Gambar halaman

Gansevoort, Leendert, Junior, in. Maria Van Rensselaer, dan. of Col. Kiliau V. R, at the age of 17 y. on the 17ih of April, 1777. He d. Dec. 16, 1834, and w« buried at Wfjtcm Hoek. She d. April 2,1842. Ch: Maria, b. Feb. 17, 1778. ra. Abm Hun: Ariaantie, b. Ausr. 26, 1780, and d. Dec. 7, 1839, a. 59; Catharina fiouw. b. May 9, 1782; Elizabeth Richards, b. April 2, 1784, m. T. Ross iu 1811, and d. Sept. 7,

1S30; Johannes, b. March 80, 1786; a son, b.

June 22, 1788 " lived one hour;" Rachel Douw, b. Nov. 9, 1790; "it is remarkable that ray wife (Maria Van Rensselaer) was the first child baptized by Dominie Westerlo, and this daughter of hers the last one baptized by him during a ministrv of thirty years;" Eefle, b. Nov. 25, 1793. m. Jacob "H. Ten Eyck, and d. Mav 25, 1833; Ann Van Rensselaer, b. Sept. 27, 1795, d. Nov. 6. 1806; Elsie, b. Feb. II, 1797, and d. Aug. 17.1798; Rensselaer b. Feb. 8. 1799; Dr. Rensselaer G. d. in Louisiana, Oct. 19,181*1, a. 39 y. ; Elsie, b. Nov. 8, 1801, m. R. M. Cuyler, July 21, 1830.

Ganskvoort. Leonard H., and Mary Ann Ch:

Peter, 1). Aug. 28, 1810; Quert, b. June 27, 1812; Catharine, b. April 27, 1811; Leonard, b March 14, 1816; Frances, b. Sept. 23,1818.

(ranlz, George, and Jane Neal. Ch: Rosina, bp. April 17, 1791.

Gardenler (alias Flodder), Jacob Janse, a carpenter in Bevorwyck as early as 1638; iu 1656, lie owned the north side ol Wall street from William street to Pearl street, which he divided into lots and sold by his agent Sander Lcendcrtse Glen; he early bought land in Kinderhook together with the Qoyt'r's kil opposite or near Aftfe's island or Sctiotack. His immediate descendants very generally settled in that vicinity. His first w. was Josyna ..., who d. Feb., 1669: he afterwards m. Barentje Slratsmans, widow of Hans Coenraatse; in 1688, she was again a widow with ten children by her first husband and five by her second, all living. The estates of the two fathers were then divided anions these 15 children. The following children of Jacob Jause Gardenier arrived to mature age and had families: Jan; Samuel; Andries; Hendrick; Albert; Aeltie, who m. Adam Dingman.

Gardenier, Albert Jacobse, and Maritie He

was a carpenter in Albany in 1677. Ch: Josyutje, bp. Jan. 25, 1KS5: Lysbeth, bp. March 27. 1687; Barber, b. Jan. 8.1690; Cornelia, bp. in New York, June 14,1093; Hermanns, bp. in New York, Jan. 8, 1690.

Gardenier (Flodder), Jan Jacobse, millwright of Kinderhook. in 1720; his wife was Sara Janse Van Bremen. By his will made Sept. 21. 1689. it appears that he then'had six children living; his widow administered on the estate June 21.1695. In 1697 there were the following Ch: Josyntle, w. of Edward Wheeler; Ariaanlje. w. of John Woodcock; Alida; Jacob, b. in 1681; Helena, bp. Feb. 13.1687 : Jan, bp. May 12, 1689; Cornelia, bp. Oct. 11. 1691.

Gardenier. Samuel, of Kinderhook, and Helena Dirkse (Hendricksc) Bvc (Bev, Beyst). Ch: Dirk, bp. March 23,1690; Jacob, bp. April 16.1692; Josina, bp. Dec. 31. 1693; Henderick, bp. Jan. 22, 1696; Saartje, bp. Sept. 3, 1699; Lvsbcth, bp. May 19,1702; Samuel, bp. June 18.1704; Ehgeltic, bp. Jan. 19,1707; Hcndrik, bp. Oct. 30, 1709.

Gardinieu, Andries Jacobse of Kinderhook, in. Eytie Ariaanse (Ariese) weduwe van Henderick Ocrritse Van Wyeu. Nov. 13, lti'.B; macle*a will July 1, 1701; proved Aug. 13, 1717. in which lie speaks of my brother Samuel and the following Ch: Andries, bp. Oct. 22, 1693, m. Sara Van Woert. Ahl'. 22, 1714; Jacob, bp. May 28, 1695; Arlc, bp. Aug. 14, 1698.

Gardenier, Henderick, and N'ccltie Claase. He d. about 1691; in 16!T> his widow m. Johannes Ouderkerk. He owned a house lot adjoining easterly the parsonage lot of the Dutch Church in Sehenec tady. Andries Gardenier and Cornelia Claese, administered on his estate, April 7, 1695. Ch: ClaaB; Andries ; Josyna; Henderick, bp. March 11, 1694.

Gardenier, Claas, m. Rachel Winne, Aug. 13,1713. Ch: Ileuilrik, bp. Nov. 17,1714; Adam Winne, bp. Sept. 22, 1717; Neeltie. bp. Dec. 28. 1718; Anneke, bp. Mav 15,1720; Andries, bp. June 9, 1723; Rachel, bp. Jan. 2, 1726; Jacob, bp. Fell 21, 1728.

Gardenier, Hcndrik, m. Margarita Van Woert, May 30.1718. Ch: Neeltie. bp. Nov. 22,1719; Jacob, bp. Dec. 25.1720; Neeltie, bp. June 17,1722; Hendrlk, bp. April 23, 1727.

Gardenier, Andries. m. first, Josyna Gardenier, Dec. 31. 1715. Ch: Eytje. bp. Oct. 2, 1720. He m. secondly, Sara .... Ch; Neeltie, bp. Nov. 13, 1731.

Gardenier, Jacob, m. Anna (Johanna) Tippen, Oct. 30, 1724. Ch: Helena, bp. Sept. 5, 1725.

Gardenier, Samuel, m. Barentje Barhcit (Bareith), June 11,1736. Ch: Samuel, bp. July 10,1737; Catharina. bp. June 17, 17:19; Cornelia, bp. Nov. 6,1748; Johanna, geboren May 10, bp. July 1,1753.

Gardenier, llendrik N , m. Eva Van Valkenburgh, July 11, 1710. Ch: Rachel, bp. July 19, 1741; Nicolaas. bp. April 27, 1746; Elisabeth, bp. May 1, 1748; Jacobus, bp Murch 25. 1750: Cornelia, bp. March 15, 1752; Hendrick, bp. April 7, 1754.

Gardenier, Hendrick II., in. first. MariaDingraan; secondly. Maria Goewey, May 20,1755. Ch: Samuel, bp. Mav 20, 1744; Heleua, bp. Jan. 7,1750; Hcndrik, bp. April 4, 1756.

Gardenier. Adam Winne, and Jannetie Ch:

Martha, bp. Oct. 25, 1747.

Gardenier. Andries. and CatarinaDeGarmo. She was buried Oct. 29.1756. Ch: Rebecca, bp. Dec. 22, 1751 ; Hester, bp. Aug. 29, 1754.

Gardenier, Andries H., of Albany, m. first, Margarita, Goewey (Houwv) Jan. 12.1754. Ch: Henderick, bp. Oct. 20, 1751"; Alida, bp. April 4, 1756; he m. secondly. Sara Ilause (Hansen). Ch: Hendrick, b. May 16,1760; Filipp, b. March 14,1762; Geertruld, b. Jan., 1764: Margarita, b. Nov. 26,1765; Hendrik, b. April 17. 1768; Philip, b. April 1. 1770; Andries, b. April 7, 1772; Aunalie, b. Sept. 28, 1777; Neeltie, b. March 29, 1779.

Gardenier, Philip, m. Elisabeth Van Schaaick, April 28, 1792. Ch: Maria. t>. Oct. 17, bp. Oct. 2 (sic), 1795; Sarah, b. Feb. 5, 1798.

Gardenier, Henry A., and Henrietta Van Evercn. Ch: John, b. Aug. 25, 1797; George, b. Dec. 11,1800.

Gardenier, Henry A. (same as last ?), and Harriet. Ch: Catharine and Margaret, b. Dec. 11, 1812.

Gardner. Thomas Champion, m. Willemple Bogcrt, Nov. 26, 1798. Ch: Douwe, b. Aug. 18, 1799; Thomas, b. July 28, 1801; Marv, b. March 16. 1803; Cornelia, b. Dec. 25, 1807; Cornelia, b. June 25, 1808.

Gates. John, of Halve Maan, m. Gecrtruy Van Vranken Marcli 21.1779. ne d. Sept. 9,1825, a. 75 y. 10 m. 6 d.; she d. May 8, 1839. a. 85 y. Ch: Elizabeth, b. July 25,1781; Joseph, b. Oct. 12,1782 ; Gerrit b. May 28, 1785: Hnniia, b. Jan. 26, 1787; John, b. Oct. 31, 1788, and d. Jan. 24,1810.

Gates, John, and Catharine Van Vranken. Ch: Cornelius, b. Sept. 23, 1797.

Gebbu* (Gibbs!), Willcni, and Maria Forry. Ch: Hendrick, b. Nov. 14,1785.

Gebbard (Gibharl. Geefhart), Joliann (Hannes) Caspar, m. Elizabeth Seger, Oct. 5,1741. Ch: Joseph, bp. April 4, 1712; Anna, bp. Aug. 10.1746.

Gerbertaen (Crniff), Elberl (Albert), b. at Hllversen inGoovland, Holland, ni.Tryntjc Janse, widow of Jan Janse Rycktnan; in 1603 they made a mutual will but do not speak of any children. He was a sawyer and had a house and two saw-mills at Bethlehem. He seems to have been a violent and quarrelsome man, given to abuse aud defamation. He died in 1675.


Reter Elbertse, (Albcrtse); his wife Maritie Barentsc. had been the widow of Gerrit Van Schaick, and mother of Goosen Gerritse Van Schaick. In 1653, he had a patent for land on the Third or Fossen kil bounded south by Columbia street and east by Broadway, a portion of which was afterwards owned by the Van Schaick family. He left two sons : Arien Keyerse; and Gerrit Keyerso.

Gerrit Keyerse, son of Reycr Elbertse, born in Utrecht, m. Annatie Janse of Amsterdam, in New York, April 11,1 tWi.1. He was a trader in company with his half brother Goosen Gerritse Van Schaick. He made his will Feb. 15, 1693 - 4, aud was deceased


before 1700. Ch: Elbert; Johannes: Rcyer ; Annatlc; Maritie, m. llarpert Jacobse Van Deusen.

Gerritse, Elbert, m. Maria Pruyn, July 2, Ki93. He was buried in the church Nov. 18, 1750, his w. Maritie, was buried Aug. 21,1731. Ch: Anna, bp Mavfi, 1694; Alida.bp. Jan. 12,1096: Alida, bp. June 1, 1701; Gerrit, bp. April 30,1704; Hciirik, bp. Dec. 18, 1709.

Gerritse, Kcyer, m. Geertrny Lansing, April 23, 1701. He was buried Oct. 21, 1752; she was buried April 25,1754. Hemadeawill Aug. 10,1747... proved Nov. 4,1752; in it ho mentions no children but speaks of "my nephew Henderick Gerritse son of Elbert Gerritse, my cousin [nephew] Gerard Groesbeck son of Stephanos Groi'sheck, my cousins [nephews] John, GerriL, Peter and Philip, Lansing, and of my brother [in-law] John Lansing."

Gerritse, Frederick, and Lysbcth Carstcnse, Ch: Folkie, bp. Juno 30, 1689; Styntje, bp. June 7,1691.

GERniTsK. Huybert, m. Maria Lansing, Dec. 20, 1693. Ch: Lysbcth, bp. July 29, 1694.

Gerritsen, Jan (Johannes), m. Christina Pruyn, May 8, 1706. Ch: (lerrit, bp. April 6,1707.

Gerkitsen, Jan (probably the same as last), and Maritie-.... Ch: Anna, bp. March 30, 1713; Maria, bp. May 30, 1717; Gerrit, bp. Dec. 16, 1722. Jan Gerritsen was buried in the church, Nov. 12, 1725.

Gerritsen, Frederick, and Maria Tuck (Tok. Toch, Dock). Ch: Rachel and Aunatie, bp. March 11, 1750; Ann Gerritsen, d. June 211, IMS a. 97: Henderick, bp. Jau. (i, 175-1; Elizabeth, bp. Nov. 6.1757; Elizabeth, bp. March 18, 1759; Catharina, b. July 27, 1762.

Garrltsen, Abraham, and Jane Francisco. Ch: Altie, b. Aug. 20, 1790.

Gevlck (sec Hevick and Heven).

GIbhert (see Gebhard).

Gibson, David, and Maria Ch: James, b.

Aug. 2,1777.

Gibson, Collin, and Ellen Story. Ch: Matthcus, b. Jan. 7,1778.

Gilbert, John, baker, and Cornelia Van den Bergh, dau. of Arent V. D. B. Jan Gilbert, d. May 11,1707. Ch: Maria, bp. May 24, 1085; Anna, bp. Sept. 2,1694; Arent, bp. Aug. 1,1697.

Gilbert, Peter M. and Margarita Smith. Ch: Sara, bp. June 12, 1785.

Gilcbrlst, William, and Hester Nelson. Ch: John, b. April 28, 1777.

Gillespie (Gillaspy), Niel, and Mary Jackson. Ch: Daniel, b. Oct. 2, 1781.

Gllllland (Olllllon), William, and Anna Doff (?). Ch: Ann, bp. Aug. 17, 1757. William Gillilandm. Elizabeth Phagen, Feb. 8, 1759; and Mary Steward, July 10, 1765.

Ginning, Jacob, and Christiana Passagie. Ch: Jacob, b. April 25, 1799.

Giver, John, and Magdalena Schermcrhorn. Ch: William, b. March 4,1792

Glen, Sander Lcendertse, was a servant of the West India Company at Fort Nassau in 1633; received a grant of land there 1651 ; also received a patent for a lot in Sniits' Valey. New Amsterdam In 1040. which he sold in lt'ifiO: was then called coopman of Beveiwyck. In 1005, ho obtained a patent forlands in Schenectady, which land, he called Nova Scotia, and became his permanent residence. He owned real estate in (livers parts of Albanv, and was a considerable trader with the Indians, llis wife was Catalyn Doucassen or Dongau. sister of Willem Teller's first wife and perhaps of Pieter Lookerman's wife. Ch: Jacob; Sander, b. 1647; Johannes, b. Nov. 5,1618. Sander Leendertse Glen, d. 16S5. See Schenectady Familux,

Glen, Jacob Sanderse, eldest son of Sander Leeudertse Glen, trader of Albany, where he died Oct. 2, 1685, as appears by the following entry In the deacon's book. "In Albanie, Oct. 2. Anno 1085, Is rayn breeder Jacob Sanderse [Glen] dieiaken In den here ontslapen s'uaghs ontrent een winnigh naer 2 uren tussen vriday en Kuterdagh" In 10S0 he

owned a house lot on the south side of State street the second west from Pearl street, which afterwards passed to Harmanus Wendel who married his daughter Anna. His wife Catharina Van Witbeck after his death married Jonas Volkertse Donw, April 24, 1696. Ch: Johannes, b. 1675; d. 1707; Anna, b. 1077, and m. Harmanus Wendel; Jacob, b. 1679, only son living in 1707; Helena, bp. Nov. 21, 1083, living unmarried in 1707; Sautter, bp. Nov. 15, 1085, and not living in 1707. See Schenectady Families.

Glen, Johannes Sanderse, " weduwnaarvan Annatie Peek" m. Diwertje Wendel, "Weduwe Van Meimlert Wemp." June 21, 1691. She d. April 10, 1724. Ch: Jacobus,bp.Jan. 1,1092. SeeSchenectady Families.

Glen, Sander, m. Rebecca Swits, Dec. 18, 1714, several children were baptized in Schenectady.

Glkn, Johannes. Jr.. m. Jannetie Bleecker, Dec. 11,1698. Ch: Catharina, bp. Sept. 8, 1699; Jacob Sanderse, bp. in Schenectady, Oct. 17, 1703; Johannes, bp. Feb. 26, 1703; made his will Sept.

20, 1769... proved March 31, 1770; gave half big estate to the four children ol his late brother Jacob, viz.. John, Hendrick, Cornells and Jaunetie Cuyler. w. of Abraham Cuyler; and the other halt to the 4 children of his sister Catharina, lale w. of Johannes Cuyler, viz. Elsie, w. of Barent Ten Eyck, John Cuyler Jr.; Cornells Cuyler, Jr., and'Jacob Cuyler.

Glen, Jacob, m. Elizabeth Cuyler, Dec. 29, 1732. He bad a lot on west corner of Steuben and Chapel street, was buried in the church April 10, 1746. Ch: Jannetie, bp. Nov. 11. 1733; Johannes, bp. July 2, 1736; Elsie, bp. April 8, 1737; Hendrick, bp July 13, 1789; Cornells, b. Nov. 1, 1741 ; Jannetie. bp. Oct. 27, 1743, and was buried in the chnrch Jan. 27, 1755.

Glen. Johannes, m. Catharina Veedcr. May 24, 1759. Ch: Jacob "Gecloopt op Schouechdate, Jan. 25, 1701. See Schenectady Families.

Glkn. Cornells, of Watervliet, and Elizabeth

He made llis will Aug. 28. 1809. and Bpcaks of wife Elizabeth, brothers John and Henry, sister Jane Cnyler, [w. of Abm. Cnyler] nephews "and neices but not of his own children' He d. Mar. 21. 1810, a. 09 y., leaving a considerable eBtato; his widow d. Nov.— 1812.

Goarley (Gourley ?) James, and Annatie Schuyler. Ch: James, bp. Sept. 3,1772.

Goes (Hoes), Jan Tysso of Kinderhook, son of Matthys Jansse, who was in Beverwvck, in 1661; m. flrs't Brechje Maryns. widow of Claes Cornclisc Van Voorbont; she was deceased Feb. 1,100:), leaving two Ch: Maryn and Jacob Van Voorhont; he m. secondly Styntje Janse Van Hoesen : he d. Mav 31, 1705; made will Feb. 9 1096-7, and mentions the following Ch: Tys. Jan, Dirk, Anna, w. of Isaac VosburglO'euntle w. of Thomas Wlnne, Judith w. Isaac Hcndrickse Burger, Mavke and Jacobus bp. May 1, 1687.

Goes (Hoes), Dirk Janse of Kinderhook. and Lvhetje Luykasse Wyngaart. He made will June 1,

1732 Proved Aug. 5, 1732, and speaks of the

following Ch: Johannes bp. May 12. 1700; Anna, bp. Feb. 13,1704, m. Tobias Van Buren ; Luykaa bp. June 22, 1707.

Goes (Hoe-). Matthys (Tys) Janse of Kinderhook, m. Cornelia Mattheuise (Tcuissc) Van Deusen. Oct.

21, 16S5 Ch ; Jan. bp. Ann. 7, 1087; Matthens,

bp. Mar. 9. 161K1; Johannes, bp. May 8,1092 ; Breechje, bp. Jan. 211, 1695 ; Dirk. bp. Mav 10. 1097; Lena, bp. Jan. 7.1700; Herbert, bp. July 5. 1702; Christina, bp. Aug. 0,1701; Tryntle, bp. Sept. 1,170(1; Ephraim, bp. Jan. 0. 1709; Ma'rltje, bp. Feb. 17, 1712.

Goes, Matthens, and Jannetie Brles. Ch : Cornelia, bp. Feb. 15, 1710; Angenletjc, bp. Oct. 14, 1711; HaUhcu*. bp. Aug. 7,1718; Cornelia, bp. Oct. 20, 1717: Johannes, bp. May 18, 1721.

Goes. Johannes (Jan), of Claverak, m. first Mar

farita Wvngaard, •' Weduwe Van Emanuel, Van chaick,""secondly, Jannetie,... (bans Feb. 10,1712). Ch : Jan Tyssen, bp. Feb. 21, 1714 ; Anna, bp. April 8, 1710; Styntje, bp. Feb. 26,1719; Jannetie, bp. Aug. 28, 1726; Catalyn*. bp. Feb. IS, 172T.

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laas, b. Oct. 18, 1793; Benjamin, b. Dec. 15, 1796Hannah, b. Oct 31. 1798; John, b. Dec 17 1801Solomon and Nelly, b. June 7,1808.

Goewet (Gul), Gerrit. m. Aagie Look, May 28 1787. Helena, b. Sept. 9, 1790; Catharina, b. Aug! 21, 1793; Benjamin and Jacob, b. Oct. 23, 1796Rachel, b. Dec. 22,1800.

Goewet (Gnyer), John, and Christina1 Roff. Ch: Annatie, b. Sept. 24, 1790; Rebecca, b. July 1,1796.

Goewet (Goey), Peter, and Mary Milk. Ch: David b. Feb. 17, 1795.

Goewet (Goey), John A., m. Rebecca De Forecst, Aug. 11, 1797 He d. June 25, 1828, a. 56 y. 1 m. 28 d. She d. May 11, 1820, a. 50y. 4 m. 18 d. Ch: John b. July 10, 1798.

ttonaa ulna, Gnnsaulns, Consaulus, Gonsanl.

Gonsaulub (Consaulus). Johannes of "Nistigiotne," m. Machtelt Heemstraat, April 20, 1765. Ch: Sara, bp. Nov. 3,1705; Johannes, bp. in Schenectady Nov. 5, 1767 ; Bastlaan, b. Nov. 16. 1769; Francyntje, b. Feb. 2,1772; Engeltie, b. Jan. 16, 1774: Bata, b. Jan. 31,1776; Mattheus b. June 16, 1780; Emanuel, bp. In Schenectady, May 4,1783; Machtelt, b July 31, 1785; Annatie, b. Aug. 29, 1787.

Uonbaulus, John, and Dirkse (Durchie), Hogan Ch : Isaac Hogau, b. Nov. 23, 1793.

Goodair, Benjamin, and Jannetie Adley. Ch: Hannah, b. Aug. 4, 1783.

Goodbrood, Willem, and Barbara Coen. Ch: Bastlaan, b. Oct. 21, 1780.

Gordon, William, and Rebecca Ch : Mary,

bp. Jan. 22, 1749.

Gourlcy, James, m. Lany, (Lana) Bromley, Sept. 10,1799. Ch : Annatie, b. Oct. 4, 1799; Maria b. Dec. 27, 1801.

Gotv, see Vyselaer.

Graham, John, m. Maria Fryer, Nov. 9, 1777, Ch. Sara, b. Jan. 31, 1779; Annatie, b. Sept. 26, 1780.

Graham, John, major in the Revolutionary army, m. Debora Staats, Nov. 8, 1778. Ch: Sara, b. May 12, 1780, and still living at Schenectady (Feb., 1871); Debora, b. March 1,1786, and d. Feb., 1866,at Schenectady.

Gbaham, John, and Gertrude Hilton. Ch : Sarah, b. Nov. 14, 1799.

Grant, James, and Elizabeth Ch: Richard,

bp. April 24, 1737.

Grant, Gregory, and Margaret Echad. Ch : Jany, b. Mar. 18, 1778. J'

Grant, Louis, m. Margaret, (Majory), Frasier (Frayer), July 20,1778. Ch. Simon b. May 2,1779.

Grant, John, and Mary Cumming. Ch: James, b. March, 6, 1797.

Grauw, Leendert Arentse, and Ch. Gys

bertje, hp. May 19, 1689.

Gray, Robert, m. Susanna LaGrange (Grant), May 7, 1777. Ch: Gerrit, b. Oct. 29, 1779; Jellis, b. Jan. 2, 1790; Susannah, b. Oct. 26,1797.

Grat,Robert,audElizabethDruinmer. Ch : John, b. March 16,1779.

Grat, John, and Catharine Osburn. Ch: Catharine, b. Aug. 10, 1797; William, b. Dec. 2,1800; Sarah, b. Jan. 31, 1804. .

Greedy, Darby, and Ariaantje Symense. Ch: Margriut, bp. Sept. 12, 1736.

Greel'raad (see Greveraad).

Green (Grocn), Edmund, and Antje Ch:

William, bp. Nov. 6, 1720.

Green (Groen, Groom), Wlllcra, and Sara Coddiugton. Cli: Edward, bp. Aug. 5, 1744 ; Ytje, bp. Jan. 12,1746. ■

Green, Willem, and Elizabeth Ch: Anna.

bp. Dec. 11, 1760.

Green (Groen), Willem, and Cathalyntje Borns. Ch: Johannes, b. Mav 16,1772.

Green, James1, and Margarita Smith. Ch: Magdaleua, b. Oct. 31,1773; VVilliam, b. Oct. 22, 1778; Thomas, b. March 26, 1781.

GregrI (Gregory), James (perhaps same as last), and Margarita Smith. Ch: Margarita, b. July 28,1771.

Gregory, Philip, and Margaret Herring. Ch: Jane, b. Sept. 19,1718.

Ground (see Crannel).

Gremmer, Hanncs, and A. Margarita— Ch: ElUc Barber, bp. Aug. 14, 1714.

Greveraad (Grcefraadt), Henricns, "Van New York, en Sara Sanders Van Nlenw Albany," m. May 4, 1686. Ch: Lysbetb, bp. Dec. 25, 1686; Marytje, bp inNew York, July 26,1697; Ileuricus, bp. in New York, July 30,1099.

Greveraad, Isaac, m. Alida Gerritsen, Nov. 11, 1721. Ch: Sara. bp. June 9, 1728, and was buried, Nov. 14,1740; Maria, bp. Aug. 23, 1729; Maria, bp. July 2, 1731; Maria, bp. Feb. 4. 1733; Elsie, bp. May 5, 1734; Elbert, bp. Nov. 21, 1736; Hendrik, bp. Dec. 26. 1737 ; Aunatie. bp. Aug. 8, 1739; Anna, bp. Nov. 16, 1740; Alida, bp. July 10, 1743; Gerrit, bp. April 21, 1146.

Greveradt, Hendrik, m. Marytje Van Dncssen, March 2,1712. Ch: Alida, b. May 24,1713.

Grewell, see Cribel.

Griffith, John, and Jannet. Ch: James, bp. Jan. 14, 1159.

Groen, see Green.

Groenendyk, Pieter, and .... Ch: baptized in New York, Curnelis, July 9, 1613; Johannes, March 24, 1675; Marine, April 14, 1677; Pieter, April 28, 1680; Abraham, May 13, 1682; Petrus, b. Aug. 16,1085.

Gboenendyk, Johannes. Bheriffof Albany county, 1698-9; later was trader in Schenectady, where he was buried in the church, Dec, .... 1739; his wife continued his business there some years longer. He m Delia Ctiylur (Huvlers) in New York, Sept. 19, 1694. Oh : Mary bp. in New York, Sept. 10,1698; Sara, bp. April 28,1700; Pieter, bp. Sept. 7,1101; Henrick, bp. Sept. 19,1103; Anna.

Groenwout, Jurlaeu Janse, in Albany. 1062-11; a licensed butcher in 1010; bought and Bold divers houses and lots. He m. Mantie Thomase Mingael widow of Cornelis Teuuise Bos, alias Van W estbroeck. Her dau. Wyntie Comclise Bos, in. Pieter Bogardus. J. J. Groenwout probably left no children.

Groeabeck (alias Van Rotterdam), Nicolaas (Claes) Jacobse 1602carpenter; on the 10th Oct., 1696, he deposed that he was about 12yrs. old; he then had a house and lot on the west side of Pearl street, the second north of Maiden Lane; his wife was Elizabeth .. ; made a will Jan. 3.1106-1, and mentions the following children, Jacob, Catrine, late wid. of Jacob Tcunise [Vau Woert] ; Willem; Barber, w. of Gysbert Marcelis; Kebecca, wife of Dominicus Van Schaick ; Johannes; Stcphanus.

Grosbeck. Willem Claase, and Goertrny Schuyler. Ho was buried Dec. 23, 1722. Ch: Catalina, bp. Oct. 21 1085; David, bp. June 17, 1688; David, b. March 11,1692, and d. Feb. 3, 1133; Elizabeth, bp. Jan. 4, 1699; Jacobus, bp. Oct. 5, 1101.

Grosbeck, Stcphanus, trader, m. Elizabeth Lansing, Julv 16, 169!); he was buried July 17, U44. Ch: Catharina, bp. April, 28, 1700; Johannes, bp. March 20,1703: Catharina, bp. Jan. 10, 1705; Elizabeth, bp. Aug. 17,1707; Gerardus, bp. Oct. 23, 1709.

Groesbeck. Johannes Claase.m. Occrtje Quackenbos Dec. 17,1699. She was buried March 14,1147. Ch: Lysbeth, bp. March 20, 1101 ; Neeltje, bp. Sept. 6 1703; Catharina, bp. Nov. 18, 1705; \\ outer, bp. Aug 15 1708: Nicolaas, bp. Oct. 28, 1710, and was buried June 30, 1740; Woutcr, bp. Oct. 19, 1712; Jacob, bp. May 27, 1115; Catryna, bp. Oct. 18,1111; Joannes, bp. Dec. 11. ITiO.

Groesbeck, Nicholas, of Schachtekook, m. first Marvtje Quackenbos; secondly, Aguieljc de Wandelaer" \pril 23 1732. Hi* first wile, Maria, was buried Dec' 30, 172S. Ch: Willem, bp. Feb. 17, 1112; Wouter, bp. Aug. 29,1714; Geertruy, bp. Dec 21, 1710 aud was buried June 24, 1740; Pieter, bp. Nov. 29 1719- Jacobus, bp. Feb. 17, 1723: Neeltie, bp. June 13,1725; Maria, bp. Jan. 1, 1749: Hanues, bp.

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Grnwel, Bee Cribel.

Gneat, Thomas, and Gertrude Schuyler. Ch: Sarah Jordon, b. Nov. 12, 1795: Dirk, b. Aug. 20, 1798; Margaret, b. Aug. 30. 1800; Mary Ann, b. Sept. 24, 1803(f); Margaret Van Der Werken, b. Oct. 10,1804; Thomas, b. Sept. 25, 1807; Schuyler, b. Jan. 22,1810; John, b. July 28, 1811.

Guest, John, Junr., and Sarah Williams. Ch: Hannah, b. Feb. 9, 1799.

Gal, see Goewey.

Gunner, Are, and Mary Ch: Mary, bp.

April 4, 1725.

Gumaulus, see Gonsaulus.

Gnyer, sec Goewey.

Haak, Frederick, and Margarita Scheffer. Ch: Laureus, b. Jan. 1, 1782.

Jinan, Zacharias Hendrick, of Niskatha, m. Anna llezy, Sept. 2, 1764. Ch: llarmanus, b. April 22, 1767.

Haan (Hall). Hannes and Catharina Boossen. Ch: Margarita, b. May20, 1767; Elizabeth, b. March 6, 1769.

Haas, Simon, and Anna Rosina Ch : Johannes, b. Aug. 5, "op nootcn Hoek" and bp. Nov. 11, 1716, at Klinkenberg.

Haas, Zacharias, m. Geesje (Geefle, Geetje) Witbeck, Sept. 28, 1737. Ch: Symen, bp. June 18, 1738; Lena, bp. Aug. 31, 1740; Anna, bp. Aug. 1, 1712; Anna, bp. Oct. 21, 1744; Catharina, bp. Aug. 23,1747.

Hagedorn, Dirk. m. Maritie Matvssen, Aug. 28, 1714. Ch: Anna, bp. April 24, 1715; Johannes Appel. bp. Jnue 30, 1718: Hans Henilrickse, bp. Sept. 18, 1720; Maria, bp. Jan. 6, 1723; Catharina, bp. Feb. 3, 1725.

Haoedorn, Samuel, of Schenectady, and Sofia Reea. Ch : Jonathan, b. Oct, 8, 1770; Lea, b. April 11,1774. See Schenectady Famiiies.

Halght, Henrv, and Margarita Smith. Ch: Maria, b. Dec. 19, 1776.

Halner, see Heiuer.

Haines, sec Heene.

Hale, Daniel, and Cathalyna Dyckman. Ch: Richard, V Dec. 20,1784.

Halenbeck, Caspar Jacobse, waB iu Beverwyck in 1654. made his will Sept. 9,16M5, andd. about Aug. 1703, leaving two sons Isaac, and Jan.

Halenbeck, Isaac Caspcrse, and Dorothee Bosch (Vos. Ten Bosch). He made his will Nov. 14. 1708 . . . proved March 28, 1728. and mentions his wife, Dority, and the following children. He owned a tract of land on the Beaver kil within the present limits of the city; d. iu 1709 (?); his widow d. Feb. 4, 1744, and was buried in ti*e Lutheran church yard, Feb. 7, 1744. Ch: Jacob, bp. Oct. 19, 1684, m. Maria, daughter of Nauning Harmense Visscher; Maritie, bp. April 24. 1687, m. Wouter Vrooman; Hendrick, bp. March 13, 1692; Lvabcth, bp. June 23, 1695; Rachel, bp. Feb. 6,1698; Gerrit, bp. Mav 12,1700 ; Auua, bp. March 24,1706, in. Benj. Bogart, audd. Oct., 1719.

Halenbeck, Jan Casnarse of Coxsakie, and Rachel Willemse. He made his will May 6, 1725, . . . proved April 23, 1735, in which he spoke of his wife, Rachel, and the children following, except Johaunes and Jurriaen. He was buried Dec. 28, 1730. Ch: Willem Janse Casparse, the eldest son; Caspar Janse; Elizabeth, wife of Jan Evertsen ; Rachel, wife of Jtln Jacobse Van Hoesen ; Maritie, wife of Jurriaen Clauw; Rebecca, wife of Jan Van Loon; Johannes, bp. July 29, 1694; Johannes, bp. May 10, 1696: Jurgen or Jiirriaen. bp. May 23, " op Kocksbagki, and bp. at Klinkenbergh, Nov. 21, 1714.

Halenbeck. Willem Janse Casperse,of Claverak, m. first, Feltje Dirkse Van Vechten, May 23,1697; anil secondlv, Cornelia Hoes, June 8, 1723. Ch: Rachel, bp. Nov. 14, 1697: Dlrrick, bp. Sept. 10, 1699; Jan. bp. April 27, 1701 ; Samuel, bp. June 13, 17n.'i; Caspar, bp. Jan. 7, 1705; Michiel, bp. March 9,1707; Abraham, bp. Jan. 9, 1709; Junnetie, bp. July 5, 1713; Sara, bp. Sept. 4,1715.

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