The Record ... Class of ..., Volume 1889

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Halaman 69 - I had ever heard. They put me in mind of those heavenly airs that are played to the departed souls of good men upon their first arrival in paradise, to wear out the impressions of the last agonies, and' qualify them for the pleasures of that happy place.
Halaman 69 - I had been often told that the rock before me was the haunt of a genius, and that several had been entertained with music who had passed by it, but never heard that the musician had before made himself visible.
Halaman 69 - Cast thy eyes eastward, said he, and tell me what thou seest. I see, said I, a huge valley, and a prodigious tide of water rolling through it. The valley that thou seest...
Halaman 242 - Dreka, and only in the best manner. Unequalled facilities and long practical experience enable us to produce the newest styles and most artistic effects, while our reputation is a guarantee of the quality of the productions of this house. Designs, Samples and Prices sent on application.
Halaman 69 - The cloud, which, intercepting the clear light, Hangs o'er thy eyes, and blunts thy mortal sight, I will remove WHEN I was at Grand Cairo,* I picked up several oriental manuscripts, which I have still by me. Among others I met with one entitled, " The Visions of Mirza," which I have read over with great pleasure.
Halaman 69 - I was here airing myself on the tops of the mountains, I fell into a profound contemplation on the vanity of human life ; and passing from one thought to another, Surely, said I, man is but a shadow, and life a dream.
Halaman 242 - Fine Stationery and Engraving House, 1121 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. Commencement, Class Day, Fraternity, Reception and Wedding Invitations, Programmes, Banquet Menus, etc. Steel Plate Work for Fraternities and College Annuals. Fine Stationery with Fraternity or Class Badge, Monogram, etc.
Halaman 91 - ENGLISH COMPOSITION PRIZE FUND. Founded December 31, 1877 by Henry LaBarre Jayne, of the Class of 1879, for the best English composition by a member of the Freshman class. It entitles the winner to one year's interest from a fund of over $200.00.
Halaman 69 - I looked upon him like one astonished, he beckoned to me, and by the waving of his hand directed me to approach the place where he sat. I drew near with that reverence which is due to a superior nature ; and as my heart was entirely subdued by the captivating strains I had heard, I fell down at his feet and wept. The genius smiled upon me with a look of compassion and affability that...
Halaman 183 - And that uncleanly image of deceit Came up and thrust ashore its head and bust, But on the border did not drag its tail. The face was as the face of a just man, Its semblance outwardly was so benign, And of a serpent all the trunk beside. Two paws it had, hairy unto the armpits ; The back, and breast, and both the sides it had Depicted o'er with nooses and with shields.

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