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his early manhood. He had " followed the water" from his youth up, and was one of the most energetic and successful of the many prominent sloop captains on the North river, long before steam navigation was known or dreamed of. Having accumulated a moderate competency, he retired from active business many years ago, and has since lived to do good. In this, as in all else, his life has been a memorable success. Deacon Adams, through the entire of Tiis long life, was a zealous and devoted Christian, decided, but gentle, humble and devout. He was one of the few who constituted the original membership of the First Baptist church in this city, when it met in the building on the corner of Orange and Pearl streets. From that day to the day of his death, he followed his master with loving devotion, and held every personal interest subordinate to his religious duties. Until within a few months he was enabled to continue his daily exercise, and to receive the congratulations of his friends. But he " longed to depart," and this longing had grown upon him since, a few years ago, his venerable wife and beloved daughter passed to their rest. He has now gone down to his grave "like a shock of corn fully ripe;" but the recollection of his earnest and devoted Christian life will continue, as a delightful memory, with all who knew him.— Journal. Joshua Cleary died, aged 64. Eliza Schmidt, wife of Henry Waldbillig, died, aged 28. Robert Breckenbridge died, aged 32. Mary, wife of John Healy, died, aged 40. Wm. J. Nolen, aged 27, disappeared on the 29th Dec, last; his body was found in the river this day.

13. Air, h. 46,1. 30 John Wickham died,aged48. Mary Ford,

wife of John Feeley, died, aged 23.

14. Air, h. 43, 1. 36 About a thousand workmen on the Central

rail road, principally laborers, stopped work and made a demand for eight hours a day of work. Several hundred marched into the city in a body.

15. Air, h. 46, 1. 40.

16. Air, h. 54, 1. 40 Anna Margaret Thauer died, aged 77.

John Silman died, aged 70 The common council determined to

build a new market on South Pearl street, corner Howard The ice

broke up about midnight and passed away without doing much damage.

17. Air, h. 52, 1. 43 The Hudson River and Central rail road

lines were obstructed by high water, which covering the tracks at certain points prevented the passage of trains. The river was open before the city, but the ice was firm at many places below. The unusual length and severity of the winter had formed ice of great thickness and strength, and the frost had penetrated the earth to the depth of three or four feet, congealing the water in the city aqueducts where it had never before done

so Vina Lawyer, wife of Alexander H. Wells, died, aged 26.

Mary Ball died, aged 79.

18. Air, h. 57, 1. 42 Jeannie A. Gallagher, widow of H. C. Fin

negan, died, aged 26. Maggie J. Brown, wife of Wm. M. Stevens, died, aged 30.

19. Air, h. 47, 1. 27 John S. Van Rensselaer died, aged 76. He

was the eldest son of Killian VanRensselaer, the lineal descendant of the brother of the first patroon of Rensselaerswick, who became the proprietor of the Claverack patent. The deceased thus fully inherited the characteristics of the early Dutch settlers of our city and the country hereabouts, and whose impress still, to some extent, gives tone to our character as a people. He was born in 1782, and received an education quite fully up to the standard of his day; graduated at Union College: studied the law, and for some years pursued its practice. His youthful ardor and patriotism led him to take part in the war of 1812. He was commissioned as a lieutenant, but for the most part of his term of service was attached to tho staff of the general commanding the northern division of the state, whose field of duty was in the vicinity of Lake Champlsiin. Mr. Van liensselaer held but few public offices, his ambition not leading him in that direction. He has been an alderman of the city, and in that capacity evinced his public spirit, his prudence and wisdom; also judge of the county court.—Journal. In the death of General John S. Van Rensselaer. Albany loses a citizen who has been conspicuous in its society during a long life-time—a representative of one of the old Dutch families that founded our city and state. His father, Killian K. Van Rensselaer, represented this county for five successive terms in the house of representatives. Three of his uncles served in the Revolutionary war. Nicholas Van Rensselaer was an aid to Gen. Schuyler, Philip was quartermaster, and Henry K., colonel. Gen. John S.. just deceased, though a young man, not yet of age, served in the war of 1812 as aid on the staff of Gen. Brown, and rendered some valuable services. His identification with this period of our national history made him in later years the representative and champion of the surviving veterans when their claims for services came before the country. He was military secretary and confidential aid of Gov. De Witt Clinton during his administration. He was educated to the bar, and was appointed judge of the county, but he did not closely pursue the profession of the law. For a while he edited the Albany Daily Advertiser, an influential paper; and took a prominent part in the political struggles of the day. But he was never led by party attachment to forget his obligations to the country. He was a warm-hearted patriot, and loved the constitution and government of his fathers, and dreaded the perils to which they were exposed, and allied himself to those who defended them. He was a public-spirited citizen, and warmly identified himself with whatever would add to the fame or progress of Albany. > He had in his composition none of the phlegm, which is supposed to characterize the people of Holland; but was remarkable for vivacity of expression and manner, and a generous impulsiveness. His well-stored mind, and his wide communion with men and active participation in events, made his conversation as instructive as agreeable. And he retained to the close of his life the animation, and

joyous and gallant spirit of his youth.— Argus William V. Hackett

died, aged 30 Mary Turner, wife of William Grey, died, aged 48.

20. Air, h. 38, 1. 30 Mrs. Mary Murphy died, aged 67. Margaret

Cullen died, aged 70.

21. Air, h. 40, 1. 30 A snow storm began at 7 A. M. and continued throughout the day, and obstructed the rail roads in all directions.

22. Air, h. 32, 1. 20 The propeller John Taylor, arrived to-day

practically demonstrating what had before been in doubt, that the river was open to navigation Jennie Hutson died, aged 21.

23. Air, h. 30, 1. 24 Mary, widow of John Turner, died, aged 91.

24. Air, h. 42, 1. 29 Capt. Richard W. Sherman, who commanded the DeWitt Clinton steam boat on the river, died at Vergennes, Vt. He was an excellent disciplinarian. Simon Relyea died.

26. Air, h. 38, 1. 28 Eleanor Conroy died, aged 71. Eiiza Duff

died, aged 06.

27. Air, b. 38, 1. 27 John Sheridan died, aged 57. Elizabeth,

wife of Jacob Andes, died, aged 37. Josiab C. Robinson died at Long Meadow, Mass.; formerly a merchant in this city.

28. Mary Ann, wife of James H. Peck, died, aged 44. Benjamin M. Renier died, aged 67. John Murtaugh died, aged 30.

29. Religious services were held for the last time in the Methodist Episcopal church corner of Washington avenue and Swan street. The house and lot had been sold for $12,000, and a new edifice sometime before begun on Lark street. Volkert J. Strickland died, aged 25.

30. Simeon Patrick died, aged 32. He had been about his business in his usual good spirits during the day, and suddenly fell from apoplexy while selling a bill of goods.

31. Jane M. Langdon, wife of Daniel Cordell, died, aged 38. Elizabeth McNally died, aged 71. Jacob Daum died, aged 31.

April 2. Hugh Lynch died,aged 21. Mrs. Honora Ryan died, aged 64.

3. Laure Genet, widow of Prof. Julian Molinard, died at Baltimore, Md., aged 76.

4. Air, h. 41, 1. 29.

5. Air, h. 48,1. 23 John Ginn died, aged 89. Margaret Bender

died, aged 68 The Rev. G. C. Lorimer preached his first sermon

in the First Baptist church.

6. Air. h. 30, 1. 20 John Martin Stake died, aged 19. Bridget,

wife of Thomas Downs, died.

7. Air, h. 34, 1. 27 The greatest snow storm of the season set

in early in the morning with a south wind, and continued through the day,

falling incessantly and copiously Baltus Prime died, aged 59

Miss Mary Ann Wood died.

8. Air, h. 34, 1. 29 Amelia Norton, wife of William H. Hand,"

died, aged 37. Robert L. Herrick died, aged 21. Mary Ann, wife of Wm H . Kelley, died, aged 36.

9. Air, h. 38, 1. 18 Bridget, wife of John Fogarty, died, aged 29.

10. Air, h. 30,1. 20 Snow began to fall at 7 A. M. and continued

throughout the day Edward Murphy died, aged 47. Anna Kittle

died, aged 39. John Malone died, aged 85.

11. Air, h. 27,1. 27 Catharine L., wife of George Tice, died, aged

33. Mrs. Hannah (Van Schaack) Barkhuff died, aged 41. Ellen C. Shields, wife of James J. Lee, died, aged 28.

12. Easter, was a north-easter. Air, h. 39, 1, 38 Rhoda, widow

of Joseph Gladding, died, aged 82. wife of William O'Connell, died,

aged 50. Francis Rider, late keeper of Stanwix Hall, died at Englewood N. J.

13. Air, h. 37, 1. 17 An election for officers was held in Grace

Church, which resulted as follows: Wm. R. Ford, Senior Warden; Henry J. Wells, Junior Warden. Vestrymen, George W. Gibbons, Thomas S. Beckett, Daniel E. Bassett, James Chatterly, Edward S. Lawson, John Jones (Bowery), John McBride, Joseph Strong.

14. Air, h. 31, 1. 20 The rector of St. Peters, Rev. Dr. Doane,

having introduced some high church ceremonies, a very exciting canvass took place, resulting in the following vote for church officers:

Low Church. nigh Church.

John T. Cooper, 75 I O. Meads 75

H. Pumpelly 141 |


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It will be seen by the above that only one warden and six vestrymen were elected:

St. PauVs Church. The following were reelected without a dissenting voioe: Wardens — G. W. Bender, John H. Van Antwerp. Vestrymen — William H. Rice, James H. Osborn, Ira Porter, Thomas Squires, William Lacy, J. Woodward, Jr., F. W. Flagler, Hiram Perry.

Church Holy Innocents. The following were unanimously elected for the ensuing year: Wardens — William H. Dewitt, William Mason. Vestrymen — Joshua Rathbone, Oscar L. Hascy, Gerrit T. Bradt, Caleb Palmer, Frank Jones, Samuel N. Van Santvoord, William Reynolds, Samuel Rork.

Trinity Church. The following named gentleman were elected as Wardens and Vestrymen for the ensuing year: Wardens — A. S. Beers, and Jas. Ball. Vestrymen—George Cummings, R. J. Story, John Pritchard, Wm. Granger, Wm. Little, John Sheridan, J. V. L. Pruyn and Evan James.

The high church ticket admitted men of both parties, in the spirit of liberality ; the low church did not. The former contended that the choral service being outside of the regular services of the church; the weekly administration of the communion, and the daily morning evening prayers, need not be attended by those who had no taste for them; but the rector had introduced an invocation in turning his face to the east at certain parts of the service, and took a position at the altar different to that of his predecessors, which was offensive to a portion of the brethren; whereupon they resolved to oust the old officers that sanctioned it. There being

a tie of three vestrymen, a new election became necessary.— Journal

The city election resulted in the choice of a democratic mayor and re

oorder, and seven of ten aldermen and supervisors Johanna Collins

died, aged 62. Christina, wife of Henry Leuzon, died, aged33. Margaret Adams, wife of David Best died, aged 36.

15. Air, h 42, 1. 27 Ground was broken for the erection of the

Congregational church edifice, to be erected at the corner of Eagle and

Beaver streets, Aspinwall & Son, builders The demolition of the

Washington Street Methodist church, corner of Washington Avenue and Swan street, was begun ...Hannah, wife of John Lannon, died, aged 48.

16. Air, h. 58, 1. 49 Isabella Marie, widow of P. F. He'Tiere,

died, aged 09. Margaret, widow of Thomas Henuessy, died, aged 75.

17. Air, h. 60, 1. 52 Sarah A., wife of Darius 0. G. Redfield,

died, aged 47.

18. Maggie W. Corkhill died, aged 23. Mrs. Martha Wyburn died, aged 87. Mary A. McClintock, wife of George Hicknell, died at Seneca Falls.

19. Herman Schiffer died, aged 30 Mrs. Elizabeth Dorsey,

formerly of Albany, died in Brooklyn.

20. Tobias Van Schaick died, aged 89.

21. Barnabas H. McKean died, aged 55. Mrs. Rose McElduff died, aged 60. Charlotte A. Rand died, aged 75.

22. George Nichols died, aged 71. Benj. J. Waterson died, aged 70.

23. Thomas J. Burke died, aged 38.

25. Air, h. 50. 1. 38 Rachel Leonard died, aged 83.

26. Air, h. 47, 1. 36 Ann, wife of John Lilly, died, aged 46.

Margaret Hargedon died, aged 32.

27. Air, h. 55, 1. 36 Nancy, widow of V. W. Rathbone, died,

aged 76. Charles Gregory died, aged 64.

28. Air, h. 45, 1. 34. James Wing died at Geneva, aged 36.

He had been residing at Rochester lor ten or twelve years. For some time he had suffered from a pulmonary complaint. In hopes to fortify a not over strong constitution, and through love of excitement, he devoted* much of his time to field sports, was a prominent member of the Monroe county and Audubon clubs, and was a thorough sportsman. During the rebellion he served as paymaster in the navy, and at the time of his death was major and chief of engineers on the staff of General Williams's brigade N. Y. S. N. G. Among the Masonic fraternity he was widely known, being a Knight-Templar and member of Monroe Commandery. But one of the children of the late Dr. Joel A. Wing survived, which was Mrs. Root, residing at Geneva.

29. Air, h. 52, 1. 39.

30. Air, h. 57, 1. 45 Mary, wife of Michael Costelle, died,

aged 55.

May 1. Air, h. 63, 1. 38 Elizabeth Murphy died, aged 76.

Elizabeth, wife of Maurice Dower, died, aged 45.

2. Air. h. 49, 1. 40.

3. Air, h. 43, 1. 41 Charles Putnam died in New York.

4. Air, h. 60, 1. 41 Mrs Bridget Slatterly died, aged 60.

5. Air, h. 64, 1. 50 Charles W. Hendee died, aged 38. Mary,

wife of Martin Fryer, died The receipts and disbursements of the

chamberlain for the year 1868, were as follows:

Citv Water Works, $96,513 08

Alms House 74104

Assessments for streets and

drains, 13,628 28

City poor 2,675 63

Contingents, 3,093 76

Street contingents 453 40

Fire Department 501 73

Board of Fire Commissioners, 6,147 03

District Schools, 19,533 99

Interest 7,644 91

Court Special Sessions, 1,656 00

Hht. Coll. iv. 3


City Water Works, $31,623 08

Citv water debt, interest

account, 51,000 00

Alms House, 35,435 39

Assessments for streets 35,359 98

Assessments for drains, .... 15,551 13

Citv poor 32,332 78

Contingents 32,373 18

Street contingents, 16,364 09

Fire Department 33,846 78

Board of Fire Commission-
ers, 63,349 63

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