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3dly, The other Comforter here promis'd, is one that will stay with us; He mall abide with you for ever. Christ was a Comforter, and a good one too, whilst he staid ; but he was to go away after he had finish'd the Work for which he came, he was to return to the Father that sent hini, and to resume the Glory he had with him before the World began. And 'twas no small grief to the Disciples, that when they had one that was a great Comfort to them, they could not keep, him, and their fear was, that when they had another, he would be gone too, and so they should be ever changing, and never be at any certainty. But Christ, to remove these Fears and Troubles, tells them, for their comfort, that there was a Comforter coming to them, that would not move from them, but abide with

them for ever; one that would be still at hand, and ever ready to support and comfort them : not like the miserable Conforters of this World, that can afford no Relief, and are most apt to leave us when we stand in most need of them ; but a permanent, true, and constant Friend, whose Joys and Consolations will never fail : but evermore in the midt of all the Sorrows that are in our Hearts, his Comforts Mall refresh our Souls.

But who or what is this constant and abiding Comfor ter? Why that the next words tell us, it is the Spirit of Truth, or the Holy Spirit of God, that leads into all, and nothing but Truth : 'tis the Holy Ghost, that descended on this day upon the heads of the Apostles, in the form of Fire, to enlighten them with Knowledg, and inflame them with Zeal, in the shape of Tongues, to enable them to speak boldly the Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven; and in the shape of cloven Tongues, to enable them to teach all Nations in their several Tongues and Languages. This is the Paraclete or Comforter, that was to come and stay with us always, when Christ was goné: for Christ's abode here was as in a Tabernacle, soxureos ev riiv. Now a Tabernacle, you know, is movable and of no continúance; but. -the Holy Ghost's abode is as in a Temple, which is perma, nent, and never to be taken down,

This Spirit of Truth (as our Saviour adds) the World cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neithér knoweth him: that is, carnal and earthly-minded Men, whose Eyes are fix'd only on the visible Pomps and Pleasures of the World, cannot perceive or know this Holy Spirit ; The natural or sensual Man disserneth not the things of the Spirit of God,


neither can be (faith the Apostle) because they are spiritually difcern'd. These fpiritual things are invisible to à carnal Eye, and they that live and walk by Sight only, cannot be. hold or frante any Notion of them.

But ye know him (faith Christ to his Disciples), for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you. You are enabled by an Eye of Faith' to discern and know him, and to feel his invisible Comforts and Operations ; for he shall abide with you, and take up his Residence in you. Tho the World hath no Knowledg or Experience of these things, yet, by partaking of his fanctifying Graces, you shall have a true Sense and Conviction of them: And therefore be of good chear, I will not leave you comfortless, I will come to you; you shall not be left deftitute, as Orphans bereft of Parents and Guardians, that have none to help or take care of themı; for I will come to you by the Presence of my Spirit, and that shall be an assur'd Pledg of my Return to you, to your everlasting Joy and Comfort. For in a little while (as he goes on to tell them) the World shall see me no more; for I Thall be taken up from this Earth, where Mens bodily Eyes will not be able to follow or behold me any more; bilt ye see me, by the Eye of Faith and heavenly Meditation : and because I then live in the Regions of Bliss and Glory, ye also, by my Conquest over Death and Hell, shall arrive thither too, and live for ever with me. And at that Day (faith he) ye Mall know that I am in my Father, and you in me, and I in you; that is, you shall then, by the means of this Holy Spirit, plainly see and know the close and entire Union that is between the Father and me, and likewise between me and you, and all the Members of my mystical Body; that as I and my Father are one, fo ye also shall be one in us, and so Mall all live together in one entire Fellowship and Communion with each other.

And now our Blessed Saviour, having thus set forth the inestimable Gift of sending the Holy Ghost, together with the great and invaluable Benefits and Bleflings that ensue thereupon; he resumes his former Argument, and returns to the Condition upon which this Holy Spirit is promis'd and bestow'd: and that is, the Condition of loving him, together with the best Proof and Demonstration thereof, which is the keeping of his Commandments ; saying in the next Verse, He that hath my Commandments and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me; and be that loveth me, shall be loved ту

Father, and I will love him, and will manifest my self


to him. Where, as the loving of Christ is the Condition of his giving the Holy Ghost, fo the keeping of his Commandments is made the most infallible Sign and Token of our loving of him : for 'tis not he that speaks me fair, and cries Lord, Lord; but he that observes my Sayings, and makes my Precepts the Rule and Guide of his Actions ; he it is that truly loveth me. And to encourage us so to do, he tells us, that God the Father will love those that thus express their Love to his Son; and Christ himself will requite their Love to him with the blessed Fruits and Effects of his Love to them: for he will freely acquaint them with the Secrets of his Heart, and manifeft himself and his Goodness to them.

Upon this Discourse of our Saviour's, Judas, not Iscariot, but one of his Disciples, said unto him, Lord! how is it that thou wilt manifest thy self to us, and not unto the World ? where he seems desirous to know the reason why he so freely reveal'd his Mind to them, and not unto others. To which our Saviour gives him no direct Answer, but intimates the Reason of it to be, because the World neither lov'd his Person, nor obey'd his Precepts ; for if they did, he would as freely communicate himself to the World as to them : 'tis their Sin and their Disobedience that make them hate me, and that withholds good things from them, If a Man love me (faith Christ) be will keep my Words : And then, My Father will love him, and we will come unto bim, and make our Abode with him ; whereas, on the other hand, He that loveth me not, keeperb not my Sayings. And the Evil thereof is the more heinous and dangerous, because the Word which you hear is not mine, but the Father's that sent me. The Message I deliver to the World is from him; and if that be despis'd, there can be no hopes of Mercy, but a fearful Expe&tation of Vengeance. These things (faith he) have I spoken' unto you, being yet present with you ; that is, I was willing to let you know these things before I leave you, that you may remember and consider them when I am gone. Howbeit, soon after my Departure the Paraclete, or Comforter, will come; that is, the Holy Ghoft, mbich


Father will send in my Name, as he did this Day: and he at his Coming shall niore fully instruct you in these and all other Matters; for be shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your Remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you. Where, by teaching all things, and leading into all Truth, we must not understand indefinitely all things, Vol. IV, Part 2.



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or all Truths of every kind, but only all Divine Truths necessary to be known in order to Salvation : and in these the Holy Ghost hath not been wanting either to the Apostles or us; having imparted to both the whole Mind and Will of God, fo far as is necessary to bring us to him : which, as it is an ineftiniable Favour, fo is it no more than is needful for us; for we of our felves are naturally blind and ignorant, and know nothing as we ought to know. 'Tis the Holy Spirit of God that enlightens our Minds, helps our Infirmities, and guides us in the way that we should gowithout which we should ftunable and fall at Noon-day, and wander in the Paths of Destruction. But thanks be to God, who hath given us of his Spirit, to direct our Footsteps, and lead us in the Way to everlasting, Life.

Again, The Holy Ghost is said to bring all things to our Remembrance, whatsoever our Saviour bath said unto us; and this too is but needful, for we are too apt to forget what we are most concern'd to remember. Our Memories are treacherous and unfaithful, and, like Water, are wont to keep up light and trivial things, and suffer weightier Matters to sink into Oblivion, and therefore the best of us stand in need of a Monitor, or Remembrancer, to call to mind those saving Truths that are apt to flip from us, and to fasten them upon us by a frequent and seasonable Recollection. This Office the Holy Ghost still does for us, by secretly moving and inciting us to our Duty, when we are turning from it; by suggesting Motives of Consolation in Trouble, when we are like to faint under it, and in a word, by calling to mind and applying Passages of Holy Scripture for our Comfort and Direction, when we stand in need of it: which shews us the great Ufe and Benefit of this Comforter.

And now our Saviour Christ, having thus fully declar'd his Mind to the Disciples, and promis'd them another Comforter to supply his Place, he begins to take his leave of them, saying in the next Verse, Peace I leave with you, my Peace I give unto you, not as the World giveth, give I unto you, &c. This giving or wishing of Peace was a form of Salutation, antiently us’d at the departing of Friends, and implies a Wish of all kind of Happiness Peace including in it all manner of Blessings : And this he twice repeats, to fhew the Heartiness and Sincerity of his Wish ; Peace! leave toith you, my Peace I give unto you, not as the World


glveth: for they do it only formally and heartlesly, with an outward Show of Civility, but without any inward Truth or Sincerity ; but I give it to you after another and better manner; that is, cordially, and with the highest Degrees of Love and Affeétion: I bequeath it to you as a Legacy, to stand or remain with you. Or else, not as the World giveth, give I unto you, may be meant, because the World cannot give that Peace that it wishes; it can only defire, but cannot perform it: but I give it unto you with a design of doing it, and will effectually perform it for you ; and therefore let not your Heart be troubled, neither let it be csfraid: be not griev'd at my departing from you, nor be afraid of what may befal you when I am gone, for the Comforter will come, and do all that for you which you can reasonably desire, or your Necessities call for: so that your hearing of what I said unto you, I go away and come again to you, can be no just cause of mourning or repining, yea, If you loved me (faid he) you would rejoice rather, because I faid, I go unto the Father, for my Father is greater than I; for greater is he that sendeth, than he that is sent; and my going to him will be for mine and your Advancenient, This I have told you (faith he) before it come to pass, that when it is come to pass, ye may believe, and Atrengthen your Faith in

I shall add no more (faith he) but to let you know, That the Prince of the World, or the Accuser of the Brethren, comes and findeth nothing in me, or hath nothing to lay to my Charge; but that the

World may know that I love the Father, I have fulfilled his Will, and as the Father gave me Commandment, even fo do 1.

This is the whole Sense and Substance of the Gospel for this Day ; from which I shall infer two or three things by way of Application. As,

it, Since Love is the Condition of Christ's giving us the Holy Ghost, let us labour to work our Hearts to the Love of God and Chrift; for both concur in conferring upon us this inestimable Gift, and therefore we must extend our Love to both. God the Father so loved the World, that he gave his only Son to ransom and redeem it; and God the Son so loved the World, that he gave his Holy Spirit to sanctify and comfort it; the Sense whereof ought to inflame our Hearts with the níost ardent Love and Affection to both.

2dly, Since the best Token and Trial of our Love to Chrilt, is the keeping his Commandments, let us give him




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