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DoTrleii Adriaen Dirckse, owned a lot in Beverwyck in 1651. which he exchanged with Wynant Gcrritse [Vander Poelj; complained of Harmen flerpertee and Seger Coruelise for blowing horus and ringing bells before his door and at him in presence of nia neighbors ; 1601 gave power of attorney to Jan Bast: Guusenhoven to collect 50 rix dollars for him in Holland on account of his son Dirk Adriaense who WSJ* supposed to be dead. One Adriaen Dirckse from Maersen (perhaps the above) m. Maritie Lievens, widow in New Amsterdam, July 23, 1745.

De Waudelaer, Johannes, from Leyden, Holland, trader, m. Sara schennioes of New York, March IT. 1072. He bought and sold divers lots in Albany, the last of which was on the east comer of State and Chapel streets which he purchased of Jan Thomase in 167S He made his will June 20,1705, and speaks of the following Ch: except Abraham and Pieter but not of hi* wife. In 17112 he was a merchant in New York. Ch: Andries, eldest son, probably settled in N. Y\, where he had a son bp. April 2,1704 j Abraham bp. March 22, 1635 : Sara, bp. April 3, 1087 ; Catarina, bp. Aug.. 17 1689: Anna, bp. Feb. 7, 1092; Pieter, bp. Nov. 19, 1693; Alida, bp. Dec. 18, 1095; tile three following were probably born in New York, Johannes; Adriaen; Pieter.

De Wandelaer, Johannes, Jr., of Schaatkooke; hiB house lot in 1714, was on the west corner of Broadway and Maiden Lane; he also owned land in Schaahkook e which he sold to the city or Albany, in 1718. for £240. He m. Lysbeth Gansevoort. April 6.1701. Ch: Sara, bp. July 20, 1701; Harmen, bp. Nov. 25, 1702; JohanneB, bp. Oct. 22, 1701; Kebecca, bp. Sept. 29,1700 ; Amines, bp. Dec. 15. 1708; Angenletje, bp. March4, 1711; Pieter, bp. Sept. 20, 1713; Maria, bp. Dec. 25, 1715; Harmen, bp. Feb. 10, 1718; Adriaau, bp. May 19, 1722.

De Wandelaer, Pieter, flret wife, Ariaantie Van Vechten: she and her child d. and were buried in March, 1751. Ch : Johannes, hp. July 31,1748; Baient, bp. March 11, 1750. His second wife, Anna (Bogardus) Van VechteD, widow, he m. March 10, 1753. Ch: Elizabeth, hp. Dec. 10,175:); Johannes, bp. April 25. 1756, [Mr. Juhu De W., of Palatine, d. Aug. 10, 1824,

a. 69 y.J; Johauuatje, b. June 7,1763

De Wasdelaeh, Johannes G., m. Gerritje Gansevoort, May 14.1777. Ch: Meter, b. May 4.1778; Maria,

b. Dec 1. 1779; Harmen, b. Sept. 10, 1781.

De Wever tWeven. Jan Martense, 1657, owned a house and lot and resided at Beverwyck until about I 1664, wlieu he became a tenant of Volkert Janse Douw I and Jan Thomase, ou the island SdfioUwk, and was forbidden to proceed with the cultivation of the island by the Uecr Rensselaer. In 1071, he and his wife Dirckie Harrnensc bought a farm behind Kinder-hook where they resided in 1078.

De Wecver(Wecver). Abraham and Ann Kerni (Camin, Kcrnin, Kcruer, Kernel). Ch: Caturina, bp. Oct. 23.1748: Aunatie, hp. March 25, 1700; Cornells, bp. Feb. 28, 1752; Mantie, hp. Sep., 22. 1754; Margarita, hp. Jan. 23, 1757; Magdalena, bp. Sept. 19.1762: Abraham, b. July 4, 1765: Abraham, h. July 21,1766; Willem, bp. May 15, 170!). [Mr. Abraham Wever. d. March 23, ISO!), a. 100 y. and Mr. Peter Wever of Aucram, d. Feb. 20, 1832, a. 99 y. 10 m.]

De WHIeger, Simon, and Jane Coon. Ch: Ann, b. Oct. 27, 1791.

De Winter, Bastiacn, a native or Middleburgb, Holland, came to Schenectady about 1002. Falling sick, in 1070 he sold his house lot in Schenectady, together with hia bouwery on the Groote Ylachte to Jan Labatie, Joris Aertse Van der Baast. and Elias Van Guysling, with the intention of returning to Holland, but died before doing so. In 1078, the Dutch church of Albany claimed and probably obtained his property for the use of the poor. He seems to have left no heirs in this country,

DeWItt, Tjerck Claase. from Znnderland, Holland: l'sij he had one brother-in-law, Jan Albertse [Brail ?] in Beverwyck, and another named Pieter Janse, in Oosterbemns in East Friesland, Holland; T. C. DeVV. in 1601 had land there inherited from his father from which he was receiving rents. He owned land at Esopus where he became a permanent

resident about 1660. 1663 he was ordered to be punished at Esopus for opposing authority. He sold hia house and lot in Albany In 1600. He m. Barber Andriese from Amsterdam, Holland, ou April 24, 1656, in New Amsterdam.

De Wit, Jacob Bastiaanse, "weduwnaer Van Barber Gysbertse " m. Saartje Janse " weduwe Van Jan Jacobse Gardenier," Sept. 10, 1695. Ch: Annaiie, bp. Jan. 7, 1700.

Dbwit, Bastiaan, of Kinderhook, and Margarita Pearson (Pearse). Ch: Barbara, bp. Jan. 13, 1706.

Deyvit. William, and Hester Dykman. Ch: Thomas, b. Feb. 27, 1779; Maria, b. June 1, 1781.

Diamond, William M., and Rebecca Wendell. Ch: Thomas, h. June 3. 1797; Mary Ann, b. Oct. 22, 1801: John Wendell, b. Mav IS, 179!); Alida Wendell b. Nov. 27, 1803; Sarah, b.'Nov. 22, 1800.

DicklUHon, Charles, and Elsie Lansingh. Ch: Cornelia, b. Sept. 20, 178S.

DIel, Bastiaan. aud Catharina Ruvter. Ch: Petrus, hp. April 8, 1757; Margarita, hp.'Oct. 18, 1701.

Dillon, Hugh, and Judith Dunagoe. Ch: Mary bp. Aug. 9, 1747.

IHiiguiiin, Adam, born in Haerlem In Holland, residing in Greenbush 1863; bought a farm 1077 in Kindcrhoeck o! his father-in-law, Jacob Janse Gardenier; m. Aeltie Jacobse Gardinier; in 1683 they made a joint will; on March 20, 1720-21 he made a separate will in which he speaks of sons and daughters (not by name) and son-in law Pieter Cool. Ch: Jacob; Jauneke. w. of Pieter Barents Cool; Josyntie, bp. Sept. 28, 16S4; Garrit, bp. Jan. 16, 1087.'

Disoman, Jacob, of Kinderhook, and Eva Swartwout. Ch: Adam, bp. Jan. 7, 1700; Johannes, bp. Feb. 13,1704; Eelje, b. Sept. 17. 1706; Gerardns, bp. Jan. 9, 1709.

Disoman. Gerrit, of Kinderhoek, m. Cornelia Gardenier, Sept. 22,1714. Ch: Maria, bp. April 19, 1719: Elizabeth, bp. July 20, 1724.

Disoman, Johannes, and Marytic Mnller, Ch: Geesje, bp. Dec. 17, 1749.

Disoman, Abraham, and Lena (Lea) Salsbury. Ch • Jacob, b. Feb. 4, 1783; Margarita, b. Nov. 11, 1788.

Dingman, John,andCatalinaSpringer. Ch: Philip b. July 10, 17!)5.

Dobel, William, and Christina.... Ch: Catharina. b. Jan. 29, 1767. Dole, James, m. Antje Van Santvoord, July 22,

1707. Cil: Staats Van Santvoord, b. August 0,1768. Dole, William, and Catharina McGurah. Ch: Jane

b. Dec. 4,1775.'

Donaldson, Irck (Isaac *) and Margaret Richey.

Ch: William, b. Oct. 25,1778.
Donnowa, (Dunncvan, De Lavil), Jan and

Hopie (Hope), Hunt. Ch: William, bp. Feb 22

1738: Mary, bp. Oct. 10, 1743; Geertruy, bp. April

11. 1747. DoiuifiiH), James, m. Elsie Smith, Nov. 20

1708. Ch: Mamie, b. Aug. 9,1700; John, b. May 27, 1771; Muria, b. Jan. 18, 1771: Geertruy, b. Dec. 11 1775; Geertruy, bp. Oct. 17, 1777; Thomas, b. Aug. 10, 1779; Willem, b. March 23, 1782: Geertruy, b. Aug. 15,178-1: Catharina, b. Nov. 10, 1780; Margarita b. March 5, 1789.

Dool, George, and Catharina Seger. Ch: Alexander, b. Sept. 0, 177S.

Doracher, Volkert, aud Geertruy Hiltcu. Ch: Bareut, bp. Nov. 21, 1701.

Douw, Capt. Volkert Janse, from Frederickstadt was in Beverwyck 1038-1686. His house lot was on the west corner of State street and Broadway, property still owned by the family. He was a trader and brewer, and In connection with Jan Thomase dealt largely in real estate. Their brewery, situated on the east bairof the Exchange block and extending to the river, they sold in 1675 to Harmen Rutgers son of Kutgor Jacobsen. In 1663, they bought or the Indians .Icholack or Ajtjen'e [Little Monkey's] islaud and the main land lying east of it. He a'lso owned Voiwta/xl't island lying opposite Bethlehem, half of which in 1077, he sold to Pieter Whine. In 1672 he

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ther's death, in 1S16, d. at Waterloo, Aug. 2, 1847,

a. 03; Pieter, b. Sept. 37, 1785, Postmaster at Albany, d. Nov. lit) 27,1815; Jacob, b. Dec. 18,1787, d. at Geneva, Jan. 15. 1823, a. 36 y.; Myudert Murselis,

b. Jan. 6, 1790.

Dox, Pieter, m. Nancy Rendell. April 8,1781. Ch: Thomas, b. Oct. 7. 1783; William, b. Nov. 24, 1785; Peter, b. Sept. 17,1798.

Dret (Darcth, Derith. Droit, Duret), Jan, from Utrecht, m. Ryckie Van Dyck from same place, Nov. 1.1654, in New Amsterdam. Soon after, he came to Beverwvck where he remained till his death in May, 1669. His name often appears in the Records as the bayer and seller of lots.

Duet. Jan, m. M. (Anna) DeVoe (Du Foul, Aug. 15, 1735. Ch: Jan, bp. Jan. 25, 1730; Rachel, bp. June 19, 1737; Calharyua, bp. June 17.1739; Jaunetie, bp. March 15, 1741: Tobias, bp. Dec. 8, 1742: Isaac, bp. July 7, 1715; Rachel, bp. Sept. 11, 1748.

Dret (Derith, Duret). John, m. first, Sara Reviaon (Levingstoni, May 22. 1763; and secondly. Nelly Duret in [1771]. Ch: Johannes, b. Oct. 17,"1703: Isaac, b. Sept. 17, 1785; Tobias, b. Sept. 1. 1707; Rachel, b. Aug. Hi, 1772; Annatie, b. Oct. 0. 1781.

Drieabach, Joost, and Caty Huoghstrasser. Ch: Elizabeth, h. July, 1733: Catharine, b. Ang. 15,1705; Simon, b. Nov. 12, 1797.

Droit, see Dret.

Dubois, Jacobus, ofEsopns, and Susanna Leg. Ch: Pietcruella, lip. Jan. 25, 17U8.

Dubois, Solomon, of Esopus, and TrvntjeOerritse. Ch: Cornells, bp. Feb. 1,1708.

Dubois (DeBoy), Salomo, and Ariaantje Ch:

Heudrikus, b. March 23,1775; Rebecca, b. May 18, 1777; Johannes, b. July 17, 1779.

Duer, WilliRm. and Catharina Alexander. Ch: Jului, b. Oct. 7,1782. Du Four, Du Fou ; Du Foy; see De Voe.

Dulvebacb, Christiaan. m. Cathalyna (Ann) De Foreest, June 25, 1704. Ch: Johannes, bp. Sept. 16. 1701: Rebecca, bp. Jan. 25, 1707; Abraham, b. Feb. 24,1709.

Dulleniaii, Jan Rarentse, baker, from Zwoll, Holland, in Beverwvck, in 1001. ilia father Barent Bareutse Van Ernst'and mother Beertie Janse Dulleinans, were both deceased in 1603.

Da Moree, Pieter, in 1070, owned land behind Kindcrhoek.

Dunbar tTumbarr), John. m. first, Bata Winne; and secondly Maria Van floesen. April 1. 1724. lie was b. Aug. 31, and d. May 7, 1736, m Schenectady. In 1714 he was associated with Rev. Thomas Barclay and Col. Peter Mattnews in building the Episcopal church in Albany. In 1730, he removed t'o Schenecladv where he resided on the south corner of Front and Ctinrch streets. He made his will April 13,1736, wife not living, speaksof the following Ch: Robert; John : Mary ; Catharine; Wlllempie ; and Alexauder. He was a vintner or " taflering ceeper." Ch: bp. in Albany, Robert- Nov. 20, 1709 ; Jaunetie, May 17, 1724 in Schetiectadv. Anna, Jan. 7,1733; Alexander, Nov. 17, 1734.

Dunbar (Tumbnar). Robert, m. Cornelia Spoor, Oct. 8, 17*2. Ch: John, bp. April 8.1733 ; Maria, bp. Mav 12, 1734; Gerrit, bp. Nov. !l, 1735; Maria, bp. May 27, 1739; Levinus, Op. March 11,1742; Wilhelmns, bp. July 15,1744.

Dunbar (Tumbaar, Ten Baar). John, m. Helen Gerritse Lansing, April 19, 1755. Ch: Robert, bp. June 27,1756; Eytjc, bp. Feb. 11, 1759; Cornelia, bp. April 12, 1701.

Dunbar (Ten Baar) Gerrit, and Cathalyntie Bratt (Bat). Ch: Cornelia, bp. Dec. 27. 1701; Margarita, b. Jan. 3, 1701; Mana. b. Sept. 28, 1700; Johannes, b. Maj'3, 1709; Margarita, b. Nov. 1, 1772; Robert, b. Dec. 1, 1776

Dunbar (Ten Baar). Lavinus. m. Margarita Ilausen, Oct. 15, 1767. Ch: Robert, b. Dec. 10. 1707; Cornelia, o. Jan. 11. 1770; Robert, b. Juno 9 1772; Geertruy, b. Oct. 2, 1777. .

Dunbar (Ten Bnnr), Wlllem, m. Elizabeth Van Deusen, June 9, 1770. He d. July 10, 1825, a. 81 y. 1 mo. 22 d. She d. June I, 1S22, u. 73 v. 5 mo. 13 d. Trynljc. b. Nov. 26, 1770; Robert, b. "June 19, 1773. [Gen. Robert D„ Jr., d. June 30,1837, a. 04]; Arent, b. April 27, 1776; Arent, b. Nov. 6. 1778, d. April 4, 1800, a. 28 y. 4 m. 28 d.; Cornelia, b. Sept. 21, 1785.

Dunbar, Robert, m. Annatie Slingerlaud, Nov. 27, 1780. Ch: Johannes, b. May 24, 1782; Cornelius, b. June 10, 1802.

Dunbah, Jacob, and Margaret Crannel. Ch: Jacob, b. Feb. 24,1791.

Dunbar, Philip, and Stisanna Angus Mcintosh, Ch: Angus, b. July 22,1795 ; Margaret, b. May 5,1797.

Dunnovan, see Donnowa.

Duret, see Dret.

DuTrleux, or Du Triu ; see Truax.

Oiij veudorp, Johannes, and Elizabeth Ch:

Jacob, bp. April 0, 1740.

Dyckmau, Jan. came to New Nctherland in

1651, ns book keeper, and to Beverwvck in 1054, as

cominUx, which olllce he Oiled oneyeaV when he was

disabled by insanity. He d. in Sept., 1072. His

| wife, Maria Bosyna, d. in 1070. They left two sons,

I Cornelia, b. 1047, and Johannes, who was b. 1002.

Dyckman, Johannes, of Bcnthcm, Holland, m. Magdalena Tourueurs, of Midwout. June 15, 1673, ill New York. Ch: baptized in New York, Daniel, bp. Dec. 3, 1073; Marin, bp. April 20, 1070; Gerrit, bp. April 0, 1078; Magdalcna, March 27, 1080; Jan, bp. Mayfl, 1082; Grietie, bp. Jan. 11,1085 ; Johannes, bp. in Albany. May 11, 1690; Jacob, bp. in New York, July 11, 1092.

Dtckman, Cornells, ofNiskaynna, 1685. Ch: Claas, bp. Feb. 23, 1690; Geertie, bp. in New York, July IS, 1091; Elizabeth, bp. In New York, Sept. 7, 1701.

Uasterljr, Thomas m. Baata Van Wocrt, Dec. 8, 1779. Ch: Elisabeth, b. Aug. 27, 1780; Maria, b. July 10, 1782: Thomas, b. March 7,1783; Theunis, b. April 46, 1786; Catharina, b. Jan. 14,1788; Martlnus, b. Feb. 4, 1790; Charlotte, b. April 28, 1792.

ICaMoii, John, and Janet Rutherford. Ch: James, b. Jan. 10, 1779.

■Caton, John, and Christiana McArthur. Ch: Barbara, b. July 27,1790.

Ebbct, see Abbot.

IScker, Thomas, and Elizabeth Ch: Marytje,

bp. Oct. 2, 1720.

Edlgh, Jacob, and Margaret York. Ch: Susanna, D. Sept. 23, 1790,

Edigii (Eblgh, Eadick), Christopher, and Sophia Radley. Ch: Margaret, b. Nov. 18,1792; John Radley, b. March 11, 1790.

Edlch (Ettich), Frederick,and Geertruy Smith. Ch: Catharine, b. April 19, 1793.

Eduraou (?) Thomas, and Christina Ch:

Wlllcni, bp. July 3, 1763.

Egberlae, Barent, probably eon of Egbert Tennise Metselaer or de Metselaer, m. Maria DeGarmeau, Aug. 26, 1701; she was buried Jan. 9,1725. Ch: Egbert Teunise, bp. Jan. 13. 1705: Pieter, bp. Sept. 19, 1708; Maritie, bp. Feb. 10, 1712; Catrina, bp. Jan. 23, 1715; Susanna, bp. April 0,1718; Jacob, bp. Sept. 13, 1724. June 1, 1727, Barent Egbertse being about to marry Elsie La Graiige. widow of Oiny La Grange, dee'd, and dan. of Jan Van Loon, covenants to respect her rights in all property now owned or which may hereafter become hers.

Eobektse, Benjamin, probably a son of Egbert Tliuiiise Metselaer or de Metselaer. and Aiinetie Visscher. She was buried Oct. 22, 1753. Ch: Egbert Teuuisc, bp. March 4, 1711: Marrctje, bp. Fen. 21, 1714; Foniinetlc, bp. Jan. 10, 1717; Lena, bp. May 22, 1720.

Ehbeiitse, Teunis, m. Engeltie Beekman, Feb. 28, 1710. Ch: Maretic. bp. July 15, 1710: Neeltie, bp. June 30. 1718: Susanna, bp. March 13, 1720; Lena, bp. Oct. 22. 1731; Egbert, bp. June 10, 1733: Lena, lip. Aug. 30,1725; Anna bp. Oct. 1, 1727; Maria, bp. Jan. 4, 1730; Lena. bp. March 11, 1733; Marten and Jacob, bp. June 3, 1736.

Eirtiertsen, Egbert B., m. first. Rachel ....; and secondly, Maria (Malli. Molly?) Lents (Linch). Ch: Barent, bp. Aim. 10. 1728; John. bp. Feb. 25, 1731; Petrus, bp. March 18, 17*1; Rebecca, bp April 13, 1735; Maria, bp. Dec. 12. 173U. The following arc the second wire's Ch: Abraham, bp. July 0, 1743; Annatie, bp. April 25, 1746; Anthony, bp. July 10, 1752, d. Jan. 02-1) 23, 1833, a. 80: Jacob Visscher, bp. Jan. 29,1788.

Egberts, Jacob, and Mary Kuis. Ch: Mary, bp. Sept. 20,1749.

Egbertscn, Marten, m. Josina Schermerhorn, Jan. 28.1772. Ch: Johannes, b. Jau. 2«, 1778.

Eger, Johannes, and Catharina Young. Ch: Johan Nicolaas. b. March 22, 1703.

£qeb, Nicolaas, Jr.. and Geertruy Young. Ch: Elisabeth, b. July 1, 1763.

Eggelbeymel, Hans Nicolaas, and Margarita. .... Ch: Hans PiJter, bp. Oct. 21,1753.

Egmont, Jacob Clacse, and .... Ch: Nicolaas, bp. April 13, 10M: Jacob, "geboreu nae des Vaders doodt," bp. Dec. 27, MSB.

Eomont, Jacob, in 1726, bought a lot of the city on the east corner of I'enrl and Hudson streets; ni. Anna Lansing, Oct. 19. 1710, was buried May 25.1734. Ch : Elsie, bp. Jan. 28. 1718 ; Maria, bp. Nov. 8, 1719; Jacob, bp. Feb. 28, 1722; Gcrrit, bp. May 5. 1723; Nicolaas, bp. Oct. 11. 172.): Catharina. bp. Nov. 19, 1727; Evert, bp. June 21. 1720; Johannes, bp. March 14, 1731; Catharina, bp. Sept. 17, 1732.

Eomont, Jacob, m. Maria Lewis, Jau. 29, 1744. Ch: Annatie, bp. Feb. 17, 1745; Mary. bp. Aug. 14. 1748; Kuchel, bp. June 7, 1752; Catarina, bp. May 7, 1758.

Elliy, Ilannes, and Margarita Heenes (Heencr). Ch: Anna, "geboren voor 7 weken" bp. Aug. 18, 1765; Juriaan, b. Oct. 21, 1706.

Eights, Abraham,andCathartnaBrooks(Broecks). He d. Jan. 10,1820. a. 74 v. She d. June 9, 1829, a. 80 y. Ch: Abraham, b. Oct. 21,1771; [Dr. Jonathan E. b. 1773, d. Aug. 10, 1848, a. 75; Alida Wyncoop. his widow, d. May 15, 1819, a. 77 y.]; Rebecca, b. Dec. 23, 1777; Maria, b. Jan. 18, 1780; Elizabeth, b. Feb. 19 1782; Rachel, b. May 7, 1781; Rachel, b. Jan. 21,1786.

Elvry (Avery r), Thomas, and Elizabeth — Ch: Thomas, bp. Nov. 23, 17B0. Ellelh (Rvllcth, Tcllcth, Ellis'). Nathaniel and

Margarita Ch: Ncth : Eoleweth, bp. Feb. 23,

1724 ; Anna, bp. Nov. 14,1725 ; Jen. bp. Sept. 21, 1727; John, bp. Feb. 23, 1729.

Ellis, Frederick .... Ch: Nathaniel, bp. Sept. 25, 1087.

Elmcndorf, Coenraad, "jongman Van Kingston en Ariaantlu Gerntse weduwe Van Cornelia Martense Van Buereu." m. June 28. 1093. He in. secondly Blandina KlerBtede, mother or Jenueke, bp. Jan. 0,1706.

Elmendorp, Jacob. Jr., and Lea Bloemendal. Ch: Coenraad, b. Sept. 25, 1781.

ElvendorfftElmiMidorfi'?). Jonathan, and Margaret Fetter. Ch: John Fetter, b. March 9, 1792.

El ill en dor II', Peter Edmund, and Eliza Van Rensselaer. He was an eminent lawyer and lived on the west side or Pear! street, third house north or the Female Academy, which bis w. inherited from her mother. Maria Sanders, dau. or Robert Sanders and w of Philip Van Rensselaer. This lot descended to her dau. Maria, w. ot Peter Sanders. Peter K. Elmendorf d. May 15, 1835, a. 70 y.; she d. April 20, 1836 a. 58. Ch: Sarah, b. Dec. 31, 1793 it); Marin, b. March 20, 1790; Edmund Peter, b. July 21, 1803; John Van Rensselaer, b. April 18,1807; Catharine, b. Jan. 20, 1S09; Edmund Peter, b. Nov. 24, 1813. Emry, John, and Neeltie Staats. Ch: Mario, b.

July 2«, n:o.

Engels (English), Nnthnniel. and Ida ... Ch: Margariet, bp. Dec. 28, 1735; Mnrgariet, bp. March 8, 1738.

Ensign, Ezekicl, and Abigail Gibbs. Ch: Allen, bp. Jan. 21,1T78.

I'.rliart, Johannes, and Christina Wies. Ch: Willcm, bp. May 9, 1756.

Erl (Earl t). William, and Ann Ch: William,

bp. Oct. 27, 1761.

Erlng, Samuel, and Saartjc Oostrander. Ch: Cathariua, b. July 5,1773.

Erino, Hannes. and Elisabeth Wolff. Ch: Catharine, b. June 11, 1773.

Ertlenberger (Ertberger), Daniel, and Regina Cath: Leonard (Leonliug, Lcenerien). Ch: Christoflel, b. March 17, 1705; Regina, b. Dec. 31, 1769; Daniel, b. Dec. 18, 1771.

Ertyberger, Jacob, and Lois Hungerford. Ch: Elizabeth, b. Sept. 6, 1798.

Km in. John. m. Mnry Thomson (McMillen), July 6, 1778. Ch: Margaret, bp. June 6, 1779.

Esmy (Ismv). Thomas, and Elizabeth Palmatler. Ch: Petrus, b."May 24,1775; IsaacUegeman, b. Jnly 4, 1779. Esselsteyn, Van Esselsteyn, Ysselstcyn. Esselsteyn, Marten Corneliee. one of the first settlers of Schenectady On Oct. 28, 1008. he sold his bouwery to Claas Frcderickse Van Petlen and Cornells Viele, and removed to Claverack. On Jan. 12, 1070-7. Marten Cornelise. b. in thecityof Ysselstevn, and Mayke Cornelise "b. in Barrevelt," both living in Claverack, made their joint will. He was not living in 1705. They bad one son. Cornelise Martense.

Esselsteyn. Comclis Martense of Claverack, and wife Cornelia Vandenbergh (Vredenbcrgh). He mode his will June 21, 1710, proved Jan. 10. 1748-9, then spoke of wife Cornelia and Ch: Willcm, eldest son,

David; Jacob; Johannes: Isaac; Baata, w. of

Van Deusen. The follow Ing were bp. in Albany: Tobias, Aug. 3. I09O; Abraham. Jan. 8, 1704; David,

Oct. 28. 1705. who made his will Jan. 15,1747-8

proved Jan. 17, 1748-9. in which he speaks of his mother; left his property to his brothers Johannes, Wlllem, Jacob and sister Baata.

Esselsteyn, (Iselsteyn), Willem and Feytle..,.. Ch: Jnnnetie. bp. Jau. 18. 1721.

Evans, Thomas,and Elizabeth Ch: Mary,

bp. Jan. 20.1737.

Evertse, Jan. master shoemaker in Beverwyck, 1001-7. |Tliis family were probably Lutherans.]

Evektse, Dirk and .... Ch: Aaltie, bp. in New York, June 29, 10(3: Jaunetle. bp. in New York, Aug. 81, 1004; Ileudrick. bp. in New York May 8, 1067; Grietic. bp. in New Y'ork, May 5, 1072; Fytie, bp. in New York. Nov. 22, 1670; Hendrikie, bp. in New York, Mav 1, 1080; Richnrdt, bp. in Albany, Feb. 24. 1084; Evert, bp. Feb. 3. lOSJi; Arent, bp. Jan. 25, 1088; Arent, bp. March 17, 1GS9.

Everson, Benjamin, and Antjc .... Ch: Tjerk Ilarmcuse. bp. April 20, 1712.

Evert Jansc, kuvpenthe cooper), perhaps son of Jau Evertse above; had a lot on east corner of Maiden Lane and Broadway in 1700. afterwards occupied by his son Johannes Evertse; made his will, April 8\ 1725. proved Dec. 28.1733, in which be speaks of sons Johannes Evertse, the eldest; Jacob; and Hans [who was buried in Lutheran church yard, Dec. 12.1741.] He also had a son Abraham, bp. July 14,

1080. His wife was Maria He was buried in

the Lutheran churchyard, Nov. 8, 1720.

Fvertse, Johannes, in. Barentje Brayn. Jnly 28, 1712. She was buried Feb. 5. 1752. [Jan Evertse, ■ cooper, lived iu 1717, on east corner of Broadway and Maiden Lane.] Ch: Maria, bp. Oct. 8. 1713; Alitba, b. Dec 26. 1714, was bp. in the Lutheran church, Jan. 1,1715: Evert, bp. May 10. 1716.

Evkhtse, Johnimes, m. Elizabeth Boumnn, July, 24, 1722. [Maria, wire or Johannes Everts, was buried Feb. 11, 1728.] Eyehtse, Jacob, was buried Jan. 11, 1755. His

wife, was Elizabeth Ch: Kvert, b. nt Cossackie

"de week voor Pinxter van dlt jaer " and bp. in the Lutheran church in Klinkenberg, May, 26, 1706; Anna Maria, l>. in the beginning of May, and bp. in the Lutheran churcuat Albany, May 23, 1708; Rachel, b. Nov. 8,1710, and bp. in the Lutheran church, Feb.

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Farguson, Duncan, and Isabella Emerson. ChIsabella, bp. June 8, 1778.

Fatten, Francis Mark, and Catharine V. D Groesbeeck. Ch: John, b. Dec. 13, 1799; Catharine Grocsbeek, b. Oct. 23, 1801; William Groesbeek b Sept. 8, 1802.

Faulkner, William, and Margareta Anderson. Ch: Jenet and Isabel, b. May 11,1778.

Feero, Hcndrik, and Maria Van Vredenburg. ChAbraham, b. May 7.1775; Catharina, b. May 14,1779 • Elms, b. Dec. 22,1786; Rachel, b. March 11,1789.

Feero, Christiaan, m. Catharina Levison, March 28,1779. Ch: David, b. June 12, 1781; Maria, b. May 19,1783; Pieter aud Margarita, b. Nov. 23, 1786.

Fero, Petras, m. Jannetic Van Deusen, Dec. 18, 1785. Ch: David, b. Aug. 8, 1786; Lea, b. Dec. 15 1788 j Cornells, b. Sept. IB, 1789.

Fell (Fylc), Johan Melchior(Melchert), and Elisa! beth Rickart, (Hausiug, Hursiuger, Hansinger) ChElisabeth. I.p. May Si, 17B1; Maria, b. March 18, 1763; Catharina, b. May 7, 17H4; Isaac, b. "in May'1 bp. July 13. 1766: Jacob, b. June 5,1708 ; Matrdalena. b. Aprif4,1771; Melchert, b. May 8, 1773.

Ferguson, or Farquson, see Farguson.

Fester, Johannes, and Catharina Ch: Johannes, hp. Dec. 6, 1761.

Fetter!jr, Peter, and Hannah Boraley. ChFrederic, b. April 9, 1791.

Flerse, Pieter, and Mary Hunter. Ch: Catharine, b. Jan. 29, 1786.

FUman, Richard, and Sara Marll. Ch: Richard bp. Dec. 6, 1778.

Fine, John, cooper, "Van Waterfortin Trlandt" m. first, Jopje Claase Van Slvck (Schaak), June 4, 1696 ; and secondly. Allda Jaiise Gardenier, dau. of Jan Jacobse, G. of Kinderhook, Aug. 18, 1699 Ch • Willem, bp. Feb. 18, 1698; Catharine, bp. Dec 29* 1700, was buried, Nov. 12, 1736 ; Jan, bp. Oct. 8, 1702.

Finko, Hendrik, and Annatic Cocks. Ch: Johannes, b. Dec. 8,1776.

Flnkelbacn, Adam, aud Helena Finger. Ch • Hannah, b. March 28, 1792.

Flnky, Johannes, and Maria Luyts. Ch: Elizabeth, b. Oct. 20,1776; Elizabeth, b. Aug. 16, 1778.

Fisher (see Visscher).

Flamlsham, Dennis, and Rachel Milton. Ch ■ William, b. Dec. 13, 1794.

Flamaborongh, see Flansburgh.

Flansburgh, Vlensburgh.

Flansburoh (Flamsborough), Peter, m. Maritie, Becker. Dec. 24, 1783. Ch: Sophia, b. July 12, 1791. [Peter Flansburgh and Franksc Van den Bogart " Van Niskatha," in. July 24, 1790].

Flat, Patrick, and Eleanor Viele. Ch: Patrick bp. Nov. 26,1749. *

Flemmlng, James, m. Magdalena Gardenier, March 4, 1738. Alexander, bp. Dec. 17, 1738: John bp. Jan. 7, 1741.'

Flensburgh, Mattheus. m. Maria Van Zanten, Feb. 12, 1716. He had a lot near the "Horse Guard blockhouse;" corner of Hudson and Green streets In 1718; was buried June 8. 1739. Ch : Joannes bp Nov. 4, 1716; Catryna, bp. Aug. 24, 1718; Joseph, bp. Oct. 14. 1720; Margarita, bp. Dec. 2, 1722; Anthony, bp. Nov. 29.1724; Margarita, bp. Feb. 12,1727 • Catharina, bp. May 25, 1729; Catharina, bp. Jan. 23, 1732 (M; Annatie, bp. July 7, 1732; David, bD Marcli 19, 1737.

Flehsburoh, Daniel, m. Johanna Yates in New York, July 20, 1717. He was buried Aug. 24, 1725 Ch: Johannes, bp. June 30, 1718; Anna, bp. Aprii 23; 1721; Margarita, bp. Jan. 8, 1723; Margarita bp. Oct. 4,1724. 'B ^

Flensblroh. Johannes, m. Cornelia Hooghtelin" Aug. 22,1741. Ch: Mattheus. bp. May 23,1742; Leua' bp. Feb. 12, 1741; William, hp. Sept. 28,1745 ; Daniel' bp. May 29, 1752; Dauiel, bp. Nov. 3, 1754; Maria bp. June 19, 1757; Petnis, bp. Jan. 28, 175!) ; David, bp. May 3, 1761; Leua, b. Oct. 28, 1765; Maria, bp. March 15, 17G9.

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