Europe and War in the Balkans: Toward a New Yugoslav Identity

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Praeger, 1 Jan 1995 - 241 halaman
One of the salient features of this study is the extent of German complicity in the unfolding events that destroyed Yugoslavia. Rezun emphasizes the roles of history, psychology, culture, religion, and pure economics that are at play here. The book focuses on the Serb-Croat conflict and how that conflict permeates the other regions. Rezun demonstrates that the story of this civil war has been grossly misreported by the popular media and that the crisis in Yugoslavia could be a prelude to the eventual destruction of the Balkans and the entire European order.

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MIRON REZUN is Professor of Political Science at the University of New Brunswick in Canada. His latest works include Nationalism and the Breakup of Empire: Russia and Its Periphery (Praeger, 1992), Saddam Hussein's Gulf Wars: Ambivalent Stakes in the Middle East (Praeger, 1992), and Intrigue and War in Southwest Asia: The Struggle for Supremacy from Central Asia to Iraq (Praeger, 1991).

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