Gambar halaman

Deforeest, Jesse, m. Rebecca Van Santcn, Aug. 1, 1TT9. Ch: Wouter, b. Nov. 21,1780; Engeltle, b. Feb. 12,1785; Maria.b. Nov. 1.1786; Dirk, b. March 2, 1788; Hetty, b. Oct. 12,1781); Catalinn, b. Aug. 14, 1796.

Deforeest, Johannes, and ElberticVan Anlsteyn. Ch; Philip, b. Feb. 21, 1780; David, b. July 6, 1783.

Deforeest, Dirk. m. Rebecca Bratt, Jan. 14, 1781. Ch: Tenuis, b. July 24. 1781; Wouter. b. Nov. 23, 1783; Engcltie.b. April 22. 1785; Cathalvntie, b. May 10, 1788; Henry, b. Nov. 27, 1797; Walter, b. June 10, 1800.

Deforeest, David (con of Marten) m. Rachel, Vauder Hevdeti, Feb. 27, 1780. Ch: Janneke, b. May 12. 1782; Johannes, b. May 18.17SD, d. Jan., 1837. [David De Foreest d. April, 1835.]

Deforeest, William, ni. Abigail (Del Foreest, March 10,1783. Ch: Marten, b. Sept. 1,1784.

Deforeest, David, m. Snsanna Fonda, Dec. 26, 1779. Ch: Wouter, b. March 31, 1787; Pieter, b. July 25. 1789; Abraham, b. Oct. 20,1790; Stephen, b. Jan. 5,1801.

Deforeest, Dirk, and Maria Fonda. Ch: John, b. Nov. 17, 1787; David, b. Dec. 26,1790.

Deforeest. John J., and Barbara Van Aalsteyn. Ch: John, b. Aug. 27, 1791.

DcFort, Bee Fort.

Defreeze, Douwe Aukes. b. 1640, was an innkeeper at Schenectady. On the 9th Feb., 11190, his wife, two children and negro servant Francyn. were massacred by the French nnd Indians. Douwe Aukes joug man ran ScheneglaUe en Maria Viele weduwe van Malthvs Vrooman, were m. in Albany, Feb. 4, 1685. Ch :" Margariet, bp. March 21, 1686.

DeGarmo, De Garrneaulx, De Charmau, alias Villeroy.

OeGarmeaiilx, alias Villeroy, Pierre, "Pieter the Frenchman " was in Albany us early as 1665. Peter Villeroy a Frenchman, laborer, could not take the oa'h of allegiance, &c, in 1699, because he was a Papist. He was buried March 6,1741. His wife was Caatje Vander fleyden, sister of Dirk V. D. H. Ch: Anna, bp. Oct. in, 1684: Marie, bp. May 23, 1686: Jacobus, bp. March 29, 1689; Agnict, bp. March 20, 1692: Johannes, bp. April6,1H94; Matthieu, bp. June 1.1696; Dirk, hp. Oct. 2, Hills; Abraham, b. April 3, 1702; Jillis, bp. March 22, 1704.

DeGarmo, Johannes, m. Egbertie Visscher, Oct. 1), 1719. lu 11:14, his house was on the north side of Steuben street, a little west of James street. Ch: Pieter, bp. Mav 8, 1720: Bastinan, bp. Aug. 12, 1722; Jacob, lip. Jan. 26, 1721, buried Aug. 12, 1746; Dirkje, bp. March 13, 1726.

Degarmo, Mattheus, and Rebecca Ch: Pieter,

bp. Jan. 24, 1722; Johannes, bp. Nov. 8, 1723; Johannes, bp. Sept. 20, 1724; Catharina, bp. Jan. 8, 1727; Hester, bp. July 27, 1729 ; Hester, bp. Dec. 25, 1731; Mattheus, bp. Feb. 21, 1734; Abraham, bp Jan. 21, 1739; Jacobus, bp. June 21, 1741; Sara, bp Oct. 27, 1743.

Degarmo, Jillis. m. Rachel Kvertsen, Jan. 9,1731. Ch: Catharina, bp. July 2, 1731 ; Jacob, bp. Nov. 19, 1732; Johannes, bp. Feb. 9, 1736; Catharvna, bp. May 28, 1738; Jillis, bp. Jan. 8,1749.

Degarmo. Pieter, and Sara Gnrdenicr. Ch: Re

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1760; Ariaantje, h. Apr. 29,1763: Eva, h. Aug. 4,1788; Rachel, b. Aug. 26, 1772: Gerrit, b. June 10, 1775.

Degarmo. Pieter, and Lena Bonip. Ch: Sara and Mattheus, twins, b. Dec. 31,1767; Johannes, b. Ang, 20. 1769.

Degarmo, Johannes, and Margarita Wendell. Ch: Pieter, b. May 28,1782; Martiuus, b. May 25,1788.

DeGamio. Gerrit, m. Cornelia Cooper, Jan. 10, 1799. He d. Dec. 19. 1809, a. 34 v. 5 in. 9d. She d June 30, 1818, a. 39 v. 9 m. 9 d. Ch: Jacob, b. Oct. 11, 1799; Annatie, b. Aug. 6, 1801; Cornelius Van den Bergh, b. April 28, 1803; Benjamin, b. March 81, 1806, and d. April 25,1807.

DeGoyer, see Jan Roeloffse.

Degoter. Tys Evertse, 1664 planter in Colony Ren^selacrwyck: had a brother Evert Evertse master carpenter hi Amsterdam, Holland. His father and mother, Evert Tvsse and Grielje Jause deceased, formerly lived at Naerden.

DeGraaf, Audries. a brickmaker, was an inhabitant of New Amsterdam in 1661. Jan Audriese, his son, was also a brickmaker and lived in Beverwyck in 1655. He was lined 50U gl. with two others for selling liquor to the Indians ill 1658. With one lloogeboom he went to New Amstcrdamin 1661 and commenced the making of bricks.

Degkaae, Clnas Andriyse, b. 1628, settled early in Schenectady where his descendants are found to this day. Hem. Lysbet Willemse Brouwer (sometimes ended Riuckho'nt). She d. Nov. 18, 1723. Of 10 children only the following were bp. in Albany. Isaac, bp. Ang. 4, 1691: Antjc, bp. Aug. 27,1693. (.s>(- also <ie/te/tccf.a(ty FamUiex).

Dkgraaf, Jesse, son of Claas, m. Aaltie Akkermacs (llelston, Honnion)in New York, Oct. 20, 171)5. Ch: Cluas, bp. Dec 25. 1706: Elizabeth, bp. April 30. 1710: Aaltie, bp. Oct. 31, 1714. — See also Sc/ieneetady Families.

Degraak, Jan, and Geertniy Ch: Anna, bp.

April 20, 1712.

DeHaen, Isaac, a trader in Beverwyck, 1663-4.

D'HliiKwe, Jacob, a surgeon in Beverwyck. 1654-67. In 1654, he received a patent for two lots of land at Fort Casinier on the Delaware river, in 1657, he brought an action against Thomas Powelson [Powell,] of Beverwyck for fees; the defendant answered that the plaintiff was engaged to attend tils family for two beavers ($0,401 a year; plaintilT insisted that such an agreement referred only to sickness from natural causes, not to cases of w'ounds willfully indicted; and the case was put over. D'Uln^se had a lot on east side of Broadway, just south of State St.

DeHooges, Anthony, came to New Nethcrland in 1641, and next year succeeded Areut Van Curler as superintendent of the Colony Itcnsselaerswyck, and town clerk. His lot in Beverwyck, was ou the north corner of Beaver St. and Broadway. He died about 1656. His wife Eva Albertse Bratt. after his death, m. Roeloff Swartwout of the Esopusin 1657. Dellooges left the following Ch: all living in 1657: Maricken, Anneken, Catarina, Johannes, Eleauora. being minors, they probably removed with their mother to Esopns.

DrHulter, Jolian, with his wife Johanna De Laet, dan. of Johannes De Laet, embarked for New Netherland in May, 1053. from Amsterdam, in the vessel called the Graef, with different families, taking with them n number of Iree men, among whom were several mechanics, as one extraordinary potter [stetnbakker, brickmaker], who intended to settle either in the colony or other convenient place. Mrs. Deliulter, through her father, inherited one-tenth of the colony Renssclaerwyck which she received in a conveyance of the land lying belweeu the Poesten and Wynanfskil from Jeremiah Van Rensselaer in 1674. This land she and her second husband, Ebbingb, conveyed to Jtirriaen Theunise in 1676, who afterwards conveyed it to Philip Picterse Schuyler. De Hnlter died about 1657 and his widow m. Jeronimus Ebbingh of Esopus. Feb. 22, 1058-9 in New Amsterdam. After the death of her first husband. Mrs. D. H. removed to Esopus and settled upon a patent of laud there, consisting of 500 acres, which ehe obtained in 1667. nt the same time selling ont her property in Beverwyck. A pantile bakery, established by herhusband,formed a part of this property.

Dekker, Jan. and Tysje Bogert. Cli: Jacob, bp. April 13, 170?; Marytje. bp. Oet. 17, 1708.

Decker. Simeon, and Cornelia.... Ch: Abraham, b. Dec. 28,1796.

De I«a Grange, Johannes, a Huguenot, is said to have emigrated from LaRochelle, France, about 105B, settled in New Amsterdam, and left 4 sons: Johaimet; OrnU ; Isaac ; and Jacobus.

De La Grange, Johannes, b. 1058, Bergen, N. J., May, 6, 1712. He left.'two sons: Johannes, and Christiaan. [Johannes La G. m. Y'tie Croesvclt, Sept. 28, 1687, in New York.)

De La Grange, Johannes, b. 1706, d. at Elizabethtown, N. J., Nov. 5,1782, leaving one son : Johannes.

De La Grange. Johannes, b. Aug. 28.1733, d. Sept. 19, 173S. Hi had 'a son Johannes, who d. in Union, Broome Co., N. Y., in 1800.

De La Grange, Omie. came to Albany, 1665, [this name is usually written Omy in the' old records, hat it is claimed by some of the family that it should be Or/tie.] eon of Johannes the first settler; he was a trader, and besides owning seTeral lots in Albany, bought of John Hcndr: vrooman in 16s»j. one-half of Van Bael's Patent on the Norman's kit and with Johannes Symonse Veeder. in 1716, bought the other half. Many'of his descendants occupy portions of these lands in the towns of New Scotland and Guilderland. Omie De La G. m. Annetie De Vries. Ch: Johannes; Omie; Christian, admitted freeman in New York. 1734: Isaac, bp. April 28, 1686; Christina, bp. Oct. 10, 1088; Jacobus, bp. April 2:), 1692.

De La Grange, Omie, Jr lived on the Van Bael Patent, m. Elsie Von Loon March 28, 1697: having no children living he left his property to his nephews Bernardus, Johannes, and Omie.

De La Grange, Johannes (son of Omie), lived on the Van Bael Patent, had Ch : Johannes : Christiaan; Annatie: Margaret, and Christina.

De La Grange, Isaac (son of Omie), m. Maria Ch: Omie ; Isaac; Coenraad: Orietje, m. Johannes Look ; Antje. in. Anthony QuackenbuBh; and Maria, bp. Oct. 17, 1730.

De La Grange, Jacobus (son of Omie), lived on the Patentat the Normans kil.m. Engeltie VeederiuSchenectady. Oct. 24, 1717. Ch: Susanna, bp. in Schenectady. Sept. 25.1719: Rttriiardus.lip. in Schenectady, March 11, 1721; Susanna, bp. in Schenectady, Sept. 15. 1723, m. Jacob Jacobsm; Antic..bp. in Albany, April 21. 1728: m. Johannes Evertsen; Dcbora, bp. in SchcnectaMy Aug. (?) 1729, m. Philip Teunise; Johannes; Omie Arie, b. Nov. 12, 1738; Mywltrt Christina, in. Johannes Bloemendal.

De La Grange. Bernardus (son of Jacobus), a lawyer, lived in New Brunswick. N. J., m Warrington: in 1770; moved with his family to England; d. Dec. 10, 1797. Ch: James Brazier, b. 1760; Susannah, m. John VVadman.

De La Grange, James Brazier, d. 1822, leaving one eon James Warrington, who m. Harriet Demarest of Waterfurd, N. Y., and now lives in England.

De La Grange, Myndert (son of .Jacobus), lived on the Patent at the Sicarte kll. in. Helena A. Swits, March 5. 1769: Eugeltie, bp. in Schenectady: Jan. 14.1770; Neeltie, bp. in Schenectady, June 16. 1771; James, bp. Jan. 19, 1777; Ann, who m. Aaron Van 1-atten.

De La Grange, James (son of Myndert), lived on the Patent at the ,SwarU kil, m. Hester Vanderzee, d. 1825. Ch; Myndert; Hester; Margaret; and Eve.

De La Grange, Arie (son of Jacobus), a surveyor, m. Maria Van Antwerp, in Schenectady, Feb. IS. 1762. He d. April 2 (6), 1798: his wife d. Feb". 6,1801, a. 58 y. 4 m. 2 d. Ch: Jacobus, b. Jan. 22, 1763; Maria, b. Aug. 2, 1705; Maria, Ang. 23.1766; Gerrit, b. June 15,1771; Gerrit, b. Nov. 21, 1777, d. Dec. 19, 1777.

De La Grange, Jacobus (son of Arie), m. first, Annatie Visscher (b. Dec. 25, 1703, d. Aug. 20, 1794),

i Feb. 10, 1784; sccondlv. Maria McCrea (b. Feb. 2, 1771, d. June 15, 1850), Feb. 15. 1796; Capt James La G. a. Feb. 16, 1827, in his 05th year. Ch: Arie. b. Dec. 4, 1784. d. 1811; Gerrit, b. Sept. 17, 1787. d. Jan.

! 17. 1803. a. 75 y.; James, b. Oct. 21,1789, d. Sepl. 1, 1828; Alida, b. Sept. 28, 1791, d Aug. 11.1793; Myndert, b. May 28, 1793, d. May 26, 1794; Mary Ann," b. Sept. 23, 1797, d. April 13, 1818; Susannah, b. March 20. 1799, d. Sept. 3, 1800; John, b. Oct. 27, 1800. d. Nov. 12,1816: Susannah, b. Oct. 27. 1802 m. Peter V. Shankland, and d. March 6, 1838; William, b. July 2, 1801, d. Feb. 23. 1869; Stephen, b. Dec. 21, 1800, (1. Nov. 5, 1807; Stephen, h. Oct. 14,1808, d. Sept. 25, 1813; George, b. June 1, 1810; Stephen McCrea, b. May 10, 1815.

De La Grange, Gillis [son of Christiaan], and Jenneken Adriaense Molenaar. Ch: Christvntje, bp. Sept. 24, 1693; Elisabeth, bp. Oct. 6,1095; Anna, bp. in Schenectady, Dec. 29, 1700; Christiaan, bp. July 25, 1703.

De La Grange. Christiaan, and Marytje EvertBen. Ch: Anna, bp. March 20, 1748.

De La Grange, Omy, m. Marvtjo Van Brakelen, Oct. 2, 1743. Ch: Marytje, bp. March 12, 1749.

De La Grange, Johannes, and Elizabeth Mcuoy. Ch: Metje, b. Feb. 24. 1762,

De La Grange, Coenraad, m. Annatie (De) La Grange, Oct. 8, 1708. Ch: Maria, b. Aug. 7,1778.

(de) La Grange. Johannes, and Maria Knoll. Ch: Christiaan, bp. Oct. 3, 1779.

(de) La Grange (Grauzv), Christiaan, and Elizabeth Freeman. Ch: Engeltie. b. Dec. 11, 1786; Jannetie, b. May 25, 1790. (See also Schenectady Families).

(de) La Grange, Pieter. and Judith Maas [Bloemendaal]. Ch: Jelles, bp. Aug. 16,1798.

De La Grange, Jacob, m. AriaantjeTruax, May 4, 1783. Ch: Ann. b. Oct. 28, 1790.

De Lamater. Claude, and Christiana Ch:

Christiana, bp. Feb. 12, 1717.

De Lamater. Evert, m. Mary Cole, Oct. 20, 1795. Ch: John Cole, b. Aug. 3, 1795.

Delamont, Jacob, died March 14, 1719 aged 81 years, leaving two sons : .Jan. who settled in Schenectady ; and Marten, of Schaghtieoke.

Delamont. Marten Jacobse. of "Schadtkooke " m. Lysbcth Vide, Nov. 14,1702. Ch: Pieter, bp. Oct. 1,1703; Caihariua, bp April 20,1707; Catbarina,bp. Oct. 31, 1708; Pieter, bp. Oct. 7, 1711; Abraham, bp. Feb. 10,1717.

DeKonlng:, Jan, and Gcertruy Janso. Ch: Margariet, bp. June, 26, 1709.

DeLaWarde, Jan, came over from Antwerp in 1662; besides a lot in Albany and land in Niskayuna lie owned an island in the Mohawk river above Schenectady, for which in 1698, be acknowledged to have received satisfaction from Joris Aertse Vnuder Baast, some years previously. He died in Albany, Jan. 28, 1702.

DeLavll (perhaps DcLaval), see Donnowa.

DeLiival, Capt. Thomas, a trader in New York and Albany, 1008-82, owned one or more houses in Albany; 1670, mayor of New York and commissioned one of the council; 1677. fanner of the weighhouse for 6500 guilders; d. 1082, his son John his executor.

Dellloa (Van Dell), Godefridus Ch: Jeane,

bp. Oct. 25, 1085; Jean Allette, bp. Dec. 23. 16S7. lie came to Albany in 1083, as assistant minister to Domine Schaets and left in 1699. on account of his connection with the extravagant land grants obtained from the Indians. His salary for the first three years was 900 guilders HoUawl* geldt ($300) and for the next four years 400 pieces of eight ($400).

DeLoni;, James, and Margariet Ch: Margariet. bp. March 7, 1730.

DeLooper, JacobuB TenniBe, 1657. hnd an affray with Frans Barentse Pastoor ; 165s, quarrelled with Jau Roeloffse [Anneke JauBe's wnj drew hid knife and wounded him before the door of Jau I)e Wever; game year he was Bchotit or constable of the village.

DelTIaecker, Pieter, a house carpenter; in 1655 he owned a lot in New Amsterdam; in 1657 the iron work which he famished for the church at Beverwyck was accepted for his subscription towards its erection. lie returned to Amsterdam. Holland, about 1653, when he authorized the sale of his lot in Beverwyck.

De Idaiiae, Adam, and Jannetle De Voy (Voe?) Ch: Catrina, bp. Nov. 24, 1751.

DelUarchal, Willem, a trader in Beverwyck, 166-2.

DeDISffi. Benjamin, and Kachel Ch: Hester,

bp. April 22,1716.

De.llolselaer, see Mctselaer.

DeMoer, Philip Philipse, and Elizabeth Ganscvoort. Ch: Sander, bp. Jan. 24. 1686: Jacob, bp. Aug. 27,1693. (See also Schenectady Families).

DeVyswIacr, see Visscher.

Dennlson, J., and Elizabeth Ch: Alexan- j

der, bp. Nov. 19, 1729.

Dennison. Hugo, "Van Nieuw York," m. Rachel Vanden Bergh, Oct. 8, 1757. Ch: Jacobus, b. May 14. 1762; John, b. July 22, 1778. [Hugh Dcnniston, i Innkeeper, 1780.—//M. Coll. Albany, 1,812.1

Dennison. James, and Lena (Hanna) Lansing. Ch: Rachel, b. June 10, 17SS; Rachel, b. Dec. 31,1786.

DciinlNton, Isaac, and Eleanor Visscher. She d. March 2<i. 1885, a. 71 y. Ch: [Elizabeth] no name

fiveu in baptismal register of the church. Ixirn Sept. 8, 1789, m. Col. 8nmuel Connord. and d. Feb. 8, 1805, a. 76 y.; Hugh. b. Aug. 15, 1793. d. March 30, 1852, a. 57 v.: Susanna, h. June 15. 1795; Margaret, b. July 24," 1802, d. July 23, 1823, a. 21)y. ; Sarah, w. of James Gourlay, Jr., d. Aug. 26, 1828.

Denniston, Gerrit Visscher, and Eleanor Visscher. Ch: Gerrit Visscher, b. April 27, 1791.

Denny, John, and Penclla Lydie Ch : Lydia,

b. Oct, 11, 1778.
DeNoorman, see Noorman and Bratt.

DePeyster, Johannes, grandson of Abraham De Peysterof New York, and horn Jan. 14. 169?j, ni. Anna Schuyler, Nov. 24,1715. She was buried in the church Sept. 16. 1750. He was mayor of Albany, 1729-31 and 1732-3. Ch: Anna, bp. March 31, 1723, m. Volkert P. Douw; Rachel, bp. May 30, 1728. m. Tobias Teu Eyck; Myndert Schuyler, bp. March 6, 1834; Myndert Schuyler, bp. Sept. 2, 1739.

DeBemer, Pieter, and Elsie Barrington (Barbington). Ch : Elsie, b. May 3, 1777; Sara, b. Aug. 16,1781.

Derham, Stephen, and Susanna Cool. Ch: Catharine, b. Oct. 22, 1780.

DeRliam, see Rhani.

DeRidder (Ridder), Evert, schoolmaster, m. Anna Van Ncs (Eseh) .... 1688. Ch: Aunetif, bp. April 14, 1689; lierriti bp. Aug. 17. 1691; Maria, bp. Nov. 20, 1692; Oerrit, bp. Jan. 6, 1695; Heiidrick, bp. Jan. 17. 1697; Catriue, bp. March 19,1699; Cornells, bp. July 20. 1701; Killinn, bp Dec. 23, 1703; Rachel, bp. April 28, 1706; Simon, bp. Nov. 3, 1710; Marytje, bp. Jan. 18, 1718.

Deridder, Gerrit, in. Anna Vanden Bergh, Jan. 3, 1722 Ch: Antie, bp. March 17, 1723; Susanna, bp. March 6, 1723; Maria, bp. Feb. 12, 1727; Autje, bp. June 21, 1729; Cntharina, bp. Feb. 1, 1730; Ariaantie, bp. Jan. 23, 1732; Rachel, bp. Feb. 5, 1738: Maria, bp. Feb. 26, 1744.

Deriddkk, Cornelia, m. first, Susanna Vanden Bergh, Nov. 23, 1725. Ch: Autie, bp. Aug. 28, 1726; Susanna, bp. Sept. 3, 1727. He m. secondly, Gerritic Van Hoesen, July 7,1733. On: Waters, l>'p. Dec. 2, 1733; Evcct, lip. Jan. 11. 1741. [Cornelia DeRidder was buried April 28,1844.]

De Kidder, nendrick, and Anna Ch : Geertie,

bp. Oct. 10, 1731; Evert, bp. Feb. 21. 1735; Hendrick Van Nee, bp. Jan. 9, 1740; Antje. bp. Sept. 26, 1742; Hcndrick Van Nes, bp. June 3, 1744.

Deridder. Simon, and Hilletie Ch: Anna,

bp. Oct. 27, 1784.

Deridder, Kiliaan, and Hilletie.... Ch : Wonter, bp. April 17, 1737.

Deridder, Evert, and Marytje.... Ch : Johannes, bp. Dec. 81, 1788.

Deridder, Wouter, and Anneke Vanden Bergh. Ch: Simon, bp. Feb. 1, 1761; Simon, b. Oct. 4, 1763; Simon, b. Dec. 18, 1765; Anneke, bp. Jan. 3, 1768; Jannetje, b. Aug. 27, 1770.

Derrltb, see Dret.

Dii Four (Foy, Voe, Fou. etc.). Jean, of " Halve maan," '• geboren tot N. Y., en u-onende aan Bkxmtndal" m. Cathariua Vender Werken, May 11, 1708; Jan DeVoe was buried July 27. 1746. Hie wife was buried July 1, 1746. Ch: Jean, bp. Feb. 19, 1707; Gccrtrtiv, bp. Sept. 26, 1708: Geertroy, bp Nov. 5, 1710; Januctie, bp. Dec. 25, 1714: willem, bp. Sept, 23, 1716; Marretie. bp. Aug. 3, 1718; Isaac, bp. Dec. 11.1720; Januetie. bp. Jan. 20, 1723; Cathariua and Ariaanlje, bp. Sept. 26,1725.

DeVoe (Vous), Jan, m. Fytje Vanderkar, May 17, 1735. Ch: Jan. bp. July 16.1737 : Lena. bp. Oct. 21, 1744; Catarina. bp. July 9, 1749; Dirk, bp. Nov. 12, 1752; Willem, bp. Aug. 17, 1756.

DeVons, Roeloff, m. Elizabeth Goeldln. Oct. 23, 1741. Ch: Jan, bp. Sept. 19, 1742; Maria, bp. Feb.

17, 1745; Cathariua. bp. Aug. 23, 1747; Jan, bp. Dec.

18, 174*8; Samuel, bp. May 5, 1751. W illein , bp. April 20, 1755 ; Cathariua, bp. June 5,1757; » lllem, bp. Jau. 6, 1760.

DeVoe (Voy), Isaac, of " Halve Maan," m. Maritie Van Olinda (de'Linden.) Aug. 19, 1730. Ch : Catarina, bp. Dec. 24, 1752; Martiuus, bp. Dec. 22, 1754; Jan, bp. Nov. 20, 1757; Januetie, bp. Nov. 9,1760; Isaac. iweeke ovd, bp. June 5, 1763; Gerardus, b. April 14, 1760.

De Voe, Johannes, and Maria Ch : Coenraet, bp. March 14, 1753; Johannes, bp. April 30, 173S; Jacob, bp. July 19,1701: Daniel, b. Sept. 15,1770.

Devoe (Tevoe), Johan Ernst, [perhaps the same as last I and Maria Keller. Ch: Ahrabam, bp. May 11,1765.

Devoe, Jurian, first wife Anna Kelder (Cathanna Keller). Ch: Anna Margarita, bp. May 29. 1761; Anthouv, I). March 3. 1761. Second, w. Klizabetu Dunning. Ch: Elizabeth, b. May 27, 176S; Maria, b. Feb. 20, 1771.

Dbvoe, Daniel, and Cathariua.... Ch: Annatje, b. Fel). 16.1762.

Devoe, Johannes, and Magdalcna File, Ch: Isaac, b. Feb. 23, 1773; Maria, b. Feb. 24, 1778: Celia, b. July 25,1788.

Devoe, Johannes, and Margarita Redly. Ch: Heilrje. b. May 26, 1777.

Devoe, Jan. m. Annatie Connor, Sept. 10,1778. Ch: Elizabeth b. June 18, 1779 ; Maria, b. April, 15.1781.

De Vol, Amlries, was in Beverwyck, as early as 1640, and magistrate in 1648; he owned the laud north of Steuben ami west of Pearl streets, extending across, the Yossen kll; besides this lie owned and sold divers other lots aB-late as 1075. His wile (name unknown) and one child d. in March, 1665; he had at three other children: adaughterwho m. Barent Pieterse Coeymans, Cornelia, who m. Chnstoiiel Davidts, and d. 1657; aud Catalyntie who m. three husbands: 1st: Arent Audriese Bratt, by whom she liad sit children; 2d, llarent Jansc Van Ditmars, who was killed at Schenectady, Feb. 9, 1690; and 3d, Class JanBe Van Boeklioveii. whom she survived, aud died in Schenectady, in 1712.

Devos (v°s, Vosje), Cornells. Van Schoenderwoert, was in the service or the WT. I. Company in Beverwyck, In 1652-7, and owued several houses and lots. He m. Dirckio Pieterse Coeymans, sister of Barent Pieterse C, who d. in 1663. when her effects were sold to pay her funeral expenses. Soon after be returned to Holland.

DoTrleii Adriaen Dirckse, owned a lot in Beverwyck in 1651. which he exchanged with Wynant Gcrritse [Vander Poelj; complained of Harmen flerpertee and Seger Coruelise for blowing horus and ringing bells before his door and at him in presence of nia neighbors ; 1601 gave power of attorney to Jan Bast: Guusenhoven to collect 50 rix dollars for him in Holland on account of his son Dirk Adriaense who WSJ* supposed to be dead. One Adriaen Dirckse from Maersen (perhaps the above) m. Maritie Lievens, widow in New Amsterdam, July 23, 1745.

De Waudelaer, Johannes, from Leyden, Holland, trader, m. Sara schennioes of New York, March IT. 1072. He bought and sold divers lots in Albany, the last of which was on the east comer of State and Chapel streets which he purchased of Jan Thomase in 167S He made his will June 20,1705, and speaks of the following Ch: except Abraham and Pieter but not of hi* wife. In 17112 he was a merchant in New York. Ch: Andries, eldest son, probably settled in N. Y\, where he had a son bp. April 2,1704 j Abraham bp. March 22, 1635 : Sara, bp. April 3, 1087 ; Catarina, bp. Aug.. 17 1689: Anna, bp. Feb. 7, 1092; Pieter, bp. Nov. 19, 1693; Alida, bp. Dec. 18, 1095; tile three following were probably born in New York, Johannes; Adriaen; Pieter.

De Wandelaer, Johannes, Jr., of Schaatkooke; hiB house lot in 1714, was on the west corner of Broadway and Maiden Lane; he also owned land in Schaahkook e which he sold to the city or Albany, in 1718. for £240. He m. Lysbeth Gansevoort. April 6.1701. Ch: Sara, bp. July 20, 1701; Harmen, bp. Nov. 25, 1702; JohanneB, bp. Oct. 22, 1701; Kebecca, bp. Sept. 29,1700 ; Amines, bp. Dec. 15. 1708; Angenletje, bp. March4, 1711; Pieter, bp. Sept. 20, 1713; Maria, bp. Dec. 25, 1715; Harmen, bp. Feb. 10, 1718; Adriaau, bp. May 19, 1722.

De Wandelaer, Pieter, flret wife, Ariaantie Van Vechten: she and her child d. and were buried in March, 1751. Ch : Johannes, hp. July 31,1748; Baient, bp. March 11, 1750. His second wife, Anna (Bogardus) Van VechteD, widow, he m. March 10, 1753. Ch: Elizabeth, hp. Dec. 10,175:); Johannes, bp. April 25. 1756, [Mr. Juhu De W., of Palatine, d. Aug. 10, 1824,

a. 69 y.J; Johauuatje, b. June 7,1763

De Wasdelaeh, Johannes G., m. Gerritje Gansevoort, May 14.1777. Ch: Meter, b. May 4.1778; Maria,

b. Dec 1. 1779; Harmen, b. Sept. 10, 1781.

De Wever tWeven. Jan Martense, 1657, owned a house and lot and resided at Beverwyck until about I 1664, wlieu he became a tenant of Volkert Janse Douw I and Jan Thomase, ou the island SdfioUwk, and was forbidden to proceed with the cultivation of the island by the Uecr Rensselaer. In 1071, he and his wife Dirckie Harrnensc bought a farm behind Kinder-hook where they resided in 1078.

De Wecver(Wecver). Abraham and Ann Kerni (Camin, Kcrnin, Kcruer, Kernel). Ch: Caturina, bp. Oct. 23.1748: Aunatie, hp. March 25, 1700; Cornells, bp. Feb. 28, 1752; Mantie, hp. Sep., 22. 1754; Margarita, hp. Jan. 23, 1757; Magdalena, bp. Sept. 19.1762: Abraham, b. July 4, 1765: Abraham, h. July 21,1766; Willem, bp. May 15, 170!). [Mr. Abraham Wever. d. March 23, ISO!), a. 100 y. and Mr. Peter Wever of Aucram, d. Feb. 20, 1832, a. 99 y. 10 m.]

De WHIeger, Simon, and Jane Coon. Ch: Ann, b. Oct. 27, 1791.

De Winter, Bastiacn, a native or Middleburgb, Holland, came to Schenectady about 1002. Falling sick, in 1070 he sold his house lot in Schenectady, together with hia bouwery on the Groote Ylachte to Jan Labatie, Joris Aertse Van der Baast. and Elias Van Guysling, with the intention of returning to Holland, but died before doing so. In 1078, the Dutch church of Albany claimed and probably obtained his property for the use of the poor. He seems to have left no heirs in this country,

DeWItt, Tjerck Claase. from Znnderland, Holland: l'sij he had one brother-in-law, Jan Albertse [Brail ?] in Beverwyck, and another named Pieter Janse, in Oosterbemns in East Friesland, Holland; T. C. DeVV. in 1601 had land there inherited from his father from which he was receiving rents. He owned land at Esopus where he became a permanent

resident about 1660. 1663 he was ordered to be punished at Esopus for opposing authority. He sold hia house and lot in Albany In 1600. He m. Barber Andriese from Amsterdam, Holland, ou April 24, 1656, in New Amsterdam.

De Wit, Jacob Bastiaanse, "weduwnaer Van Barber Gysbertse " m. Saartje Janse " weduwe Van Jan Jacobse Gardenier," Sept. 10, 1695. Ch: Annaiie, bp. Jan. 7, 1700.

Dbwit, Bastiaan, of Kinderhook, and Margarita Pearson (Pearse). Ch: Barbara, bp. Jan. 13, 1706.

Deyvit. William, and Hester Dykman. Ch: Thomas, b. Feb. 27, 1779; Maria, b. June 1, 1781.

Diamond, William M., and Rebecca Wendell. Ch: Thomas, h. June 3. 1797; Mary Ann, b. Oct. 22, 1801: John Wendell, b. Mav IS, 179!); Alida Wendell b. Nov. 27, 1803; Sarah, b.'Nov. 22, 1800.

DicklUHon, Charles, and Elsie Lansingh. Ch: Cornelia, b. Sept. 20, 178S.

DIel, Bastiaan. aud Catharina Ruvter. Ch: Petrus, hp. April 8, 1757; Margarita, hp.'Oct. 18, 1701.

Dillon, Hugh, and Judith Dunagoe. Ch: Mary bp. Aug. 9, 1747.

IHiiguiiin, Adam, born in Haerlem In Holland, residing in Greenbush 1863; bought a farm 1077 in Kindcrhoeck o! his father-in-law, Jacob Janse Gardenier; m. Aeltie Jacobse Gardinier; in 1683 they made a joint will; on March 20, 1720-21 he made a separate will in which he speaks of sons and daughters (not by name) and son-in law Pieter Cool. Ch: Jacob; Jauneke. w. of Pieter Barents Cool; Josyntie, bp. Sept. 28, 16S4; Garrit, bp. Jan. 16, 1087.'

Disoman, Jacob, of Kinderhook, and Eva Swartwout. Ch: Adam, bp. Jan. 7, 1700; Johannes, bp. Feb. 13,1704; Eelje, b. Sept. 17. 1706; Gerardns, bp. Jan. 9, 1709.

Disoman. Gerrit, of Kinderhoek, m. Cornelia Gardenier, Sept. 22,1714. Ch: Maria, bp. April 19, 1719: Elizabeth, bp. July 20, 1724.

Disoman, Johannes, and Marytic Mnller, Ch: Geesje, bp. Dec. 17, 1749.

Disoman, Abraham, and Lena (Lea) Salsbury. Ch • Jacob, b. Feb. 4, 1783; Margarita, b. Nov. 11, 1788.

Dingman, John,andCatalinaSpringer. Ch: Philip b. July 10, 17!)5.

Dobel, William, and Christina.... Ch: Catharina. b. Jan. 29, 1767. Dole, James, m. Antje Van Santvoord, July 22,

1707. Cil: Staats Van Santvoord, b. August 0,1768. Dole, William, and Catharina McGurah. Ch: Jane

b. Dec. 4,1775.'

Donaldson, Irck (Isaac *) and Margaret Richey.

Ch: William, b. Oct. 25,1778.
Donnowa, (Dunncvan, De Lavil), Jan and

Hopie (Hope), Hunt. Ch: William, bp. Feb 22

1738: Mary, bp. Oct. 10, 1743; Geertruy, bp. April

11. 1747. DoiuifiiH), James, m. Elsie Smith, Nov. 20

1708. Ch: Mamie, b. Aug. 9,1700; John, b. May 27, 1771; Muria, b. Jan. 18, 1771: Geertruy, b. Dec. 11 1775; Geertruy, bp. Oct. 17, 1777; Thomas, b. Aug. 10, 1779; Willem, b. March 23, 1782: Geertruy, b. Aug. 15,178-1: Catharina, b. Nov. 10, 1780; Margarita b. March 5, 1789.

Dool, George, and Catharina Seger. Ch: Alexander, b. Sept. 0, 177S.

Doracher, Volkert, aud Geertruy Hiltcu. Ch: Bareut, bp. Nov. 21, 1701.

Douw, Capt. Volkert Janse, from Frederickstadt was in Beverwyck 1038-1686. His house lot was on the west corner of State street and Broadway, property still owned by the family. He was a trader and brewer, and In connection with Jan Thomase dealt largely in real estate. Their brewery, situated on the east bairof the Exchange block and extending to the river, they sold in 1675 to Harmen Rutgers son of Kutgor Jacobsen. In 1663, they bought or the Indians .Icholack or Ajtjen'e [Little Monkey's] islaud and the main land lying east of it. He a'lso owned Voiwta/xl't island lying opposite Bethlehem, half of which in 1077, he sold to Pieter Whine. In 1672 he

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