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Walter's Notes on the Sign or Sacrament of Holy Baptism

263 Warburton's Mercies of a covenant God, in Providence and Grace ,.

142 Wayland's (Rev. D. S.) Principle of

total Abstinence considered, a

238 Wells (Rev. James) Triumph of Truth, a Sermon

116 -Balaam's Prayer, a Sermon.. 142 -Family Sacrifice, a Sermon

189 -Reprobation and Election, a Sermon 236 -Sermons Vol.l....


Lebanon Leaves, 2 Chron. xviii. 30 23 Rev. xix. 10

47 Mal. iii. 3

72 Matt. xxvii. 51-54 96 2 Cor, ix. 15

144 Deut. vi. 7

168 Ezek, xvi. 12

192 Rev. i. 7

216 Gen, xxxii. 25

264 Ps. xlvii. 5...

304 Lines on the Close of the Year 1837.. 21

addressed to Two Young Christian Friends ....

24 -written after hearing a Sermon by Rev. W. Bidder

48 occasioned by the Death of Rev. E. Vorley..

143 after a Sermon by Rev, W. Bidder

144 on the Death of Rev, Joseph O'Reilly

167 after hearing a Sermon by Rev. Joseph Irons

191 to the Memory of S. E


POETRY. Absent from the body and Present with the Lord

303 Acrostic

72 A Just God and a Saviour

120 A Song of Praise for Health

72 An Acrostic on Rev. W. Bidder... 48 An Acrostic on Rev. Edward Vorley.. 143 An Alphabet of the Names of Christ.. 23 An Alphabet of the Scriptural Names Given to Jesus Christ.

240 An Alphabet of the Scriptural Appella

tions Applied to the Church of

264 An Impromptu on the decease of Rev. J. Garrow....


Morning Hymn

192 My Birth-Day

95 My Times are in thy Hand, Ps. xxxi. 15 71 My Times are in thy Hand..


“Of Thine own have we Given Thee". 287 On Christians On!

144 On the Death of a Child..


Buy the Truth and Sell it Not... 215 Christ's Love and Care for his People.. 287 Everlasting Love .....


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"For there are Three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the WORD, and the

Holy Ghost: and these Three are One."-1 John v. 7. Earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.”—Jude 3. Holding the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience."-1 Tim. iii. 6.

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The close of another year, calls us again before our readers with our annual salutation; and while we would earnestly pray, that the smile of Israel's Jehovah



upon all the true Israel of God, and that his right arm may be round about them to protect them from every adversary, we cannot shut our eyes to the fact, that the signs of the times portend indeed coming calamities; and that this so long highly privileged nation, in the encouragement given by its rulers to the crafty and exulting votaries of the papacy, and to the unblushing infidel, is indeed rapidly filling up the measure of its iniquities, and thus compelling those who are looking out from their watch-towers, with the lamp of scripture in their hands, to dread that the Lord will permit again the incoming of persecution amongst us. Popery is not now to be regarded as some far-off evil which may

affect perhaps our posterity (although then we ought to lift up our voices against it), but it is already covering like a pestilence our land: multiplying its edifices, renewing those sinks of depravity the convents and the monastaries of the olden time, adding to its emissaries, thrusting itself into situations of honour and of trust, creeping into our government, insinuating itself every where by the most base and servile crouching, patiently waiting for the day, when having gathered up its strength, it shall again manifest that the sheltered serpent which was thought so harmless, has lost none of its original venom, and hath lingered but for its opportunity to destroy.

Sadly to be lamented indeed is it, that those who are within the camp -those who have been favored with a faith's view of their interest in the covenant-should so fall out amongst themselves, while this awful prospect is becoming thus vividly developed. Far be it from us to call upon any to yield up their convictions upon fundamental truths, nay, not for an hour, but we should be indeed gratified, if by reminding them most emphatically of the injunction of the Patriarch, “ Fall not out by the way,” our remonstrance should be blessed of the Lord to the increase of brotherly love amongst us.

We have likewise to lament the falling away of some of whom we had hoped high things : “ they have gone from us because they were not of us," Let it ever be remembered, when the preachers of sound truth, in the letter of it, turn to another gospel; or when the practical antinomian, divested of his assumed garb of christian profession, is seen in his hypocrisy, God's truth is still unstained. The doctrines of the gospel are still the highway of holiness; and while the weight of a greater condemnation attaches to those, by reason of whose licentious conduct, the way of truth, and the gospel of truth, are evil spoken of, still unharmed and still unstained, the fair fabric of God's holy gospel rises triumphant, and shall outlive every foe.

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Death hath likewise been of late more than ordinarily busy amongst God's children ; thinning the ranks of the church militant, calling home to glory, many who shone brightest in the church's hemisphere: but while we exclaim “ Our fathers, where are they! and the prophets do they live for ever!” we look vainly for a corresponding number of Elishas upon whom the mantles of called-home prophets shall descend.

The Lord reigneth ?” “ Shall not the Judge of the whole earth do right?” We would take this as our motto for the coming year, and with this impressed on our minds by the eternal Comforter, then shall we not fear amid all the political convulsions which shake the world's kingdoms ; and though the sigh may arise at the fading away of presumed brethren, though the tear of regret may fall in witnessing the success of our great adversary in fanning the flames of dissention amongst the children of one Father, though like our great Master we may weep over the burial place of departed and much-loved friends, though the cares of this time-state may distress, and the disappointments thereof pale our cheeks, yet will we rejoice and be confident, that our God can, yea, and doth overrule all things to the praise of his own glory and the promotion of his people's real good.

Reader, shall we ask for thee a new years gift? Though unknown, personally, it may be that we have for many a year gone by, contemplated together in these pages, the fulness, the freeness, and the suitability of Christ's salvation : it may be that thou hast known Jesus for many years, hath long as time dwelt beneath his shadow and found his fruit sweet unto thy spiritual taste : thou mayest have been so highly privileged as to be enabled to say with confidence, yea, perhaps with assurance, My Beloved is mine and I am is :" what richer new-year's gift can we ask for thee from the King, than that he will be pleased to continue to thee, these precious manifestations of his mercy, opening before thee new and yet unfathomed mysteries in the beauty and majesty of his person, and in the perfection and glory of his work; that through him thou mayest have fellowship with the Father by one Spirit, even the Comforter ? Or, it may be, reader, that thou art still hovering at the threshold of mercy's door, that though long convinced of thy lost state, and of thy need of a Saviour, and of the sufficiency of the Lord Jesus to sustain for thee every character which, as an undone sinner, thou requirest,-the language of thy heart is still, “ O that I knew where I might find him!” What can we wish thee better, dear reader, than that this opening year may indeed be to thee a new, and a jubilee season,

that the vision, which is for an appointed time, and which shall surely come, may indeed gladden thine heart even now, and cause thee to go on thy way rejoicing ?

A word to our correspondents, and we must close : we thank them for their continued favours ; without them, we are as nothing: and when we reflect that our pages are filled by communications coming to us, unbought, from all ends of the kingdom, we cannot but hope and believe that our Lord will deign to smile upon these their labours of love in his cause, and to Him we commend them, with ourselves, and the whole church of God which he hath redeemed with his most precious blood, to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.

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