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My soul ! what do I hear?

A voice that speaks within,
And bids thee to beware

The mystery of sin.
Deep rooted in thy heart

Thou canst not from it flee,
Or cause it to depart,

Oh what a mystery! By sin I'm so defil'd

Alas! I feel it so ; To flee its awful wiles,

Ah! whither can I go? To Jesus—will he hear

A wretch so poor as me? And almost in despair,

Oh what a mystery! And may I dare to look ?

All guilty as I am Within that secret book,

Which points me to the Lamb. Who did for sinners die

Upon the accursed tree, To bring his children nigh,

Oh what a mystery ! But can I love the Lord,

With such a heart as this? Bound fast by Satan's cord,

And prone to do amiss. Can he my shackles break,

And set the captive free? And words of comfort speak,

Oh what a mystery! The everlasting love

Of the great Three in One, Is partly known above,

But fully known by none.
My soul desires to know,

And angels wish to see
What none but God can show,

'Tis such a mystery! The Father's love decreed

A wise and gracious plan, To save a chosen seed

Ere time his course began : To raise to thrones above,

When crost life's boisterous sea, The objects of his love,

Oh what a mystery! Jehovah Jesus died,

To purchase with his blood


Absent from earth~-transporting thought-

Absent from this abode of clay;
From ev'ry care—from ev'ry woe,
That erst would cause the tear to flow;

Made happy in the realms of day.
All here is sin and vanity :

Oh! then to be set wholly free
From Satan's soul-perplexing wiles,
And all that now too oft beguiles,

This, this is true felicity!
Who would not long to leave this vale,

That pants and sighs for holiness?
Who would not pierce that azure sky?
Be clothed with immortality,

And bid adieu to earth's distress.

Then--to be present with the Lord !

To reign with him and never sin ! For ever to behold his face Proclaim the riches of his grace,

And drink eternal pleasures in !
What theme to the believer's heart

Can such extatic joy afford ?
What theme impart such pure delight ?
Or cheer him, as the prospect bright
Of being

ever with the Lord !" Joyful he lays this body down,

Aud fearless treads the foaming wave; For Jesus curbs death's tyrant power, Supports him in life's latest hour, And makes him conq’ror o'er the grave !



The bursted tomb and saw their Master rise O'er all victorious: think ye their golden harps Swell'd not with loud Hosannas ? yea, me.

thinks Heaven's orchestra strove hard to find new

praise, And, finding none sufficient, burst in shouts, Harmonious shouts, which shook the jasper

streets With glory in the highest !"

And did no other shout Attend his Car? yea, from the deepest gloom The sable roof of Satan's council-hall, There came the shout of dire discomfiture; The yell which told of utter overthrow, Of soul-absorbing wonder and despair.

And let another shout, though late, Follow thy victory chariot ; I would raise Thanksgivings for thy mercy, and what time I muse upon its wonders, fervently Pray for fresh evidence 'twas done for me!


AN IMPROMPTU On perusing the following note, communi

cating the decease of the Rev. Mr. Garrow,

late Minister of the Gospel at Hull. Beloved in the Lord,

Our esteemed and beloved Brother Gar. row entered into rest on Saturday evening last, without any previous illness—was at home in a minute. He was to have com. menced his three months at Zoar on first Sabbath in January, with a view to his settling there, but he is done with servitude, and has commenced feasting. The Lord reigneth!

Yours, in haste,
November 17. 1838.


Go! bird of paradise, and sing

On the tree of life's green sprays, While fluttering with untiring wing,

Thy great Redeemer's praise.
Bask in the beams untellable

Of dazzling joys above,
In raptures inconceivable

In ecstasies of love.

These were on earth thy constant theme,

This is thy portion now;
Raising Hosannas to his name,

Who was thy all below.
A rush of bright remembrances,

Swift to my memory come;
When I think upon thy glowing words,

In picturing yonder home.
And thou art gone: thy tongue no more

A Saviour's worth shall tell ; Safe-landed on the glory shore, Thou dost in glory dwell.



I will sing of thy power, yea I will sing

aloud of thy mercy.—Psa. lix, 16.
I'll bless the Saviour's name
The Lord I will adore ;
His mercy I will sing,

And of his mighty power.
Christians ! rejoice and sing his praise,
Who says he'll guide you all your days.

Saints, from the willows take
Your harps and tune his praise
You've cause to sing to Him
· Who sav'd you by his grace ;
Oh! sing of Jesus' matchless love,
Who reigns enthron'd in worlds above!

He is your gracious friend,
And ever lives on high ;
He deigns his ear to lend,

To every sinner's cry;
Nay more, he hears each sigh and groan,
Although he sits on heaven's high throne!

Should adverse be your lot,
Friends may their aid remove;
But Jesus leaves them not,

Who once have known his love;
He still will prove himself to be
A brother in adversity.

He loves the church, his bride
Unchanging is his love;
For her he came and died

Now pleads for her above;
How condescending ! thus to shew
Such love to worthless worms below.

R. R.

LEBANON LEAVES. God is gone up with a shout: The Lord with the sound of a trumpet.-"Psa. xlvii. 5.

The mighty God Who spake into existence this green world, And who came down-more wond'rous enter

prizem To rescue his from the stern blight of sin, His work accomplished--soars triumphantly, While the pearl gates unfold their broad

expanse To welcome his return. Think, my soul! If angels wondered when they saw him leave The glory-throne :-if, all astonishment, They marked from Bethlehem's manger his To Pilate's bar--and, more bewildered, saw Their King a bleeding victim on the cross ! And then entombed in death! think, my soul! As angels, o'er the battlements of heaven, Gazed pond'ringly, wond'ring what all could When they beheld the chains of death dis



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