Lessons and Legacies XI: Expanding Perspectives on the Holocaust in a Changing World

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Karl A. Schleunes, Hilary Earl
Northwestern University Press, 15 Okt 2014 - 394 halaman
“Expanding Perspectives on the Holocaust in a Changing World” was the theme of the eleventh Lessons and Legacies Conference on the Holocaust. The eighteen essays published here, which sprung from the conference, reflect questions that Holocaust scholars are asking in the face of shifting political, economic, social, and disciplinary contexts. These questions are addressed from various perspectives including Jewish studies, history, cultural studies (film and memory), literary studies, legal studies, and geography. The book opens with the contentious issues raised in the keynote addresses of Omer Bartov and Timothy Snyder, which highlight the fact that the Holocaust, a once untold history, is now a central component of a wide-ranging scholarship not limited to German history.

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Hilary Earl is an associate professor of history at Nipissing University in Ontario.

Karl A. Schleunes is a professor emeritus of history at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro.

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