Gambar halaman

1798: Rebecca, b. April, 5 1SOO; Pieter Kane, b. June S. 1806; Cornelia Ann, b. March 19,1810. (Elizabeth, widow of Gerrit Clutc, d. Sept. 20,1850, in her 85th y.)

Clots, Gerrit, and Bata Bovie. Ch: Charles, b. Oct. 41, 1804.

dyne, See Elcin.

Co ben, Lndovicus, born in Ilcrentals in Brabant; was court messenger in Beverwyck as early as 1656; notary public In Albany, and in 1677 secretary of Schenectady, where he died. His only daughter m. Johannes Klein.

Coenraads, Philip, and Franz Clomb (Fromy Clumtn). Ch: Franz, b. Oct. 11, 1763; Adam, b. Dec 20, 1766.

Coeuy, William, and Elizabeth King, m. Sept. 15.1777. Ch: Catharina, bp. July 22,1778

Coermani, Pieter. Ch: Barent the miller (De MoUnaer); David : Arent; Jacob; Lucas; Dirkje, wife of Cornells Vos. deceased, 1665; Gecrtruy, w. of Abraham Vosburgh. These brothers came to Rensselaerwyck in 1636from Utrecht.—See O'Callaatum's Hilt. X. Xflherlartdt, i, 435.

Coeymans. Barent Pieterse. the miller, bought a large tract of land at the place called by his name. His w. was a daughter of Andries DcVos. HisCli: were Andreas, who moved to Raritan, N. J. He had twoCb: up. in New York; Johanna, Nov. 9,1718 ; and Mayke, March 23, 1720; Samuel, b. Aug. 3, 1670: Pieter; Ariaantjc, b. Oct. 19, 1672; Jannatie; and Geertie, wife of Jacob Ten Eyck.

Coetmans, Lucas Pieterse, de houtsarjer, and Ariaantie ... Ch: Jannetje, bp. Oct. 19,1684. lie and Jan Cornclise Vyselacr in 1675, bought of Swcer Teunise Van Veesen a saw mill called the Poesten mill, on what is now called the Pocsten kil, on the east bank of the Hudson over against Stoney Point \Sttene Iloeck).

Coetmans. Pieter Barentse, and Elizabeth Greveraad, m. Oct. 5, 1713. Ch: Mavke, bp. Oct. 19, 1714, m. Andreas Witbeck; Elisabeth, bp. Oct. 27, 1716, m. Jacob Van Alen; Pieter Bar. Coeymans, m. Charlotte Amelia Drawycr, his second wife. Ch: Gerritje, bp. Oct. 21, 1722. m. John Barclay -Anne Margaret, bp. April 11, 1725. m. Pieter Ten Eyck; Cliarlotte Amelia, b. Dec. 24,1727, m. Johannes Bronck, (Pieter Coevruans was buried on Becren island, April 31). 1741). (Died at Coxsackie, April 22, 1828, Mrs. Charlotte McCarty. wid. of late Gen. McCarty, and grandduu. of Meter Coeymans, in her 88th year).

Colbrecbt (Colcbridge), Willem, and Esther Van Dnzen, m. Nov. 15, 1777. Ch: Stephen, b. Oct. 19. 17S1: Hugh Bennys, b. Nov. 6, 1783; William, b. March 9, 1790.

Coldin, John.and Alida Van Wurmer. Ch: John, b. Aug. 11. 1780

Collen, William, and Elizabeth Bratt. Ch: Elizabeth, b. June U, 1779.

Colwell, Joshua, and Annatie Broadin. Ch: Rebecca, b. Aug. 14,1779.

Collier (Caillier, Caljer), Jochem, and wife Madak-nn (?) of New Amsterdam. Ch: Jeurgic, bp. in N. Arust.. March 13, 1614; Jacobus, bp. in New Am sterdaui, Feb. '.i, 1653; Hans (?): Michiel; Jurriaan. In ltjtio.Jochem Caljer was not living: his wid. was then Ihe wifeof Gysbcrt Theunisse. In 1660 she sold her late husband's lot on South William Street, New Amsterdam, and in 1663 another lot in Stone street.

Colliek tCaillier). Michiel, of Coxhackie. 1720, find Fitje .lurriuense Van Hoesen. Ch: Magdalena. bp. July 17. 1686; Jochem. bp. June 8. 1090; Folkie, bpOct. 23, 1692; Jurriaan, bp. May 26, 169.5: Johannes, bp. April 9, 1699; Caspar, bp. Jan. 4, 1702; the following from the Athens Lutherau Church Records; Jacob, b. "op de Flaktc" bp. in the Albany Lutheran Church. June 11, 1704: Isaac, b. "op de Flakte" June 16. 1706. and bp. in Lutheran Church, in New York. Sept. 1, 1706; Isaac, b. Sept. 22, "op de Flakte Loonenburgh" andbp. "opKlinkenberg'' Dec. 6,1711."

Collier (C'aillicr), Jnriaan, of Kinderhook, 1683,

and Lysbeth Ch: Dorethee, bp. May 19,1689.

Jnriaan C. was 32 years old in 1676.

Collier (Cailler) Caspar, and Rachel Ch

Catharine, bp. March 15, 1741.

Collier (Caillier), Jochem, and Christina Vosburg. m. June 16,1721. Ch: Michiel, bp. May 6,1722; Johannes, bp. Sept. 18,1737.

Collier, George, and Cataline O'Brien, m. Sept 7, 1793. Ch: Cataline, b. April f3, 1797; Marga ret, b. Oct. 4, 1801.

Collins, Lieut. John, attorney-at-law, 1720, m. Margarita Schuyler. Ch: Edward, bp. July 30,1704, attorney-at-law, mayor of Albany, 1733, m. Margarita Bleeker. buried " in church," March 29,1753. Lieut. John Collins, d. April 13,1728. His wife survived him.

Collins, Andrew, and Chariot taM. Hart. Ch : William, b. May 30,1782.

Colllnson, John, "geborcn tot London in oude Eugelaud," and Rebecca Bratt, "weduwe Van Claas Bogaart," m. March 20, 1703. Ch: Johannes, bp. Dec. 19, 1703.

Colwell, see Caldwell.

Comfort, see Cambefort.

Compston (Comestone, Connystcad, Cumpston, Comptton), Edward, m. first, Mary Van Schaick, May 24, 1778. Ch : John llenry, b. Feb. 4, 1780; Andrew Van Schaick, b. Aug. 24, 1781; Andrew Van Schaick, 1). Aug. 29, 178:); Samuel, b. Aug. IS, 1781; Samuel, b. Sept. 30, 1789. He in. secondly Mary, Bratt. Ch: Alida, b. July 20, 1796. Major Edward Cumpston, a Revolutionary officer, formerly of Albany, d. in Auburn, Aug. 22, 1825, a. 72y.

Couclilln, Joseph, "op de Halve Maan " and Rebecca Robinson. Ch: Johannes, bp. Nov. 19,1768.

Conckkel, Frederick, and Ch: Pieter, bp.

Feb. 19,1758.

Coneel (Concl), John, "a soldier," in Albany, 1666; removed toCatskil about 1678. and bought laud there of Capt. Jan Clute and Hannen Gansevoort, not living in 1706, when his widow, Margaret, owned a lot in Maiden Lane.

Congel, Uzra, and Mary Hungerford. Ch : Job, b. Nov. 19, 1780.

Conger, Reuben, and Lena De Voc, m. May 10, 1780. Ch: llilletje, b. May 9, 1781.

Conk II Ii, William, and Jane Brouwer. Ch: Nicolas, b. May 10, 1777.

Conuel, Edward, and Sara Polton (I'owlton, Proeltenny, Bolton ?). Cll: Catharina, b. Oct. 7, 1776; Daniel, bp. July 21, 1779; Maria, b. Oct. 25, 1782.

Connelly, William, and Elizabeth-Kelly. Ch: Sera, "4 innaud oud," bp. Feb. 11,1764.

Consanl aud Consaulus, sec Gousaulus

Countable, Charles, and Mary Ashley, m. Jan. 2, 1722. Ch: Patrick, bp. Dec. 2, 1722.

Constapel (gunner), Andrics Ilerbertsen, Van der Blaes, was in New Amsterdam till 1654, when he removed to Beverwyck. He owned considerable real estate iu the village and vicinity, among which was half the island opposite to Fort Orange, which after his death, in 1662, wns sold to Jeremiah Van Rensselaer. In 1602, he killed one Segar Cornelise Van Voorhoul in self-defense. His wife was Annatie Juriiaenscn. Ch: bp. in New York, Jan, July 25, 1649, aud Johannes. Sept. 3, 1651. It is not known that any of his children survived him.

< on) ii, Leendert Philipse, was in Beverwyck, as early as 165o, d. in 1704, m. Aguietie.... Ch: Philip, Caspar and Jacob (?).

Contn, Philip Leendertse, of Coxhackie, 1720. m. Wyntie Dirkse. Ch: Leendert, b. Sept. 9, 1683 ■ Dirk, bp. April 19, 1685; Agnlete bp. Feb. 6,1687 Antic, bp. .Jan. 27, 1089; Feytie, bp. Jan. 15, 1093 Philip, bp. Jan. 29, 1094; Saartie. bp. July 17, 1098 Johannes, bp. June 15, 1701.

Conyn, Caspar Leendertse. of Claverac, 1720, made will March 3, 1720-1, proved June 7,1727. in which he mentions wife Alecta and all the following children except Tanna. He m. Alette (Alecta) Wiune. Ch: Anna, bp. Jan. 6, 1681: Tanne, bp. Dec. 28,1684; Leendert, bp. March, 1687; Anganletie, bp. May 12, 1689; Pieter, bp. June 28,1691. deceased. 1721; Can

Earns, bp. Dec. 31, 1603; Marietie, bp. Jan. 1. 1696; ysbcth, bp. Dec. 25, 1097; Commertic, bp. May 12, 1700; Racheltie, bp. Dec. 28, 1701; Eva, bp. June 3, 1706.

Conyn (Convnen) Jacob, and Marytie Ch : Jo

hau, bp. July 21, 1700.

Conyn, Dirke Philipse, and Rachel Andrlesse of Bergen, N. J. Bans proclaimed in Albany, Sept. 16, 1707; in. in New Yoik, Oct, 24,1707. Ch: Weinlie. bp. Aug. 1,1708.

Contn, Leendcrt. of Kindcrhook, 1720, and Ein

metie Ch: Elbertie, bp. Jan. 10,1714; Agnietie,

bp. Oct. 6, 1717: Philip, bp. May 15, 1720; Louren», bp. June 10, 1722.

Contn, Pleter, and Alidtt De Waudclacr. m. Nov. 13, 1714. Ch: Sara, bp. Oct. 9,1715; Pieter, bp. May 26, 1717.

Contn, Leendert, and LTendrikje Cool, m. Jan. 15, 1714. Ch: Potrus, bp. Jan. 8, 1721.

Contn, Philip, of Coxhackie. 1720, and Calharina

Ch: Philip, bp. June 7. 1721: Jannetic, bp.

April 17, 1726; Leendcrt, bp. Jan. 22,1730; Jeremias, bp. Jan. 21,1739.

Conyn, Philip, of Coxhackie. 1750. and Comniertie Brouck, in. June 12, 1750. Ch: Philip, hp. Jan. 17, 1753.

Cool, Pieter Bareutse of manor of LivingBton, 1720, m. Hendrikje Janse, in New York, Nov. 3,1680. P. B. Cool " weduwnaer van Hendrikje J.-uise en Janncke Dingman ionge dochter beyde van Kinderhoek"

were ni. in Albany, 1688 Ch: Hendrick, bp. j

July 10, 1687; tlen'rik, bp. Oct. 5, 1707; Pieter, bp. April 30,1710.

Cool Lambert, and Mantie Kidney, m. Dec. 30, 1743. Ch : Johannes, bp. April 19, 1715; Engeltie, bp. Julv 24, 174K; Koeloff, bp. May 24, 1750; Rachel, bp. July 12, 1752.

Cool, Pieter. and Alida Dingmanse. Ch: Hctidrickie, bp. Aug. 26, 1752.

Cool. Johannes, and Annatie Daniels. Ch : Maria, b. Oct. 2, 1771; John Daniels, h. Oct. 31. 1773; Gecrtruy, b. Sept. 28. 1777; Pembertou, bp. Feb. 20,1780.

Coons, see Koens.

Cooper (Coupon. Obadiah. and Cornelia Gardenier. lie was buried May 6. 1743. she. April 17. 1748. Ch: William, bp. Oct. 5. 1718; Obadia, bp. Oct. 9, 1720; Sara. bp. Oct. 21, 1722; Elizabeth, bp. Aug. 23, 1721; Jacob, bp. April 17. 1726; Abraham, hp. Feb. 21, 1728; Marin, bp. Nov. 9, 17211; Cornelia, bp. June 6, 1733; Cornells, hp. Dec. 12, 1735.

Cooper (Conner). John, and Elizabeth Ch: Cornelia, bp. March 8,1740; Samuel, bp Sept, 27, 1741.

Cooper (Couper), Thomas, and Elizabeth Van Buren (Durent. m. Oct. 4, 1742. She was buried Sept. 11,1748. Ch: Obadiah, bn. Nov. 6, 1713; Obadiah, bp. Oct. 19, 1711; Jannetfe, bp. Jan. 12, 1746; Elizabeth, bp. Oct. 23, 1748.

Cooper (Couper), Obadiah, and Maria Fonda, in. March 4, 1743. Ch: Cornelia, bp. Jan. 11, 1744; Pieter, bp. Jan. 12,1746.

Cooper. Jacob, and Josina Orchard. Ch: Cornelia, bp. Dec, «, 174,3; Maria, bp. Aug. 2ti. 1750; Obadiah, bp. Nov. 12, 1752; Annatje. Dp. Dec. 9, 1753; Sara, hp. Aug. 29, 1756: Obadiah, bp. March 18, 1759; Thomas, b. March 3, 1763.

Cooper, Abraham, and Catarina Ostrander, m. March 22, 1752. Ch: Elizabeth, bp. May 29, 1752; Obadiah, bp. Sept. 22, 1753; Cornelin, bp. Sept. S, 1754; Maria, bp. Sept. 12, 1759: Rebecca, hp. Nov. 2, 1760; Obadiah, b. Sept. 30. 1703; Lea, b. Sept. 15, 1764; Catharina, b. Sept. 21, and bp. Sept. 23,1766, the mother being then dead.

Cooper, Christiaan, and Anna Margarita Strong. Ch: Coonrand, b. Sept, 5, 1768: Hendrick, b. July 13, 1778. [Christiaan Cooper and Catharine DecrBtyne, m. May 28, 1793.]

Coopek. Obadiah, and Annatie (Hannah) Van den Bergh, m. May 27, 1769. She d. June 21. Ikoi, a. 50 y. 3m. 15d. Ch: Elizabeth, b. July 1,1770; Eliza

beth, b. July 11, 1775; Cornelia, b. Nov. 6.1777; Jauuetie (Caroline *) b. Sept. 1, 1751. Caroline d. Oct. 15, 18,17. a. 5ti; Cathalvna, b. March 20, 1785; Margarita, b. Nov. 28,1787;' Rachel, b. Aug. 18,1791.

Cooper, Wilhelmus. and Marvtje Beronger (Anna, M. Berringer). Ch: Christiaan," b. July 2, 1784: Elizabeth, b. Nov. 1,1787; Frederick,b. March27,1790.

Cooper, Pieter, and Anna Strong (Struck), m. July 18, 1783. Ch: Elizabeth, b. Ang. 8,1784; Johannes, Jan. 19, 1786; Hendrick, March IS, 1788; Annatie, b. March 14, 1790.

Cooper. William, and Maria nilton. Ch: Sarah niltou, b. Sept. 7,1784.

Coopeu, Obadiah F., and Lena Alhrccht, m. June 8, 1781. Ch: Cornelia b. May 22, 1786; Cornelia, b. Nov. 16, 1788.

CoorER, Thomas, and Lea Cooper, m. Sept. 6,17S6. Ch: Catharina, b. March 15,1787.

Cooper. Paulus (same as lastr) and Lea Cooper. Ch: Abraham, b. May 10, 1789.

Copes, Isaac, and Mary McLean. Ch: Mary, bp. June 25. 1758.

Copley, Calvin, and Rachel Wlune. Ch: Charles, b. Oct. 17, 1795.

CoriiclIse, Jesse, and Maria, his w. Ch : Pe

trus, bp. June 2, 1717.

Corvelise. Jephta, and Christina Martense, m. April 30,1710. Ch: Johannes, bp. Apri] 3, 1720.

Cornlck iCownockl, Jonathan, and Margaret Perrv. Ch: Elizabeth, b. May 24, 1797; Catharine, b. Sept. 13,1799.

Cornel, Jacob, and Catharina his wife. Ch: Jacob Hendrick, bp. Mav 3, 1701; Catharina Margarita, bp. Jan. 2, 1703.

Cortney, John, first wife, Bregje Segers; second wife, Mary Teeser. Ch: Thomas, bp, Aug. 5, 1778; Judikje. 1). Aug. 12, 1780; John, b. June, 1791.

Confer (Koster), Hendrick. in. Geertje Goosense Van Sehaiek, After his death in 1078 she married Johaunes Lansingh Ch: Anthony, eldest son; Goosen; Gerritje, wife of Johannes Roseboom; Antje, wife of Johannes Bleeker.

Coster, Anthony, baker, and Elizabeth Ten Broeck. m. Dec. 15, 1093. He was buried iu the church, Feb. 0, 175:); she. on the Sd May. 17.TJ. Ch: Uenderick, bp. Sept. 3, 1699, buried in the church, Sept. 17, 174i; Christiana, bp. Dec. 15. 1700; Geertruytje, bp. July 38. 1700; Ephraim, l>p. Sept. 23,1716.

Co»tl£au, Francis, and Jane Hagerman. Ch: Grace, b. Nov. 10. 17117; Isaac, b. Nov. 7.17.19: John, b. Mav 1, 1801; Sarah, b. Oct. 1.1800; Anna, b. Sept. 15, 1807.

Cowper, see Cooper.

Courtnle (Conrtir), John, horn in Ireland, and Marvtje Vander Linde, widow of Jan Oliver, m. Aug. 3, 1735. Oh: Elisabeth, bp. Jan. 25 1730: John, bp. Feb. 12. 1744.

Coivenhoveii, Samuel, and Catelyntje Wyngaart, Ch: Samuel, bp. Dec. 17, 1758.

Crane, Josiah. Jr.. and Carolina Walters. Ch: Maria Catharina, b. Sept. 23, 178:).

Cranker, Indlow \':\ and Neeltie DeGaruio. Ch: Sara, b. Dec. 16,1780.

Craiint'KGrennel,Crellcn,Crenel), William, and Margarita Benuewe t Bennoit), tn. June 4.1720. Ch: Robert, bp. July 10. 1730; IVtrus. bp. Feb. 10. 1723: Pctrus. bp. Jan. 9, 1732; William Winslow, bp. Jan. 28, 1739.

Crnnncll, Robert, and Ariaantie Bovic. m. Nov. 13.1748. Ch: William Winslow. bp. Sept. 28.1749, d. Dec. 27. 1828, a. 80 y.: Matlheus. bp. Aug. 4. 1751; Petrus, bp. Nov. 14,1756; Pctrus. bp. March 11,1759.

Crannei.l. John, and Johanna McManna. Ch: Mary, bp. Sept. 13. 1757.

Crannell. Pieter, and Catarina Egmont. Ch: Margarita, bp. Oct. 15.1758; Annatie, h. Dec. 5.1702; Sara Wiuselo (Winslow), b. Dec. 30. 1700; Jacob, b. S pt. 10, 1709; Willem, b. Sept. IS, 1771.

Crattxell, John, and Volkie Van Alsteyn, m. Jan. 29, 1757. Ch: William, bp. Dec. 18, 1757; Isaac, bp. Jan 4. 1760: Martin, 1>. Aug. 22, 1762: Kobcrt, b. Nov. 17,1764; Marytie b. Feb. 0, 1767; Margarita, b. Dec. 21. 1770; Robert, bp. May 17. 1772.

Crajtnkll. (Crenel). Hendrik and Jacomyntie Btocmendaal. Ch: Maas, b. Feb. 23, 1708; Margarita, b. Nov. 24, 1769; Cornells Cadmus, b. Dec. 30, 1772; Rebecca, b. April 5.1774; Robert, b. June 17, 1776: Johannes, b. March 22, 1771); Petrus, b. May 10,1781.

Crasxbl. William Winselo (Winslow), and MarytJe Eman, m. Jan. 9, 17S0. He d. Dec. 27, 1823, «. 80 y. She d. Oct. 28. 1825. Ch: Ariaantie, b. Dec. 27, 17*): Mattheus, b. Nov. 9, 1784; Maria, b. Dec. 4, 1789; Mary, b. Nov. 13, 1790.

Channel. Martin, and Caty Brokus. Ch: Baltus, b. Oct. 27,1790.

Channel. I<aac, and Man'(Maris), Morris, m. Nov. 24,1789. Ch: Folkie,b. Oct. 29. 1790.

CKA5Ntrx. Nicholas, and Gerritie Van den Bcrgh. Ch; Robert, b. June 17. 1793; Wvnant, b. Oct. 9. 1796; Matthew, b. Sept. 9, 1800; Marv, b. June 31 (sic), 1803,

Creddlnch, J., and Cornelia Buscher. Ch: John, bp. June 29, 1734.

Creeve(Cre«7Y), Thomas (Tarn), and Jannetie

his w. Ch: Neeltje, bp. June 28, 1684; Johannes, bp. May 4. 1686; Johannes, bp. -June 16, 1689.

C.'regg ((Jrej'g ?), John and. Sura his wife.

Ch: Catharine,"bp. June 22, 1781.

Cregier (Kregicr), Capt. Martyn. He wan the first burgomaster of New Amsterdam; a fearless and skillful military leader and an exemplary magistrate. Retiring from the city he settled on a plantation in Niskayuna, a portion of which is still held by his descendant*, and there ended his days in the early part of 1713 (?) {O'CaUagharit ltt*t. N. Netherland, n, 564). His children were, Martyn, Frans, Catharina. and perhaps others. Frans was b. at Borcken in Holland; he settled as a merchant at New Ca*tle on the Delaware, and was deceased in 1666. when his father and brother-in-law. De Sille, administered on his* estate. He m. Walburga De Sille of Maestricht. Holland, Feb. 29,1660, in New Amsterdam ; after his death she m.WilleinBogardus. Catharina Cregier m. Nieashis I>e Sille, May 26, 1655, in New Amsterdam; in 1680 she was a widow and resided in Broad street.

Cregier (Kregier), Martyn, Jr., m. Jannetje Hendnckse Van Docsburgh, daughter of MarltieDamens, by her 2d husband. Hendrick Andriese Van Doesbnrijh. in Albany, Oct. 11,1671. He was public clerk iu New Amsterdam, from 1646 to 1661: probably removed to Albany about 1685; owned a lot inherited from his mother-in-law on the east side of North Pearl a little south of Steuben street; made his will Jan. 12. 1702; proved March 3, 171^, in which he speak- of hi.-* w. Jannetje and all the children below written; d. Jan. 21, 1702. His wire made her will An jr. 22. 1731. proved June 10. 1741, and mentions all the children except Johanna; was buried in Niskayuna, Aug 2s, 1734. Ch: Martin; Elizabeth wife of Daniel Van Olinda; Maria, w. of Johannes (?) Vreclandt; Anna tie, w. of Victor Becker; Johanna, bp. in Albany. Sept. 19.1686; Samuel, bp. in New York, Julv 23, 1690 : Geertruy, bp. in Albany, July 9. I6i>3. m. Uldericfc Van Vranken.

C-kkoekr. Samuel and Geertray Visscher, m. May 20,1716, of Halfmoon. 1750. He d. Sept. 1777, aged 88 v., and was buried in Albany. His wife was buried in Albany, Sept. 9. 1754. Ch: Jannetje, b. Feb. 20, 1717; Martynus, b. Feb. 3. 1719; Dirkie, b. July 24. 1721; Bastiaan, b. Nov. 5, 1723; Anna, b. April 11, 1726; Marvn, b. March 30, 1728; Abrara, b. Jan. 20. 1730; Geertruy, b. Feb. 18. 1731 ; Heeler, b. Sept. 11, 1733.

Cregier. Martinus, (son of Marten. Jr.). vintner, and MargareL Van Dolsen, m. in New York, July 29. 1702. Shu .and the following children were living in New York in 1741. John, Vintner and w. Anne; Henry, mariner: Martinus, mariner; Jane,

spinster; Margaret, widow of Burdett Fleetwood, mariner.

Cregier, Martinus, and Sara Van Vranken. Ch: Geertruv, bp. Aug., 2, 1752; Elizabeth, bp. June 23, 1754: Maria, bp. Oct. 24, 1756.

Cregier. Bastiann, m let, Maria Fonda, d. Jan. 13, 1759; 2d, Derickie Visscher, both of Niskavuna, Jan. 12, 1765. He d. Dec. 17, 1795, aged 72 y.,* 1 m. 9d. Hiew. Dirckie, d. Aug. 2, 1795, a. 60 v., 4 m. 3d. Ch: Samuel, b Juno 22,1769; Teunis, b. Jan., 31, 1771; Martinus, b. Feb. 23,1775 ; Isaac, b. July 17,1777.

Creoieh, Martinus, and Cathlyntie, [De] Foreest. Ch: Sara, b. Nov. 15,1780.

Cregier. Martinus, and Eva Vandcn Bergh. Ch: Dirkie, b. Sept. 4, 1800; Sebastian, b. Nov. 17, 1802, and d. in Niskayuna, May 8, 1870, in 69th year.

Cregier, Samuel, and Marv Fairchild. Ch : Dirkie, b. Oct. 25, 1800; Ann Maria,"b. Feb. 25, 1803.

Cremer (Krimer, Cramer), Jacob, and Maria Barbara. Ch: Georgius Matthias, bp. Nov. 21,1761.

Cremer, Jurriaen and Margarita Ch: Pe

trus, b. Feb. 21, 1767; Laurens, b. March 30,1769.

Crevel, see Cribel.

Crever, Johannes and Marytje Kelmer. Ch: David, b. Oct. 9,1771.

Cribel (Gruwcl, Grewel, Crevel, Cruel), Francis, and Ann Pal sin (Balsing, Baltz). Ch: Jellis, bp. Dec. 11, 1757; Catarina. bp. Oct. 21, 1758; Elizabeth, bp. April 13, 1760; Hendrik, b. April 3, 1784s Annatie, bp. May 29. 1768; Martinus, b. June 15,1770.

Cromwell, Jacobus, of Schenectady, and Maria Philipse m. in Schenectady, Sept. 26, 1703. Ch: Stephanus, bp. March 6,1709. Seo also Schenectady Families.

Crook, seeKruck.

Croon, Dirk Janse, was appointed magistrate of Beverwyek in 1655. and again in 1658; 1660 superintendent of wells ; in 1663, Jnffrouw Maria Wessels, of New Amsterdam, claimed the half of his property on account of breach of promise. In 1664, he was probably in Amsterdam, Holland.

1 rozier, Johannes*, and Agnes Darrich. Ch: James, b. Nov. 10, 1778.

Crul*elaar, Silvester, and Maria Shram. Ch: Juhauues, b. March 5, 1785.

Crulflf, see Gerbertse.

Cram, John and Catharine Rudolff. Ch: John Rudolff, b. May 2, 1792.

Cry. Loitrens,and Anna Margarita Ch: PhiPhilip Frederick, bp. Jan. 30,1770.

Cummlng, Daniel, and Elizabeth (Abigail), Grant. Ch: Nancy, bp. Nov. 19, 1775; Margaret, April 18, 1779.

CommhiKH) Cornells, and Hannah Swells. Ch: Margaret, b. May 22, 1778.

Citmminus, John, and Isabella McCay. Ch: Mary, b. Dec. 15. 1781.

Cunnlughani, Henry, and Margaret Ch:

Margaret, bp. Dec. 13, 1747.

Cuvler (Coeyler, Coylcr), Henderick, tailor, born in 1637, came to Albany about 1064, and bought a lot on the hill, on east side of North Pearl street near State, in 1680 he owned a lot on the south side of State street, west of Pearl "near ye Fort,1' which after his death passed into the possession of his Bonin-law, Pieter Van Brugh. In 1075 he made bia brother Reynier, "cnoopematck#r tot Amsterdam," bis attorney to receive certain property of Pieter Nicolaas Gouverneur. He was deceased m 1691, and his wife Anna ... iu 1703. Ch: Johannes, eldest, b. in 1061; Abraham; Maria, bp. in New York, March 13, 1678, and was licensed to marry Johu Crugger of New York, March 2, 1703; Anna, in. Myndert Schuyler; Sara. m. Pieter Van Brngh of New "York, Nov. 2, 1688.

Cityxer. Johannes, trader, b. in 1641, eldest son of Hendrik Cuyler, admitted freeman of New York city 1690, mayor*of Albany, 1725-6; he had a lot. ou cast side of Pearl street second south of Steuben extend

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Cutler. John C.,and Hannah Mayley. He d. Oct.

25, 182S. in his 63 year. Ch:Caty, b 12, 17SS;

John Mavley. b. 5>"ov. 25, 17%; Augustus, b. Jan. 7, 1709; William Tremper, b. Dec. 21, 1801; Catharine Mayley, b. Feb. 6. 1807.

Cutler, John J., m. Jennet Wray, Feb. 6, 1789; she died. Nov. 16. 1789, a 20 y. 1 m. 26 d. Ch: George Wray, bp. Nov. 15, 1789.

Cutler. Jacob A., and Rebecca Kane (Cane). Ch: William, b. April 14,1790; Elizabeth, b. Feb. 1, 171)2: Abraham, b. Aug. 8, 1796; Abraham, b March 15, 1798; Philip Stephen Van Rensselaer, b. Nov. 17, 1799; Henry, b. May 3,1803: Henry, b. March 23,1804.

Cutler, John T., and Mary Vernor. Mary Vcrnor, relict of John Cnyler, and daughter of John and Eve Vcrnor, d. July 20.1846, a. 70 v. 9 in. 14 d. Ch: Vernor, b. June 10,1799; Peter Schuyler, b. July 28, 1801.

Cutler.Glen, and Marv Fonnan Ledvard. Ch: Benjamin, Ledvard, b. Sept.'lS, 1797; Richard Glen, b. July 2, 1799'.

Damon, Maritie, owned a house and lands at Niskayuna, and a house and lot in Pearl street.Albany. By her first husband. Dirk Van Eps, she had two children: Jan IlirkseVan Eps, who settled in Schenectady, and Lysbet who married Genlt Bancker, of Albany, and by her second husband, Hendrick Andriesc Van Doesburgh: she bad a daughter, Jannetie, who in. Marten Cregier. Jr., of Albany and Niskayuna: finally ill 1664 she m. Cornells Van Nes.

Daniels (Danielson), Charles, and Elizabeth

Ch: Margarita, bp. March 2, 1737; Dirk, bp. Nov. 23, 1740.

Daniels, John, m. Goertrny Hilton, June 6.1752. Ch: Anna, bp. April 22, 1753. [John Daniels waB burled Dec. 12,1754.]

Daniels, Hendrick, m. first, Maria Northen. Ch: Jannetie, "oud 7 weken." bp. April 5, 1765. Hem. second, Molly McGuyer (McYoung, McCoul). Ch: Abraham, b. Aug. 24. 1767; Margarita, b. Sept. 1, 1772; Elizabeth, b. May 3, 1776.

Daniels (Danielson), Johannes of Halve Maan, and Jannetie Lccn(Dcnnison). Cb: Johannes, hp. Feb. 7, 1770; Pleter. b. March 17. 1771; Margarita, b. July 11, 1773; David, b. Oct. 8, 1774.

Daniels. Johannes, and Sofia Hilton. Ch: Johannes, b. March 10, 1781.

Daniels, Jacob, and Maria Riddel. Ch: Pieter, b. Oct. 30. 1784.

Danlelnon, see Daniels.

Darelb, sec Dret.

Dnrk, Carol, of Stecn Rabie, and Margarita Barent (Bonis i. Ch: Coenraad, b. Nov. 1, 1767; Elizabeth, b. April 4, 1771.

Dark (Dirk), Anthony, m. Anna Barbara Bmssin. Oct. 28.1771. Ch: Margarita, h. Nov. 22, 1774.

Danchni, see Dox or Doxsi.

Davenport, John of Scbaagtckook. and nendrkkis Bciinewe (Benoit). Ch : Jacoh.b. July 27.1763.

Dnv idtJt, Christoflel (Kit), a native of England, b. in 1016: in 1650 lived on a farm at Dominie*shoeci now called Van Wie's point. 1656 received a paleut for 36 morgens of land at Esopus about a (Dutch) mile inland from the North river; 1663asks permission to reenter on land from which he had been driven by Indians at Esopus. His wife was Cornelia, dau. of Andries De Vos of Beverwyck. She died in 1657, leaving at least two children: JorisChristoffelse, and David Chrlstoffelse. The latter with wife and four children were massacred by the French and Indians at Schenectady. Feb. 9,1690.

Davida, Davis, Dnvies, Davie.

Davids, Thomas, and Maicke (Man*) Ch: Thomas, bp. Aug. 26, 1722; David, bp. Sept. 13, 1724.

Davie (Davis). John. in. Elizabeth Wvngaard, Jan. 11, 1747. Ch: Daniel, bp. Aug. 28, 1748; Maria, bp. March 11, 1750; Nancy, bp. Oct. 7, 1751; Jacobus, hp. Nov. 11, 1753; Jacobus, bp. Aug. 27, 1755: Catallna, bp. Feb. 26,1758; Johannes, b. July 81, 1762; Pieter b. March 10, 1764; Catbalvntjc. b. Sept. 12, 1766; Cathalyntie, b. Aug. 21, 176!); Jacobus, b. Feb. 1, 1772.

Davis, Edward (Ned).m. Jannetie Duret (Droit), Jan. 8, 1763. Ch: Cornelia, b. Oct. 87, 1703: Johannes, b. Sept. 8. 1765; Cornelius, bp. Sept. 27, 1767; Rachel, b. Jiilv 15. 177U; Annatie. June 22, 1773; Elias,b. Dec. 29,1775; Cornelis.b. Aug. 14,1778.

David, William, and Ruth North. Ch: Francis, bp. May 3, 1779.

David fDnvies), Pieter, m. Elizabeth Colwell(Col rill. Caldwell), July 2-2, 1784. Ch: John. b. Sept. 7, 17*4: Maria, b. Aug. 14. 1786; Cathalina, b. Nov. 22,17*4: Klizabcth, b. March 28, 1793; Aim, b. June

7, 1795; James, b. Aug. 9,1798; Joseph Caldwell, b. March 12, 1800.

Danser, Caspar, and Elizabeth Ch: Eva,b.

Jane 8, 1771.

Dawson (Daason), Volkert, andGeertrny Hilton. Ch: Barrntb. Oct. 20,17(15 ; Ryckert,b.Oct. 25,17(15; Maria, b. and bp. Dec. 25. 17*19: Ariaantje, b. Dec. 11,1771; Willein, b. Aug. 2,1778.

Deal, William, and Caty McGahary. Ch : Jane, b. July 11, 1778.

Dean, George, m. Annatie Van Deusen, in New York. .Inly 3. 1705. Ch: Abraham, b. April 13,1700; Abraham, Oct. 8,1770; Abraham and Rachel, b. Jan. 31. 1773.

Deane, Stuart, m. first Pietertje Bratt. Ch : Maria, b. Sept. 29. 1778; Anthony, b. Dec. 20. 1780; Pieter. b. Oct. 23. bp. Dec. 14, (the mother then being dead). 1783. He m. second. Margaret Wheaton. Ch: Ahraham, b. Aug. 30. 1790. fCapi. Stuart Deane, a famous Albany navigator, d. Aug. 5,1836, a. 90 y.]

De Backer, see Backer.

DeBoy, see Dubois.

Di' Bru yn, see Bruyn.

DeCamn, Matbias, and Mary Mollens. Ch: Jenny, b. March 18, 1777.

Dirarmm, see DeGarmo.

DeDeckere, Johan (Jan), was appointed vice director and secretary of New Orange, June 21, 1665. and remained in this office one year, returning to New Amsterdam in 1656; subsequently he became a member of the council. He had a son Jacobus, bp in New York. Nov. 17, 1658 — 0'UaUarjhan's Hist. JVr. ..V, II. 304.

Decker (Dekker) Jan. and Tuysje... Ch: Lourens. Feb. 2, "op de flakte Loorienburgh" and bp. there March 9,1712. Luth. Church Sue. Athens.

Decker (Dekker). Gerhard and Geertrnvd

Ch : Christoffel, b at Tachkanick, Sept. 3, 1720.

DeDu) tscher, Rocloff, and Jannetie Biussy ("Brissi. Bressy). ch: Christlua, bp. Aug. 8, 1703; Christoffel, bp. July 15, 1705. Johannes, bp. Jan, 25. 1708.

DcForeest, Hendrick, from Utrecht, an early settler of New Amsterdam. He owned a bouwen' on Manhattan ishnd and 100 morgens ofland at Haerlem. After his death in 1638 his wire, Gcertruy Borustra, m Audries Hudde. Hendrick DcF. left two sons, Johannes and Isaac. The former m. Susanna Verlct June 8. 1673. They lived in Beaver street. New Amsterdam. Isaac Deforest, from Utrecht, was a brewer. He received a patent for 50 morgens of land on Manhattan island in KV17: in 1(356. he was weighmaster; married Sara DuTrieux [now Truax] in New Amsterdam, June 9, 1641, and had 14 children baptized in New Amsterdam, of whom Philip bp. July 28, 1002, settled in Beverwyck.

Dhforeest. Philip, cooper, of Manor Rensselaerswyck, m. Tryntle Kip in New York. Jan. 5, 1076 He was buried in Albany, Aug. 18,1727. Ch: Sara, bp. m New York. Jan. 2. 1078; Susanna, bp. in Albany. April I, 16H4; Mctjc, bp. July 25, 168(3; Isaac, bp Feb. 20. 1680: Jesse, bp. Jan. 13, 1692; Catrina, bo. Nov. 25, 1694: Johannes, bp. Sept. 12, 1697; David, bp. Sept. 8.1700; Abraham, bp.Feb. 21,1703.

Deforbkst, David, in. Abigail Vun Aalstevn. Nov

8. 1718. Ch: Philip, bp, Feb. 21, 1719; Philip, bp. May 1. 1720; Jannctje, bp. March 11, 1722; Martin, bp May 11, 1724; Cathanna. bp. Sept. IB, 1728; Su

27/*/. Cull. Id. 15

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