. 25, 1750; Maria, May 29,1752; Adriaan, Jan. 5,1755; Staats, May 30,1756.

Seoers, Evert, [son of Johannes and Brechie Wielaars], m. Sara Orchort [Orchard], April 21, 1744. Ch: bp.; Johannes, Feb. 17,1745 ; Brechie, Nov. 22, 1747; Thomas, Dec. 11,1748: Wyntje, March 17,1751; Josina, March 8, 1752; ncndrlck, Sept. 15, 1754; Jacobus, Nov. 25, 1759; Brechie, b. May 14, 1762; George, May 30,1765.

Seoers, Thomas, [son of Johannes and Brcchje WiuloarBl, m. first, Josina Wheeler, and secondly, Judith Hoogland, about 1758. Ilia first wife was burled, Sept. 13.1753; he d. March 25, 1809, a. 84 y. Ch: Johannes, bp. June 26, 174S; Bregie, bp. Oct. 15, 1758; AdriaanuB Hogelnnd, b. July 27,1762; Hadrian Hoogeland, b. Feb. 29, 1764.

Seoers, Johannes, [son of Johannes and Brcghie Wielaars ?]. Ch : bp.; Maria. March 27,1748; Pieter, Feb. 20,1751; Gerrit, June 24, 1753; Johannes, Dec. 7, 1755; Maria, April 2, 1758; Lydia, gtboren Toot 6 weken. May 6,1764; Frederic, b. Aug. 20,1767.

Seqers, Koeloff, Tson of JohanneB and Breghie Wielaars], m. first, Margarita Arnold, who was buried, March 9,1752 ; and secondly, Lidia Harty, Feb. 25, 1754. Ch: Margarita, bp. Feb. 23,1752; Jacobus, bp. Oct. 20,1754; Johannes, bp. Feb. 4, 1767.

Seoers, Johannes, and Catarina Pietersc. She was bnried June 17,1757. Ch: Johannes, bp. March 30, 1755; Thomas, bp. June 5, 1757.

Seqers, Hendrick [son of Johannes and Breghie Wielaars,] m. first. Elizabeth Haver, who was buried Sept. 2.1757; aud secondly, Margarita Koen, April

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