Journal of Sacred Literature and Biblical Record, April 1855 to July 1855

Sampul Depan
Henry Burgess
Kessinger Publishing, 1 Mei 2003 - 520 halaman
The Journal of Sacred Literature and Biblical Record was undertaken with the design of supplying a want, which had long been felt, of a periodical devoted to Biblical literature, and established on so wide a basis as to embrace the contributions of writers of different denominations and of different countries. The aim of these publications are to furnish the students and readers of Biblical literature with an organ for the discussion of all subjects in which they are interested. Sample contents: David, From His Anointing to His Accession; Songs of Degree; Egyptian Dynasties; Neronic Date of the Apocalypse; Book of Jashar; Belshazzar and Cyrus the Persian; Vindication of the Translation of Exodus xv. 8; On the Results of Textual Criticism; and much more.

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